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Message to the Divine Masculine from Archangel Michael

For those Who are Meant to See…

I thank Archangel Michael for coming to us today with this beautiful message for the Divine Masculine.
You are a Creator Being and were born in this incarnation to bring the Divine Masculine energies back into the world, creating the New Earth along side the Divine Feminine in love, balance, and harmony. Possibilities are infinite, be open to them. Continue to dive deep within yourself, allowing the Authentic Self to come out. It is very important that you allow the Divine Feminine energies within you to flow and balance with the Masculine Energies. Many have been working very hard on this, overcoming much fear and anxiety along with being overwhelmed by breaking the mold of what the 3D programmed “Real Man” should be. Being vulnerable is NOT a Weakness. Being Sensitive and Compassionate is NOT a weakness. Sharing emotions is NOT a weakness. Embrace these and all traits of the Divine Feminine. Allow both Divine Energies to flow. Use your imagination and creative inspirations that have been coming to you lately to co-Create and bring the New Earth in.
Much is and has changed around you and within you. The Company of Heaven is always with you to call upon and connect at any time. Know that you can never ask for too much. If you are dealing with any challenging situations, dramas, or fears, ask Archangel Michael to use his sword and detach these and anything that no longer serves your highest good. With this cutting of cords and letting go of things that no longer serve you, you are allowing for the miracle of change that you deserve to come in. Sometimes you may feel that your prayers have not been heard by your team of Angels, but know that this doubt is a block for solutions and positive change to enter your life. You have learned many things about yourself and others, and have gained much knowledge and wisdom from this. This is now a good time to rest reflect and heal.
Soon you will be called upon, if not already, to put this Knowledge and Wisdom to use. You will lead by example just by being your Authentic Self and walking in your truth with honor and integrity. You will not only teach by word but also by your actions. People, especially youth, pick up on this. They will be shown by you, how-to walk-in truth and honor. They will see your actions as you care for and give love and support to The Divine Feminine, family, community, Mother Gaia, and all that are upon her. With this empowerment of the Divine Masculine Energies that you have embodied, your presence alone will change many things around you. You will also draw in those that need guidance and who feel defeated and lost on their journey. Many of you have felt this defeated and lost feelings. The feelings of “I Don’t belong here”, or “I Am an outcast and just do not fit in”. This is because you were not supposed to. You are here to create a new way of being. As a Leader of the New Earth, you will be able to guide them back on to their highest path. The wisdom that you have gained and lessons you have learned from going through all of this yourself in this lifetime and many more is invaluable.
This knowledge and wisdom shared to those who seek help will be a precious gift. They will be able to take positive actions for themselves with these gifts you share. They will start to take their first steps into the unknown and be able to trust in their path. Within them will emerge a new sense of purpose and freedom. Putting in the work as you have, with passion and drive, diving deep within working on the shadow self and allowing the True Authentic self to come forth. Putting one foot in front of the other and working with the fears and the doubts that will arise along the way. They will learn the spiritual wisdom that you carry and know that they too are Divinely Guided on this journey. Walk with Honor and Integrity Divine Ones! Soon you will be side by side with the Divine Feminine, leading all to the New Earth.

Much Love to you All!!!


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