Its time to go Home

Avalon Message for the New Moon in Cancer 7-9-21

Art by Nick Williams

During the energies of this New Moon in Cancer, it is a good time for retreat, reflection and deep soul searching. What is it that your soul deeply desires, yet lacks? What fears and influences are keeping you from your dreams? Now is a good time if you have not already, to write down what it is you wish to create and manifest into your life. You have gained much knowledge and learned many lessons in this lifetime. Now is the time to take inventory and apply what you have learned to your current situation and to create your beautiful new world around you. You have the skills and the power within to do so, but it is up to you to take action and not allow fear, doubt, and people around you to hinder it.
Avalon comes to us during this New Moon with The Water Faery. During this time, Emotions may be very intense at times. Those emotions and feelings that you have buried, may be being dislodged to be released and healed. If they continue to be pushed aside or buried, sickness, and continued blocks moving forward on your path will take place. Many are also dealing with the release of generational wounds and emotions to be healed. It is very important to express the feelings and emotions within without fear. Allow them to flow through you and best if you ask a trusted tribe member to be there for you while going through this. It is also very important for those around you to hear your true emotions and feelings. Many of you have been hiding it for too long out of fear, abuse, and ridicule from those around you. You are giving away your power and allowing them to control you. This can be very painful to do, yet a necessary step in your growth and happiness, leave behind the despair and hopelessness that some of you are residing in. The Water Faery also asks you to be mindful of your emotions. Emotions and feelings are fuel for manifesting. Be certain that you want to create what you are feeling. Focus on the positive feelings and visions you have of your dream life and world. Then allow this to flow through you creating it. It would be a good idea, if you are able, to spend as much time as you can in nature. Connecting with the trees, flowers, soil, and animals. Allow Gaia to help heal any emotions and feelings that need it. One of the hardest things for people to do, is ask for help. Now is the time to do so.
The Full Moon in Virgo card verifies the overall energies of retreating, reflecting and soul searching. Its time to be bluntly honest with yourself. What is it that you want? What is it that is holding you back? What is keeping you in the prison that some of you are in? What needs to be done to correct all of this so that you can live your dreams? Many still have feelings of unworthiness within them, even if its buried. Now is the time to start digging, identifying, and healing this. Once done, the answers will be clear on what is next for you do to proceed on your path. One of the main lessons many have been working on is breaking the cycles that have kept them stuck. Whether its relationships or career, much of it stems from fear and emotional hooks. Much strength and courage, which IS within you, is needed at this time to break the cycle. Attachments to the past emotions and traumas must be able to surface to the light for healing and letting go. Its time to take ownership of your life and take charge of it if you are lacking in happiness and fulfillment. There is always a choice, even if it seems insurmountable. Be confident in yourself and in the visions of the life you truly want. Allow the fire within you with focused intent to manifest all that you wish. You truly can achieve your dreams if you Believe.
One of the many blocks we can encounter hindering our manifestations is clutter. Its time for a good thorough house cleaning. Whatever does not serve your highest good any longer. Old Beliefs, Emotions, Friends, Relationships, jobs, material things, anything in your life that is blocking for the new and your true desires to come in. The key is to be truly honest with yourself and what value you place on them. Ask yourself, is it worth clinging to things and people that bring down your vibration and block you from achieving your true Desires and Destiny? Are you being a Martyr, sacrificing your dreams and desires for others that do not hold any value in them? Until these things are released, and cords cut, your dreams will continue to be only daydreams. As much as you try to manifest, there will be no room for it with the clutter that exists. The dreams are there for you, success, happiness, security, happy home, freedom, True Unconditional Love with equal giving and receiving. It is up to you and what you wish to choose. For many, the hardest choice they will ever make, but it will be choosing Yourself and Your Worthiness of your Dreams and Desires.
Much Love and Blessings to you all!!!
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