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Energy Fields ~ Judith Kusel


We all have energy fields around our physical body, and therefore 12 bodies in all.
Our energy fields affect the energy fields of others, and we absorb the energy of others, most unconsciously.
The consciously aware we become, the more aware we will become of being a tat careful what enters our energy fields, what jars them, and cuts big holes in them.
This is not just the auric energy field I am talking about – about the 12 energy bodies we have.
Bad vibes, are lower energy which rip open our energy fields, and often make one feel tired, depleted, depressed for no reason. The more empathy you have, the more you will absorb the negative energies from the energy fields of others.
Our energy fields have sensors which go out and sensor where there is lower energy entering the fields and distress signals go off. This often comes from radiation, from all the electronic and electro-magnetic energy fields we are daily in contact with.
Children and even new born babies are extremely sensitive to energies and energy fields and we have to become aware of this.
The more sensitive you are, the more you will react to other people’s energy fields, and even the energies in a room, or building or crowded areas. You may even feel sick.
This is one reason why it good policy to become aware of your own energy fields and to shield them.
(Judith Kusel)




ASK ~ Judith Kusel


It is so amazing how the whole Omniverse conspired to assist us, when we ask for help.
The trick is to ASK.
We all have free will and choice, and therefore the angelic and higher Realms may not intervene with our free will and choice. When we ask, they may step in and assist, if this serves our highest soul growth and good.
One has to be open to whatever comes. The help might come in a totally different form than we even think of or are aware of.
Be open to all possibilities.
When you ask for help remember to add: ” …. or something even better than this…”
Stay positive and don’t allow negativity to pull you down.
(Judith Kusel)



Spiritual awakenings create the space in our lives for us to see and understand things in ways that we never could have never imagined. As we move through our healing, we see that the roles, expectations, and ideas we had of ourselves and others are based in a reality of which we no longer choose to be part. If you’re anything like me, at some point along the journey, the life you thought you’d be living no longer matches up with what your heart/soul wishes to be engaged in. You begin to realize that you need a change. You become aware of this thing called your souls’ purpose and you begin shifting into finding ways to do that.

Many of us are in various phases of redefining and redesigning our lives so that they match what we know in our hearts is our truth. Some things are easier to change than others, and who has difficulty with what is largely connected to their own personal energy story. Throughout my own process of shifting and supporting others move through theirs, I’ve picked up some handy tips and tricks about moving through it. Here are a few that might be of use to you.

-Connect to love and joy: Most importantly, connect with joy and love at all possible points. That is a key to 5d living. As we are raising our vibration through cutting cords and releasing that which no longer serves us, it is important that we remember to form connections to the vibrational experience we wish to have. When we choose those connections and remind ourselves of it in situations when we are being tested, it makes it easier for us to actually enjoy and see the good in what we are experiencing and to appreciate the lessons. I recommend connecting to love and joy first thing in the morning and at various points throughout the day, particularly when feeling challenged.

-Using affirmations and intentions to focus your energy: One of my biggest issues has been staying focused on completing things that matter to me associated with my 3d life while also stepping into and being inspired by my 5d lifer as a lightworker. I kept putting my lightworking ahead of all other tasks, and wound up at a stalwart with everything else. Energetically speaking, this is because I was allowing my focus and intention go to the 5d stuff at the expense of everything else. As soon as I chose to place my focus on completing certain tasks, I had the energy and will to complete them. To ensure that you are remaining connected to the tasks you choose to complete, try using focused intention day to day with tasks. I AM affirmations are also great for energy honing.

-Learn how to manage your energy in relation to your environment: Many are experiencing increased energy sensitivity that makes being in the presence of variables like cranky co-workers/customers and excessive lighting/technology more difficult than it used to be. Basic skills like energy grounding and clearing are great to help clear out and transmute environments that you feel uncomfortable in. Some people (myself included) like to take gemstones with them into ‘difficult’ or highly stimulating environments to aid in energy balancing and protection. In general, learning how to work with, understand, and protect your energy system is an integral part of being able to enjoy and work with your blossoming sensibilities.

– Know that you are right on time: Many lightworkers report feeling an urgency about figuring out their missions and serving humanity RIGHT NOW. We have made it past the big ‘hump’ that so many of us were feeling urgency about. While it is most certainly important to continue on our paths, the world is not going to crumble if we need to take a day, a week, or a month to attend to something that matters to us. ALSO – do not forget that what you are doing – being a person in this world who chooses love is serving a major role because you are raising the vibration of the collective. Even when you feel like you’re doing nothing, by being you, you actually are!

-When in doubt, return to point one – connect to love and joy.

For certain, shifting vibrational space, both within and without, does involve a lot of work on our end, and the process is not without its discomforts. It can also be a lot of fun if we let it. The choice to feel joy and love is just that – a choice – and one that we must make each and every day.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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GAIAPORTAL : Organics are fully enabled on the planetary surface

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Organics are fully enabled on the planetary surface.

Intrusive anharmonics are exposed, and dissolved.

Fragrances of Healing embrace the planet.

The Light abides.

Schumann resonances ~ 07-16-18

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Your Dragon Oracle Card ~ 7-14-18

For those who are Meant to See….


These Awesome Seventh Dimensional Orange-Gold Dragons from Arcturus  come to us when we are ready to become a walking Master and help usher in the New Golden Age.

When a Spiritual Army of these Dragons moves into place, they stimulate great evolutionary change in all that they touch.

Earth NEEDS Spiritual leaders and Light-Bearers. They are inspiring you to do your part for the New Golden Age on Earth.

It Is TIME to stand in your power and fulfill your destiny. Allow them to enter your energy field and breathe in the vision of earth as it will be.

They will give you the Strength, Wisdom and Knowledge that you will need for the Transformation ahead.

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May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

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May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

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