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THE ANCIENT ORACLE OF ONE ~ Channeled by Kalia Diya

Redwolf Remark: Kalia Channeled this on August 20th 2018 yet it is very pertinent Today


I see the fires burning in the sky, and they burn with fervency. They burn all that which is no longer love.

I see the fires upon the Earth, and they burn. They burn away all that is not needed, and they open doors for more darkness to be revealed, so that very darkness may come to the light. That very darkness may bow the knee to love, or be obliterated forever.

I see the Earth rising in her frequency. Her heart beats more strongly. Her heart becomes a rainbow in itself that raises the vibration of Her people.

I see the waters upon the Earth running deep and swift. I see the waters within the Earth rising to create a new landscape to bring forth the Ancient memory that is buried within her.

I see the mountains that blow steam, fire and ash. And they are releasing old energies that no longer serve the Earth and Her people. And as the steam, fire and ash go across the land, it renews the land and Her people with new life.

I see more and more of the Earth’s children awakening and remembering who they are, and it is beautiful.

I call to the new children of the New Earth and I say come Beloveds. Come into this safe and sacred place where you can see, and be who you are. For it has been created by you, for you. And you are now free from the fog and the veil and that which has kept you asleep for thousands of years.

I say to the new children of the New Earth, open your eyes and see. Open your ears and hear. Open your hearts and feel. Open your mouths and speak that which is of love, and you will remember All That Is.

I say to the Ancient Beings who walk the New Earth, I see you and I honor the sacrifice you have made to be here and to help those remember who they are. I see that you are empowered with all frequencies that are aligned to Creator. I see that you are empowered with Ancient knowledge, keys and codes. And Now is the time for those to be revealed. Now is the time for you to step forward in your power and declare all it is that you know. Now is the time for you to step in your power and wear the robes of righteousness which you have been given. Now is the time for to step in your power and open your arms and embrace those who are ready. Now is the time for you to speak the words upon your lips which will teach those who are ready to hear. And now is the time for you to open your hearts even further and receive the highest activations and remembrances of what you created in the very beginning.

The Oracle Declares:

Ah’lahk manashiin’nai hohmai’ah lahkahma. H’lahke shi na’maiyah khomanah k’lahka monee shi’nene kah’madah. Hoh meh k’lalah k’shenenah nemahk lah lehkhomah k’in nehnish nayah. Wha’kini nesh eh la geb’ehkho wha’khin alak o’hwha’khin nesh ahwha khowhakah. Ah’lahk ahkahmanah shi’nenah kho’wha leck ehlowah khi’shilach oh’mach ahnini nowo’wah. Ohmach’ah nini shi’nanah noh’whakhen neh’bak ahnishi lahk’imamah khi’nini ohwhiyh. Ah’khamah nish ahnai’ohwquin nihyii o’woh k’hnaii shi’nayah. Ohm mach’a lalahk wohkhaii shi’nohm l’lack’hamhiiahi. Hahmech k’hnana shii niyih. K’hnoi k’nhik’noi.

I NOW DECLARE: A new phase, a new beginning.

I NOW DECLARE: That that which came forth has been integrated fully.

I NOW DECLARE: That all which was anchored shall now produce new growth.

I NOW DECLARE: More rest for the People, more ease and grace.

I NOW DECLARE: A blanket of love, softer frequencies settle over all.

I NOW DECLARE: The Golden Ray of Light penetrate deep within each soul to illuminate All That Is.

I NOW DECLARE: That Father/Mother of Creation are well pleased with All That Is.

I NOW DECLARE: That all remember their Creatorship, that the veil be torn from their eyes, and that they stand forth in their power.

I NOW DECLARE: This cycle is complete and the new one beginning: The Age of Grace, The Age of Power, The Age of Peace.

I NOW DECLARE: That all darkness be commanded to step forward and show yourself so that the Warriors of Light can meet you.

I NOW DECLARE: That all those with the spark of the Divine Creator shine brighter and brighter across all universes, timelines, and realities.

I NOW DECLARE: That it is Done and it is so.

It is Done.

Channeled by Kalia Diya

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