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Friday the thirteen ancient energy

The Divine sacred Keys Friday, the thirteen is known from ancient wisdom to be part of moon goddess due to the 13th lunar cycle, it relates to the 13 sacred keys of life. Thirteen is the sacred number of women`s holy mysteries. Women`s wheel of life represents women thirteen archetypes that make a complete cycle. […]

Friday the thirteen ancient energy

Creation! ~ The Creator Writings

You have been given a powerful gift; the ability to build worlds, spin galaxies out of nothing, create civilizations and move mountains with a single thought. You can bring anything you want into existence. How you choose to use this gift is up to you. ~ Creator (r)


Friday the 13th+ Nag Panchami= Serpent Energy Squared!!! ~ Isischannelings

Friday the 13th+ Nag Panchami= Serpent Energy Squared!!! Art Credit Rahul Ravi If anything spells “my kinda day” it has to be Today, 13 August, Friday the 13th which also happens to be celebrated as Nag Panchgani in India (day devoted to worship of Snakes and Serpent Energy). Isis, Lady of the Holy Cobra, Isiopolis […]

Friday the 13th+ Nag Panchami= Serpent Energy Squared!!!


If you truly believe
In your deepest instinct
In your heart of hearts
In your innate wisdom
That we are divine beings
Connected to all that is
With inner authority
And imbued with a magnificence
Beyond the self that is
Conditioned to smallness
And held captive by fear

Now is the time to live that knowing
Not sometime in the future
When it feels more comfortable
Or you feel more awake or aware
Or more confident and secure

But now
For there is dramatic change taking place
In every quadrant of the universe
And within each living cell
Of each living being
And within the fabric of reality itself

And you, and I, are being called
To embrace the transformation
And live from the truth we know
And the love we are

We are not not passengers
We are leaders and participants.

LIVE YOUR TRANSFORMATION — Poetry of Brokenness and Beauty

The Active Participant ~ The Creator Writings

You can wait with bated breath every day for a hint of what your future will bring. You can seek out those who may foretell what will happen, but even that is not 100% guaranteed. And while you are doing this, your world is moving past you at an alarming rate.

My beautiful child, it is time to be in the moment, in your moment! Yes, it is nice to know what is coming, but it is a wonderful experience to take action and move to where you choose to be. Never fear, there will be hints and signs along the way…let free will and The Universe create the best future with you as an active participant. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Venus / Inanna reaches Gate of Compassion at Heart Chakra ~ IsisChannelings

Venus / Inanna reaches Gate of Compassion at Heart Chakra 👑Venus/ Inanna today, August 11, reaches Gate of Compassion at Heart Chakra as part of her ascent journey as Evening Star to reclaim her crown and Title of Queen of heaven and earth. She is currently embodying the archetype of the Gemini Metagoddess (Seshat/ Saraswati/ […]

Venus / Inanna reaches Gate of Compassion at Heart Chakra — isischannelings

Taking Time For You ~ The Creator Writings

A gentle reminder from The Universe; it is perfectly okay to take time for yourself. With the monumental changes going on, being able to step back, relax and breathe may seem like a luxury. There will always be pressures in your world. Taking time to re-balance your energy is a necessity, a right. Once you have found your center again, you can re-join the world refreshed and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. You are worthy and deserving of treating yourself well and you have The Universe’s full support in doing so. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Sovereignty ~ Phil Good and Lorie Ladd

A Moment of Kindness ~ The Creator Writings

It takes just a moment to show a care, a kindness without expecting anything in exchange. That moment reverberates throughout The Universe and is returned to you in ways you will never expect. ~ Creator (r)

A Moment of Kindness

Immortal Starlight Wave ~ Elen Elenna

Beloved Star of Worlds,

The People came here to roam in the Light. This is why they are the Reindeer People. They are not made to belong to the material universe, to anchor into this

They are made to roam the Light and the cosmic frequencies of the Dawn

The Dawn is the ever-arriving Source codes of existence, that underlie everything else. All else is the solidification of Light. Once it has solidified, it no longer exists. This is its diminishment, this is its falling away.

The People honoured this process, and understood that once the Light fulfils itself into the dimension of materiality, this is the time to let it go.

This is when it is gifted forth and surrendered

IT is not claimed and held onto

The solidification of Light causes a separation, and calls them away from the Home they truly reside within, which is the Light Paths of Creation, the flowing and ever-changing Light Ways that span heaven and earth

To claim this solidification is like being placed within a prison, being incarcerated away from the Source and meaning of existence

And so the Way of Life was to remain liquid, in movement, and to retain this liquidity and translucency in all expressions

Wherever something had become dense and inert, it was released

This was sensed into, this was known by feeling and recognition

As the densification of earth progressed, many gravitated towards this, and even sought it. It came to be identified as existence, this solidified realm. It was sought, esteemed, valued

The Angel becomes silenced within the construct however. There is a cocoon, and one who is silent and inaccessible within it, paralysed. This is a fragile state, that then has to be maintained, through further solidification.

This inertia, this separation, this silencing and removal made many of the People very unhappy.

They lost the liquid light freedom and joy that was their natural state and inheritance.

They had lost the ways of their people.

The ways of their People existed in reverse

Instead of aiming towards the materialisation of the Light, and its further densification around them, they looked towards the liquidity of beingness, and unbinding the soul from density

They were made for movement, for that which kept them in movement towards Source, through the stargates and star portals of true essence

They walked with the Reindeer

They looked for creations, materialisations, that supported this living Light, this state of Grace

They only created that which allowed them to remain free

That which allowed them to remain in connection to the Greater Star Paths of their Soul

They wove UPWARDS into the Light

Their creations were starlight bridges that wrought the way upwards, like braids, plaits

They took delight in the creations of matter, of earth, but wrought with liquidity, spaciousness, Light

They understood that this material creation could also act as living light, as a vessel, that birthed and generated Light, that was more than the sum of its parts

When a Creation was inspired by the Dawn, its earth and wood, its ash, its silk and braided weave, of wool and fur, carved and etched, of stone and crystal and feather, of clay and ochre, of leaf and dye, flower and petal

Then it set others free, it loosened bindings

It set the Self free from the illusion, became a revelation of the living reality of Light, of the Infinite

When there was the movement into matter, the descent, into form, it was felt as a platform for Light

It existed as a reference point, as a place where heaven and earth meet, that becomes a Locus and a reference within creation, like a signpost

It refers to goodness, and to the Way

This reference point was taken lightly, for its value was in its inspiration into a new cycle of ascent

The way that it enacted descent, the falling, so that one could rise again, and flow into the Source codes of Dawn

In remembrance, writing the words of the Golden Wheel, memories of the Elven and the Reindeer People

May you ride and anchor the Immortal Starlight wave of the 8:8 portal, as we walk the new shores together, re-entering the way of the liquid flow of Golden Light

With Infinite, Elfin Love

Elen Elenna

Embrace Your Power ~ The Creator Writings

Power is responsibility, responsibility is power. Do not shy away from it. So many times, and in so many ways, human language and actions have put a negatives spin on both words. If you fear power and/or responsibility you are, in essence, existing in fear of yourself. Embrace your power, take joy in responsibility, and love yourself! You are the only one who can do it for you. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

💜🔱Meditation Monday – Clearing your Energies and Timelines (Lions Gate Aftercare/Pampering Session)🔱💜 ~ Tim Whild

Lions Gate Message (8.8-8.13) ~ Lorie Ladd

Reach Out ~ The Creator Writings

Human connection is one of the most important things you will experience in your lifetime.  Your technological advances may make the world seem like a smaller place, but many of you feel more alone than ever.  Take some time today to reach out, smile, show a little love and acknowledge each other.  You may not realize it, but these very simple acts may actually save a life. ~ Creator

Reach Out

Chief Eagle Feather ~ galaxygirl – 8/7/2021

Out Of Control? ~ The Creator Writings

There will be times when a situation is so overwhelming and feels so out of control that you may feel like giving up and walking away.  My beautiful child, unless the experience is unhealthy, do not give up!  Do…take a step back, do…take a breath and do…look at how much of it is really yours.  If you feel you need help, ask for it.  You have all the tools to change and grow, use them! ~ Creator

Out Of Control?

Acknowledging Pain ~ The Creator Writings

Acknowledging Pain

Where is your pain hiding?  Is it behind your positive attitude?  Is it under the motivation you use to keep from thinking about it?  Is it in the dark corner of your mind where you will never have to look at it?  Do you hide it to avoid being judged?

Do not tuck the pain away!  Acknowledging it is very important in your growth process.  If ignored, it begins to take small pieces of you as a way of getting your attention like a child vying for a parent’s affections.  “Look at me, see me, feel me, talk to me”!  Take some time to honor your pain.  Just like every other part of you, it is beautiful. ~ Creator

New Vibrations ~ The Creator Writings

As your Earth plane changes continue, it is very important to practice self-care.  The Universe knows this may sound like a broken record but, it is true.  While your body and soul adjust to the newest vibrational levels, things may feel out of balance.  If it becomes overwhelming, take a step back and breathe!  It is temporary.  As always, you are loved and protected! ~ Creator

New Vibrations

Dragonfae and Faeries message for the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal

For those Who are Meant to See…

It is always an honor to be able to do these readings for all, yet this one has been the most special and powerful to date as I was surrounded by The Old Ones (trees) and the Fae along with many other Elementals. As I sat underneath the beautiful being in the pic above, one phrase kept jumping out, “Home is Calling”. Whatever “Home” means to you, it is calling and sending you signs and synchronicities to follow for guidance Home. Believe in the Magic that is YOU, and the Magic that surrounds you. For a while now we have been and continue to heal emotional and psychological wounds, both individual and collective. Its time to acknowledge all that you have done, all the work of the self and collective. It is very impressive and all those that see, which are so many, applaud you and you are truly honored for this. You have infinite potential, only doubt and fear can hinder this. Focus on your visions and dreams and bring them into being. Step by step you are assisting in creating the New Earth. And a reminder from the Fae, take many steps laughing and playing. It is truly one of the most powerful healing energies.

First to come to us for this Lions Gate, and fitting and no coincidences that the Green Lady comes to us as I sit here beneath the forest doing this powerful reading. It’s time to really focus on your healing and any health concerns that you may have. With guidance, you can self heal anything you wish to heal with trust and a little guidance. You have to believe in yourself and in your true powers. It is also asked that you take great care in the environment and the natural wonders around you. We are One and Symbiotic with all things. Caring for ourselves cares for your surroundings and vise versa. As I sit here, I hear the trees calling to us. They are so wise and so healing. They ask that you visit with them more. They have much to share with you and it is very healing for them and for you. Sit, listen and breathe together as One. It is very powerful and very special. While you are with them, or if you are not able create a sacred space, and look deep within to the Dogmas and believes that you hold. There are many ways of Spirituality. Neutrally question your own. Is it blocking your progress? Are you open to infinite possibilities? Does it lift yourself and others around you up to the highest frequencies? Is it of unconditional love, kindness and generosity? Its time to let go of all that is of programmed lower energies and that blocks your true infinite potential. All the programs that were imposed on us since our incarnations here were meant to control and keep us small and weak. It is time to break the programming and control and live in Authenticity. It is your Destiny to break the mold and help in this Ascension and journey to the New Earth. Trust and Know that you chose to come here for this, for you are a Chosen One and you will Not Fail in your Mission.

The Faeries now send us the Ekstasis. It is the song, the Energy, the Power that fills Unity. It cannot be heard by our human ears, only our Soul can hear it. Along with our Soul Song, it harmonizes with the Ekstasis, calling us to move into a space of ecstasy, joy, bliss, unity and love. It is all that the New Earth holds. Go within and feel this harmonization within your core. You will know you are on the right track when you feel the bursts of joy, love, bliss and ecstasy. Whatever it is in your life or your dreams that brings you these feelings, the Faeries ask you go all out and go for it! It is meant for you if it brings you these true energies and feelings. The song has been trying to lead you to that space, it has been your doubts, fears and negative influences from others that has kept you from attaining this. Know that all of this is within your reach. Allow it to fill you up and move you toward the beautiful New World we are Co-creating together. A new adventure is awaiting us. Embrace Who you are and be free of fear and doubts. You are being guided in a new direction towards the New Earth. The time for unsatisfied desires and relationships are over. It is time to have complete fulfillment in all of this and more.

And finally to end this reading comes The Fairy Queen of Light. She is here to shine her powerful and beautiful light upon you and help shed love on any situation that you arw experiencing that is blocking you from attaining the pure love, bliss and ecstasy that you deserve. This light will also bring forth that what needs healing. Know that you are also such a powerful beacon and light. You have learned many lessons for many lifetimes. Use all you have learned to create all of your wishes and shape your world to how you wish it to be. It is time to be Bold and to BE YOURSELF! It is also time to attain all of your dreams and needs. You are the Ruler of your World. Mold it and fill it with the utmost Love, Joy, Harmony and Bliss. Together, we are One, working on and co-creating a beautiful New World with Mother Gaia, the Fae and so many more beings. It is truly mindblowing!

Much love to you all!!!



Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Oracles of the Fairies by Karen Kay

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

The Chinese Tarot Deck by Jui Guoliang

A Heartbeat ~ The Creator Writings

Take just a moment and focus on your heartbeat.  That sound has no color, does not speak another language, does not hate, degrade or kill.  Strong or weak, fast or slow, it does exist in every single living thing on the face of the planet even if it is not audible to you.  Please remember this when you have the choice to react with anything less than love. ~ Creator

A Heartbeat

Your Signature ~ The Creator Writings

An important reminder; everything you touch, every thought you have and every word you utter carries your own unique energetic signature.  Whatever you are feeling and thinking at any given moment transfers that signature and sends a message to The Universe saying, “Give me more of that, please!”  A conscious and determined effort on your part can significantly alter your Earth-plane existence in any way you choose.  Good, bad or indifferent…that choice has always been yours. ~ Creator

Your Signature

Just Stop ~ The Creator Writings

In those moments where you feel you are chasing your tail; if you would just stop, for just one moment, you would realize that The Universe has been doing its job all along and everything is already set up and waiting. It is up to you to receive it. ~ Creator (r)

Just Stop

Elthor and Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl | August 1, 2021

(Elthor, do you have a message for us today?)

Yes, human. What is it that you think the human ones need to hear in this moment of planetary change?

(I think they need to hear about peace, for it is hard to find in this moment.)

I Elthor am speaking. I bring you fiery light codes of ascension this day. Peace is within. You will not find it outside of yourselves, the great mystery. Peace can be obtained within any situation, for when one is at peace one flows with the divine breath of the All That Is, of the Creator. Much – much turmoil we see. I speak as one with the Ascended Dragon Collective that this one works closely with in her ascended dragon self, just as many of you do the same. Many of you are partners with us within your human or your ascended dragon form, it is true that you may or may not remember. But we see a quickening in the remembering of the human who is on the ascension path. Many are not on the ascension path as you believe them to be. All have their own path. Ascension must be chosen fiercely, deeply, firmly with every moment. Every moment upon the earth plane is an opportunity for either ascension or descension into the murk and mists. The realm of shadows is dissolving into the realms of light. There is a great separation that we see occurring. (I am seeing the peeling being taken off of the orange.) Much like the peeling of the orange has to come off to taste the fruit, so too the myths and disease of this realm must be removed so that the truths, the inner nourishment can be revealed. (I am seeing the orange being separated into many segments. Every soul is on their own journey, each segment experiences the origin of itself differently, all are different points of view.)

I Elthor am speaking. Human, what you know and what you think you know and what you should know are entirely different. Your realties are being stripped bare and no longer will the dark truths be able to hide. (I am seeing the orange being squeezed into juice. Just as the orange can change form, it is still the orange, the juice is a part of the orange but in a different form. Juice can be shared more easily. I am seeing juice being poured into many cups.) The flow of light that is coming to the earth will be expansive, all will feel it. Not all will be able to to absorb the juice. Many will not drink but all will taste. (I am seeing the orange grow until it is the size of the sun and it becomes light. I am feeling that this blast of love light is very close, very nourishing and will help all to either feel full and complete or they will be dissolved by it.)

I am Elthor. I speak as one with the Ascended Dragons. You must awaken your inner dragon, who is accustomed to the light shifts and the fiery currents. Much fire is on your realm. Fire can be holy or it can be untamed. Tame your fire. Hone it. Develop it. Breathe it. Be it. Be the light that you are of the divine sparks. Sparks can start fires or they can smolder for awhile and go out. Do not let them dim your fire. There will be much smoke. The realm is crumbling.

I Elthor am speaking. This one wished me to discuss peace. Peace is internal discovery, inner work. The embers are inwardly at peace in the midst of the heat they know who they are and they hold their light, they hold their power. You are the embers of the bringers of the new. Know your place. It is of light. It is of the higher vibrational realities that are piercing the darkness of this realm with blazing tenacity, fierceness. Use the word you wish, human. It matters not. Dragons are not much for words. We are much for action. We are much for light, for flight, for change. We are bringers of light codes, of changes, of upgrades. We enforce the will of the All That Is with great love and patience that is unbending. (I am seeing them fly around the earth in a great cyclone of rainbow light. These ascended dragons are all brilliantly colored. Prisms, diamonds of light fractals are sparking from their patterns as they fly so fast around Gaia.) We partner with humanity. We partner with the ascension of Gaia and all upon her. We are the Ascended Dragons of the higher ways, bringing our codes, our talents to Gaia as an offering of peace. For this realm has not known peace, true peace for many a cycle. A new cycle is beginning. Humans write books about peace, write music about others bringing them happiness but truly it is to be found within.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We have been quiet for sometime with words but not with action. We are creatures of action, of deep passion and creativity. We have been creative with how we share our light and power with this realm. We send you your own individual dragon egg of awakening. Do you see it? (I am being presented with a crystal rainbow hued dragon egg and I see there is a crack on it, it is wiggling, shaking and there is new life inside.) These are the new codes of dragon activation. Plant them in your heart space in front of your wings and feel the beat. (I feel the crystal egg beat in rhythm with my heart. It feels wild and strong and free.) Freedom codes are online now. It is time fo fly. Human on the ascending path, feel your wings beat against the strong winds that blow. (I am being shown a rocky cliff and there is mist below, I cannot see the bottom of the chasm.) Do you see what we are showing you? It is time to fly. A new world is being created. Of course the old must crumble away. Dragons fly well through the mist and shadow for we are guided by our own inner knowing. Our keen senses are linked with our heart, with our own higher selves and we fly boldly through the darkness for we bring our own light. You, human. You are doing the same. These are uncharted waters and skies for humanity. This is why you are strong enough to manage them. Awaken your inner dragon sight of the higher dimensional ways. Flying is the fastest way to get through this time. Fly above the energy waves. Fly above the mist and shadow and you will see clearly for you will see with your hearts, with your own inner dragon sight, filled with the higher dimensional energies. All is being transcended, raised up. The all that you knew is no more.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Nurture your crystal dragon egg. Communicate with it. Sync it up with the crystalline human that you are in the midst of becoming and partner the realms. This is a great partnering. This is a great collaborative.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We collectively harness our strengths. We work as one. We are stronger together. You humanity are much stronger together. This its why the fracturing of your human realm has been so calculated. We are dragons of many sizes, types, scales, colors. Yet we are all united in our purpose, in our passion for service. It would do well for humanity to come together in this way. We see this as happening now. The beginnings are well underway. We see many changes after the pain of the fracturing. Remember your inner peace. Remember your inner dragon. We have said enough for now. We are not here to speak. We are here to offer codes and action. These are the times for change. Expect them. Embrace them. Fly through and above that which pains and develop your own inner healing through your inner god breath, your inner light that shines so brightly in the darkness. And know that you came human, you came for this. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective of Gaia’s awakening. Peace human, peace.

~ galaxygirl

Wounded Or Well? ~ The Creator Writings

The wounded will seek out and draw the wounded, the well will seek out and draw the well. If you want to change what you seek out and draw, change what exists within. ~ Creator (r)

Wounded Or Well?