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Avalon Message for the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces and Equinox 9/20-9/21/21

by puimun

From the moment that we came into existence and the lifetimes that has proceeded, we have been in a constant state of learning. Each of us is a Unique extension of Source. Every experience we have ever had has offered us a lesson to learn from. These lessons repeat themselves until we are able to understand them. With this Full Moon and Equinox, we are being asked to look at all the lessons we have learned and to transform these lessons and bring out the gifts within us. It is also very important at this time to look at the lessons that keep repeating. Whether its relationships, career or anything else in your life, dive deep within and listen to the calling of your Soul’s Song. Allow it to guide you and break through these repeating lessons. Many times, one must part ways with the people in their lives or jobs that they have that do not match your vibration so that the repeating cycle is broken and one can move forward toward their calling. Remember that you are on your own unique path, what’s right for you may not be right for another. Honour yourself and the path that your Soul shows you. It is leading you to your highest calling and experiences for this lifetime.

Avalon comes to us during this time to ask that you follow your dreams and to be fully committed to building and manifesting them. You have done so much work, do not allow outside influences to derail you from your vision. Hold it strongly within your heart and KNOW that they are coming into your reality. Be true to YOU and focus on self-discovery. This will lead you to discovering your true passions. It is time to address the limitations and restrictions that are self-imposed or from outside influences. Release the fear of the unknown, or the fear of standing up for yourself for what you believe and want in your life. This is your path and your dream and nobodies choice but your own. Allow the self-sabotage to fall away, along with the people, jobs or other situations that are holding you back from your dreams. Its time to stand in your power and truth and bring forth that which you wish to come into being. You are the Creator, now is the time to release what is stopping you from creating a new world for yourself.

With these Full Moon energies combined with the Equinox, you are being asked to Expect the Unexpected! This allows the Miracles to unfold! Holding expectations can block what is meant to come to you. Flow in the river of life and allow it to unfold naturally. There may be twists and bends in the river and many times not knowing where you are going. Trust in your self and the inner guidance that is leading you to these unexpected gifts and Miracles that await you. There is new adventures to be had that bring much joy and happiness to your life. With the breaking of cycles and learning from the lessons, you gain so much wisdom on the path forward that will assist you on this new journey toward your dreams. Believe in yourself and the unlimited potential that you have. Allow the guilts, anxieties and burdens that are no longer yours to fall away and allow this shedding to fuel your passions and desires. Let these fires inside you burn intensely, bringing in the knowing that you will attain all you dream of. This energy that you put off will attract your Tribe and Soulmates that Truly resonate and vibrate at equal frequencies as you do for the new adventures ahead.

There have been times, many for some, on feeling totally lost, confused and deep sense of loss with losing friends, partners, jobs ect… with these massive changes. This is all just your cue to move on from things that are no longer a vibrational match and that does not serve your highest good and purpose. It is time to walk away with kindness and grace and to set up firm boundaries. Have compassion for all that you are and have been going through and know that you can overcome any obstacle. With this Courage and For all of this letting go of what no longer resonates, allows for the doors to something so much better for you that will truly resonate. All this new to unfold and witness the new Success, the new Soulmates, the New Confidence you have within yourself to achieve anything and to truly live in your Truth! Embrace your Inner knowing, this is all meant for you and you are so Deserving of this!!!

Much Love to you All!!!


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Wisdom of Avalon, The Enchanted Map and Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

Wizards Tarot by Barbara Moore

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