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Need some encouragement? ~ Judith Kusel


Need some encouragement?
When your spirits flag, when you seem to be going around in circles, and not forward, remember that that spiral has to almost complete the cycle before it can move upwards again.
Never give up on yourself.
Never give up on what you are aspiring to be and become, to seed and grow into being!
Learn to become flexible and to bend with the spiralling curve. It may seem as though you are sliding backwars at times, but such is illusion.
Get out a notepad and write down all the possible steps you can think of. I keep notepads all over my home, and as ideas, inspirations, or action steps come to mind, I jot them down. When I have some time, I sit and think how I am going to fulfill these. Some maybe long-term, some maybe actions steps I need to do today. Remember, to always look at BOTH sides, the benefits and the drawbacks of having such in your life, of manifesting it into form. Life is never one-sided: – for every upside, there is a downside. When you prepare yourself for ALL eventualities you will be able to cope with life much better.
So often we have lofty dreams, and we dream of a kind of Utopia which would exist, once we have manifested whatever we so long for, into reality. Yet, when we do attain that, we find that we still are not quite there. This is called life!
You are meant to keep on evolving. When one stagnates, one starts to die a little death each day. It is when we are being challenged to stretch, that new life dawns within us!
You have so much to gift to the whole of humanity, and to all those around you: – it may not always be people, it may well be animals, or nature, of whatever way you are being called to serve!
The world needs you right here and right now!
You are truly worthy of expressing the depths of your heart and soul into BEING!
Judith Kusel

Self Care, Safety and Comfort ~ The Creator Writings


As you move into your new world, there will be things from the old that will beg you to stay.  Thoughts, recurring programs from the past and yes, even people.  One of things you need to ask yourself is, “Will keeping this help or hinder my growth and learning?”  If the answer is no, then release it.  It may be painful and there may be some grief involved but, settling into your new world is about self-care, safety and comfort.  You have been working so hard and for so long, you owe yourself these things!  The Universe is behind you 100% of the way! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Be vulnerable to the core ~ Judith Kusel


To truly love deeply and profoundly one has to totally open at heart level, which also means to be vulnerable to the core.
That means I allow myself to be opened up so much, that I can stand totally naked at heart and soul level before you and speak the truth from my innermost Being and trust you to love me so much that you will be there with me in total Presence and Love.
The Essence there breathes of TRUST.
For that vulnerable place is the innermost sanctuaries of the heart and soul where we seldom, if ever allow anyone in.
That is where our insecurities lays, our deepest sense of worth.
To allow someone to move into that space, means that the love and trust is so deep that you allow all of you to show, and then know that the other will honor that trust and open themselves up to that very core and you can find each other in a space beyond even that – which is the space of Grace itself.
In total Grace there is a higher state which is being aware of a much higher and Greater force field than us, which is total Love.
We can only love as deeply and profoundly as we allow our own vulnerabilities to show and not shrink away for all of that – even if it is painful.
All deeper bonding takes place in this space and once that opens up, the eternal connection between souls opens up, like a portal or gateway, and that is when one can truly love from an ascended place – the total sublime Boringness, the ALL.

(Judith Kusel)

Let this be the time of great expansion ~ Judith Kusel


Let this be the time of great expansion. Learn to explore beyond the norm. Don’t let other people tell you what is possible and what is impossible: stretch yourself beyond all of that and into the sublime, the transformative new, and explore the worlds beyond that.
Claim your cosmic citizenship with all your heart and soul. Reconnecting with your soul and understanding who and what you are and what you have come in to give to the world, will greatly increase your sense of place. It will give you that higher understanding of why things happen as they do, and why you are so often prompted to live your life from your heart and soul, and not according to whims and commands of others.
Step from the norm into the unexplored, the uncharted, the unmapped, and into the new world – for the New Earth is indeed forming in and around you, and is therefore there for you to create a new state of Being, and co-create a new Earth. Therefore be careful with your thoughts and what you say – for this is manifesting almost instantly now. Set your intent to create harmony, peace and equilibrium and a better way of life, and live that. Set the example so that others may follow you. Blaze a new trail.
Such is the calling now.
Move into this. And become the positive and uplifting change you wish to see in the world

(Judith Kusel)

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Ready To Go?! ~ The Creator Writings


Now that you are well into the shift, how are you feeling?  It may still be a little rough, things may still feel ‘topsy-turvy’ and a little out of control.  But The Universe believes these are things you can handle.  The heaviness you have been experiencing will fade and a new feeling will begin to take its place…excitement!  Imagine what it was like when you were young, and your teacher said it was time to line up for a field trip.  Sure, there was a little chaos at the beginning when everyone was jostling to find their place but, soon after, all was neat, orderly and you were ready to go! (Smiling) Dear one, it is time to step into your new experience…are you ready? ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Dimensional expansion ~ Judith Kusel


We are in the midst of what I can only call a dimensional expansion, within the dimensional shift.
It is a time when past, future and present mingle. A lot of the old past life issues and old patterns will come up, which need to be dissolved and released.
Sometimes you will have a sense of deja vu – I have been here before. I have done this before. We have been through the same issues before.
With Twinflames in particular, the old patterns will come up. In as much as Twin Flame will come closer together in the period leading up to 2024, there will be much of the old karmic patterns to clear and to truly dissolve. For in truth there is only love. All else is illusion.
As much as the old patterns will come to the fore, we are stepping into a time, where we will find ourselves able to tap into higher frequency energy and energy fields. As the upgrades continue, and our crystalline bodies get more activated, our inner seeing, hearing and intuitive knowing will increase.
I was shown about two weeks ago, how the earth’s energy fields are being upgraded to the highest degrees. Waves upon waves of energy is pouring into the earth via the solar system, as connected to the Milky Way Galaxy, as connected to the galactic core. The Galaxy Core is the hub of around which the galaxies revolve and which in turn is connected to the core of this Universe. The energy charges now come from the Universal Core itself, and thus an intense and massive upgrading.
We have to keep up with these tremendously powerful earth-upgrading, and our physical bodies sometimes cannot quite keep up with all the changes. Our bodies need adequate rest to keep up with these changes.
It is a time when our consciousness levels will expand, and we will now literally find ourselves operating at a much higher frequency band. The rest of this year is going to intensify the upgrades and it is going to become a matter of having to ride out the energy changes and adjust to them to a much higher degree than ever before!
Judith Kusel

Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – June 9, 2019

blog Gr's

Hello there. Last week’s topic on abortion seemed to spark a different understanding for many. Thank you for that. Such things assist us in moving on from indoctrinations that become embedded in childhood etc. So, what shall we elaborate on today, my friends?

Welcome to you Blossom and indeed, to those involved with our conversations. Firstly, we would indicate that the level of frequency upon your Planet is rising exponentially. Although many see unrest through their eyes, it sparks off awakenings in their heart, in their soul, in their very Being.

So, again we suggest looking at matters from an alternative … state/understanding … and instead of being concerned of the ‘state’ your world is in … look upon such matters in Gratitude. For indeed, that which you may consider to be of turmoil and injustice … actually, are playing their part in bringing about THE GREAT CHANGE THAT IS COMING.

The stirrings with inside Each One are reaching such heights and demanding from within that CHANGE takes place. Therefore, souls who have not yet done so, begin to search for reasoning … search for answers. ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS … as we have said many times.

Truly we say to you … from our perspective, things are very much on the up.

That’s good to hear. Yet, I know you know, many are sick and tired of hearing this when all around seems … nothing short of a ridiculous state of play.

And to that, all we can reply Blossom, is that this may ‘appear’ to be the case and yet, it has its purpose. All that is taking place RIGHT NOW … ALL … is taking you forward. If you like we would say it is as if … for explanation purposes … many, many souls are walking to the edge of a springboard. Once a certain amount have placed themselves there … there will come a point when the spring is bent to its fullest capacity and has to ‘bounce back’. Launching all those souls into a much Higher space. We ‘hope’ your hearts and minds ‘get that’ in its fullness. We are sure you will.

Yes. Thank you. We keep on keeping on. What choice do we have?

You have all choices.

OK … that takes my brain to something that also may be controversial. So, we could take the choice to ‘leave the planet’ instead of seeing it through? I was told as a child that to take your own life was a sin and … with the greatest of respect to White Cloud, I am sure many years ago he said that it was not for one to do so. (Sorry, White Cloud!) What are your thoughts on suicide?

Again as you say this is a very controversial subject. Mainly because of power happy people making rules.

WHITE CLOUD …. I would care to butt in if I may?

I somehow thought you might and I am happy that you do, my friend.

When I spoke in the past regarding that it was not for a soul to take their own life … that it was the ‘will of God’, so to speak, as to when a soul left the Earth plane, I would like to state plainly, that it is not considered as a sin, for I do not believe in sin, anyway. I have always said … there is a time to be born and a time to die and if a soul chooses to remove themselves before their ‘said agreement is through’ then they will arrive ‘elsewhere’ with the same issues and perhaps wish they had remained on Earth to sort it all out, because they know they will have to go back and sort it out another time (all over again).

And yet, White Cloud, that doesn’t really resonate with me. If we have free choice, we have the choice to remove ourselves. I had also heard that when a troubled soul arrives ‘elsewhere’ they would be cared for and loved and ‘soothed’?

I did not say that this wasn’t the case, Blossom. Yet, within ‘their’ own disposition … they … having taken their life early, will have regrets when they see ‘their’ life’s possibilities from another perspective.

Ok … then what about a man, say who is 94, blind, practically deaf and full of aches and pains and lost his wife and simply has no desire to hang around … is that wrong?

No. Nothing is wrong Blossom. There are just different perspectives.

Yet, surely … that old man is ready to leave with no regrets. And I know he is happy where he is now, so… Oh Lord Maud … I wish these messages that are brought through didn’t become so complicated! Ease and Grace … Ease and Grace.

And would we not say that a man/woman taking their life at the age of 94 who was simply hanging around bored waiting to die … is a very different matter from a man/woman of 18 with their life ahead of them?

Yet, there still is free choice.

Indeed, I feel WR Blossom, that we could go round in circles. I am not AGAINST suicide … I am simply saying that the soul may feel differently when seeing possible opportunities they could have taken down the line, if they had stayed and therefore, fulfilling that lifetime’s purpose. This is very different from ‘sin’. For in my eyes … to my ears … ‘sin’ is not a useful word.

I will take my leave at this point and hand you back to our friends. Perhaps they shall continue … The writing of messages in this way is more their style, as mine is the talking through you. Many thanks to All.

Thank you. Hello to The Federation?

Yes … hello.

You are sending through great warmth.

For we feel great warmth.

I am assuming your opinion/thoughts are the same as White Cloud?

Naturally. Are yours different?

No, not at all. I just think it’s sad that so many choose to get off … due to such depression or whatever their reason.

Part of The Game Blossom.

Round and round we go.

You have to understand that there is SO MUCH you cannot understand. The fact that so much doesn’t make sense to you IS part of The Game. If everything was understood it would change The Game dramatically. In fact, there would be no game.

It is by making your way through it, that one gains insight to themselves.



Has it ever crossed your mind that all that is taking place upon your Planet is helping you to KNOW LOVE?


All that ‘appears’ right and all that ‘appears’ wrong is assisting you in understanding WHAT LOVE IS ?

We know it is EVERYTHING.

Yet, do you understand it?

It’s hard sometimes to do so. For much that is presented by some human beings doesn’t ‘appear’ to come from even the lowest vibration of LOVE.

Yet, there is nothing else. So, it has to be of Love.

WR … one hears a lot these days of child sacrifice and worse. Coming from Love? Tricky one to accept!

Blossom …

WR … if you say to me now ‘It is part of The Game’, I might scream. And yet … hate to admit it … I know that it is. However sick and twisted it ‘appears’ and I will just accept, that as there is nothing else other than Love … I will take your word for it. Although again … not so easy to understand how that could be … other than nothing else exists. (If that makes sense?)

Let us look at a word we are ‘presenting’ in-between the lines. We are using the word ‘appears’. We ask you to look this up, please. Even though you know what it means.

Ok … seem; give the impression of being.

Many thanks. We say, do we not … all is not as it seems? Therefore, all is not as it is given the impression of Being.

I sense you now want me to look up ‘impression’ … ok … 1, An idea or opinion of what something or someone is like. 2. To think that something is true, especially when it is not.

Thank you. We are trying to assist you in grasping the concept that THIS GAME IS AN ILLUSION.

Oh please! LOL. This I know … and yet, don’t understand THAT either. Although, like with everything you say … I GET IT … I just don’t understand it.

As we say … not everything can be got … not everything can be understood.

The Truth of the matter is, Blossom … Nothing matters … for you are in a Game, not of it … and The Game is all an illusion anyway … need we say more?

What more is there to say, indeed! Have we actually got anywhere at all today? Will it matter on my death bed? Does it matter anyway, death bed or no death bed? I get the impression … well, it seems … it won’t! An odd one today … yet, I AM … in Gratitude, in Loving service. I AM.

The audio for this channeling will be posted shortly. Thank you.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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