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GaiaPortal: Shining leaves of green envelope humanity at this moment


Shining leaves of green envelope humanity at this moment.

Growth of the Light Vibrations for the New Hue-manity accelerates.

Standards of Guidance are raised within all.

The Gold mark is reached.

Choose Wisely… The Creator Writings


One of the most profound things you will notice during this current changing time:

Those who have not embraced their personal power will spend
all their time attempting to convince others they have an abundance of it. What this really shows is a lack of understanding and the insecurities they have yet to release. Those who truly have it will remain silent and assured in the knowledge of its existence within and exactly where it came from.  The Universe has always given you the choice of which direction to go and how you present yourself to the world. Choose wisely, dear one. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Grace is also a verb

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

One of the techniques I learned from my Reiki teachers involved
what they called chaotic healing. You sat in the middle of the circle and well,
it’s hard to describe but issues were found by the healers in training and as
the shite bubbled up they’d tell you to call out a number and then pull em out.
Your mind didn’t have an opportunity to get in there and analyze, hypothesize or
capitulate your feelings away. There’s more to the technique than that but this
izzin’t school and I izzin’t your teacher.

Energy blockages are no joke. Neither is feeling bad and not
knowing why you feel bad. I don’t know what the heck is going on right now. I’ve
felt bad since before that earthquake and I really just want to speak. But I
know that some of the things I want to speak may not be true or…

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Ascension Update with Tim Whild – Schuman Resonance and the Sirius Portal!

You Have… ~ The Creator Writings


As the path you travel becomes more intricate, you will begin noticing the actions and reactions from yourself and those around you.  As you clear and release, there may be people that say, “Wait…no, this is yours, you get to keep this”, in an attempt to project it back to you.  They sense a change and will often attempt to keep you exactly where you are for their comfort.  Whether you accept or deny this is completely up to you.  Just having a conscious awareness of it will alter the circumstances.  Remember, dear one, you have a choice, you have free will and you have the Unconditional Love and support of The Universe. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – July 7, 2019

blog Gr's

Hello to you our friends somewhere out there … and STILL the full-on Energies continue. Surely, this all has to be leading up to something?

Welcome to Each one and yes, Dearest Blossom as we have said … these Energies indeed, have their place in the Grand Divine Plan. We feel we have spoken of their purpose etc. so we would like to continue on and speak about forthcoming events that coincide with all that is taking place at this time.

You will be experiencing so much ‘upside-downness’.

Isn’t that the same as Topsy – Turvyness?

To a degree, yet, if one were to ‘read into this a little more’ you will understand that which we are trying to express.

Personally, I get topsy turvy, yet upside-downness … no … not really! Pray tell?

In that, everything will appear to be as if one is standing on their head (again, not physically) Everything will seem as if it has turned upside down and indeed around … for such ‘moments’ are to come, that it shall be as if no one really understands what is taking place. And for a while … no one will.

Our words to you would be PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!

I keep hearing that in my head. All very well, yet in order to prepare, one needs to know what for!

For THE CHANGE … is it just around the corner.

And how would we do that … because we don’t know what the change involves?

Yet, you know that it would be wise to center yourselves. To take a few minutes to say to yourselves ‘I AM READY’.

And ‘May the Force be with me’ type thing?

And it will be.

The Force of Great Light shall be with Each One as you prepare your Beings for that which you have been waiting for, for so long.

Ok. I am not going to put a dampener on this by saying we have been here waiting before etc. I will go for it and go with the flow as the Energy you are bringing through is once again, VERY STRONG on this matter.

Blossom and All … Take into your Hearts your KNOWING … your FEELING … and ask yourself how YOU FEEL about all this? Does it feel like a change is coming?

Could do … has done before … and then … zilch, in a way we were hoping for. Goodness, over all/after all this time I have become so sceptical. I sort of daren’t build my hopes up once again, only for them to be thwarted. Eh … did I not just say I would go with the flow? I just can’t help this ‘doubting Thomas’ in me, that this could actually be it and that it is just around the corner … remembering your corner could be 20,000 miles away.

May we make a suggestion?

By all means.

Consider the fact that IT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. What if you KNEW … what if you had seen/felt and therefore, were simply waiting for that time to arrive?

WR (With respect) … ‘Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for what seems like millennia?

Yet, we are speaking of NOW.

I know you are and somewhere in me is the ‘I’ll wait and see’ … and you have to be able to accept the reason why I feel this way … as do so many. It is not that I am not prepared to prepare. Yet, at the same time … not ready to shout it from the rooftops.

We would say we ‘try’ to understand your ‘brushing it off’ yet, we have never lied or manipulated or lead you down the garden path … as you would say. It is due to misunderstanding the concept of time from both parties that has made you feel this way. Not that ‘IT’ is never going to happen, is this correct?

Yes and yet, you have said that we would know when such an Event was on its way, due to the warm-up (don’t know how to put it.) This that we are going through doesn’t feel like the warm-up band that’s for sure.

Yet, maybe it is the dress rehearsal? The preparing for …

Maybe?! To be honest, I am quite happy to just keep moving along enjoying my life the best I can and being grateful for it all. Anything else I will consider a bonus. Like so many feel, it would be SO GREAT if ‘A Miracle’… ‘Any Miracle’ happened on a scale that we could all FEEL A HUMUNGOUS SHIFT. It would really, really, really give us a lift. Yet … here we sit. Don’t get me wrong, I am in a great space apart from feeling wiped out!

Dearest Blossom, we are amused at your lack of ‘Whoohoo-ness’.

Oh, it’s there inside somewhere and when ‘just around the corner’ presents itself … you will hear my woohooing throughout the Universe! You will hear everybody who has been waiting ‘whoohooings!’ I guess as well, it’s not knowing what to expect.

We cannot explain what to expect … because more than anything, it is going to be THE FEELING within you that will leave you awestruck.









We could continue on, yet we feel you know that which we speak of.

Dearest friends, I can ‘sort of’ get all of this … the Higher level of me knows this as Truth. Yet, so many feel it will not be in their lifetime and I have often wondered if it will be in mine? Yet, you have said it will. I suppose there is no time like the present.

You see Blossom, we felt that this is what we would like to have spoken about in this communication, as it is necessary and appropriate … would it be that you would rather us not?

Not at all. You must speak about that which feels right to do so. And what if … and that’s a big ‘what if’ … a Miracle or Event or even semi Event or Happening … or whatever occurred before the year was out … I ‘d be pretty miffed you hadn’t spoken of it!

Then you see our point.

Which leads anyone to surmise something will happen before the year is out!

It does indeed.

Well, my friends, I guess all we can do is wait and see. I so hope you are correct for ‘every’ reason and yet, if it didn’t … would I still carry on these chats? Yep, I would, because I know, aside of all this ‘WR’ Event ‘lark’, so many are encouraged and uplifted by your words/teachings.

Blessings upon us all.

Oh indeed. Where to from here? The session isn’t over yet according to my calculations.

What would be best … shall we talk of the weather?

Lol! Yet that wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is behaving very strangely and of course, you will say it is the Energies.

For this is so. The weather patterns are evening out the weather Energies. All strange behaviour is occurring due to bringing about ‘balance’, in order to even levels out.

Levels of what?

Levels of and within your biosphere. So it is, in a sense, ‘preparing’ for what is to come and equalizing Energies in order to be able to receive the WAVE OF LIGHT that is to change all.

The more prepared EVERYTHING IS … the more easily this Wave is accepted and received.


So, what else besides us and the weather?

The very Core of your Planet is grounding herself in preparation. All nature is communicating with one another in order to prepare.

As too … the very CORE OF YOUR BEING is preparing itself for this that is on its way.


I both hate it and Love it when you say that. Did you miss a few answers on my application form when accepting me for his job? Answers to questions like ‘Will you always Trust in our Truth?’ and my answer was … ‘That would depend!’ You KNOW I LOVE YOU … and YOU and I KNOW that this banter back and forth is purely about the ‘time factor’ as opposed to anything else. We have misunderstood that so many times before. However, that is not to say, I am not secretly hopeful. I mean, it has to happen sometime, right? … And indeed why not NOW?

We have a little more to say. We are grateful that you would have answered so … for it would not be correct for you to Trust us blindly. It is of much importance that you follow your Heart and your Truth … for in doing so, you allow answers and points of view that give others their voice in all of this … And in ALL OF THIS … WE ARE ONE.


Many thanks, Guys, Truly. I AM WHO I AM. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

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7-7 Portal Dragon Oracle Card

For those who are Meant to See…


Golden Solar Dragons are seventh-Dimensional beings who come from Helios, The Great Central Sun. This is the Sun beyond our Sun, where Archangel Metatron creates the light matter that is the foundation of our existence. Helios is the gateway between our universe and the Source of All that Is.

The Golden Solar Dragons from Helios touch us with Divine Masculine energy. They infuse us with courage, strength, logic, leadership and the qualities of the Peaceful Warrior. They then balance this with Golden Wisdom, all at a much higher frequency than we are use to. Working in harmony with the Silver Lunar Dragons, they are activating us all now, illuminating the DNA within us that has been dormant since the fall of Atlantis. We are being intensively reprogrammed in preparation for the New Golden Age.

The Golden Solar Dragon who has come to you now is asking you to balance your life, listen to your inner wisdom and become a leader.Dare to speak your spiritual truth. Hold the vision of a fifth-dimensional world. Protect those who are less capable than you are. With the support and guidance of this Dragon, you can be a living example to many people.

When you aspire to be a wise spiritual leader, remember that true masculine power, used with wisdom, helps you and those around you feel safe.

Spend a little time each day focusing on, or imagining, the sun shining into your third eye and sense the light codes that the Golden Solar Dragons are directing toward you.

Dragon Oracle Cards

Diana Cooper