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Kalia Diya ~ Visionary, Intuitive, Metaphysical Practitioner, & Master Wand Maker

Kalia is a certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Intuitive/Channel and Master Wand Maker.  She also serves as a Galactic Shaman, Energy Healer and Aligner, Gridworker, Lightworker and Love conduit. Her work is multidimensional.

She helps others access their true inner power by remembering their connection to Source and all that is through one-to-one sessions. Sound healing is given through Light Language transmissions.

Kalia is also available to channel an intuitive message from Spirit, your star families, your guides or loved ones crossed over if that is your heart’s desire.

Kalia is here to aid you in removing energetic blockages, and to bring in Source healing either in person or as distance healing.

As a Master Wand Maker, Kalia will tune in to Spirit to make a crystal embedded, light-imbued wand that will be bonded to you and that will likely be your favorite Ascension tool.

Kalia is also in service to perform traditional Shamanic ceremonies in person, such as Shamanic healing to the body and Shamanic cleansing ceremonies of home or person; and she is fully trained in psychopomp, terrapomp, and forest bathing. She also holds Usui Reiki certification.

New Earth Wands ~ Kalia Diya