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“Truth” – Kuan Yin and the Dragons Message for July 2021

For Those Who are Meant to See…

For the Month of July, there Is a potential for many truths to come out. Whether it is individual or Global. These truths may be very uncomfortable, even frightening. Many will not be willing or ready to accept these truths. None the less, these truths will come out one way or another. Sometimes shock and awe are necessary to wake oneself or a collective, breaking through the self or collective illusion. Once these truths come out, it will be vital to be in a compassionate and nurturing state for yourself and others around you. We are still in the birthing process of transition to the New Earth. Truths Must come out and the Illusion must be shattered for this to happen. Many of us will be the guides and caretakers leading people through the darkness. Be In-Tune with your inner guidance and all of your senses and Be vigilant on self-care, It could get very bumpy this month.
Kuan Yin comes to us this month with the Sisters of the Star Blossom. It is good to remember that while we each take a unique path back to truth, we have a Tribe that loves us unconditionally and wish to help and accompany us on the Journey Home. When we allow others to help us, we help others as well. It is the spiral of support and love that is wishing to connect more so with you now. This group energy is very powerful and why more and more members of the tribe are coming together. Indeed, solitary practice is important, but we are now coming into a phase that group energy is needed to overcome the hurdles ahead. Your Tribe is extremely important, and you all have signed up for this before incarnating during this time of transformation. It is very important at this time to surround yourself with them and their unconditional love and support. Doing so will alleviate much of the stress on the journey ahead and will build confidence in each member, giving self-assurance to each moving forward. It can be hard to physically connect with many tribe members in other areas of the planet. But if the opportunity presents itself to do so, do it. Tribes are being asked as well to hold group meditations and focusing on what they wish to create in the New Earth. This has great influence on being on the highest possible timeline and faster manifestations. There are Big Changes coming. Be brave and focused and lean on your tribe if doubt and fear creep in.
The Energies for July will be very powerful as we have been experiencing in late June. There will also be a powerful attraction to Union, Friendship and Trustworthy Allies. Be open to these energies and attraction. Whether its Divine Counterparts, Tribe Members, or other allies, they are meant to come to you at this time. Know that you have Divine Guidance, and that they are leaving you messages and signs along your journey. Be confident that strange, subtle, and mysterious events, synchronicities, or sign s are meant for you to see and follow them to where they lead. There is no such thing as coincidences. Your intuition is growing very strong, trust it and the signs that are being presented to you to follow. They are leading you to a New Beginning full of emotional fulfillment excitement and celebration. If you are looking for love and your Divine Counterpart, these signs are leading you to them and the Divine connection. For others it is leading you to your Tribe members. For all, we are creating the New Earth and the Homecoming we have been waiting for full of bliss, love, and prosperity. It is the rebirth into the New.
Lastly for July, Archangel Gabriel’s Dragons comes to us with their Powerful Diamond White Light. Allowing this energy into our energy field and physical body, allows for deep cleansing and purification to take place. This also lights up our True Essence and being more open to the spiritual world. All the lower energies that have not been released yet will be revealed to come out for healing and releasing. This may also be where buried truths reveal themselves in your world. It is very important to forgive, love and respect yourselves and others so that our aura becomes totally clear. With this clearing, you will become even more of a beacon for others and radiate the Light that shows others the way. Kindness and compassion will be greatly needed. Be supportive and nurturing, there may be many that come to you for wise and honest counsel, including your Tribe. Especially when going through surrender and release. This is another wonderful advantage of your Soul Tribe. Trust and have faith in yourself and your Tribes abilities. Be sure to share the load whenever possible so that none are overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. This is a reliable and stable way of navigating through the events to come successfully. Stay connected and keep open communications flowing and Know that you are Truly Loved and Supported!
Much Love to you All!!!
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