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Wayshower Update – 19 July 2021 ~ Amanda Lorence

The below is written in another style to usual writing, because it is what I have previously termed “Gaia Mapping”. It’s the ability to read the signs (code) that are always PRESENT for us ALL at a higher level of consciousness where we parallel the higher level of consciousness OF Mother Earth.
Just be aware that the linear mind can try to interpret the below in all sorts of ways. Try and work it out, overthink it, based on existing linear cellular memory. 5D is far more simple. We get signs, that show us the way, show us what to do next, or what we should know. It’s higher hertz CODE we navigate by. To live by it’s harmonic frequencies. It’s very simple. And what we don’t know we will see in another ‘time frame’ if we stay present to the codes and stay in the higher frequency (not drop). It’s a higher dimensional guidance system utilizing physical matter in a world of condensed light. It’s 5D navigation system and available to EVERYONE. A higher frequency way to navigate the physical life here. So…
Here’s yesterday’s Gaia Mapping:
1) The seeds are now set.
Now for the ripening period.
Some shall wither.
2) Holy White Ray shall SHOW the way,
3) With wings of Love, Serpent clouds present as energetic support.
4) Angelic harmonics, now ON and above Mother Earth.
5) Wariness is understandable on arrival to higher frequency Earth. Some will self heal, others are helped by ‘human’ beings with 7D energetic healing capabilities.
6)The Fisher King.
(Not sure what that sign meant but I’ve been given that phrase many times in last 2 months).
One Love
Amanda Lorence
19 Judy 2021

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