May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.


Raven’s Wisdom ~ 12-13-17


Be still so you can feel and hear souls message. When you engage your Heart you will know whether to move forward or be patient with where you are.


Archangel Metatron’s Light Bath ~ Tim Whild

Published on Jul 23, 2017

Don’t always believe what you read ~ Katie IndiCrow


(Great Advise from Katie)

don’t always believe what you read.

The last few weeks I have noticed a significant amount of filtered realities being pumped through the interwebs about ‘5d’ life that reflect a lot of 4d distortion. This is from ‘knowledgable’ sources, some whom I have even referred before. Over the past year, I have watched this pattern of transition that involves ‘bending truth’ to suit our own justifications and referring to it as ‘new 5d understandings’. I honestly believe that it is heart based, and that most people are doing the best that they can and are speaking from the vantage point of what feels like new revelations prior to working the kinks of distortion out. That said, reading posts from reputable people making claims like all men are looking for is sex (an an example) suggests perhaps it is time to raise this little heart shaped red flag. While it is not my job to create a ‘truth hunt’ and that such evaluations tend to be subjective in this reality, I do think it is prudent to remind those reading to exercise heart based comprehension.

As for sharers. I implore you to remember the distortion bit. If people look up to you, and they seek you out as a ‘support’, it is important to do the best you can to make sure that you are not jumping the integration phase prior to expression. Transitioning through realities can be super weird, and also heavily distortion influenced. Being an emissary of light is a great responsibility and a beautiful role that we are lucky to occupy. Remember that, and treat it with the respect and honour it deserves.

Katie IndiCrow


Raven’s Wisdom ~ 12-12-17


I am the healing resonance, I am the Light bearer, the healer of Mankind; be open and I will answer. I am the light to your darkness, the bringer of many transformations, I will ignite the flame within you, once again ~ Metatron

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