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The Haloed Crown of Light; Ring of Fire June10 ~ Isis Channelings

The Haloed Crown of Light; Ring of Fire June10

And so we reach the final step of this Eclipse gateway (may 26-June 10) , The Haloed Crown of Light awaits those ready to Ascend into their Destiny- The Crowning of their gifts ,talents and attributes collected over many lifetimes…..

…….Those who have spent this gateway in the Tomb-Womb of the Underworld, bidding their final Adieus to some significant and life changing pathways that have brought them to This Now, tasting the bitter medicine of pain, terror, heartbreak ,grief , confusion and identity crisis that somehow has brought them into greater knowing of their Path, Destiny and Gifts/ attributes/ talents and thus has brought them into greater Wholeness ,inner Alchemy Union and Balance , Innate Confidence , Power and Sovereignty . Those who travel the Rainbow Bridge not only between the Heavens and Earth but also the 3rd realm of the Underworld, where Potential and Creation is first unveiled.

They will be Crowned with the Halo of Light as they emerge (over the next 6 months) with the Seed of Potential and Creation on the Rainbow Bridge as they resurrect/ emerge from the Tomb-Womb of the confusing Subconscious/ underworld to Plant these on the Earth Plane/ Conscious Plane under the Guidance of the Heavenly Cosmic Wisdom of the Super Conscious Field.

It’s the Crown of The BraveHearts ,it’s the Crown of the Queen/ King who will direct the New Foundations and Pathways but above all it’s a Crown of Payback for the hard work, integrity, perseverance,courage and dedication …That which can never ever adorn the Flag Bearers of Patriarchy or Selfish self serving Interests …That which belongs to the Custodians and Protectors of the Elements, Spirit and Earth….. The Haloed Crown Of Destiny.

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na

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Art Credits Unknown, Google pic

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  1. E M

    This is exactly what came from my meditation this morning🙏💜🙏

    I Love You


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    June 10, 2021 at 11:25 am

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