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Message from Mary Magdalene and the Angels for the Full Hunters Moon in Aries

Art by Lily Moses

For this powerful Full Hunters Moon in Aries, you are being asked to evaluate what it is that you Desire most. Not what others want for you, but what is buried within yourself. Dive deep within, combine the mind and the heart and allow the images of what it is you truly desire to flow into a very strong vision. Once you have this vision, are you willing to take action to obtain these desires? You have gone through much pain, sorrow and suffering in this and many lifetimes. You have tasted its tears over and over again. But you have risen every time and have become strong and powerful. Its time to let go of all that manipulates you, all that holds you back, including your own fears and bring these true desires of self into your reality.

You have a choice, you always have, even if you think you do or not. Do you continue to let the things in your life, people, career, environment, etc… to continue to manipulate you and keep you from your Dreams and Desires? Or do you summon up the courage and strength to let go of all that you are allowing to hold you back and align with people, career, environment etc… that fulfill the Soul, that does NOT manipulate, and allows you to act and move forwards, manifesting your Dreams. Yes, there are those who do not want you to succeed and will try to manipulate you into their own agenda for their own selfish needs. It is your choice to allow them to do this. Its time to be protective of yourself and your dreams. Do not allow others to derail you from this. There is a New Beginning awaiting you. Will you trust in yourself and the Universe and take the Leap? Believe in yourself, follow your calling and inner guidance and have unwavering faith that your dreams and desires will manifest. Do not be afraid to ask for help along the way if you need it for a trusted friend, family member or partner. Sometimes just a little nudge is all it takes for you to see and have clarity.

I am grateful to have Mary Magdalene come to us today. She is here to help and offer support in bringing your hearts desires into your reality. She will help you to step up, speak your truth and break free from the restrictions and opinions of others on your journey to fulfill your dreams. She is here to guide you through this process. Trust in the power of your soul and its pure visions. They are yours and yours alone and untainted from others opinions and manipulations. Be a source of strength, not fear. Step up and take charge and responsibility of your own path. Center yourself and your power and allow it to guide you and fuel you to take the necessary actions and swiftness on this journey to the vision within. Let the old die off and stop clinging to it because it is familiar and safe. Your dreams are not found there with the control and prison that you are used to. Let go and take the leap, you are being backed and supported from your guides and Angels around you.

There is a restart, new beginnings in your life in some way waiting for you. Whether its a new romance, relationship, job, or home, it is of harmony and balance and what you are been calling out for. Feel from within and do not let your mind take over and complicate things. Feel your way, and allow your inner knowing to guide you. Have complete trust in your intuition, only you know the answers and where it is that you wish to go. Be open and observant to seeing the signs and synchronicities along the way. They are markers to show you that you are indeed on the right path. You have endured much pain and loss, and the road has been a difficult one. Many are still within this transition of pain and loss, whether its losing your job, divorce or any other major event that has shaken your world to the core. Know you have the strength to overcome this and that there is truly a rainbow with a treasure at the end of this. This difficult transition was necessary to help you realign with your true self, and to allow the old to fall away so that the vision that your soul has held of your desires can manifest, creating a new world, the one that you have dreamed of and one that brings in all the love, abundance, balance and harmony that you truly deserve in your life and the one that your Soul has been guiding you toward. Have unwavering faith and Believe in yourself and your journey. You are a teacher and Inspiration to all!!!

Much love to you all!!!


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