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Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 3-23-18


It’s quite possible to hide behind words and in fact, most people do.

If you’ve had enough of the human material realm, that’s a good sign you’re ready to wake up to higher dimensions of consciousness and the grander reality.

Your entire life could be in shambles but if you’re strong on your inner tranquility and bliss, you hardly even notice. The power of universal flow overrides all arbitrary judgments of circumstantial happiness.

Your Core Self – which some call Source, Universe, God/Goddess… whatever you want to call that – knows exactly what you want and what you’re here to do. But it requires full surrender and a quantum leap of faith. I’m not sure why we need a leap of faith, I only know that we do.


Raven’s Wisdom ~ 3-23-18


We can do; be, and achieve so much more, if we listen to our inner wisdom, believe in ourselves, and just take a chance ~ Raven

We’re all unique. Life is not “one size fits all!” Life isn’t black/white, written in stone. There are as many paths as there are people Release judgement, please be respectful, be kind ~

My heart opens like a rose in morning sunlight, casting its gentle warmth upon all, sending love from my heart to yours ~ Raven

Life is meant to be lived, not just dreamed about! Follow those heartfelt dreams with action, watch them become real as you make it happen!

Tears ~ Judith Kusel


One need never apologize for tears. For tears means that that the soul is at home in the heart, and that something deep triggered inside the heart and soul.
It is like when I listen to beautiful music, I cry because the music touches my heart and soul strings and I become AS ONE with the music, the musician and All-that-Is.
It is the same when words trigger something deep within one’s soul and soul memory bank. We forget so much when we incarnate onto planet earth and therefore when these soul memory banks get reactivated, when the heart and soul open up, we often cry because of the beauty, the profoundness of it all. The same applies when we reach that higher state of Being, where we step into our higher soul selves, and then find that nothing is ever missing from our lives, that all is perfect, whole and complete. The COSMIC SEEING now dawns, the higher state of equilibrium. In moments like this, the soul soars and flies, and therefore is not restricted by the earthly bounds anymore: – it remembers what it feels like to BE the cosmic soul and Being that in truth you are.

You are boundless, as soul.
You are infinity within your soul.
Within you, Divinity expresses itself through your soul.
That truly goes beyond words and beyond expression.
One just feels this, knows this, dissolves into it.
That is what it means to be blessed.
Truly blessed.
And that is when one just knows what unconditional love means.
No bounds.
No control.
No ownership.
No manipulation.
No-thing but pure love.
(Judith Kusel)

Mayan Calendar Portal ~ March 23


March 23 is 11 Etznab/Tijax. Call things by their name. Don’t console yourself with fantasies, self-deception or wishful thinking, no matter how tempting it is. Painful as it may be at any given moment, the truth is the only thing that can ever set you free. Unrealistic ideals, denial and escape may appear to buy you time in the short run, but in reality they steal it, for they set you back and deny you the time you need to build your dreams into reality. Buluk intensifies Etznab’s energy by several orders of magnitude—and because it’s a neutral force, it may not give you the rosy picture you were hoping for. Be strong! Sometimes the raw truth is what you need to move forward in life.

Track these energies with the MCP Mayan Tzolkin mobile app:

Lamat rules this current Trecena (13 days starting Mar 13). For details on this trecena, see or p. 114 of the book “The Serpent and the Jaguar” — more at

Magnetic Reversal Speeding Up | S0 News Mar.23.2018

Schumann resonances ~ 03-23-18

The frequencies of the Schumann resonances

Amplitudes of Schumann resonances

Quality of Schumann resonances


Beingness ~ Judith Kusel


When I am inspired from deep within – my heart and soul, then I will energize everything that I do, with the energy of LOVE. That energy of love will touch whoever will come across what I put out there, in its manifested form.
This is essentially what the Golden Age is all about. When one works from the heart and soul, then all that one creates, becomes infused with the energy of love. When the energy of love is there, it will attract like energy – like attracts like. There will always be someone out there, who needs that love-infused energy in one form or another. What you create with love, might be God-send to someone else out there.
Can you imagine when everyone starts working with love, and are inspired to create from deep within – how everything will take on a glow – the glow of LOVE. WOW!
I have been in two days of deep and profound inner healing and then communication with the Divine and my Higher Guides. When I am in their presence, I always feel myself being infused with Love and Light and is amplified tenthousand times from what one can experience here on planet earth. These Beings are pure Love energy, and whatever they bless, whatever they create, is not only in harmony with the rest of creation, but is also infused and energized with pure radiant love.
When one creates from the state of inner peace and love, then one cannot create anything which is not love. Whether the creation takes the form of relationships, or projects, or innovations – it does not matter, it is created with love.
Beingness, means to rest so in the heart space, that one IS love, and then, whatever you wish to create or manifest, will be out of the state of love – and brought into Being by the art of love.
This is the way I wish to live my life from this moment on and forever:= To be anchored in my heart space and to create from my heart and with love.
Judith Kusel