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Intuitive Fish

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 02-09-18


Life Path 1’s (associated with the Sun and Leo) might experience the frustration of being repressed, constricted or controlled so that they prioritize freedom which they need to follow their grand, pioneering soul inspirations.

Life Path 2’s (associated with Cancer and The Moon) often experience insecurity or fear of abandonment because part of their life mission is to help others feel they belong, which also gives them a sense of belonging.

The mission for a Life Path 5 (Mercury, Gemini, Virgo) has to do with harmonizing duality/diversity so they can experience new people and new adventures which they thrive upon. So they might have to deal with people judging them to realize the importance of harmonizing opposites.

The things we’re letting go are only the things we never honestly wanted as we become true to self. Although it can still hurt or feel frightening, the hurt comes from releasing an attachment to a fake identity.

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 02-08-18


If something doesn’t make sense to you, refuse to accept it until it does. That may be your intuition telling you something’s off or not quite right. Your logic and intuition need to work together for either one to be accurate.

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I am always smiling, happy, loving, kind. Good things are always happening to me. I’m always healthy. I only talk about peace, love, light, beauty, fairies, and gratitude but I have no depth, no realness, and it’s all pretentious spiritual narcissism.

We’ve all fallen for the trappings of the false light matrix, including me. This is how we learn it’s a false program. It uses solid truths to hook us, is highly manipulative, and is not black-and-white. Disinfo is intended to hijack and discredit the real info.

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 02-07-18


If you want your soul inspirations, creativity, emotions, intuition, channeled insights, love… to flow, you’ll need to let go of perceptions of control.

In the lower matrix, people are only valuable if they’re contributing to society but it’s not like that at all in the soul realm. Everyone is family and equally valuable simply by existence. It’s understood there are phases of evolution where we need to refrain from all activity.

Instead of focusing on healing wounds, trauma, letting go of the past, cutting cords, alleviating fears, taking care of karma… it’s much more efficient to focus instead on your personal power which will naturally resolve a lot. Otherwise, you can get stuck in damage control.

A lot of people waking up are detaching from certain relationships in order to move into your personal power and therefore your life passion/mission. That might not feel good but we need this to happen to create a more benevolent society and… more intimate relationships.

You already know what your soul wants, but it can take a long process of releasing layers of resistance, awakening, and accepting that it can actually be a reality you experience in this lifetime.


Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 2-2-18


Light beings in higher realms have an unfathomable amount of honor and respect for those of us who took on an Earth human incarnation.

You don’t have to achieve your life dream alone. If it’s your soul passion, there are others on the same mission. Your Soul Fam and your Spirit Guides are with you every step of the way. Your Ancestors, Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters, Source… are on call waiting to help.

You know you’ve cleared energy and emotional blockages (by allowing your emotions to safely flow free) when you feel lighter, more carefree, able to laugh and joke around, unafraid to be yourself, take a few risks…

Fears and resistance can also come up because the Leo/Aquarius axis wants free expression of our unique individuality. But we all learned in grade school what happens when we don’t conform to the crowd. To alleviate fears, maintain boundaries for a safe space to express yourself.

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 2-1-18


The more we wake up, the more capable we are of facing our unhappiness or trauma and clearing it out or transforming it into our superpower.

If we look to someone or something else to determine our self worth, it’s only a matter of time before our self worth completely shatters.

That obstacle isn’t holding you back from your path of achievement. That IS your path of achievement. Whether you embrace it, utilize it, or change course is yet to be seen.

TV, mass entertainment and mainstream media are great – if you want to program your brain with profiteering subliminal messages without critical analysis and live as a powerless, subjected automaton.

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 1-25-18


Art by Meerkatie

Awakening has nothing to do with getting your life together. But it has everything to do with being right where you’re at, at all times – with all the fears, pain, imperfections, confusion, revelations, victories, breakthroughs… and feeling perfectly fine through all of it.

The idea we need to transcend or conquer fear, darkness, or negativity only results in trying to bury them out of consciousness. And we all know what happens then. Instead, harmonize your light and dark.

There’s a space within us all that goes beyond any description but the closest words I could find are tranquility and bliss. This space is always available, eternal, never-changing, and isn’t affected by any person, event, or circumstance.

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 1-24-18


Art by Meerkatie

When we told people what we know about other realms, their reactions taught us to keep our mouth shut. In this new reality, more people are open to the expanded reality because they’re experiencing it too. So we have to adjust and share what we’re used to holding back.

During my wild awakening experiences, I couldn’t find any info anywhere. I mostly had to wing it on my own. At times I was scared out of my wits but I knew something wonderful was happening. Now there’s so much info and communities too. It’s amazing how fast people are waking up.

You might find energy tools that have always worked for you don’t work any more. This is because we’re in a new energy field with different laws. The old tools worked well in the last paradigm, but in some ways we don’t even need tools anymore. We just direct or focus our energy.