Its time to go Home

October 2021 Message from Kuan Yin and the Ascended Masters

What is it that is motivating you at this time, Love or Fear? Is fear the dominating force in your life or is it the most power force there is, Love. There is much fear in the world right now. It is your choice to tune into it or not. The influence of emotional disharmony is very powerful at this time, and have many caught up in it. The best way not to get caught in this is to go within, surround yourself with those that vibrationally match with you, and to get out into nature. Take this opportunity to express your unvoiced emotions. They must be let out. Suppressing them will only cause sickness and disease and keep your vibration from rising. For this month it is time to step into the unknown and trust. Open your heart and Know that opportunities will open up for you in the areas of your life that you ask for. Something that you have wanted is waiting for you. Know you are worthy of it.

Kuan Yin’s message for this month is love yourself completely and Stop playing Small! It’s time to hold nothing back. It’s time to embrace your true self and uniqueness and give love to the parts of you that have been judged and ridiculed. Every part of you is perfect, you have been programmed to think otherwise. You are an extension of Source and of pure love, even the darker parts of you that you bury. It’s time to let it all out, in full expression. This is a very difficult process and can be extremely uncomfortable. Yet this is a critical step on your healing and growth. You will find that many will fall away as this process progresses. Do not grieve, for it is meant to happen and show you who truly aligns and resonates with you. We are moving into a stage to were the false and illusions are no longer acceptable. Know that you are more than enough in every way and do not accept otherwise from anyone, including yourself and the programmed thoughts that have been placed upon you. Belief creates, let go of the old restricting and imprisoning thoughts and beliefs. During your silent space, take inventory on what is holding you back from the infinite possibilities that you truly do have. You are a Creator Being and were born to create. It is to know that the possibilities are endless for you, unlike what you have been taught since birth. Your imagination and dreaming is a very powerful tool that they do not want you to use and try to create confusion within you. Its time to dream BIG and explore your imagination beyond the limited scope that you have done previously. We are creating the new and manifesting this with our imagination and dreams. Do not cling to the old template, be inspired to create something way outside the the imprisoned box. Its time to show yourself how Small you are NOT!!!!

Master Kuthumi comes in now to add to Kuan Yin’s message. In practicing with your imagination and Dream manifesting, you begin to tap in to your infinite power and start seeing and remembering the great wisdom and gift you have within. You are starting to uncover the truth of your own soul, just by tapping in to the infinite possibilities. More and more the fog starts to clear and you start remembering all the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired over many lifetimes. You will start to see how much you and outside influences have been limiting you. Now is the time to abandon these limiting beliefs and to have the courage to step into the unknown, where amazing things exist that is your Destiny and where the dreams you have manifested await. This is a massive expansion of your soul and its growth.

All of this may require a huge leap of faith and immense courage to overcome the fears that we have been shackled by, keeping us small and dormant in our powers. For many, facing the unknown is the only choice that they have if they wish to further their growth and progress. Know that it is ok to be afraid. Centre yourself and listen to your heart and Souls guidance. It is leading you to your true purpose and destiny. You are again being called to express your True Self. And as you let go of the old and all that no longer resonates, you come to the edge, you start to realize that you truly can fly. You start to see opportunities that were not within your reach being small. That new amazing beginnings that fulfills your Soul and purpose present themselves to you now. This gives you a renewed focus and confidence within yourself to achieve anything you wish and to seize every new opportunity and navigate easily and quickly though massive changes. And the more you move forward, the more the gifts, wisdom and knowledge that you have within you start to show, grow and are able to be utilized for service of the self and others. It is time to see how magnificent and powerful you truly are!

Much Love to You All!!!


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Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

The Chinese Tarot Deck by Jui Guiliang

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