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Message from the Faeries for the 555 Portal

With this Powerful Portal, it is time to step through with focused intent on your Dream Life, Family, Abundance and Divine Union you wish to manifest into being.

Nelys the Alchemist of the Faeries informs us that there are Irrevocable changes at hand with immense inner transformations. Get ready for things to happen both inwardly and outwardly. The Stuck becomes Unstuck, the Blockages become unblocked. This will be lightning quick and could make your head spin. This also may come in very unexpectedly and a huge surprise to you. This may not be what you have been expecting to come to fruition, but it will be what you need on your path. One thing is for certain, you will never go back to the same space you were before. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Seek a productive means of releasing them, especially fear and the fear of change and the Unknown. Family, Community and Union are very important at this time. Generosity, giving and receiving will flow. Share your love and support with your family and tribe. This Portal is also extremely powerful for Divine Counterparts coming into Union. Passion and Desire are at its peak and prime for coming together In Union if you are separate physically. For Those who are already in Union will find a huge boost in the energies of the Union and Sexual desires flowing like a tsunami. This can be a very Overwhelming and Incredible time!

This Portal focuses huge on your hearts desire. Tune into your inner vision and focus what it is your heart truly wants in this life. Manifestation is supercharged during this portal. Make sure the wishes you are making to bring in are of pure of heart and of the highest good for all, not of selfish reasons. Be Confident in your abilities and know what you truly want to manifest. Know you are worthy and deserving of this! These are Huge life changing events that are taking place, Sudden and Transformative in every way. Keep focused and remember where you put your energy. Know your Soul tribe are with you for support and to work together through these massive changes. Make a wish for your ultimate dream life, You Deserve it all!!!!

Much love to you all!!!


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