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Avalon and the Dragons: Message for the New Moon in Virgo

With any New Moon, it is a time for new beginnings and setting intentions for the New that you want in your life. With this New moon, Your Destiny is calling you. Have you quieted your mind enough to hear this calling? If not it is now a time to do so. If you have questions, seek them from within during this quiet time. All the answers are there that you need to move forward to your Destiny. Its time to drop the burdens and all things that are weighing you down that are not yours to carry. Whether its people, careers or things, whether its your self imposed limitations from your mind or from others. This is a wake up call to see your true worth and true unlimited potential. For many, it has been a great struggle, especially with the deep rooted program of unworthiness. It is one of the hardest and greatest lessons in this incarnation. Know you are worthy and deserving of it all. Your Destiny is awaiting with amazing things to show you and experience. Love yourself and Trust!

Master Merlin comes to us now to add to the above energies that are available now. You have everything you need within you to move forward on your path toward your Destiny. When it comes to your life and its purpose, all is within you. Master Merlin and your guides are always there for help if you ask for it. Do your best not to let the outside world distract you from the guidance from within that is being given. Your inner world is the true knowing and you are being given signs and synchronicities as well to guide you and to give you confirmation on your path. Whether it looks like it or not, everything is coming together and to fruition for you. Honor your process, do not compare yourself to others, and know that your process is unique from everyone else. It is not for others to fully understand nor to judge. Continue to do the work and be proud of yourself in all that you have gone through and accomplished so far. Be proud of the Authentic YOU, You are amazing!

The Beautiful White-Golden Dragons from Lyra are here now to help us clear and develop our causal chakra more so we can tune into the higher dimensions of spirit. They are also helping us illuminate our highest ascension path. These Dragons also embody the highest frequency of the Christ Light. You carry this Christ Light within you as well. Call on these Dragons to bathe you in this light. Absorb all you are able to receive. This will raise your vibration significantly, and with it, you will start attracting all that will assist you toward your Highest possible path and bringing you much joy and pleasure to your being. You will soon see that your wishes and intentions for what you truly desire in life are coming into your reality. Hold your visions from your heart strong. Keep putting your energy to these visions. These energies are now ripe to bring it all to you and for the new beginnings you have wanted to take place.

Finally, with the North Node showing up, it is a confirmation that you are heading in the right direction toward your Destiny. You are being asked to face your remaining fears and step into your true Sovereign power. Step into the unknown. It may be out of your comfort zone, but it is needed, do not procrastinate. Do not compromise or be bullied from your true knowing. Do not get drawn into arguments or any interaction that drags your vibration back down. Nor allow the past and previous struggles to bring question or doubt into your mind. Set clear and strong boundaries and command this by your confidence and belief in yourself and your path. Don’t take any Shit! Let the passion within you for this Destiny to fuel you and be fearless. You got this, KNOW it with all of your being!

Much Love to you All!!!


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