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Avalon Message for the Solstice June 21st 2021

Take a moment if you will, to look back to the last year or so. Reflect on how far you have come. See this huge transformation that has taken place within you. You have come a long way through many struggles and heartache. The progress seemed so slow or nonexistent at times. But you were patient as much as one could be. You persisted and worked so hard on yourself to get to where you are now. Self-Mastery is a never-ending journey, but you can now see the lessons learned and the skills and gifts gained by all you have gone through. You have learned you can do anything if you set your Heart and Mind to it. You have begun at least to embrace your true authentic self and seen the true power within. You have taken command of yourself and set the boundaries that are needed for you. Now is the time to take Full command of your life. Stop being a slave to outside forces and those around you that have been in control of your life. You can wait for the perfect moment to come around that may never come, continuing to make excuses on why not now. You can sit and wait and hope that a miracle occurs to bring it to you, or you can Act and go after the dreams that are there waiting for you to make the move. You have all the tools and support necessary, but Ultimately, it is your choice on how you wish to proceed.
Avalon comes to us on this Powerful Solstice acknowledging how far you indeed have come. You have gone through many lessons, made many mistakes, some that have cost you more than you wished to pay. Yet you have learned, grown from these experiences. You have learned many new gifts within yourself. You have seen that many of the answers that you sought out were right in front of you all along. You were the Novice, now its time to move forward with all you have learned into the new beginning that awaits you. All it takes is one step forward into the unknown that holds your destiny. Step forward like a child, giddy with excitement to explore the new unexperienced world that is meant for you. By doing this you are leading by example and showing those around you the love and responsibility you have for yourself. That sometimes, duty and service to others can be a control and a prison if they do not respect you and are just using you for their own selfish wants. Its time to stop being a Martyr and stop sacrificing yourself and your wants, needs and desires for those who have no care about them at all. It is time for duty and responsibility to self. Its time for self-love and align yourself with others that exchange giving and receiving equally. No more giving all of you and getting very little back. It is time for your comforts, your independence, and your security in life. All the missed opportunities that have gone by while being controlled by others is at an end. Now is the time to take back your independence and your happiness and turn all that you have daydreamed and fantasized about into your reality. You know you have been manifesting this and have the power to do so. Trust in yourself!
The Dragonfae Queen Sovereign comes to us now adding to Avalon’s message. She is compassionate and loving and filled with a sense of her own power that only encourages the power of others. She is an inspiration and muse to all those wishing for mentors in the realm of their own personal Sovereignty. YOU are the one that creates your world. Like it or not, you are the one who must change the order of what is and bring about the change you wish to see by bringing it forth from within yourself. It is time to acknowledge yourself as the Creator of Your World. Take your Power Back! Stop allowing others to control your circumstances. STOP GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER! You have the power to change your circumstance in an instant. You are only “trapped” and “controlled” because you allow it to be. Its time to truly love and care for yourself and choose the freedom and desires you deserve. You have every Right to create a loving abundant and beautiful life that your soul has longed for. The only thing that is stopping you from it is You. You allowing others to keep this from you is Your Choice. Its time to have full confidence in yourself and the Destiny that awaits you. Remove the obstructions and restrictions and move forward on what you truly deserve. It is a time of fruition and attainment. Will you make the choice and take the action necessary to fulfill your dreams? You are a Sovereign Free Spirit, with happiness, excitement and even adventure waiting for you. Its now time to choose YOU and what you want. You now stand at the crossroads, what will you choose?
Lastly, The Flower Fairies, called Pillywiggins, fly into the reading. They ask that you call on them if you are lacking in motivation. Connect with them easily by being outside near flowers. They will leave you a sign or two in the coming days if you wish it. They know you have a special task at hand, and they are here to encourage you to get on with it! If there is something you have been merely thinking about doing and wishing for, they are saying get busy and do it! Have the confidence in yourself and know that you are deserving of the endeavors and desires want in your life. Continue to hold the love of yourself strong within you. You are the most important being in your universe. Take charge of your world and focus on the beautiful vision you have for it. Do not allow the “Mistakes” of the past hinder you from attaining your dreams. Forgive yourself and know deep within you are worthy of your perfect world. With these intense energies comes change. The change that is needed in your life. A change of Blissful Happiness and Appreciation. Many reunions and new connections are taking place. Filling your world with the community and family you have always wished for. A time of great Celebration, You are Finally coming Home!
Much Love to you All!!!
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