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Kuan Yin and the Ascended Masters Message for August 2021

As we enter August and the Intense and transformative energies of the Lions Gate, The Ascended Masters want you to know that you are seen! All the effort and work that you have done, both within and without, is noticed and so appreciated! You are a noble soul, continue to walk fully in your Authentic Self with focus and grace. Be willing to step into the unknown with full confidence and trust. You have been preparing for this for many lifetimes. What’s ahead may be rocky at times, but you have the strength and courage to get through it all and it will be beyond your most beautiful imaginations in the end.

Kuan Yin comes to us during this powerful month and the transformational Lions Gate and asks you to flow. You are being guided to your destiny. You are perfection in every moment. Relax and allow life to flow. Each step of the way presents solutions and nourishment for your Souls growth. Be flexible like bamboo, strong within ourselves yet able to move in any direction needed, without losing our power. Your flexibility can become part of what makes you a powerful instrument of Divine creativity and healing. Stop fighting against the flow. Be open to the unlimited possibilities when you allow yourself to trust completely and flow with the Divine guidance and the vision you have within. You were born to create. Use your intuition to guide you and release the past disappointments, pain and heartache. Each moment is a new step, live your truth and allow the strength and courage within to take one step at a time toward the vision of the New Earth you are co-creating.

Serapis Bey comes to us now. He as all of the Ascended Masters have seen and experienced the darkness that we have walked through. They see all the work we have done, healing and clearing the traumas and hardships. Now is the time to allow the light fully to shine within us. Through your own hell and darkness, you have discovered seen glimpses of what your true power can be. Your Higher Self and the Masters have given you signs and synchronicities to follow. These are not coincidences, trust your knowing and that you are being guided. Continue to visualize all you wish to create in your world. It is a new beginning. See how far you have come. In reflection, it has been and intense and incredible journey of growth with many growing pains. But now, the new beginnings are here and you have been creating the New Earth while you sleep with your imagination and dreams from the heart. If you only knew how powerful you truly are.

Finally, The Kitsune are here to share with us that age as we know it here is an illusion. We are ancient and infinite! Only your mind and the programming tells you otherwise. You have gone through many lifetimes of lessons for your eternal Souls growth. There is never a time to wither and die unless you choose to. There is infinite possibilities to grow and bloom. Through this lifetime you are learning to be your Authentic Infinite Self and slowly standing in the beautiful powerful being that you are. Look within and you will see this and how wise and gifted you are. We are in the last throws of clearing lifetimes of karma along with collective karma. All the traumas, abandonment, and disappointments are being cleared and healed with the intense light and energies that are coming in. Be gentle and nurturing to yourself. Take much care and allow your Tribe to assist if needed. It is an incredible intense time we are in now with one of the strongest energies humanity has ever experienced. Know that you are so Loved and supported and just by your presence, you are assisting in this incredible transformation and Ascension!

Much Love to you All!!!


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