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“Choice” ~ Faerie Message for the Strawberry Supermoon in Capricorn

For those Who are Meant to See…

As we move from the Solstice Energies into the Supermoon Energies, we are now embarking on a major Choice point, both Collectively and Individually. The choices we make for ourselves and the collective during this Energy gateway will greatly determine which vibrational timeline you will be on moving forward. Will you make choices toward a Caring, Compassionate and Harmonious environment full of Unconditional Love, Joy and Sovereignty, The New Earth Timeline. Or will you make choices toward a continued Controlling, greedy, materialistic world full of selfishness and insecurity, The Old Earth Timeline. Understand that No Choice is right or wrong. Everything is Choice in which creates your reality. This is the reality of your Soul Path. You have Free Will to choose whatever you dream of and desire. No other can make this choice for you, and No One can take that away from you. Only you can choose to allow others to influence this and hinder this. Do not fear or cling to those loved ones, or friends that make a different choice and move along an entirely different timeline. No one has the same exact path. It is their Souls journey and Free Will to do so.
As with the Sage of the Faeries, He knows when to let go and when to move on. He uses mental discipline to not allow his mind to be cluttered and be filled with fear and doubt. He Simplifies his thoughts. He listens to his inner wisdom and guidance and uses the knowledge gained on his journey to make choices that is best for his growth on his path. His choices may not agree to everyone, but it is one that must be made for his own journey. He has worked hard and focused his efforts on what he wishes to manifest into his reality. Through Self-Mastery and Confidence in himself, he achieves this. He has complete trust and commitment of the journey forward. Embracing the changes and the unknown he walks through. He knows and feels he is Divinely Guided. He allows only harmonious relationships into his life, full of unconditional love and respect which creates peace, equality, and an intimate environment. This is the teaching of the Sage if you Choose to accept.
As we make the choices we need to for our own path, many relationships fall away or are needed to be let go of. The Faeries remind us of the need to let go of all who no longer resonate and block our growth. By letting go, energetically you are calling in those of your tribe who truly align with you. Those that honor you and your path and are there to support you and be there when you need it, and vise versa. Those who consider your feelings and are open and honest with you. It is time to Honor Yourself and your personal Truths. Cut the cords and let go of those who are Energy Vampires, display deceptive and disruptive behaviors, that do not honor or appreciate the Authentic YOU and are holding you back from fulfilling the wishes and desires you have. Authentic, Happy relationships are awaiting you. Clear the way and allow your Tribal Members to come forth. There is power in numbers and to have true close friends moving forward in this ascension is gift.
Know that during this time and Gateway, these conclusions in these toxic relationships need to end for you to progress on your journey toward your dreams. If there is still a lesson for the soul to complete, some of these toxic relationships will continue until you learn the lesson and have the courage to let go. These changes and others in your life may be uncomfortable for you and those around you, but it is leading you to your destiny. It’s time to walk your own path in Full Authenticity. Those that resonate will walk along with you. Those that do not may cause much conflict and try to derail you and guilt you off your path until they are let go of. Have the willpower and Courage to stand your ground and stand up for yourself and the path that YOU CHOOSE not what others want you to choose. All choices have cause and effect, some with consequences and some with reward. We do not see the results until after the choice has been made. You have planted the seeds long ago for your dreams to come in and to fulfill your destiny. Do you make the choice out of fear of the Consequences, or in Confidence that the reward will come regardless. As always, The choices are Yours.

Much Love to you All!!!

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