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Raven’s Wisdom

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 4-8-18


Be careful what you’re claiming as your own, from problems to disease, if you don’t want it in your life, don’t dwell on it or call it “mine” Remember, the more you talk about sometime, the more energy you’re putting into it

Choose and express your words wisely ~

Allow love to breathe life into every word that you speak ~

Wishing you a day filled with love and unexpected gifts from Divine that make you realize how sacred each moment is, how blessed you are ~ Raven

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 3-28-18



Know that you are loved, my friend. My soul sings and rejoices with you, my heart is holding your hand ~ Raven

Sending love, light and healing flowing from my heart, burning brighter than any candles flame, to Mother Earth, to all in need ~ Raven

See beyond your vision find the love and harmony within allow every breath to be a source of inspiration ~ Raven

In seeing with your heart ~ You’ll realize what truly matters

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 3-23-18


We can do; be, and achieve so much more, if we listen to our inner wisdom, believe in ourselves, and just take a chance ~ Raven

We’re all unique. Life is not “one size fits all!” Life isn’t black/white, written in stone. There are as many paths as there are people Release judgement, please be respectful, be kind ~

My heart opens like a rose in morning sunlight, casting its gentle warmth upon all, sending love from my heart to yours ~ Raven

Life is meant to be lived, not just dreamed about! Follow those heartfelt dreams with action, watch them become real as you make it happen!

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 3-6-18


I wish you love and happiness that you feel deep in your soul ~ Raven

Love is the key that opens the gates of true happiness ~

True gifts come from the heart and soul and are priceless ~

Sometimes a different perspective is all it takes ~

Morning Message ~ Raven


This message from spirit was for a friend.
I am sharing it in case it resonates with others.

A lot of change is coming, is happening now.

Keep your focus, you’ll get through it all.

Growth as you’ve learned over the years
sometimes carries more pain than we’d like,
but is at times required to get your attention,
to highlight outdated, show stagnation.

Sometimes we hold onto beliefs, things, people, or situations
not because it serves a purpose or is practical, or even for love,
but because its what we’re used to,
or the way its always been.

Shake ups are at times needed to wake us up to what is real.

To reveal our next step.

To make us pay attention to that soul nudge that speaks to our heart.

Raven’s Song


Raven’s Wisdom ~ 02-21-18


From Spirit … I draw the power to make all things possible ~

If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by Spirit ~

Out of chaos comes new creation ~

Those who are meant to share your journey will find their way to you, these are the ones who will love you without conditions or judgment ~

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 02-20-18


Heads up! This was a week that will push buttons. This was going to be necessary in order to REVEAL the true you. Many people have forgotten who they are, particularly if they’re out of sync with the natural cycles which govern our spiritual growth and awareness ~ Elizabeth Peru

Each morning, I take a few moments to connect with; listen to and honor the Divine within … to prepare myself for the day ahead.

May love, magic and enchantment flow blessing each precious moment as it brightens, fills and transforms your day ~ Raven