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GaiaPortal: Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headliners of Light” assume control of the process

Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headliners of Light” assume control of the process.

Flamboyants of the West are swatted from their perches.

Inner Guidance prevails through the night moments.

Vanquished is the dark.

Grand designs are realized

Message from Mother Gaia ~ Kalia Diya

April 13, 2019

Last night, I heard Gaia singing. And her voice was complex with different frequencies and vibrations. And I saw that she had 333 particular frequencies activated, and each frequency held a certain tone, color and vibration. And it was amazing to see and hear. And Gaia, our Mother, wishes to remind each one of you that you each hold your own particular frequencies, colors, and vibrations. And you can sing with her at any time just by connecting to that energy.

And now here is a message from Mother Gaia.

“My Dear Children,

It is I, Gaia. And as always I AM here with the frequency of unconditional love, the love that I hold towards you, all of Creation, and Creator. And I invite you now to feel this frequency with me as I share a message with you.

I have felt so many of you going through a period of what you would label as a test or trial, a challenge or a particular circumstance that you really don’t know how to navigate through. And I AM here to tell you to just rest. Allow that moment, that challenge, to flow. Observe it, and then stand in your I AM presence and state out loud what it is that you wish to manifest.

I encourage you to be very clear in channeling your thoughts into intentions, and those intentions into manifestations. For we are all in an era of time where this is exceedingly powerful. I invite you once again to be aware of that, and hold in your knowing that you and I are Sovereign BEings and we have the birthright to command such things to come into fruition. For we are all beautiful creation of the Cosmic Force of Love.

Feel that Love with me now in your hearts, and allow that frequency of Pure Source Unconditional Love to activate, illuminate, every cell in your BEing. Allow that love to flow past your physical body into all of your etheric bodies, into the entirety of your soul. And then, allow that Love and that high frequency to shine out into the Universe, far beyond the scope of what you can imagine. And then listen. And stop. And hear the Universe reflecting back to you. For ALL is ONE. And All That Is is available to you in every single moment. And know that when you say “Yes!” to the Universe, the Universe says “Yes!” back to you. And that “yes” you may be saying now may hold the frequency of surrender. It may hold the frequency of joy. It may hold the frequency of not knowing, but not needing to know. It holds the frequency of BEING.

I invite you now to rest upon me and know that this is the Truth of the Universe, and this is the Love of Source. And this is yours to have at any moment. Do not doubt yourself. Do not feel that you have to sacrifice, and do not hold onto the old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Release it all: release every person, circumstance, situation. Even release the amount in your bank account. For when you release it all, and say “Yes!” to the Universe, then that shall be manifested to you in your reality in every moment.

And this is the birthright that I remind you of: that you have access to All That Is. You have access to every abundance, every joy, every moment that you came here to live, it is all yours. So actively participate in this every day, in every way, in whatever you do.

And know that even though things may seem dark around you, or chaotic, that is only an illusion. And the only thing that matters is Love and connectedness to Source, to All That Is, and to each other. So in every moment that you find yourself doubting or worrying, or being in a place of fear; practice actively shifting yourself out of that instantly into a place of Trust, knowing that all shall come to you. For it is all yours and there are no limits.

And now I thank you, each and every one of you, for the love that you send to me and know that I send it back instantaneously, continually, and eternally.

We are doing this Ascension transitional process together, and it is beautiful. Now while it may feel painful and uncertain, is that not the experience of birth? The birthing that is happening is glorious. And I invite you to visualize what it is that you are creating and birthing into your reality now. And know that it will all be worth it. And know that all is well.

Dear Children, I love you.”

~ Gaia ~

Channeled by Kalia Diya

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands

Deep gratitude for any love donations at this time. ❤

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 170 – White Magnetic Dog – HUN OC

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 170 – White Magnetic Dog – HUN OC.

The Dance begins with the Unification of the Magnetic Tone of Purpose.

White Magnetic Dog – HUN OC guides and teaches us to focus on unconditionally loving ourselves and others through expansion of our Heart Center in order to become unified with our truest and highest purpose. White Magnetic Dog – HUN OC reminds us that we would we wise to become unified with our truest purpose in order to attract the energies and resources needed to fulfill our highest purpose. Purpose is magnetic and attracts unity. The highest purpose is union. Working with our purpose is a unifying act. Through the energies of White Magnetic Dog – HUN OC, the Cauldron of Creation is awakening us to the remembrance that all true Companions of Destiny are found on the Path of Truth, and that loyalty to truth frees the heart. Unconditional love has the unique power and ability to heal every injury of the past, present, and future. The Cauldron of Creation is inviting us to enter into a metaphysical gateway of primal beginningness through which we are all initiated into the interconnectedness of our own vital lifeforce with all that exists. We sense the divine wholeness that gives our lives real meaning by fusing our truest purpose with our highest passion. Although there are infinite lenses of perception, all truth leads us back to ourselves, reflecting the endless Divine Order of the One disguised as the many. Remember always that we are all nothing but the endless expression of our Great and Wondrous Creator’s never ending meditation.

In Lak’ech!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

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WayShower Update ~ Amanda Lorence


As always, please just take what resonates and leave the rest. Just one perspective 💙🙏💙

As many view this wall, this update is shared to either confirm your experience, or more importantly for this NOW, send out uplift…TRUST FREQUENCY to all, that the unfolding magnificence for all ascensions is on track, YOU are absolutely on track. Trust thyself… I say ‘trust’ as opposed to ‘hope’. For to me, ‘hope’ by definition says there is something missing, a frequency signal sent out, of lack, otherwise why ‘hope’. Trust, is a very STRONG energetic frequency where there is no ‘need’ for a ‘hope’. All energy we emit, magnetises, ‘like’ frequency to ‘like’ frequency. It’s how we pass through universal Gateways at OUR own timeline (by aligning our own energy to the Gateway frequency), Aligning, raising our frequency is how we receive any and all activations, by matching a frequency. So trusting YOU and your process, is far stronger, far far higher in Hz frequency than remaining hopeful…You are magnificent! So Trust yourself!

More and more are beginning to arrive into 5D. Their new world, that they create from, on 5D Gaia. Each KNOW when they have arrived, due to experiences PREceding their energetic ‘jump/leap’, and PROceeding their immediate arrival into 5D field of awareness. They are the children of New Earth. I have explained before, that upon arrival, there is a short, loving life review that is experienced. Where we see, then know, that all we did to another, we did to ourselves. Because all ARE a part of us, that we designed our experiences for our own separated experience. That initial arrival may be a bit of a nice shock, unexpected. It takes ‘time’, to get your bearings, for 5D NEW Earth and 5D AWARENESS, is like no other experience this lifetime. A completely different energetic frequency bandwidth to 4D and 3D. The energetic bandwidth of each ‘dimensional space’ sets the array of available CONSCIOUSNESS and thus array of experiences and further remembrance (human evolution). There is no similarity whatsoever to the previous 4D Ascension Timeline and Dimension. It is in this state of ONEness, that we feel an infinite degree of gratitude for our 3D and 4D experiences. We see the beauty, and absolute gift of the 3D environment, for without that gift we would not have had a ‘ground’ for experience IN forgetfulness and separation. Without 3D/4D human, there was no ascension. So we can observe in gratitude, love and compassion for our and each facets 3D experience.

Was/Is the ‘awakening’ dimensional space that presents at speed, a vast array of experiences, that are relentless. Designed by our own Self, to SEE the patterns we CHOSE to experience by in 3D. It’s fast, it’s intense, in order to SEE them, dissolve them, expand, rise higher in frequency, headed towards the 5D perceptional experience. So 4D was/is, INTENSE, it has to be, for a human to see through all and any blindnesses of their TRUE Self. It still blames the outer, it tries to not blame, yet 4D IS still a field of separation. That’s the field, 4D is separated, to just pass through it, to become more and more the pure state you always are in truth, beyond the veil.

NEW EARTH and 5D (and above):
After initial acclimatisation, we start to absorb the 5D energetics. The frequency range is NEW and of huge array. There is all NEW experience, new state of being in all moments, unfolding gifts that make sense of those 3D and 4D puzzle pieces. So we start to walk, in childlike wonder and innocence upon 5D Gaia. Each step, filled with a LOVE unfolding to NEWER and NEWER levels of love. Synchronicities become widespread, with immense humour. There is an IMMENSE GRACE to us BEING THE FLOW. An acute KNOWING that flow was and is, the natural rhythm of Universal and Divine Creativity. Within us, a presence to ALL FLOW, knowing it is divinely designed, where we can not be the opposite, we can not be that previous forgetfulness (to control flow, thus control life, others, ourselves etc). We GIVE energy OUT in the Now moment, as per Divine Will and Divine Alignments presented in the known Universal Now moment. There is no push, no try, no force, no control, no ego in 5D Gaia, or in 5D State of Human Being. 5D is the beauty and gift of being FLOW. 5D is a NEW Freedom for the Mind, listening ONLY, SOULY to the heart, to Love. It is the joy, the peace, the harmony, giggles, laugher, and so so much wonder! It is HUGE, because it’s JUST THE START of a new level of consciousness and abilities that are taught from you, to you. Yet universal assistance is present, and only given to you after your human permission is given.

ASSISTING 4D and 3D, from 5D:
There becomes an awareness, that 3D and 4D can be visited, to assist those on an ascending 4D trajectory, and those asleep in 3D. It’s always a temporary and chosen visit, where we magnetically, effortlessly flow back to 5D New Earth after any assistance we give. What is realised however, is we can not play in 3D or 4D, nor can we stay there for long, nor can we absorb those energetic frequencies. We just assist, with all our heart and expanding energetic, because we are ONE LOVE. The absolute BEAUTY of 5D, is the innate desire to help lift humanity up to the harmony, the fun and joy, the WONDER, the love and infinite possibilities, ever present in 5D. 5D is a playground of joy. In times of assistance to 3/4D, we witness the heightened emotional and mental experiences of those in the ascending yet TEMPORARY field of 4D. And can bare witness, give love and support to any we choose to, in unawakened 3D. Yet as/when we do so, it is from our own frequency state of 5D frequency. A balanced, neutral state where we speak from a kind and compassionate perspective. Knowing HOW much to say. WHEN to speak. WHEN to just hold quiet space. There is no force from us, no unsolicited advice given (ego/control). We hold our 5D energetic. We are the awareness of our expanding energetic.

Some we knew were Soul Family in our previous 4D and 3D experiences. So we witness their arrival (or already there) or we wait in absolute excitement, knowing they do arrive. The Love, the ever present gratitude for our Soul Family has no equivalent human linear words. IT IS FELT; as an emotional feeling AND as a physical energetic within our 5D body. The energetic connection SOUL FAMILY have with each other reveals, layer after layer. And we know, that 4D Soul Family will have this experience soon. These connections will continue to unfold, deepen hugely (the depth is staggering as layers unfold), become understood and hugely celebrated by each.

There is no ‘try’. There is play, creation to divine alignments. The knowing that all is already designed to unfold in the FLOW. It’s so simple. Not of mind complication, frustration, manipulation, using others, which were ‘builds’ witnessed or experienced within 3D and 4D. 5D equals being with people of similar frequency. Connecting to kingdoms and realms of matter and non matter. Human Beings who all share the desire to Serve the WHOLE. Who all feel a deepening (wow) sense of FEELING, SENSES, LOVE. Who all value each’s uniqueness. For each unique being holds THEIR gifts to express, give out, build as. The unity of One, the shear DEPTH of honour, respect, self responsibility, cosmic integrity are qualities of all ascended being in 5D. Where the designed divine energetics unfold, where people magnetise to people to play with (work was the 4D phrase). Because it’s predestined to unfold.

There is so much more to say. There is SO much more to unfold. For all. The Love, the magic, the unlimited support, the alignments, the Gateways, the INCREASING energetic human abilities and heightening senses, when fully aligned to be Love, is the magnificence and freedom you are born of.

God bless every singe Being, One Love.

Amanda Lorence
12 April 2019

ORACLE CARD for the Collective ~ Kalia Diya

ORACLE CARD for the Collective

“Mental Conflict”

‘This card deals with the inability to move forward, as self-doubt emerges from indecisiveness or not being able to take action with a person, group, or even a situation in your present life.

It may not be an easy decision, but you’re already aware of this. Just remember that you have the strength, courage, and power to make all the necessary considerations. When you decide to act and finally make the choices that need to be made, then and only then will a resolution be forthcoming — and with it, a sense of mental relief.

There’s assistance out there for you, so seek out and listen to wise counsel to help you make the right decisions. Listen to your intuition and have faith in yourself. Peace and harmony will soon be yours.’

(From the Oracle Deck by John Holland)

Remember, YOU are the creators! ❤

~ Kalia Diya ~

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 169 – Red Cosmic Moon – OXLAHUN MULUC

April 12, 2019

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 169 – Red Cosmic Moon – OXLAHUN MULUC.

After the Complex Stability of the Crystal Tone of Cooperation comes the Perfection of the Cosmic Tone of Presence.

Red Cosmic Moon – OXLAHUN MULUC guides and teaches us to embody the transformative powers of water in order to achieve and maintain the perfection of presence. Water has the unique tranformative ability to be solid like ice, liquidity flowing, and gaseous vapors. Red Cosmic Moon – OXLAHUN MULUC reminds us that to be fully receptive to the now because to absorb and become the moment is the most genuine experience possible. The circulation of presence as a moving force is what unifies all players in this divine orchestration of the dream of existence. Through the energies of Red Cosmic Moon – OXLAHUN MULUC, the Cauldron of Creation is awakening us to the remembrance that our appointment with life is in this present moment. The Cauldron of Creation is summoning us to surf the tides of perpetual change while remaining anchored by our awakened consciousness through focusing on the blessings of purification. The Cauldron of Creation is inviting us to re-member and re-activate our our innate powers of endurance and transcendence, which is to continue to be and to rise above in excellence. Through this discernment, we can activate our fluidity and flow, flow, flow in order to break through past ceiling of limitations into a metaphysical, magical flight, spiraling back to our Source to start anew.

In Lak’ech!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

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Extraordinary Life ~ Judith Kusel

Why settle for the mundane, the herd, the the overcrowded, and traffic-jammed way of life, and living, and becoming?
Why not create an extraordinary life for yourself, and make the most of yourself while on planet earth?
Break free.
Break lose.
Create your own way.
Shine in the way you live a soul empowered life and inspire others by the way you walk your talk.
Remember that what you may create as extraordinary, may not be the masses ideal of what an extraordinary life means. They are the herd, the sheep.
Become the Beacon of Light, Love, Wisdom and Power, that shows them that the highest pathways in life are not the overcrowded. In fact if you truly wish to stand out, you will have to go and find new paths, where no one else has dared to go!
Be adventurous.
Claim your birthright as true daughter and son of the Divine!
You are meant to shine!
You are meant to stand out!
You are meant to be brilliant in whatever way you choose to create that extraordinary life!
I had a conversation a while back, with my Beloved, and I told him straight: “I don’t want an ordinary relationship. I want the extraordinary, so that our relationship can inspire the world and all upon it!”
Doormats never made it to top. People just wipe their feet on doormats.
Spires rise up to the heavens and show that the ultimate aim of the soul is to reach for the higher dimensional ways of life and life expressions, and inspire others to stretch themselves so that they can reach there!
Judith Kusel


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