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Your Full Strawberry Moon Dragon Oracle Card

For those who are Meant to See….


All the stars in the constellation of Andromeda embody a beautiful love and acceptance beyond our current understanding.

These Seventh-Dimensional Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda carry the vibration of Transcendent Love. If we are ready for their light, they circle around us, and when they pour their special energy into our chakras, our aura is illuminated by a glorious pink light.

This enables us to radiate love and light at many different frequencies and transform the people we meet without them even being aware of it.

They also work with crickets who come from the same constellation, and their songs carry the codes of higher love from Andromeda and their mission is to bathe the natural world in this vibration.

Receiving this card indicates that you are ready for higher love. The Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda are suggesting it is time for you to carry this luminous light in all your spiritual energy centres.

Touch your Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, causal, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, sacral, base and EarthStar Chakra in turn, breathing in dusky pink and affirming  “I accept and radiate Higher Love”. As you do so,  have a sense of these dragons breathing pink into all of your chakras. You become a flame of ineffable pink love.

Be aware that You now have the power to touch everyone you meet with the Flame of Spiritual Love.

Know that when you work with these Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda, you make a Huge difference in the Ascension of the Planet.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper 

GaiaPortal: Howitzers of Light come to the fore

Howitzers of Light come to the fore.

Premonitions fulfilled.

The Light has “won”.

Markers are in place for future generations of Energy workers.

Articles of the Galaxy are written.


Channeled June 12, 2019



I stand here with you now. I am all things, as you are. I stand beside you with my electric blue sword of truth, power, and protection. This frequency is available to you at any time. All you have to do is intend to connect with that frequency and bring that into your reality, and it shall be instantly manifested.

We love you. And we want you to know that you are never alone, and we are always beside you.

The frequency of Grace is being brought into this transmission. Breathe it in deeply into the center of your being, and allow that frequency of Grace to permeate every single cell of your body. And then allow that frequency to flow out of the core of your being into your aura and all of your bodies, all of your aspects, and into the entirety of you.

This frequency of Grace will bring a peace and a calm to your hearts. For as the words were spoken of old, “Let not your heart be troubled.” And we invite you to rest now. For I AM here with a host of angels, holding this space for every single soul who wishes to connect to that.

You can bring Grace into your life starting with neutrality, which means not getting upset when someone sets you off your center, or if you receive bad news, or if you are just simply down or perhaps in a state of boredom. Bring Grace into whatever state you are in. Bring it in now and breathe it in. For this Grace is a purification energy. It can transmute all that is there pressing in upon you. This Grace can calm your mind and soothe your soul. And it is very simple. We know the linear mind likes to make things complicated, and the world you live in has set up everything complicated.

But really, what matters and what works for you is always simple. That is the breathe, that is the Love, that is the Grace of all Creation. And it is yours! It is your divine birthright, and you can access it at any moment. And if you find yourself forgetting, don’t worry. You can do it instantaneously, and it can shift everything. You can instantly change your reality by breathing in Grace. It only takes a moment, and you can do it wherever you are, no matter where you are, no matter who is around you, no matter how much noise or chaos is around you — you can be the calm in the eye of the storm. And by you holding that frequency, you magnify that, and multiply it and manifest it throughout the entire Universe. Know this Beloveds. Breathe it and BE it. See it and feel it.

For all things, All That Is, originates in your hearts. So tap into this Grace to calm the mind, to calm the body, to calm the atmosphere.

And now that I, and my angelic counterparts, are always here. We always surround you. We always protect you.

And we would urge you to stand in your power at all times.
Now we know that the word ‘fight’ brings up a lot of emotion. We are not asking you to fight. We are asking you to stand calmly with Grace in the eye of that storm. You have the right to speak what it is that you wish into your reality. And if you feel you are being harassed or upset by an outside influence, then you stand in your power and you command it to be gone. You stand in your power and you allow that fire in your belly to flow forth out of your intentions, out of your words, out of your hearts, and you stand and you decree what it is that you want in that moment. This is not fighting, this is BEing, and this is standing in your power.

So know that you are fully equipped with all the tools that you need. And we know that these little reminders from time to time are extremely powerful for you, because we understand that it is easy to forget. It is easy to forget where you’ve placed your tools. Then you wander around looking for them, because nothing is working. And you are intent on finding that tool that you’ve lost. How you find the tools of Grace and Power is by being calm. Tap into your heart and immediately you will find these tools there.

Do not let anyone, anything or any being throw you off of your power, of your sovereignty, and of your divine birthright.

You are Love incarnate. You are Grace incarnate. You are Power incarnate, and do not ever forget that. And if you cannot believe it or see it or feel it at this point, I will stand here and hold that space for you until it manifests into your reality. And that is why I say, “I stand beside you always.”

And the Love of Source is ever with you. It never leaves you. Source Creator desires to have a relationship with you. And remember to always say, “I love you” to Source. For as you say “I love you,” you open up your heart, you open up your crown, you open up all your power centers to receive directly that Source Love, that infinite Grace and wonder that you are made of.

Open yourself up now.

I love you. That is all.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands

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GaiaPortal: Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed

Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed.

Fleming cohorts command the troops of Light.

Gaia commands for all to BE in Peace.

Fireworks are soon to be lit.

Divine Love ~ Daniel Nielsen


‘When a man is ready to discover his true self, the journey will usually take him in the opposite direction to which he has been traveling … away from the highway of the ego-mind, to the narrow path that leads to the heart.

If he is open to loving a woman, it’s in this place he recognises that she is pivotal to the growth of his soul; that she has such a deep réservoir of love within, waiting for him to experience, far beyond anything he has ever imagined. And he comes to understand that this secret paradise has remained hidden from him because the eyes of his heart were not open to see it. This is where he hears her call his name from the depths of his soul. And for the first time, he becomes conscious of what it means to passionately love and adore a woman with his whole being.

There, together, the man and woman’s souls are joined as they enter into what can only be described as divine love … that which the Creator always intended for us to enjoy. In this beautiful place of surrendering to each other, the two love with a new spiritual and intimate understanding, while at the same time, unlocking their own greatness as they discover their oneness and united purpose for being.’~

~ Daniel Nielsen

art: Dorina Costras

via: Sacred Dreams

Peaceful Piano Instrumental Music ~ Kalia Diya

Beautiful music played by my dear friend Kalia Diya

Your Time Has Come… ~ The Creator Writings


Remember when you may have been labeled weird, odd or a loner?  You bore the slings and arrows of those who did not understand your thoughts or feelings.  You may have hated it, silently wishing you were ‘normal’ or overcompensating to fit in.  Some of you moved as quietly as possible to avoid the ever-present misunderstanding or bullying.  Little did you know you were preparing for now! 

Today, The Universe would like you to know that your time has come.  What you experienced earlier in your life prepared you for this chance, this moment to help and inform those just awakening to the infinite possibilities of your world.  The waiting and enduring brought you to where you are…congratulations, dearest child, you made it! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner