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Dragon and Dragonfae Guidance for the Full Thunder Moon and Eclipse in Capricorn

For those Who are Meant to See….


Beautiful Morrighan is still by our side from this past New Moon/Solar Eclipse. As we are continuing to clear all that no longer serves our highest good. The Beautiful Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda are now with us to help clear and cleansing our chakras. This is allowing us to hold more light and emanate more love to ourselves and those around us. We are embodying pure light and love within and are able to touch all those around us with the beautiful energies and fire of the Dusky Pink Dragons. Send this higher love within you to all you come in contact with as well as through Gaia and all things.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

Guidance from the Faeries for July 2020


The Beautiful Fae are here with us always. Their Guidance for July is to get out of your head, get into nature and let your creativity flow. Do not overthink…..FEEL! Take care and listen to your body. Pay close attention this month on your daydreaming, dreams and other unsought inspiration that comes to you. They are asking you to pay attention to random thoughts and signs of creativity and expression. These little nuggets have something wonderful to offer to you. They are also asking you to solidify your foundations. Whether its relationships, career or new ventures, a solid foundation is very important for all of these to flourish. Call on the Fae anytime, they love hearing from you!

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

Dragon and Dragonfae Guidance for the New Moon in Cancer and the Solar Eclipse

For those who are Meant to See…


Redwolf Remark: The Earth Dragons love coming up and connecting around the Solstices and was last years Dragon for the Summer Solstice.

This is a beautiful combination for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse along with the Solstice energies. Both the Earth Dragons and The Morrighan are telling you it is time for action and time to clear out all unwanted energies and blockages that are preventing you from moving forward. It is time to face your fears and confront what is holding you back instead of turning away from it and pushing the difficult challenges aside. The time for great change and transformation is here, birth, death, rebirth and physical change. Call upon The Morrighan and the Earth Dragons to assist you with this crucial step in your evolution. As the Beautiful Earth Dragons blaze their amazing fire, clearing the way, The Morrighan is along side you. As within, so without. Healing and progress of the self helps the progression and healing of ALL. Claim your space, your this Right of Passage and this transition of rebirth. You have the power and strength within. Do Not Doubt Yourself! And always remember you are Never Alone!

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish


Guidance for the Summer Solstice 2020 from Avalon and The Enchanted Map

For those who are Meant to See…


Beautiful Avalon along with The Enchanted Map are offering wonderful guidance for us on this Summer Solstice to have faith and trust ourselves and the Universe. Old cycles are ending and New Paths are becoming available to us at this time. Although we cannot know the outcome of the path we choose, we need to trust ourselves and our intuition through our Heart Space, Using our Inner Guidance along with discernment as choices are being offered to us.

New Creative energies become available to you as the potency of your faith in yourself and the power within increases. Deeper connections become more obvious as you walk this new path.

Remember, ALL IS POSSIBLE with the belief in yourself, the higher powers and the actions you put into it. YOU can do ANYTHING!


Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards and The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Faerie Guidance for this week leading up to the Summer Solstice

For those who are Meant to see…


Tobaira of the Waters

Emotions. Serenity. Meditation. Gracefully accepting change.

Tobaira and her Healing Faeries come to you now and ask that you to make self care a priority this week leading up the the Summer Solstice. We are in the mist of great change not only externally but internally as well.  The choice is yours on how you meet these changes and your choices determine your future.

Seek the healing waters whether in the physical or in meditation. Allow the waters to wash over you, clearing and cleansing your emotional, spiritual and physical body. Call upon Tobaira and the healing Faeries to be with you during this time to help with this healing. It is up to us to provide love and nurturing for ourselves and the faeries are grateful to assist us if we ask them to.

The Faeries’ Oracle Deck by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth



Dragon Guidance for the Full Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

For those who are Meant to See…


On this Powerful Full Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius, Two Dragons have come forth to give beautiful Guidance.

Golden Solar Dragons:

Golden Solar Dragons are seventh-Dimensional beings who come from Helios, The Great Central Sun. This is the Sun beyond our Sun, where Archangel Metatron creates the light matter that is the foundation of our existence. Helios is the gateway between our universe and the Source of All that Is.

The Golden Solar Dragons from Helios touch us with Divine Masculine energy. They infuse us with courage, strength, logic, leadership and the qualities of the Peaceful Warrior. They then balance this with Golden Wisdom, all at a much higher frequency than we are use to. Working in harmony with the Silver Lunar Dragons, they are activating us all now, illuminating the DNA within us that has been dormant since the fall of Atlantis. We are being intensively reprogrammed in preparation for the New Golden Age.

The Golden Solar Dragon who has come to you now is asking you to balance your life, listen to your inner wisdom and become a leader. Dare to speak your spiritual truth. Hold the vision of a fifth-dimensional world. Protect those who are less capable than you are. With the support and guidance of this Dragon, you can be a living example to many people.

When you aspire to be a wise spiritual leader, remember that true masculine power, used with wisdom, helps you and those around you feel safe.

Spend a little time each day focusing on, or imagining, the sun shining into your third eye and sense the light codes that the Golden Solar Dragons are directing toward you.


Green Dragons:

All answers lie within nature and every single thing we need while on Earth is provided for us in the natural world. Fifth Dimensional Green Dragons touch our Psychic centres and help us to tune in to the sacred geometry in the trunks of the trees, the petals of flowers, the shells of snails and everywhere in Master Pan’s kingdom. These are the keys and codes that brings us in tune with our Divine Essence. When we are fully aligned with our fifth dimensional blueprint, we are automatically whole and healed.

The Nature Kingdom is a magical place in which all our answers are held for us. Luminous Green Dragons help us to read these answers. So, if you can, sit quietly in nature, call a Green Dragon and ask for guidance.

The response may come to you consciously or unconsciously, so accept that something important has been activated within you, whether you are aware of it or not. You may feel the need to walk somewhere particular. If so, follow this impulse, for the Green Dragons will be guiding you. Keep your eyes and ears open, for the answers may come through a tree, bird, insect, animal or something else entirely. The Green Dragons will glide with you, directing you to the answers you need. This calls for deep trust and understanding that the Divine Plan is perfect.

You would benefit greatly by spending more time in the green world. Your Green Dragons will be with you, so acknowledge it and let them touch you with their wisdom and great knowledge. Expect revelations and/or healing.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper


Dragon Guidance for the New Moon in Gemini

For those who are Meant to see…


Fourth Dimensional Fire Dragons are very powerful and radiate a bright orange fiery light. They are powerful beings who give us power, thrust and determination when we work with them. They are the Master Clearance Experts and will direct their blazing flames at anything you ask them to, transmuting lower vibrations that no longer serve you. They will fly in front of us when we travel, often burning up challenges before we reach them. They are also extremely protective of their companions and those who work with them. They will light up out friends and roar at those who undermine us.

When receiving this card, it is time to invite the Fire Dragons to burn up any circumstances in your life that are not serving you. Call upon them to delve deep into your childhood or past lives, to release you from your past so that your future can shine. They have the ability to travel along the timeline of your soul journey, clearing, healing and transmuting as they do so. They are happy to do this as you sleep if you ask them.

Ask them to clear and light up the path in front of you each day. The relax and trust that all is as it should be.

These beautiful Dragons have huge open hearts and love to keep you safe by creating a fiery wall of protection around you, your home and your family, So remember to ask them to do so. Call on them to light you up in their flames and breathe inspiration into you. You may be amazed at the positive and courageous way you start to deal with people and situations


Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper

Dragons of Creation ~ Grethel Borrego


The fire dragon of Creation Drawing
Creating a new identity light codes

Beloved, we love you deeply and you have a spot in our hearts, know we love you and support you.

Slow down, breathe, reconnect, and allow yourself to be aware of any changes that are now adjusting your priorities, high values, and vision for your life path in collective harmony.

The fire dragon of Creation appears as a sign of abundance, healing, and renewal with a new way of being that is aligned with the soul. The purpose of life announces new projects that appear at dawn like the sun that radiates light to your day today. Now is the perfect time to offer your creative intentions, co-creating balance and rebirth to the universe from the perspective of love.

The higher self is guiding you into a new awareness of light and a better way to exchange high information and at the same time eliminate density and resistance by creating light.

You are giving the opportunity to adjust your life to better match the harmony of the universe through the fire of creation.

Surrender to change. Creating new ways of being

Creating a spiritual truth where all paths lead back to your origin, to the source of divine love.

Although he can face the unknown, it can causes insecurity, his dragons assure him that his next steps are compatible and that he is eternally safe. Create and listen to your heart.

Create and open yourself to the inner voice of the soul. Create life as new ideas are coming to lift you to inspiration, clarity, and divine light.

Believe and allow the vision of the divine to flow through my perspective now.

A new unity is manifesting for you now.

Dragons guide you by sending you inspired ideas, creative ideas and waves of new energy for the path ahead.

Dragons of Creation ☾︎♡︎☽︎

Encoded Frequency

Grethel C. Borrego

7 Distinctive Points of People Connected to Dragons ~ Virginie Lafon

Do you love Dragons ? Do you feel connected to Dragons at a spiritual level ? When people awake to Dragons they often feel these 7 characteristics but also often feel alone and with no point of reference. In this video I wish to reassure those people. You are not alone and those feelings are quite common among people that are connected to Dragons !

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What is Dragon’s Breath ~ Virginie Lafon

Channeled message from Dragons. Dragons can blow fire and air. What can it bring to us ? How does it helps us ? How can we use it ? ******* Want to know more about your link to dragons ? – Prepare your own quantum hypnosis session:… – Join the Facebook group Contact with Dragons:…

Meet Your Dragon – Guided Meditation 🐲 ~ Virginie Lafon

If somehow you feel attracted to the Dragons it may be because you have a spiritual connection with these magnificent beings of light. Meet a Dragon who is with you with this guided meditation and make contact with him. ********** Know more about your dragon connection through a quantum hypnosis session:… Join the community on Facebook:… ********* If you enjoyed this meditation please share and subscribe ! Thank you for your support ! 🙏🐉

Dragonfae Guidance through the Retrogrades in May

For those who are Meant to See…


25th April-4th October: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn
11th May – 29th September: Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn
13th May – 25th June: Venus retrograde in Gemini
14th May – 13th September: Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn



‘Ah. I know I make people nervous. A little like learning to love the dark side, so it has less power over you, I too have struggled with my purpose: to be a warrior and to create endings. I once was fearful of my own capacity to hunt and take what was needed; to search out with intention and harvest what was required And now you must also learn to hunt, to care for yourself, and to survive in the wild unknown. Sometimes you must make an ending of it. Oh, this world can be hard and cruel, and there are people in it who are not in integrity and who abuse their power.  I change that.  I was brought into being to be a huntress, to provide for my people, to protect those who were softer, and in order to do so I cast away the virtuous mask so many choose to hide behind.  For love comes in many forms; and my form is power and using it justly.  Through becoming a little more like me, through stripping away and killing off what is wrong and unjust in your life, I will teach you to seek and to hunt and to be an independent being of power. 

When something is over, it is over.  I can help you bring about the ending, cleanly and without cruelty.  My sword can give you strength and skill.  My sword can be used to defend.  My sword can cut you free from the bonds and beliefs of the past.  I will help you cut the chords to draining energies and fight the good fight.  You, through this ending, can become a powerful healer, with the compassion that empathy can bring, without being compromised by your own beautiful, loving sensitivity.  Allow me to help you and watch the divine magick that occurs as a result of compassionate action. 



  • The Wild Huntress works with skill, privacy and silence to seek out what she needs for her tribe, and for herself and her code to which she is loyal and steadfast.

  • She has ideals, but she is not afraid to do the hard and sometimes dirty work herself.

  • She once chose only to be peaceful, until she saw others harmed, and now she activates balance on those who do not keep the laws of the land.

  • She hunts down and eradicates those who would destroy the innocent.  Those who seek to hurt the Unicorn, the Dragonfae and all Magickal Beings are her sworn enemies.

  • She is Karmic Retribution.

  • She hunts and strikes down those who abuse innocence, who thoughtlessly destroy the wild things and who actively poison Gaia’s habitat and environment.

  • She is an Environmental Guardian and Warrior, and she keeps the balance of dark and light, hunter and prey in balance.

From her acts of destruction come new life and she never stays to seek praise for her work. She moves on to the next place that needs her clearing, balancing energy and work.

When we are confronted with a test, when something that we hold precious is being threatened, we have many ways of dealing with it.

The Wild Huntress’ way indicates that indeed her way is the only way to take at this time.

Relaxed and alert, poised and ready to strike, skilled and willing to do what it takes, showing power, demonstrating personal truth yet willing to end the battle without blood shed – this is how to approach the threat a tyrannical and bullying other may be making.

The Wild Huntress represents the person who is standing in their own power, coming from their truth, their higher self, who refuses to play the good girl/boy in a situation when some thing that is beloved and fragile is being harmed and attacked.

The Wild Huntress represents the ruling of the ego by your spirit self, overcoming your own dark thoughts and struggles.

There is no virtue in denying your Shadow Side and in wanting to be ‘good’ all the time.  Indeed, it can lead to self-sabotage and destruction.

Now is the time to acknowledge your own inner Wild Huntress, and allow her to come in and do what she does best…Right The Balance!



  • Grow your own food, developing your own business

  • Becoming less Reliant on the approval of others

  • Know your own ethics and principles and live in integrity with them each day.

  • Access your Warrior Energy

  • Refuse to pretend that lies are truth, or that abuse is inevitable

  • Re-balance Karmic Injustice.

This is a Massive wake-up call, and when you come through the other side, and you will, you will be reborn. But it is up to YOU. This is not a rescue mission for anyone else. Your role is to save yourself so ultimately you can assist others to save themselves as well.


Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

Art: Mia D’ore’ by Ravynne Phelan



Dragon Oracle Guidance for the Full Flower Super Moon in Scorpio

For those who are Meant to see…

Redwolf Remark: The last times these beautiful Air and Water Dragons showed for the collective was on the 11-11-11 Portal and also the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse in January 🙂


Fourth Dimensional blue and green Air and Water Dragons pour light into our third eye to assist our psychic and spiritual development. They help to dissolve our veils of illusion and enable us to see from a higher perspective. At the same time they bring us inspiration and higher aspirations. They remind us to trust our intuition even when logic demands another course of action.

Add air to water and you create bubbles and sparkling waters. Air and Water Dragons bring lightness and something special to our life. When they soar and shimmer around us, a sense of happiness and hope lights up within us. They enable us to connect to our inner song and start to express it.

Call upon these Dragons to enter your third eye to awaken and activate your higher  fifth dimensional abilities. This will bring you crystal-clear clarity and new vision and awareness of life. Your Third Eye is a very sensitive psychic centre, and when it is fifth dimensional, the Air and Water Dragons clarify and protect it and enhance your ability to use it for the higher good. Then they enable you to connect to Neptune, the planet of higher spirituality, to open to new enlightened understanding.

This card calls on you to use your intuition as well as your spiritual knowledge and wisdom to see everything from an illuminated perspective. Air and Water Dragons will then surround you and enable your life to flow. They will attune you so that your voice expresses the true notes of your soul.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Our Curtain Call ~ Redwolf


Art: Lotus Guardian by Sandara –

The moment in “time” is quickly approaching. All of our lessons and experiences throughout ALL of our lifetimes, and ALL of the inner work we have done in this lifetime is about to culminate into one moment. Whether you resonate with the labels, Lightworker, Gridworker, Gate Keeper, Starseed, Dragon Rider, Sexy Spiritual Beast 😉 etc…. your gifts and assistance will be needed in that moment, for all. And I know We Are Ready!

The curtain of illusion is “SOON” to drop (Yes I too hate the word SOON). The reveal of whats behind the curtain is not going to be pretty for anyone to put it very mildly. This is going to be our Curtain Call Ladies and Gentleman. After that curtain falls, and the horrors are shared to the public, it is going to be OUR TIME to step back on the stage to be seen by all of those who will need our help during the finale’ of this play.

This will be a perfect and important time for our Soul Tribe to be together whether physically or remotely. Not only to assist the collective, but also to assist each other within our tribe. It will be a very uncomfortable time and the fear and rage energies across the planet will be at its peak, probably the highest ever to exist. We will need each others love, care and support I have no doubt because WE will be taking the brunt of these energies to transmute.

Galaxygirl channeled the Ascended Dragon Collective yesterday (Link) and had beautiful guidance for us.

“The skins are off. The truth is being revealed. The skins are being removed so that the truth of the being beneath is revealed. They can hide no longer and they are terrified. You will have the difficult choice to chose love or to choose fear. Love heals all woundings. (I am feeling a wave of grief, of pain, I am crying). You are feeling what is to come. Lightworkers, grid workers, unite. For you are one in the same, you are the light holders. We now join the larger whole of the ascended dragons and we speak as one. Visualize this wave of grief that is about to be experienced and place it in a ball of light. (I am seeing an ocean wave that is dark and angry being encased in a sphere of golden light). We surround this sphere with our energies. Lightworkers, join us. (I am seeing thousands of ascended dragons of all colors and sizes in a massive circle around this sphere of light, and many light workers lending their energies standing in this circle as well, arms extended). We send love. We transmute the sadness. We lessen the blow. We fill the grief with light, we surround it with a cushion of healing. (I am seeing a portal open above the sphere and Mother and Father’s energies shine down from above into the sphere. It is crystalline now. I am seeing a crystalline pillar extend from the sphere into Nova Gaia below. It affects the hearts of those who have chosen love. It blesses them and allows further healing more quickly. My forehead hurts as this is occurring. I am seeing the light workers and the grid workers being upgraded. Their eyes are nebulas, their hearts are pulsing with pink light. My chest feels hot, heavy, full. I am exhausted and elated at the same time).”

The Global meditations have been very effective and also great practice connection to the collective. But depending on the timing of everything, it may be most important to connect with your Soul Tribe for a more “personal” connection of love, support and cooperation. And with that it is a great idea to start the “Drill” with your Soul Tribe for that moment to come. Many have already connected and hold their own group meditations, but for those that haven’t, it would be a great idea to start them now. Together, come up with your own visualizations and use your own unique gifts and abilities that will assist in “lessening the blow”. Call upon any Elementals, Angels and Guides you resonate with as well, they are by your side awaiting the call to assist.

I am grateful for you all and am Honored to be here with you in this Momentous time and space.

With Nebula eyes and Bursting Hearts of Light, my love to you all

~ Jason Redwolf

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Oversoul Collective and Ascended Dragons via Galaxygirl | May 4, 2020


Oversoul Collective and Ascended Dragons 5/4/2020

Hello friends, it has been a huge week energetically and I have felt the void energies this week, hence no nudge to channel, or no one who wanted to talk with me! I have instead enjoyed quiet and space when I can and my goal and challenge has been to choose to feel this feeling of peaceful space while in the midst of my work and family routine. I have been instructed to share this, which is out of my comfort zone, because it is time that all light workers find their voice and speak it. It is easier to be the invisible one by far, a channel of light, than to dig deep and find my own words to share, but this is what is being required of us now. These bursts of high Schumann energies are being felt by all, including me, and I notice that it is harder to stay grounded and positive when transmuting and so it is in these times where the quiet work, which is often unpleasant, is being done. Oversoul, I fail to see how this is a constructive addition to your message, please take it from here.

Dear ones, we are the Oversoul Collective. We have asked this little grape on the vine to share her perspective. (I am seeing many grapes find their voice, hearing their whisperings on the vine of both contented and discontented grapes). Children of the light, we are all one. Your voices are all very important. For the others are beginning to seek, search out and dive into the hidden truths that are now much more easily available. Those with the courage to speak will be sought after and heard. It is fine for those of you who wish to remain anonymous to have a pseudonym but know that your voice needs to be heard. Your perspective with this shift is a great treasure to your own universe of individuated experiences and we all benefit when we feel your shared perspective.

We are the Oversoul Collective, joined by the Ascended Dragons today. We are lending our light, our love, our feeling of spaciousness to you, as you experience the void of creativity in the midst of the soup pot of tumultuous energies that are being made available to you in every moment. We are experiencing your struggle and success with choosing love and light in each unique situation. We are feeling your struggle being greater at some times than others. Those who are awakening just now are in need of compassion, of patience, of understanding. They are simply younger forms of you who you can easily relate to. Those of you who have done the inner work must choose compassion for them. They will be angry, there will be rage. We see this is imminent. You, grounded team, are the light holders. There is no job more important than this one. You are anchoring the light, the love, the compassion. Masters do this and know how it is done. That is why you are here in this now. You are masters in your own right, the best aspects of ourselves that have been offered. You have myriads of experiences such as these. It is not easier every time that you volunteer but you do get stronger every time that you offer your own services. You become stronger. You become wiser. You have all of the strength and wisdom being made available to you that you require, for you already have it. (I am seeing grapes on a vine again and the vine is infinite. All of the energy of the vine is being made available to each grape should they tap into it). Yes, dear one.

We are the Oversoul Collective. We offer infinity of love, of resources, of understanding, of fortitude and strength to you, our precious aspects. Can you feel our love? We look upon you in great delight. We are ever so proud of you and your grit, for offering the loving smile, the open hands and hearts, for your simple presence alone is a great and tremendous gift. A great decision is coming for humanity. It will be easier for those of you who have grounded the light. We ask that you participate in each and every worldwide meditation that is being offered, for it is grounding the light grid deeper with every intention. As the light workers unite it further propels the trajectory towards the higher dimensional timelines, making the decision point softer, easier, less severe. Those who choose a dark experience will be able to have it, of course, for that is their reality. Choose the light. The love and bounty of Gaia is being made evident in the hearts of the awakened. As you connect to her so shall your own hearts expand and thrive, so shall your years begin to drip away, and you shall feel like a young vine again, but with mature grapes and deep roots. Such wisdom is to be treasured, and we see that you are treasuring the moments of stillness when you have tapped into them. We wished for galaxygirl to share, for we wish for you all to know that not every moment is ripe for channeling. It is ok to take a break from your duties to recharge. It is ok to enjoy the silence so that you can listen deeply to your own inner voice. We wish for this to be made more evident to those who seek the inner truths. The voices of the guides, ancestors, of the angels is so much more easily accessible now that the veil is lifting and the energies are so much lighter. In these moments of the stillness, you will begin to feel more support. This is our message today. You are loved beyond measure, imminently supported. There is no place for fear. The grapes rest on the vine. They enjoy the stillness of the breezes, of the warm sunshine, of the gentle rains that soothe. We are sending you soothing energies of loving support. We welcome your connection. When you connect with us, you are connecting with other aspects of you, of your ancestors, of an infinite soup pot of wisdom and love. We allow the dragons to speak now and we thank galaxygirl for offering her perspective.

We are the Ascended Dragons. We encircle you with light of the highest order. We are wisdom keepers, gate keepers, some of us. (I am seeing two large dragons, one silver and one gold). We are they who speak now. The gates are open. The cosmic gateways are in alignment. Guardians of the flames, we are. Your inner flames are burning more brightly. This we see. This we feel. This is good. Humans, now is the time for bravery, for strength. Do not let the talons of fear grip. Dissolve them with light. We offer our light. Our own talons are healing, for they are of light. For we have seen the dark and chosen otherwise. We choose the light. Humanity is being called to choose. Every choice you make is decension or ascension. Choose wisely. Much opportunity for growth is being presented these next 6 months. The time is ripe. (I am seeing a banana being peeled). The skins are off. The truth is being revealed. The skins are being removed so that the truth of the being beneath is revealed. They can hide no longer and they are terrified. You will have the difficult choice to chose love or to choose fear. Love heals all woundings. (I am feeling a wave of grief, of pain, I am crying). You are feeling what is to come. Lightworkers, grid workers, unite. For you are one in the same, you are the light holders. We now join the larger whole of the ascended dragons and we speak as one. Visualize this wave of grief that is about to be experienced and place it in a ball of light. (I am seeing an ocean wave that is dark and angry being encased in a sphere of golden light). We surround this sphere with our energies. Lightworkers, join us. (I am seeing thousands of ascended dragons of all colors and sizes in a massive circle around this sphere of light, and many light workers lending their energies standing in this circle as well, arms extended). We send love. We transmute the sadness. We lessen the blow. We fill the grief with light, we surround it with a cushion of healing. (I am seeing a portal open above the sphere and Mother and Father’s energies shine down from above into the sphere. It is crystalline now. I am seeing a crystalline pillar extend from the sphere into Nova Gaia below. It affects the hearts of those who have chosen love. It blesses them and allows further healing more quickly. My forehead hurts as this is occurring. I am seeing the light workers and the grid workers being upgraded. Their eyes are nebulas, their hearts are pulsing with pink light. My chest feels hot, heavy, full. I am exhausted and elated at the same time).

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective with our gatekeeper dragons. Peace, humans. You are mightier than you think. When the news begins to come to the forefront, remember you have chosen love. Remember this, Lightworkers. Remember you have begun the transmutation of grief into healing. Keep sending healing into this sphere and be at peace, be comforted. Be in remembrance of who you are. Dragon riders, lovers and healers of humanity, arise, united in the Christed flame. Shine brightly for the others. They look to you now, masters in form. There is no more fear. The talons no longer grip. We dissolve them into light, together. Humanity is free. Those that have chosen freedom are in awareness. This will make the choice easier for the others who are to follow. We see many choosing light. We see healing for humanity. At long last. The dragons have spoken. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

Dragon Oracle Guidance for the New Moon in Taurus

For those who are Meant to See….


Neptune is the watery planet of advanced spirituality and enlightenment. The Aquamarine Dragons from this illuminated planet carry the light of the Universe, which contains spiritual information and knowledge. They will approach us and ask us to tune into them so they can download this light into our energy fields. This will enable us to take information and know how to apply it wisely.

As these gentle Dragons flow around us, they also help us to access more of our ineffable soul knowledge and wisdom and pass it to others humbly, sincerely and honestly. They have the ability to pour liquid light into us, which builds our crystalline light body more quickly and enable us to shine. They also help to enhance our psychic development by enabling our psychic chakras to open up more easily. We may find our subtle knowing is heightened after encountering them.

Aquamarine Dragons from Neptune are Water Dragons. They will flow around you, surround you with their aquamarine energies and awaken your psychic abilities. Connect with them often, for each time you do so they will light up more of the keys and codes of your true essence. This will bring you soul contentment and a sense of your Divine Magnificence, and you will experience higher levels of enlightenment adn see your world and universe through different eyes.

Your Guidance is to drink a glass Blessed Water as you tune into these Dragons. Then they will be able to touch you more profoundly.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Azure Dragon Meng Zhang via Erena Velazquez, April 10th, 2020

I am Azure Dragon,

I have been called a Blue Green Dragon, Meng Zhang, I am one of the Ancient ones, which is the God Dragon that represents the essence of Spring and protective abilities. I am here to greet and communicate to humanity. I think humanity needs some guidance and advice. They are now in turmoil and scared for their lives. I came here to help and protect the human civilization with my magical powers and not let the people of Earth be destroyed.

I am Azure Dragon and I have been living for many thousands of years. I am one of the God Dragons, who has a lot of magical abilities, which I will use to protect humanity and help to bring a new beginning to the planet. As of right now, we know people are fighting for their lives, because somebody dropped and released a virus to kill the humans. That virus will just suddenly disappear in the future the same way it came. Everyone should stay calm and try to follow the rules implicated by the government for now. It doesn’t mean everything your government says is good and true. There is a lot of misconception and lies going on through the mass media. They are not telling the whole story on what’s going on with the public. Like, why are so many people are dying and what is really causing this. Is this just only from the virus or that their immune system is compromised or is it, because they are dying from something else. It’s a lot of confusion purposely created by the media without facts.

The media was never standing on the side of the humans. They have always been on the dark side pushing their agenda on humanity. Now, the time is coming, when the news media will need to tell only the truth, they won’t be able to get away with their lies anymore. I am not saying that people are not leaving their physical bodies, yes they are leaving their physical bodies, but their are not dying. They are ascending, what does that mean, that means there is no death. You know that deep inside your soul, this is true, but you are forgetting that the news media and the people in power were never on your side. You also, forgot that you are magical beings yourselves like the dragons, you have magical abilities inside you, but your powers have been put to sleep by the Dark Forces, who used all their fear tactics, all this misbeliefs, and all these things they try to put on you to control you. Like they have done for thousands of years. Oh, lets say about 350,000 years, I think, it’s been long enough that humanity has been enslaved and did what it has been told to do.

I came here today, because I want for the people on Earth to start listening and paying attention to their surroundings and question everything they hear from anyone and anywhere. They also need to be still, and this is the perfect time to be still and to do your daily meditation. You know this from other Ascended Masters and other beings from Galactic civilizations, who have been telling you that you need to meditate, meditate and meditate and pay attention, look at your surroundings and question your masters. Yes, I am calling them your masters, because you follow them with blind faith. Nobody said to follow them because they are your leaders, they are in charge of you, and because they have more money than you, it doesn’t mean that you have less rights than them. You have the same rights, they made everything here to be this way, because it’s convenient and wonderful for them. Has humanity been happy, we say no, they work the jobs they hate, they pay all these bills every month and what do they get in return, very little. Do they feel happy, no.

The time of enslavement is coming to the end. This is why we all need to unite, the human race right now, when they are facing this huge scare, they actually forgot about wars. They are actually trying to help each other by sending to each other technology, equipment and whatever they can, because they understand and feel compassion for each other, which they forgot to do in their daily lives. It’s sad that this needed to happen for the virus event to make them see and be more compassionate. It was not necessary, but it was done on purpose, so now it’s time for the whole humanity to wake up.

You had a successful Saturday meditation, you succeeded in big numbers on who were meditating together on the same day. You opened new energies of 5D, which are flowing right now and surrounding Earth with it’s healing energies, you just need to tune into and start feeling, what that energy can do to you and how it can help you with your healing, because the virus can’t effect you, if you stay in a high vibration. Yes, you may carry the virus on you, but it doesn’t mean you will become sick. The only way you can do this by always being in a high vibration, by being still and listening to the guidance that comes from your soul. Also, doing meditation even for a short time, being grateful for everything you have, for the little things and sending love and light to your neighbor and everyone who surrounds you, that will also bring you up in vibrations. You will end up in high vibrations, where the virus can’t touch you.

I am an Ancient Dragon and I know what I am saying is the truth and you know this too. I came here and I will be flying around Mother Gaia watching and helping out by sending my healing and protective energies. I am also the Dragon who represents the essence of Spring and Spring is here now. I am so happy that I could come and deliver this message, because I know you need to hear from us, from all us, there is a lot of us, the Ascended Masters. There are many of us on the other side and we care and love humanity, but we feel humanity is still in the infant stage. They still need to learn a lot and I am the one who learned through many thousand of years, what is wisdom and what is love and light means, when we send it out and express it to each other, and what healing powers it has.

It’s understandable right now that the whole world is still, everyone is suppose to stay home and do the little things, they need to do and follow what they have been told to do, but it doesn’t mean you need to be slave, it means you need to use your commonsense, we call it commonsense, we the God Dragons. I am not the only one Dragon, today I am just one, Azure one. I am here to tell you that other Dragons are also watching out for you, they are here around the planet sending their wisdom and healing energies to Mother Earth to help and heal the human civilization, who are scared right now and don’t know what the future will bring to them.

Please don’t panic, a new life is coming to you. You understand that you will never go back to your old ways of life again, it’s not possible anymore. The world needs to change no matter what anybody would say or what the dark light would want to do. Their plan never worked and it will never work again. In the meantime, you need to do your work too, this way you can go and do what you need to do to help everyone reach the 5th dimension and leave the 3D reality behind, so you can get your new body, your crystalline body, which is waiting for you, the 5D body. Continue to learn and absorb  wisdom from your Ascended Masters, from all of us, we’re here to help and assist you.

I am sending my love, my magical healing powers and light to all of you. I was grateful to be here. I am Azure Dragon Meng Zhang, who loves and cares for you.

Thank you

Ascended Dragon Collective and White Winged Collective of Nine via Galaxygirl | April 6, 2020


Ascended Dragon Collective and White Winged Collective of Nine 4/6/2020

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We are surrounding your world with our dragon fire of the Christed flame. In this tumultuous time of change a rebirthing is occurring. Allow the fire of change to burn away all that no longer serves you. See this incubation period as a time of tremendous opportunity. We are joined with the White Winged Collective of Nine.Yes friends, we are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We wish to encourage you as you dive deeply into the inner recesses of forgotten painful memories, as the inner ego is being swept clean. There is a deep cleansing on a soul level of the human collective in this most pregnant now as Gaia is rebirthing. Humans are being calibrated to the next inter-dimensional codex of light, of healing, of previously forgotten elevated frequencies that are going to bring you much joy as a result. We see, and we feel, much joy in your future on this current projected most probable timeline outcome and we see tremendous healing. You are now sitting with the wound, you are cleansing it. This is why it hurts. You will see many more wounds that the collective has withheld deep within the inner recesses of the ego mind. This will be painful to witness. But only then will the healing be true and complete. The bandage must be removed for the light to enter the wound. No more covering of the wounds will be allowed. (I am feeling this is another reason why we are in quarantine to allow a space for the healing, of deep inner work).

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We wish to bestow peace in this time of tumultuous change. We see we have used this word several times as have the dragons. It is a fitting word. But now that as the white waters rage and churn and froth, the river bottom is calm. The rocks do not move. The light of the Nova Gaia matrix is more fully anchored moment by moment. Like the rocks in the riverbed bottom that are immobile and firm, so is this grid of the higher light encodements immobile and firm, pulsing with light, sending this energy of golden light even to the white waters above. As they rage, they are soothed by this energy. We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We see the light workers as many stones in a riverbed floor. Immobile, firm. Ground this light of the higher dimensional codex that will be a blessing to the All. We allow the dragons to speak now.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. There are many winged creatures and beings in the higher dimensional lights. It is our pleasure and honor to serve side by side with our friends who have another perspective. Perspective. Humans, you are regaining yours. You are beginning to see the truth with new perspective. Your lying sources of supposed truth are being switched out for the light. Be aware of hidden meanings and messages. Be open to new truths sprouting up. Be bold. Stretch your wings and fly in these moments of this new now!

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective joining with the White Winged Collective of Nine. We surround your planet with light and fire of the higher realms. Join us. Add your light and lend your fire. Feel the power of being united with the One and allow us to serve in this moment. This one is asking for a meditation for heart opening for the human collective. This is an appropriate request. We see this as an imminent need. The heart is a channel in itself, a portal to the higher heart where communication with the One is best heard, felt, achieved. It is where your inner joy resides. (I am seeing chains around a heart). Human, your hearts have been in chains for too long. We surround you, human light worker collective for this heart opening. We breathe on you now with our higher dimensional fire and light. State “I welcome these higher dimensional energies to further my own heart opening and the heart opening of the human collective of which I am currently a part. As a representative of my star nations I decree this is so, and so it shall be, and so it is. I allow, I welcome with deep joy and tremendous purpose, further heart expansion.” (I am feeling I am surrounded by mighty wings of light and of dragon energy, forming a shell around me, like an egg. I am feeling light and heat and fire. I am crying. It feels wonderful. “I welcome this heart expansion to further multiply for my highest soul’s purpose so that I am fully aligned with my highest path and heart’s joy. I claim my healing and my reunion with Source . I am that I am. So be it.” Lightworkers, extend your hands towards Gaia’s heart and send this healing energy into her crystalline matrix, further supporting and building, creating, solidifying the New Earth template of the Golden Rose Galaxy, of which you are a part.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective and we are the White Winged Collective of Nine. You will feel different in the coming days. For more crystalline activity has been activated within you and your heart spaces are fuller, wider, deeper. Your portal channel access to Source has been solidified. Be bold. Be in joy. Be at peace. Be healed. Rest in this space for as long as desired. Know that it is always available for you. For you are able to access past moments in time. Simply call these energies of this now to your future now and bathe in this light of space of healing and reunion with Source, with yourself and be whole again.

You are loved beyond measure. Human, welcome home. Dear ones be at peace. We are with you always.

~ galaxygirl

Dragonfae Guidance for the Super Full Pink Moon

For those who are Meant to See….


Chumara Speaks:

“Beyond the mask we are wear of identity, beyond the construct of who we have been conditioned we are lies your face, your self. This face is tender and new in so many ways, as you have not shown her to the world before. This face has been protected because the world has seemed and proved indeed at times to be a dangerous and unkind place, where those of us who feel different are proved to be so as we brave the taunts and finger pointing. But I now tell you that your protections, your armour and your shield can be removed safely with me. Do not discard her, as you may need her yet in certain situations. But know now that she is your armour and her role is to protect your true being. To you, I now reveal myself. See? Many have recoiled in horror at who I truly am. I am a Dragonfae Maiden, a Spider Woman, a being of webs and change and destruction, and re-creation. Each day I must re-make my world…. I feel along its sensory threads to see what needs reconstruction and what needs to be let go of. For I am, as you are, part of the new web of life – a web of life that embraces our differences and yet understands that we are one. I ask you today to look at the webs in your life that must be remade and re-woven.”

About Chumara:

Chumara is a Dragonfae Goddess from this world and beyond who presents as a spider, as she is a powerful weaver of energies, dimensions and time. She is healing the rifts in dimensions and time and we can assist her by understanding who we truly are and by working on our own individual weavings with consciousness and peaceful power. She holds the strands of all four directions and creates ripple effects along them so we can communicate with worlds beyond this one known as Gaia. Chumara is the creation energy which brings together nations and tribes, peoples and families, from this world and beyond, from other dimensions and times. Thus she is our mother of time and is often present when we have past life memories and experiences, when we receive premonitions about our future, as she weaves together the strands that hold past, present and future in place. She knows they are all linked and that a ripple in one can be felt, no matter how far apart we seem, because we are linked by the web of life. She communicates via energy and sound, and thus you may hear a high-pitched ringing in your ears when she connects with you, and this is the vibration of the galactic web. Her role is to assist us in moving beyond our notions of economic short term thinking, and moving into environmentalism….not simply for Gaia, but for all with which she is connected. She wants us to see the Universe as our home too. She wishes for us all to remove the mask that says “I am this,” and to know we are that, but we are also so much more.

Divinatory Meaning:

Coming out about beliefs, revealing more of your true and vulnerable self to family; beginning to work in groups; understanding cosmic consciousness; finding a new family, understanding connections; making meaningful relationships that have far reaching impact; learning more about people’s true selves. Revelations about cultural heritage and family and personal histories may be forthcoming when Chumara makes an appearance in your life. She also represents strides being made on a global and cosmic level on peace, communication technologies and understanding sixth sensory experiences, dream experiences, astral travel and time travel.

Working with Chumara:

Gently revealing who you are in safe environments; exploring more about galactic consciousness; understanding your own personal and cultural history; bloodline vibrations and exploring your ancestry; being honest in situations where previously you may have kept silent; refusing to engage in falsehood for false peace; being who you are; becoming more sensitive to vibrational communication and higher vibrational living; creating a new family based on values and beliefs that are sacred to you; being in integrity with your beliefs; understanding your true self is beautiful, powerful and loving; activating the web in your life, working with the powers of the four directions, being open to the concept of communicating with beings from beyond our solar system.

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

Art: “Lady Ariadne” by Ravynne Phelan

Dragon Oracle Guidance for the 444 Portal

For those who are Meant to See….


In the centre of all the Dimensions, Galaxies and Universes is an infinite point of pure stillness and love. This is the Heart of Source and from it flows the most incredible illumination.

As the wishes of Source flows forth, the illumined angels known as the Seraphim sing, ‘Ohm’, the vibration of master creation, at a 12-dimensional frequency. This allows the will of the Creator to spread as seed thoughts into the universe.

Ninth-Dimensional transparent white Source Dragons exist purely to attend to the Divine Will and turn wishes into reality. They step down the light to a ninth-dimensional level so we can access it – they act as portals of light through which we can connect with the energies of the infinite.

A Source Dragon has come to you now because it is time for you to enjoy a period of stillness and awareness. Breathe deeply and listen to the silence. Something very sacred is coming into your life. This could be anything from the fruition of a long -held dream to becoming a true master. It is being presented to you now. Be diligent, calm and focused and remember to breathe deeply. Breath is the key to being in the moment and this is where the greatest magic happens.

Ask the Source Dragons to accompany you on every step of your exciting new journey and always remember that the present moment creates your future.

Dragon Oracle Cards

Diana Cooper

Summoning the Dragon Meditation: Bathing in Cleansing Elemental Fire ~ Steve Nobel

In this meditation we open a doorway to the fire elemental kingdom of the South. Here we call a Fire Dragon to meet you and take you on a healing journey deeper into the element of fire. Dragon beings can be very helpful at this time in keeping Starseeds clear of lower collective consciousness energies. Working with fire is not only purging it is invigorating. Dragons have lots of wisdom to share with us and meditation is a great way to establish a relationship and build rapport with the Dragon Kingdom.

Steve Ahnael Nobel

Dragonfae Guidance for the New Moon in Aries

For those who are meant to see…

Redwolf Remark: Look beneath the surface and see behind the act of this Pandemic as well. Don’t be deceived by appearances, be the light and keep your vibration high for those who are living in fear at this time.


Drystan Speaks:

“Don’t be distracted – See behind the act! All my artifice hides only the truth, which at the moment you do not wish to see. I am always telling you the truth: it is simply you do not wish to hear. I have always shown you who I truly am: you simply choose not to see. The clues have been strewn about you… but you have decided not to notice their presence. I can draw people into action that can reveal their shadows; and for that they condemn me. But I have been their teacher, for then they know the whole of themselves, and thus have compassion for others. Some have wanted me to be an angel, when I have never been of the heavens, and never claimed to be. I am illusion, but most of all, I am your illusion. Look beyond, take off my mask, and decide to acknowledge the truth about the circumstances which you find yourself within. And although you may say I have done you wrong, I have taught you to follow your guidance.”

About Drystan

This Dragonfae being is the bad boy, the cheat, the hustler and the fool who charms his way into your world, and then lets you down in spectacular fashion. A Lord of the Court, he is political, charming, clever, majestic, and in many ways, a rogue. And the truth is, you always knew there was something dodgy about this situation, or this promise, because he is being so truthful when he had said he told you all along. So while he is manipulative and deceitful; strangely, he is honest about it. And there is a glamour here that is nearly irresistible. He is showbiz and glittering lies that cast a spell, then leave us without anything of substance. And yet, he does not leave us empty handed, for there is a lesson here that once heeded, need never be experienced again. And he need not be blamed either: for he is the fantasy that we all seek; the illusory nature of our desires.

Divinatory Meaning

This is the card of the person or being who makes no claims to virtue: their every word and deed reveal their intent. However, if you are drawn in by their charm and charisma, you may find yourself wishing and hoping they were indeed your hero ( only in disguise!)

It is likely when this card is present that you have persuaded yourself that someone will change, the patterns will melt away and that what has gone wrong in the past has nothing to do with you. If you believe that someone whos words are contradicted by their behaviors and you choose to put your faith in one who has already let you down, you must acknowledge your own ability to put yourself in emotional and professional danger. In order to move forward, contemplate appreciating the charmer for what they are, but refuse to be involved at a level where you are endangered. This card often indicates that you may have a tendency to fall in love with those who are unavailable, their glamour is attractive to you. This card draws attention to the desire to live artificially. There may be a belief in iconic glamour, the cult of the superstar or celebrity. Sometimes Undercover dealings, slight of hand and affairs come up when Drystan comes forward to speak with you. Look Below the Surface: Don’t be deceived by appearances.

Working with Drystan

Use your judgement and place your own needs and desires first. Believe it when someone says they are not to be trusted, even when that is said not with words but with actions, or when there are too many contradictions. Enjoy the show, but do not live the act. Begin to explore your truths, your story, and begin to look beneath the surface.


Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

Art: “The Trickster” by Ravynne Phelan

Dragon Oracle Guidance for the Vernal Equinox 2020

For those who are Meant to See….


Seventh-Dimensional Golden Atlantean Dragons hold the keys and codes of the Awesome Wisdom of Golden Atlantis. The Golden Era of Atlantis lasted for 1500 years and during this time the people lived in harmony and happiness at the upper level of the Fifth-Dimension. Humans, animals and the land itself radiated a golden aura and everyone enjoyed soul satisfaction. Source Energy powered the Great Crystal held in the Temple of Poseidon, which was the power source for the civilization. The awesome spiritual technology of Atlantis was activated by crystals and mind control.

When we are ready to bring back our innate Atlantean knowledge and wisdom, Golden Atlantean Dragons will come to us and reactivate the gifts and talents and information held within our DNA.

This card invites you to activate your own personal Fifth-Dimensional Blueprint, for it contains the light of the incredible Era of Golden Atlantis. The Golden Atlantean Dragon who has come to you now worked directly with all the great masters of Atlantis during the Halcyon days and remembers exactly who you truly are.

Prepare to reclaim your mastery. You are ready to dissolve the final veils of amnesia, and your Dragon will assist you to do so. Ask it to breathe its Golden Fire into your Third Eye so that the final clearance and awakening can take place.

Your Dragon will then remain with you and shine light into you as you prepare to stand in your power as an Atlantean Master.


Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper

Dragon Oracle guidance for the Super Full Crow Moon in Virgo

For those who are meant to See…


Fifth-Dimensional Golden Orange Dragons are part of Archangel Metatron’s ascension team. Archangel Metatron is leading forward individuals who are ready to follow his path. At the same time, he is overseeing the ascension of the entire universe. The Golden Orange Dragons that work for him are carrying the Fifth-Dimensional  Ascension Blueprint for Earth and they come to those of us who are ready to make a difference. As soon as they see golden orange energy awaken in an aura, they breathe into us to expand it and accelerate our ascension journey.

These magnificent dragons demonstrate dignity, peace and power with wisdom. They are peaceful spirit warriors, always ready to help and encourage those in need.

This card connects  you with the illuminated Archangel Metatron as well as his powerful ascended dragons. You are on your ascension path and Golden Orange Dragons are pouring high frequency light into your aura to attract the attention of the masters, angels and unicorns who are guiding you.

Seeing this card suggests it is time for a push forward on your ascension path. Do you need to meditate more?  Or examine and release old stuff? Or embrace who you truly are and recognize your magnificence?

Tell these dragons what you need in order to take the next step on your journey into the higher frequencies and they will help you. Call on them for support and they will provide it. They are Wonderful companions and friends.


Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper