Its time to go Home

Poems by RedWolf

Long Drive Home


The road passes by

Lost in thought

Lost in the moment

Were time has no meaning

Visions of you, by my side

Fingers entwined

The energy, the love

Flowing as one

Within each other’s being

With a simple touch

The fire in your eyes

Consumes my soul with the passion

And the oneness we both crave

Feeling the sweat between our skin

The sounds and smells

of pure pleasure and passion

Our bodies become one

Consumed in the flames

Of our love

But here I arrive

The vision now gone

Here I am again

Back home and alone


The Journey


Take my hand and Walk with me

To a place where only we can go

To live a dream

That can be

Shared by us alone

A place where oneness calls

The body mind and soul

A journey we have walked for lifetimes

To find the one to join

In eternal love


Alone in the dark


Staring into nothingness

The infinite universe

We are never alone

Yet yearning for the one

Whomever it may be

To fill the empty feeling

Of sharing the oneness

To embrace each other’s soul

To be one with each other’s body

To feel my heart on the verge of explosion

Filled with so much love, passion and ecstasy

Until then here I sit

Alone in the dark

A blind call into the nothingness

For the one to hear




Flash of light

Count it down


Hear the sound

The Thunder Beings come

Lightning reflected in my eyes

The thunder booming in sync

Of my beating lonely heart

Yet the simple joy

Of watching the storm

Feeling its strength, seeing its beauty

Forgetting for a moment the loneliness

And continuing with lifes form


Out of the Darkness


Eyes in the dark

Staring back at me

The vision of the deep blue

Haunting my memory


A cry for help consumes my mind

Coming from the eyes of the deep blue

A Trapped and suffering feeling, unkind

An escape they cannot see through


I head toward the light

That shines in your eyes

A vision of hope

To save your life and mine


Holding out my hand

For you to take hold

To pull you from the darkness

To fill your empty heart and soul


Grab my hand and hold it tight

I will lead us to a place

Filled with love, joy and light


To end the nightmare

To end the darkness

To live in our dream

And live in each other’s light


Healers Circle

ImageTroubled my mind has been

With another end of a chapter

Not knowing what to believe

Another piece of me gone again


Difficulty trying to quiet the mind

Seeking for some way to let go

Silence calls yet I cannot find its comfort

And leave it all behind, let it all go


The silence I seek eludes me

Staring into nothingness

Trying to find the rest I need

And to collect what is left of me


So I may prepare for a time that will come again

To heal another that is sent to me

To give myself and what is needed

To continue the circle that has no end




Gone through it a thousand times in my head

And I’m so damned confused

All I want is to be happy in life

And I don’t think I can make it there with you.

The choices I’ve made, second-guessing myself

All I want to do is break down and cry

In this indecision I’m losing myself

I need to be true to myself and not live a lie

Every choice, a cause and effect

Every step, a ripple in the ocean

I can’t take any of it back

Everything already set in motion

Only time will tell were the choice may lead

Which path will be set before me

It’s the choices that I’ve made that defines who I am

Mistake or not, their apart of me

Mistakes that are made are a part of life

And people around us may feel the pain

The greatest mistake is not learning from them

Without it we will never grow inside, just go insane.

So I need to get off my ass and start walking the path

Just sitting here, I will die

Continuing on and starting my life anew

So if I must I leave you behind, so life doesn’t pass me by