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Message from Kuan Yin and the Masters for September 2021

September is a big month for change. Not only with the seasons of Gaia but within us as well. The primary message For this month overall is to be true to you and embody your authentic self. It is also a time to go within and be completely truthful with yourself. Explore the areas that you are limiting yourself and keeping you small, whether its thoughts, habits, beliefs or people in your life. Its time to break free, to Discover or Rediscover the true passions that you hold within. You have been manifesting opportunities. Now Its time to release the fears of the unknown. The Signs are there to follow, open your heart and follow its calling.

The Turquoise Lotus Mother Kuan Yin comes to us this month to let you know that the patterns of the old ways are in its death throws. The past is the past and its now time to drop the weight and the burdens and move forward to the new. You have so much untapped power and potential that has been held back by yourself or held down by others. Only you can allow the past to influence you. Now its time to do what’s necessary for YOU and not what’s expected by others. Be unafraid to walk your path alone. Be unafraid and unapologetic of who you truly are. Embodying this will now attract the right things into your life. Whether love, abundance, or tribe, the lessons from the past have been learned. Leave the regrets with the past…behind you and move confidently forward into the new.

Master Hilarion steps in with his Divine Healing. If you find yourself overwhelmed or feel overly sensitive by the integrations and challenges at this time, connect with him to assist you with this. He also asks that you be dedicated to yourself at this time. Be extremely discerning and Do Not attach to the goings on in the world at this time. Observe if you need to, but do not attach. Keep your focus on yourself and your own world. Be in a positive state of gratitude and appreciation. Create a positive environment for yourself and Keep your circle small. These are the ones who are unconditionally true to you, that bring love, support and positivity into your world, Your Tribe. Let go of those that have continue to be judgmental of who you are and feed off your energy and bring your vibration down. During this month it is very important to keep your vibration as high as possible, and those you keep around you will effect this one way or another. There is nothing wrong with being choosy for who you have in your world. This is your world and you mold it to however you wish. We are going through an ultimate change and transformation. This high vibrational world you create for yourself will help with an easier transition to the New.

One final message from the Counsel of Masters is to go within and truly listen to the Song of your Soul. It has been trying to share with you and help you to remember who you truly are. It has been trying to show you how small and insignificant You are NOT. Stop reliving the past, or listening to the present and believing what other s have said about you to keep you down and lower your vibration and worth. Rise up and Remember the Infinite Amazing being you truly are. Your Soul Song sings the truth to you. You just have to be willing to listen with an open heart and accept it after so long of being programmed to the contrary. This is truly a monumental moment when you accept this and walk in your true glory. It is a new beginning for you to truly walk on your path to your destiny and purpose. It has been quite a journey to this point for many of you and certainty not an easy one. This month has the potential to be very topsy-turvy, you keep your Tribe close and in continuous communication. This will help all of you on the Journey ahead.

Much love to you All!!!


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