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GaiaPortal: Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved

Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved.

Larks of Spirit collaborate in Love.

Exquisites are recognized.

Humility conspires.

Inner Truth is known.


January 17, 2019


“Greetings! I AM here with you now, along with my angels as we surround you and your beautiful planet with love and shelter as always.

And so I AM here now with a message for each and every one of you. And this message is one of Peace. I urge you to hold that frequency, that energy, of Peace and neutrality towards all. You start with yourself, and then your home, your family, your neighborhood, your community, and your civic, federal and global governments.

And the reason why I urge you strongly today to hold this energy of Peace and neutrality is because you are about to experience and observe some extreme changes in the world that you live in. And I urge you to observe. Many of you will experience changes, there is no doubt, but a neutral place of observation is one where you can hold the highest vibration for ALL. So as you observe these changes happening, do not be afraid. Be joyful, and KNOW that this is the plan. And as you understand this knowing, hold the frequency, the energy, the intention, that the highest good of all be the outcome in every single thing that you are observing.

You will see shifts in governmental leaders. You will see changes in old policies, which will shift into new ways that are for the benefit of all.
So as you see these changes occur, let go of all you thought you knew, and all that once was, and embrace the new. For there are many, many working on this plan. It is not just humanity; it is not just the angels. The directives come from Source and then trickle down into all the Beings who are actively here aiding in this Ascension process.

We urge you to trust the plan, and your part in the plan. For each and every one of you have a part in this plan by holding that highest vibrational frequency of Love and neutrality and peace. And while you are holding that, hold the frequency of Grace. For all of these of which we speak that you would call an emotion, hold a very specific energetic frequency — a lighter one which allows the energies to move more quickly and more efficiently — to anchor in the NEW and to release the old.

The denser emotions of doubt and fear, distrust and judgment, are denser frequencies and they do not allow the energies to move as quickly. In fact, they block them entirely.

I urge you now to look within and hold those higher, lighter frequencies to allow all that is to simply BE. And know that you are doing your part, and you are doing it so well, and we thank you.

And know that Pure Source Light has enveloped this planet, and more Pure Source Light will arrive soon and more will be illuminated and more will be discovered. And even more of your own planet’s frequencies will be rediscovered and Ancient Knowledge shall be returned to you. For your planet, Gaia, is ready to give that once again. For the old negative, dark forces have been removed such that this sacred knowledge can be returned once again without fear of it being distorted, stolen or hidden.

And so I leave this message with you and I strongly urge you to stay in those higher frequencies in the next few months. And know that you are completely protected and completely surrounded with Love and Peace at all times. And anything that is not of the higher vibration is an illusion which you can let go of. And you can embrace the new, embrace the change with wonder and delight, such as a child would do.

I leave you with the blessing of Creator.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
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The Gift Of Completion

The Creator Writings

What do you want to manifest in your life now?  It could be abundance, a soul mate, new employment or just peace of mind.  Whatever you are striving for,

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Schumann resonances ~ 01-17-19

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Twin Flames and Soul Mates at this time of Ascension ~ Conscious Talk/ Linda Summers w/ Rick Jewers

What an incredible interview we had with Rick Jewers, Divine Being of High Order, Tuesday, 1-15-19 at 6:00 pm PST on Be-live. We had Q&A’s at the end of the show! So many great questions were asked and Rick expanded on them. The topic was “Twin Flames and Soul Mates at this time of Ascension.” Rick shared with us how the Twin Flames came into existence and how there were at that time. He also spoke on what Soul Mates and what they mean. He also talked about the distinction between Twin Flames, Twin Rays, Divine Partners, Gay Twins and Soul Mates. Rick spoke about the importance of the Twin Flames at this time of the Ascension and their purpose. Rick also mentioned about the sensual sensations that the twin flames experience being miles apart. He also shared with us at the end of the show about the ones who are targeted. There was so much MORE that we talked about. So please be sure to check out the show! Rick is here to assist with the Planetary Ascension on the surface of our beautiful planet, Gaia and assist the Angels in their Divine Gifts and Abilities.

Dragon Energies and What That Means at This Time ~ Conscious Talk/ Linda Summers w/ Rick Jewers

What an awesome interview we had with Rick Jewers, Divine Being of High Order, Monday, 1-14-19 at 5:00 pm PST on Be-live. Our Q&A at the end of the show was amazing! So many great questions and Rick expanded so well on each of the questions. The topic was “Dragon Energies and What That Means at This Time for The Ascension.” Rick shared with us the importance of the Dragon energy at this time, why and how it pertains to our Divine Gifts and Abilities. He also spoke about how this energy is used to conquer ill intent upon the planet with the beliefs that have been instilled upon it. Rick also shared how we are being given this energy to assist the planet and how one can use it. He talked about how one can access their dragon as well. There was much more that was discussed, so please check out the show to hear more and the Q&A as well. Rick is here to assist with the Planetary Ascension on the surface of our beautiful planet, Gaia and assist the Angels in their Divine Gifts and Abilities. BBe sure to listen to the show!

Innerstanding about Twin Flames ~ ‎Sharon Piccola Hartman


Along my journey, what I have come to innerstand about twin flames are from my own experiences, and, what I have received from Divine.

It is a very profound, powerful, energetic connection and it is hard to put into words it’s energetic pull. One does not need to be in physical contact with another to experience it’s powerful grips and also know that energy knows no gender.

Upon first encounter to this experience, it will feel like an uncontrollable desire to be with the other. It will be the catalyst that begins ones journey inward of revisiting the many dark emotions that have been locked away, buried deep within. One will learn everything there is about love, but it will be learned through a journey into the depths of the self. Self love is the lesson that must be mastered first before knowing what love is and how to truly love another. The journey WILL completely transform you.

You will begin healing ALL layers of your being. They will be peeled away, one by one, turning you upside down, inside out, then right side up. A lot of the pieces that used to fit..will no longer. Know you will have to make very difficult choices, clearing from your path all that is less than love. All is divinely orchestrated to bring you to the deepest love you could ever imagine…the deepest, purest love of yourself. You will transform from a conditioned, mind based being into a conscious, heart centered being. It is a very painful yet incredibly beautiful process.

Over time, you will ‘innerstand’ that this connection is a catalyst for healing and growth. The journey is not about the other person, it is about ‘you’. It is a journey into the depths of your soul, clearing away everything that is less than love. You will learn the true meaning of ‘unconditional love’ as you begin the process of unlocking all the chains that have kept you from loving yourself unconditionally. It takes a tremendous amount of inner work to arrive at that point. Once there, you will never again accept less than.

These energetic connections are happening to clear the old templets of relationships, which were based on codependency, control, false beliefs, and many other deep rooted fears. New templets can then be formed.

These new templets will create what are called twin flame ‘RELATIONSHIPS’ and are based on vibrational connections of the heart. They will be formed from an energetic level based on ‘unconditional’ love and are deep and pure. Know that over time, you may come out of alignment with the other and have to ‘let go’ of the love that is no longer serving you. Non attachment is one of the greatest challenging lessons on this journey. There may be many different twin flame connections to assist ones growth in clearing everything that is less than love.

It is a process that will take as long as it takes, and it cannot be understood by another until one experiences it intensity. This connection will FIND YOU in divine timing and know there is no where to hide when it comes knocking.

When one has healed all energetic levels within, it is then when a high divine ‘UNION’ can occur. It is an energetic connection that will meld one with their divine counterpart on ALL energetic levels within the physical vessel. Two become one.

The pure love from these Divine Unions spread far and wide, creating a ripple effect throughout humanity and Gaia assisting in raising vibrations and consciousness.

Trust in the knowing you have all the keys within you to unlock your world along this journey.

Allow the process..

Much love to each of you.


Sharon Piccola Hartman

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