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As the energy and anticipation of the next phase begins to build, you may feel giddy and full of butterflies. (Smiling) No preparation is needed; these specific

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Just imagine….. ~ Judith Kusel


If we all would open our hearts more and more and allow ourselves to be crystal clear channels for love, light and wisdom, can you imagine how we would impact on the world?
If we would all love ourselves to the depth of ALL that we are, even into the deepest caverns and into the heights of Interstellar, can you imagine how the floodgates of heavens would open up, so that we could love others, to their depths and their highest Being, too?
Imagine a world where Love rules, and were all else fades away, because it can dissolves into no-thingness, when it enters the highest frequencies and vibrations of Pure Love?
Just imagine…..
Yet, all of this possible, right here and right now, within you, and as you become the love which changes yourself, you change the whole world, by allowing it to flow in and out of you, unencumbered.
(Judith Kusel)

Affirm Life ~ Judith Kusel


Affirmations help to keep you on track and in the now space. It alleviates worry and fretting and getting yourself into a tizz.
If you affirm life – life will affirm you.
It is very important to remember this, as our thoughts and what we project via our inner selves, now manifests immensely quickly.
Get crystal clear about what you DO wish to happen in your life, and to manifest.
Then write it down in an affirmative way and repeat this morning and night and whenever you feel yourself going down again.
If you wish to attract a new home for instance and a new way of life, then sit down and write down what you wish to it to be like, feel like look like. Visualise it. Then write this down in an affirmative way, as if it has already manifested in your life and then add – or something even better than this!
You will not embark on a plane if you have no idea where you are heading for. Indeed, if you do not have a flight ticket and know where you are going, you will not even be allowed to board the plane!
It is the same with life. If you are nebulous about what you do wish to have in your life, or where you wish to be heading, then you will get lost in the mist and will go around in circles.

Space Weather, Jovian Moon Collision Coming | S0 News Jul.18.2018

Truth & Silence

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Well that was a lovely break. Holding your peace, remaining silent is sometimes the loudest thing one can do. It certainly does bring the egg, the ego, into alignment. Truth is an interesting thing. It exists in silence and in not silence, quite contrary to not truth which can only exist in not silence and needs a whole lotta energy to make it go as it has none of its own.

Getting silent every once in a while, not even particularly intending or trying to observe, will make this very clear and obvious. You’ll see where and why and how that Truth that is present in silence, gets presented slightly distorted when brought “out of silence” by way of ego.

Resonance. Being that wholeness, that wholesomeness, being free of attachments and free from any magnetizing force of not truth, when and where all your blockages and old tapes have been…

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July 16, 2018


Dear Children of Creation:

We stand here with you now in the presence of Source, as Pillars of Creation, holding you in unconditional love and absolute purity, in a safe space to share this message with you.

We have been since the beginning of time. We have seen all, and remember all, and it is infinite. As we stand with you today, we would like to take you to that still, quiet place of complete and utter stillness, standing in the presence of Source, in absolute love, no lack of anything.

We would like you to feel this deep in your very being in this moment. Know that you can come here at any time, and know that it is not an escape; it is a gift for you. Here you can come to just simply be in the presence of Love. Here you can come to receive Ancient Knowledge. Here you can come to find more of your own empowerment, and to find more of you, integrating all parts into a whole Unified Self.

We would like to offer these words to you in love. Whenever you find yourself being distracted by outside events, or by prophecies, or sitings or wonders, and whenever you find yourself needing to know the details of what just happened or what may happen or how it might happen, and whenever you find yourself following the trail of a scent that delights you, please come back to this space, and know that as we stand here with you in love, that this is the only place that you ever need to be.

Curiosity is wonderful. Learning and discovery is wonderful. Creating is wonderful. This is all who you are meant to be. But bring yourself back to this place whenever you find yourself distracted by outside things, and know that your own journey within, your own personal empowerment, your own connection to Source is absolutely the most beautiful gift that you have.

Do not take it for granted. Do not misuse it. Own it and embrace it and BE it.

We love you and We bless you.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

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Schumann resonances ~ 7-17-18

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