Its time to go Home

Intika Elven People of the Swan ~ Elen Elenna

Beloved Star of Worlds,

Intika is joining up with us, lighting up in this world again. Many of the ancient Elven paths to earth are restoring themselves, that once existed, before the great closing of the ways

This has gone on for aeons, and at this first threshold of our ascension into a New era of Light, these pathways are rebuilding themselves as we raise our vibration and our worlds become one again

The pathway reforms, shimmering silver and platinum through Lanaikea, an archway for the People of the Stars, the People of the Swan. Their galaxy is an entire ascended galaxy

Long have the Elven People of the Swan dwelt and travelled to earth, in one of the unseen layers of her essence that is returning

The Elven Swan Elders of Lanaikea are Keepers of the Blueprint, Guardians of the Original Blueprint of Creation, and they have a powerful link through the Stargate of Sirius also, where they attune to the physical laws of this galaxy ~ its ways of becoming

Part Swan, part Elven in form, they are

Their galaxy and world constructed of white starlight, beautiful cities and waterways, arching bridges and sapphire waters

Platinum crystalline consciousness

Architectural design

They would have us remember that we are Star Creators, and that by our consciousness, our prayer, our attention we are reweaving the bridges between worlds. As we come to peace within ourselves, and give ourselves the role of dreamer, of one who thinks, of one who creates, then so we also come architects of creation again

So much arises from the space of our consciousness, our day-dreaming, our awareness. Our act of attention is infinitely powerful, and the power that is being uncovered at this time. There has been a great illusion on earth that our power is that of material effect, the power to change our external environment.

Yet this is not the essence at all, and now it is being powerfully remembered, that first and foremost, we are thinkers, we are dreamers. Our attention forges inter-galactic star bridges, it re-weaves with photonic light

And so we draw this power back to ourselves. This power of attention, of the dreaming

Intika is a realm where this way of being is the foundation, and all teachings and education stem from here.

This lends every sphere of being a completely different appearance. This is why everything looks so pure and clear and shimmering, distinct in a way that is soft. This is why everything appears so luminous.

It is very natural for things to appear this way

And this is why the Elven are known as the Shining Ones, because they are luminous with thought

They are luminous with the thought form of their essence

They are trained to find the natural sphere of their attention, and to keep it there.

They are taught how to find the First Light of their soul, their essence. From this place, all thought spirals out, all thought returns and vanishes.

From this place, they develop their wings

As I sit at the heart of the Elven Temple of my remembrance, of Ar-Aria-fina, I watch these pathways re-weaving, and the know that their Return is at the heart of our starlight remembrance

With Infinite, Elfin Love

Elen Elenna

ps ELVEN ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (fair trumpets ringing over the lands!!!)The above artwork is created by the phenomenally gifted Joyce Borgs, with whom I have the deepest honour of co-creating the Silver Wheel Oracle. She paints with crystals and natural pigments, and lives in the lands of Wales in the House of the Swan. We shall share the beautiful images with you as they are channelled

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