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MEETING WITH beings that hold the memory of the Original creators and the design, shared with me, the level of input of frequency and the connecting force that aligns everything with the all. CREATORS of the programs (Creator Gods) insert new levels of realities that they have created into the virtual worlds. All levels, all […]


Building the Higher Crystalline Network- Meditation Monday ~ Tim Whild

Message from the Dragon Collective ~ Saadia Farah Ali

Return of the Emerald Order ~ Gillian O’Neill

Well i guess my Dragon visitor had some big news😍🐲🐉
“We are passing through the eye of the needle” breadcrumbs led me to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount. To the Church of the Holy Sepulchre otherwise known as the Church of the Resurrection🙏 The ressurrection of the Christ Micheal💙👑

“The return of the Emerald Order through the Rise of Arthur in Albion brings on the next stage activation during the electrical peak cycle for reviving the Emerald Crystal Heart in the Earth, which includes the Solar Anointing of the authentic Christ Michael to restore his rightful kingship and Solar Dragon Line”

To Arthur, My King💙💎👑💎💙
Return of the Emerald Order to the Earth Star💚🌟💚
Aum Ta Ra Ana💙🌟💙

Magic! ~ The Creator Writings

You may not be able to move the world, but you can move yourself.

You may not be able to change other’s attitudes, but you can lead by example.

You may not be able to show everyone the benefits of being responsible for their own thoughts/feelings, but you can ask they receive whatever they need to see.

The Universe has place you where you are now, doing what you are doing to be magic and will support you always. ~ Creator

Lessons of the Fae ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard

Deep in the forest
away from menacing eyes
a secret world awaits
for those who doth explore
the nooks and crannies of nature
beyond this human world

Step through the veils
the Fae invite
and see what ye shall find
a world of enchantment
a world of play
a world a’brim with magick

Pull up a rock
and have a seat
for tea is always brewing
along with whispers
of dreams coming true
beyond this human realm

There’s much to learn
through the play of the Fae
for their lessons all come with glee
for what are lessons if not for Joy
laced with music and dancing galore.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
excerpt from “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available in paperback and ebook @

Photo by Sharon Lyn Shepard of her secret faerie circle

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Infinitely Powerful ~ The Creator Writings

The reality of the situation is; you are an infinitely powerful being capable of anything encased in a rather fragile shell. It may seem odd, this supposed imbalance, but there is always a purpose to everything The Universe does. Treat both well because the learning cannot continue for one without the other. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Perfect Changes ~ The Creator Writings

I know you are tired, my love…and sometimes you may become disheartened with your Earth Plane existence. Please remember you are never alone. The Universe has an almost imperceptible way of moving that will bring about the perfect changes at the perfect time. It may be challenging for you to understand and even more so to accept but know you are always lovingly cradled in the arms of The Universe, and all will be well. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Wayshower Update – 12 May 2021 ~ Amanda Lorence

YOU crack your OWN CODE. Only YOU hold the correct combination. Only YOU can press the ‘button’. Because you designed your life/storyline before you were born to this lifetime. YOU crack it at YOUR tailor made perfect timing. Only YOU can.
The INCOMING ENERGIES are sent to you, to all, to be absorbed, by degree of each conscious awareness. The more conscious we are the more we turn photon light into crystalline cells within us. Here…
There is so much support from the higher dimensional frequency planes. So much support in human and kingdom form within your own individual reality. YET, there is only support for the highest of PURE TRUTH. All that is not of truth shall fall away much more quickly now, individually and collectively, because THIS timeline can’t support it. Boiling points will occur within individuals and groups, yet simultaneously, what is also happening is that LOVE is exploding, like stardust.
The outer is just illusion. KEY, is you’re OWN support to becoming the TRUE YOU version here. To see clearly. Seek YOUR own truth, YOUR way. Ultimately, only that which is of LOVE is TRUE and the only part that shall remain within each that have chosen to shift into higher frequency state of being. The only thing each take with them, is the LOVE WITHIN THEM.
Find peace in KNOWING, you created all your storylines. You placed the characters in your dream reality. Some are there to support, some are placed to trigger belief systems or behaviours to be seen within each, and set free, yet all characters are ultimately created by you, for you, to RISE…and at perfect timing, CRACK YOUR OWN CODE.
Once the major pieces of YOUR puzzle have been seen, you will press the button, yourself. No other can do this for you. You release YOU. And then…there is an expansion sooooo vast within you, like no other expansion you have ever known. Why is it soooo vast? Because it’s infinite and very CONSCIOUS ENERGY within you. It is the ENERGY you came here to be, give out and act from, in service to God.
This is a major timeline for all of humanity. So many waking up. So many came to do this. And the many that chose to exit in the last year, have front row seats. Cheering us on. No one is alone. How could they be? There is only ever ONE.
Keep going, because the orchestra is fine tuning… And that ONE is within you. Has the ESSENCE. Known of ITSelf.
(1st of 2 Wayshowers Posts today)

2nd of two Wayshower posts today.My Perspective and Prophecy shared:Current Timeline period:1] Allows more and more to AWAKEN. They are designed to Awaken based via incoming energies that activate them, AND via their human inner emotions and thoughts relating to world and personal events.2] Allows more of the already AWAKENED to be faced with their DEEPEST fears to clear them within and rise to higher Hertz frequency. 3] Allows more of the AWAKENED to rise in Hertz energy frequency to FAR HIGHER conscious energetic frequency value, and THUS higher physical energetic ability (for future timelines and acts to come).MY PROPHECY, KNOWN BUT NOT SHARED UNTIL NOW due to right timing:As a Timeline CLUE. For anyone, awakened or unawakened to look out for on the World Stage:“When the ‘churches’ begin to ‘fall’, this is the MARKER POINT, that sets the stage, for THE LIGHT to enter all humanity, kingdoms and Mother Earth.”My guidance would only be to remember the MARKER for the rest of this year. So the ‘churches’, means religious orders will begin to break down all over the planet over a period of time. Because we experience via ‘time’ here, it takes linear time to unfold, so not an instant fall. We have not seen this occur yet. As we know, many things are collapsing, but not yet the churches. It is to come. So when the “churches begin to fall” (not physically), you will know it is THE MARKER POINT in the ‘Earth Game’. It is the ‘people’ that create the falling of the ‘churches’ or religious orders, due to the mass awakenings and thus greater awareness of the truth of the innate power kept hidden from the people. The mass awakenings are occurring in this ongoing current and awaited time period.At a node point during the ‘fall’ of the churches, THE MASS LIGHT (we are building towards) will then ENTER. Seen and felt physically by some, unseen but felt to varying different energetic degrees by the many. The MASS LIGHT, that is higher energetic frequency, then stays. Nothing remains the same. One LoveAmanda Lorence12 May 2021

One Love
Amanda Lorence
12 May 2021

Are You a Creator? ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard

Are you a Creator?
or are you hiding behind
other people’s words?
Are you a Creator?
or are you hiding behind
other people’s artwork?
Are you a Creator?
or are you hiding behind
other people’s ideas?
Are you a Creator?
or do you fear
showing your own face?
A Creator
does not fear
shining their own light
speaking from their own heart
sharing their own unique creations.
A Creator
does not create
for the sake of others
nor require
the approval of others.
A Creator
is an expression of the Divine
a Creator creates
because it is their passion
to BE
All That I Am.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
excerpt from “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available for purchase @
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gratitude to the artist Claudia Lucia McKinney

Friday Ascension Update – Love, Unity, Strength and Sovereignty ~ Tim Whild

A Wonderful Thing ~ The Creator Writings

Whether you are aware of it or not; you have been given a great gift from The Universe. There is an intrinsic beauty that belongs to you…no one else on your Earth plane has it. When you spend time focusing on your perceived faults, physical or otherwise, you are ignoring this gift! Take time, every day, to find something good and beautiful about you. When you start embracing these things, a wonderful thing happens…those faults you thought you had disappear. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

JOY ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard

The faeries don’t use pen and ink
they write their messages in the air
then with a puff of breath
and a sprinkle of magic
send them sweetly soaring
to the likes of you and me.
So, if you want to communicate
with with the creatures of nature
a whisper is all you need
their hearing is vast
and response instantaneous
with an innate desire to please.
I wonder sometimes
of their ever joyous state
as they flitter to and fro
without regard of their minions
who refuse to honor their life
or even acknowledge their existence.
We’ve much to learn
from our faerie friends
and the number one thing is JOY
for to dance through life
sprinkling glitter and light
’tis very much in demand.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
excerpt from “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available for purchase @
💕Sharing is always appreciated 💕
Please maintain the integrity by including the author and source website link.
Artwork by Eve Livesey

Love Without Reservation ~ The Creator Writings

Make each day, each hour, each moment and every breath you take an act of love. Soon, without conscious awareness, you will be making love all the time without reservation. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Inanna’s Gateway of Manifestation

Inanna’s Gateway of Manifestation: This is Your Rebirth via your 5 SENSES to align with the Nebulous and Divine Truth and finally Unveil IT!! Venus/ Inanna meets the crescent Taurus moon at the Gateway of Manifestation at Root chakra today May 12, as she begins her Ascent through the evening sky as the Evening Star […]

Inanna’s Gateway of Manifestation

The Tree you Want to Climb | Heavenletters #4153

Voyages of Light

Enlighten yourself on your voyage to the 5th Density.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Tree you Want to Climb | Heavenletters #4153

The Tree You Want to Climb | Heavenletters

MAY 12 2021

(Rainbow Wave of Light)

God said:

Be open to life. Let life show up. It may not be as you expect. It may be quite different from what you expect, yet life appears, and life is to be welcomed. Love life, and yet not hold on to it. Life is a chimera. Life depends upon the filter you see life through. Accommodate life. Everything that occurs or does not occur is expanding you. You are not exactly a rubber band, yet you expand. Sometimes you feel stretched. Feeling stretched is also part of life.

You want a sunny day at the beach, and it rains. Enjoy the rain then. What is to stop you but an idea in your mind? An idea in your mind limits you from joy. Have other ideas that will not limit you.

You are meant for happiness and greatness. You are not meant for unhappiness and smallness. And so you expand. You are mighty, yet you are not a mighty oak that cannot bend. You are like a mighty willow tree. You are not blown away nor do you stand adamant. The winds of change go through the branches of a willow. The willow is not a pushover. The willow stands firm, and yet it bends. It makes way for newness. Be a staunch supporter of newness. Welcome the breezes of change.

Life beckons you. It beckons you to change. It is certain that life does not stay the same. Nor must you.

Be amenable to change. Do not make judgments. Make change welcome. Progress does not come from staying the same. A human being is someone who grows and changes. It is not that you betray your life by not holding onto it. You further your life. At every moment, you are growing closer to Me. You leap over the tall past. You are gracious to life. What else is there for you to do?

Change may not be what you want, and yet you would do well to make friends with it.

Consider life like the weather. You cannot lash the sun to a certain position in the sky nor can you erase the clouds at will. You can erase the storms of your mind that protest the course of life, however. If you must protest, protest your unwillingness to change, for change may be your best option, your only option.

Where do hard feelings come from except from an unwillingness to change? Have soft feelings. Be tender to life in all its guises. Life is mobile, and so you must move with it. Consider what is necessary, and what is not necessary.

In summer you do not need a winter coat. In winter you may want to wear ear muffs. What is fitting in one season of life is unfitting in another season. You are a human being who adapts to what is. You are not silly about the seasons. Sometimes, with life, you are silly. You may protest that water gets you wet. Life itself is like water. It flows, and, beloveds, you are to flow with it. Certainly, you can paddle your own canoe, yet why paddle upstream? Why upstream?

You can walk on the bank of the river. You can have a firm step, and yet not be tied to your former reactions.

And, so, you are adaptable. You can choose. You are not Johnny One Note. You are a human being who knows when to swim and when to float. When there is a tree you want to climb, you do not cut it down. When you protest life, are you not protesting the very tree you want to climb?

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Your Thoughts & Words ~ The Creator Writings

Why be a kind and compassionate person?  The ripple effect of your thoughts and words continues long after you have left your Earth plane.  Think of an amazing (or trying) moment in your life and ask The Universe to show you how far it has traveled and what was created by it.  You will be astounded!  Remember, kindness and compassion cost nothing but, the benefits will continue to give. ~ Creator

Your Thoughts & Words

Greetings from the Dragon Collective ~ Grethel Borrego

Dragon Self Drawing – Thanvia
Greetings from the Dragon Collective!

We are honored and pleased to share Light with you as you relax with us while consciously breathing I am Thanvia and I am angelic because i do work with the purple ray legions of angels and I am a guardian of the light

You may feel the Light in your energy field expand while you read these words as you are receiving the highest healing and download of faith, peace, and grace available at this time.

While you observe the image and being assisted by your guides, Source Light bursts through bringing alignment and a shimmering flow to your heart center. Take a deep breath and ask help from your guides and they will help to rectify the energy in your light and physical bodies.

This is a message from your Dragon Self – you are to focus upon your spiritual path and look to find practices and interests that resonate with your soul’s calling. As you make relevant changes in your life to serve your life purpose you will manifest an ample supply to take care of your material wants and needs.

You are actually moving into a new state where you communicate fluidly with the Higher Self. We who have assembled here as one and the transmission given you in this reading provide an activation to assist your soul purpose and for you to be able to experience your radiant Light being mirrored in different ways

Today Pegasus brings healing and radiance to your soul through this message and the Light Codes relate to the area of money and hobbies. Your persistence in trying to activate your soul purpose will very soon bring long awaited results in the form of your soul team who comes to support you in your physical reality.

Pegasus comes with light codes as a peaceful form of higher technology to work with you in your present reality. This is a valuable practice – clear any resistance held in the field of your physical body.
Take a breath and take note of anything that may be discordant or resistant in your present moment without attachment to whatever it is and then take another breath with the intention to clear that energy.
Practice this while sitting in the present moment, be centered in your space, and connect with your Higher Self. The message is that you are to find a balance between spirituality and your daily life and to be able to find leisure and restful times…

Pegasus and Higher Self indicate that you may have to put in some hard work and effort towards surrendering to what is to be your journey in this life venture. We announce a very important life change coming for you which will be of long term benefit to you and your loved ones.

We are honored and pleased to provide a gift for your Soul all my love Thanvia

Release It With Love ~ The Creator Writings

Finishing the energy of any given thing is challenging only when you make it that way. Even if the other party does not wish it, if it is in your highest and best, it will be done. Breathe, know that you have done what is best for you within your experience and release it with love. ~ Creator

Release It With Love

Message from the Dragons for the New Moon in Taurus

For those Who are Meant to See…

The Overall Energies for the New Moon in Taurus is Showing your True self and freeing this from the cage you have placed it in. Its time to Love yourself fully and take great satisfaction in Who You Are. There is an exciting Future ahead, Look to it with Anticipation. Continue to face your fears as they come and listen to your intuition. There are decisions to be made during this New Moon Energy. Do you keep living in the Old, or do you step out into the unknown and the New World that you have been manifesting?

The Beautiful Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda Come to us on this New Moon carrying the vibration of transcendent Love. When we are ready, and you are ready, they pour this energy into our being, enabling us to radiate Love and Light in many different frequencies. This will help transform all those around us without them even knowing. You are ready for this Higher Love. It is time to carry it with you and become a Flame of ineffable Pink Love. When calling in these Dragons and affirming, “I Accept and Radiate Higher Love”, you will touch everyone you meet and help this ascension. Now is the time to step out into the unknown. And for most, the Unknown is stepping out into the world Being and Showing your True Authentic Self to All. This may take some practice and experimentation, but it is necessary for yourself to do so in your growth and this ascension. Know You are a powerful manifestor and are always creating your reality. You have the wisdom and intelligence within you along with resourcefulness to navigate your way through these times. Be Confident of your abilities and gifts!

The North Node now presents itself letting us know again, its time to step out of our comfort zone. Its time to leave the past behind somehow, because you are heading in the right direction. Its time to live in your life’s purpose and face your fears head on. It takes much courage to take the leap. Theres a good chance you will come to ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long!”. Its time for a focused mind, emotion and deliberate action. Devote your time to you and your Soul Path. You’ve put great work and effort in to this point, Keep Going! Do not let the defeats of the past and self-sabotage hinder this forward movement. Summon the Strength to take one step forward into the unknown and there will be much anxiety for sure. Breathe and Believe your destiny awaits not far ahead.

The Starseeds have a great and important message to finish this message which is the theme to all of this. Serve by Being You! Most of you have always felt being Different from others. And feeling this way have protected themselves by dimming their light and hiding the true self in the “Spiritual Closet”. One of your key roles in this ascension is lighting up the world with your presence. You cannot do this if you continue to hide in the closet. You are being asked in the crucial time of this ascension to Be Yourself and shine your light as bright as you can. Allow the death of the old you and the fake public persona that you have always shown and embrace the rebirth of the True YOU to shine and light up your path. Let this light bring out the passion within you and drive you with confident actions along your path. By revealing yourself and with these actions that are taken, you are not only changing the world around you, but are also attracting all of the things your heart and soul truly desires. You become a magnet for all of your dreams including your Tribe and Divine Counterpart if you have not met yet. This is a very powerful time, all you have to do is love and BE YOU! All else will fall into place.

Much Love to you All!!!


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Choosing the Highest Perspective – Meditation Monday ~ Tim Whild

Opportunities & Choice ~ The Creator Writings

Every day, you are presented with opportunities that require choice. Do, don’t do…..yes, no…..experience, do not experience. Ask yourself, “is this in my highest and best”? Make a decision based on what your heart tells you then, speak your truth. This is paramount. Whatever reaction you receive is secondary. Embrace the knowing that you have done what is best for you. ~ Creator

Opportunities & Choice

What Is Best… ~ The Creator Writings

A expanded awareness of The Universe invariably leads you to understand that you know only your own depth.  Others may give you a glimpse of theirs but, very rarely reveal the whole picture.  It is not for you to judge the lives of others.  Deciding what is right/wrong for another based on your own experiences effectively stops your growth.  Do what is best for you and The Universe will take care of the rest. ~ Creator

What Is Best…

A Different Light ~ The Creator Writings

More big changes are on the way. They may not be the huge things you have come to expect from The Universe. Instead, the small and steady moments of shifting you are being gifted will give you an opportunity to view your life and your world in a different light. Allow yourself to receive the incoming joy and peace you so richly deserve. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner