Its time to go Home

Poems by RedWolf

Awake ~ RedWolf


All this time I was lost inside

Struggling to find my way out

All along delusional, and completely blind

Behind the shadows of doubt

Asleep, and lost in time

Like a zombie walking through the night

Staggering around, no path in sight

Missing a life sublime

Wake up wake up

Open your eyes to the light

Wake up wake up

Before the day turns to night

Wake up wake up

Snap out of it, and regain your sight

Wake up wake up

Start putting everything to right

Then from out of know where you appear

Only to make a friend was intended

I don’t think I could ever imagine

That this could have ever transcended

Out of know where

A bolt of Lightning struck my soul

Where it came from

Only you and I know

All along, you had the key

And like a surge from a raging sea

You opened up all that was lost to me

That unlocked my soul and releasing me

Awake I’ve become

Like a child inside

Emotions flowing though me

For the first time in a long time

I feel so alive

Finally I see the path

That lies before me

To live my life anew

And become who I’m supposed to be.

If you want to

I would be Honored

If you walked with me

Walking the path until tomorrow

Whenever tomorrow in our own world may be.


January 18th 2009

Look, See, Beyond, Inside


Look deep beyond

See beyond the programming

Look beyond the lifetime of criticism

See beyond being the outcast

Look beyond always being a disappointment

See beyond the pain inflicted upon you

Look beyond the image painted by others

See deep beyond the judgement of others that have no Fucking clue

See deep Inside

Look deep inside at the spark waiting to ignite

See deep inside at the unique being you are

Look deep inside at the purity of your heart

See deep inside at the beautiful being that is True

Look deep inside at your Dreams waiting for you

Look deep beyond and see deep inside to the perfect and special being you are

See deep beyond and look deep inside for your Soul, guiding and waving you Home

~ Redwolf


See you through Me ~ Redwolf


Take a step back for a moment, and close your eyes

Quiet all the thoughts and pause what you feel inside.

Now, change your focus, change your sight

See through my eyes, letting in the unfiltered, un-distorted light

Tell me now what do you see

As you are seeing you through me

Without the pain, without the trauma

All judgments of the past long gone

Tell me now what do you see

As you are seeing you through me

Without the programming others had you believe

A stranger standing before you, of exquisite Beauty

Now, take a step forward, and open your eyes

Looking in the mirror with your new sight

After seeing through my eyes

This Beautiful stranger, that was taken from you

Finally found and finally home, where you are meant to be.

See you through YOU now

The Beauty inside and out

That has always been there waiting for you

Feeling it to the core, welcoming her home

Never to be lost or taken away from you again.



“The One” ~ Redwolf



All my life I searched for you

One time I thought was real

But it didn’t last and it wasn’t you

Taking many years to reveal

Since then I’ve tried my best

To discover the Way and the real me

But there in the back of my mind

The longing for the One to come and find me

To find The One

The One who sees me eye to eye

The One who speaks truth to me

The One who can share my thoughts and dreams

The One that needs and wants me

The One that Compliments the True Me

Then you arrive shining your light

Leaving me wondering what it all means

My Spirit brought back to life

Could you be The One of my dreams

I realize the distance between us

And our own personal circumstance

Would make anything difficult

But its something I would give a chance

To find The One

The One who sees me eye to eye

The One who speaks truth to me

The One who can share my thoughts and dreams

The One that needs and wants me

The One that Compliments the True Me

Is it really you or am I mistaken again

Do you have any idea what I’m feelin

Is it a shock to you this song I’ve written

Do you want to run away screamin

Or do you feel the lyrics

Understanding what I feel

Wanting to Singing along with me

On the road that only time and life together can reveal

To find The One



A New Day ~ Redwolf



As the sun sets in these hills and darkness falls

Another night, a journey alone, longing to hear the wolf calls

A long time it has been, on the path that I travel

Missing the warmth of the hand, intertwined

With my wolf spirit companion

Sending prayers to feel it again

My light shines dim, in need of my wolf mate

To travel again as one through the forest

Feeling the love and warmth that is innate

Like the earth and the water joined in a beautiful embrace

One without the other leave a feeling misplaced

Only together as one do they feel alive

As the water flows, caressing the earth

The energy ignites again deep inside

Now as the sun starts to rise again

Bringing light to a new day

We start to feel it shine in our hearts, remembering when

this journey we’ve taken to be together at the end

And start a new day, as one


‘Storm’ ~ Redwolf



Flash of light

Count it down


Hear the sound

The Thunder Beings come

Lightning reflected in my eyes

The thunder booming in sync

Of my beating lonely heart

Yet the simple joy

Of watching the storm

Feeling its strength, seeing its beauty

Forgetting for a moment the loneliness

And continuing with lifes form


“All I can do” ~ Redwolf

All I can do”


Photo by Alex Grey


Traveling the road of Melancholy.

Each step, the same as the last.

Round and round in circles,

Same Shit Different Day,

As the time slowly Passes.

Day by day, on my knees and praying,

For something to change,

Something to arrive,

Something to fill my Soul,

Something to make me feel alive.


I close my eyes and drift away,

From this prison reality.

To one that fills me up inside,

With Joy and Harmony.

To feel the love surrounding me,

That was always meant to be.

Please let me stay here forever,

And never go back to what use to be,

In the prison reality.

I beg you please…

Don’t make me go back.

Let me live in this world of my dreams.

A life that I deserve,

The one my soul calls out to,

Of  love, joy and peace.

Tell me what I have  to do,

Tell me what the price is.

I would give anything to stay.

All I want is this dream. This bliss,

And for it to never fade away.


I am NOT going back,

I would rather die.

I deserve so much more than this prison.

I deserve the love I seek,

And the life  of my dreams.

I guess now, all I can do,

Is go within.

All I can do is surrender.

All I can do is face my fears.

All I can do is trust,

And believe.