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Wayshower Update – “We HAVE Shifted!” 11 July 2021 ~ Amanda Lorence

Update on SHIFT POST of 10 July:
I always, ALWAYS get a confirmation each time we go through a significant Collective SHIFT. It’s always the SAME confirmation I receive, very unexpectedly, in the physical world of materialised light. I’ve just had the confirmation today. We HAVE shifted!
Because the whole Space for the Collective has shifted into higher Hertz value, this means everyone has shifted, incrementally, based on their own consciousness aka perception point (of light). So everyone is in a new Higher Energetic Hertz frequency.
It will take people various lengths of time and degrees of each’s perception thus awareness to realise this. Some will know it right NOW, some in a few days of feeling, seeing how they are, some won’t realise it’s a SHIFT at all but will feel something has changed within them in the days ahead as we expand more.
Keep going, we have increased our energy.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
11 July 2021

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