Its time to go Home

The Energies are Quickening ~ Nicky Hamid

Next 3 months the energies are quickening.
Be as gentle with yourself as possible. Do less, go slow. The energy is going to be accelerating, the energy coming onto the planet is really fast so the slower you move the better.
The more you consciously choose to stop and smell the flowers, and look up at the trees, and the sky, and more appreciating the simple sweet moments, the easier the energy will be and the more the energy will support you.
Keep things simple and curtail all the things that distract you from whatever you do to go within.
So when its really fast we want to deliberately go really, really slow. And you will actually get a lot more done.
If you try to keep up with the energy you are going to get tired really fast.
So again be gentle. move slow.
Hold the vibrations that you really value deep in your core. Only work the energy flowing in your Divine Line (the Golden River down the front of your spine), only be attached and responsible for that.
Modelling a strong and coherent field positively and empathically will serve you well and can impact millions.

I So Love You

PS: We are all moving into Higher Light. LIGHT comes in infinite layers of weave and is packed with infinite string “packets of information”, data. It takes time, patience and Love to unpack any of it. It takes reception mode and no amount of logic can do this. We unpack the feeling (knowing) which filters into our everyday HUman consciousness in a myriad of ways. It requires our intentional deliberate Presence to make available the capacity to “unpack”. To SLOW RIGHT DOWN and expand our embrace, to enable the receptacle, “our Loving Heart, to process and integrate a reflection of this Knowing and Being.
Our logic can only catch a whisper of this Knowing.

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