May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

Poems by RedWolf

Look, See, Beyond, Inside


Look deep beyond

See beyond the programming

Look beyond the lifetime of criticism

See beyond being the outcast

Look beyond always being a disappointment

See beyond the pain inflicted upon you

Look beyond the image painted by others

See deep beyond the judgement of others that have no Fucking clue

See deep Inside

Look deep inside at the spark waiting to ignite

See deep inside at the unique being you are

Look deep inside at the purity of your heart

See deep inside at the beautiful being that is True

Look deep inside at your Dreams waiting for you

Look deep beyond and see deep inside to the perfect and special being you are

See deep beyond and look deep inside for your Soul, guiding and waving you Home

~ Redwolf





I can see you

Hiding your Spark

Behind the walls you’ve built

Find your inner Strength

Let go of that which dims your light

Don’t let past hurt and trauma dictate your life

Have the Courage

Be not Afraid

To Use that Spark

To Ignite your Fire

Become the Phoenix your destined to be

And Blaze your Light and Beauty within



Times of Change of Times



Through the Glass Eye I look

Another Season takes hold

Yet there’s a taste of change on the Winds

A Beautiful New World from the fold

Through the Optics, of the Mortal Eye

An Enslaved planet, Plague, Murder, Rape appear

Change to the Looking Glass, Your Immortal Eye

A Collapse and Unraveling of the Old, of our Fears

Times of Change of Times

The old spinning out of control

Changing times of Change

Blind eyes opening for the first time

All Senses exploding

Finally seeing through the lies and Illusion

All emotions Imploding

Knowing now the truth of the Collusion

The End is Near

The Great Apocalypse approaches

For the destruction of the Old

So the New era of Love and Peace can take Reign

And Last Forever







Walking through the forest

one Sunday afternoon

I stopped and smelled the wildflowers

fully in bloom

Down the path I see a deer

tail wagging

a twitch of the ear

Just one look with a twinkle in its eye

There it goes crashing through the forest


Deep within the forest

there is peace all around me

sounds of many animals

scurrying about the tree

Up through the canopy

birds chirp and sing

Their beautiful medley

Oh what peace it brings



Long Drive Home


The road passes by

Lost in thought

Lost in the moment

Were time has no meaning

Visions of you, by my side

Fingers entwined

The energy, the love

Flowing as one

Within each other’s being

With a simple touch

The fire in your eyes

Consumes my soul with the passion

And the oneness we both crave

Feeling the sweat between our skin

The sounds and smells

of pure pleasure and passion

Our bodies become one

Consumed in the flames

Of our love

But here I arrive

The vision now gone

Here I am again

Back home and alone


The Journey


Take my hand and Walk with me

To a place where only we can go

To live a dream

That can be

Shared by us alone

A place where oneness calls

The body mind and soul

A journey we have walked for lifetimes

To find the one to join

In eternal love


Alone in the dark


Staring into nothingness

The infinite universe

We are never alone

Yet yearning for the one

Whomever it may be

To fill the empty feeling

Of sharing the oneness

To embrace each other’s soul

To be one with each other’s body

To feel my heart on the verge of explosion

Filled with so much love, passion and ecstasy

Until then here I sit

Alone in the dark

A blind call into the nothingness

For the one to hear