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Message from the Trees for the Full Blue Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

For Those Who are Meant to See…

The Ancient Ones, The Trees, come to us with a Powerful Message for this Blue Moon. We are in the midst of great change. As through the eons, change is constant, and cycles begin and end. Humanity is now coming to the end of a major cycle on Mother Gaia. And for many individuals, a cycle in their own life’s path is coming to and end as well. Endings are necessary for the new to birth. And like the Phoenix, you will rise from the ashes. You are being called now to listen to your intuition and the messages that you receive through it. It is very important at this time to find the silence and listen. Come and visit with the Ancient Ones and Listen. Hear what they also have to say to you. See the Signs and Synchronicities all around you guiding your path. Trust in your guidance and Do not fear this change. You chose to come here for it! Be open in heart and mind and allow the change around you to flow. Communicate with those closest to you that you trust and resonate with explicitly, Your True Tribe. Share your thoughts and Emotions with each other and Be completely honest and open. This will help everyone in the tribe in the coming weeks and months ahead. Lean on each other, help each other, and love each other. Soon you will see the great importance of your Tribe. And Like the trees, stand strong together.
Also like the trees, you have gone through many cycles, many years, many lifetimes here on Gaia. We use the analogy of the growth rings. You can look through all the rings and see where there was a lot of growth and also see where there was very little due to the conditions. The same goes for you. In Some cycles you have grown leaps and bounds where others your growth was stunted. A lot of this has to do with the environment around you. But unlike the trees, Your mind and your openness can either allow you to quickly grow or stunt it. You see, no matter the environment, you are only limited by your mind. There have been many lifetimes and many illusions. What you choose to believe becomes your reality. What you are being asked now is to have great discernment with the world around you. This is where trusting your intuition and the signs come into play. Have persistence in your truth and Stand in your True Sovereign Power. There may be a lot of illusion, lies and other BS to cut through. Be open and honest and Speak your truth. But most important of all, take great care in yourself.
With these cycles coming to an end and the birth of the new beginnings, it is very important to focus on and hold the true visions within that you hold dear to you. This is not a time to be small or think small. Open your mind and your heart. Think big and dream big! Be free, be sovereign in your thinking and visions. We are all building the New World and to break the old program and traditions of control. Throughout this Earths “History”, it’s been manipulated and of control to keep you small. All of this is ending, even though that certainly doesn’t show in the outer world at this time. Be committed to yourself and your visions. You along with your tribe are working a lot together in your sleep times, building the foundations of the New Earth. During your days, a good activity is to communicate with your tribe or other people that resonate and talk about ideas, dreams, and any other creative plans that you may have. This further solidifies ideas into manifestation and also brings your vibration up having inspiring conversations like this.
It will be very important in the days, weeks, and months to come to keep your vibration as high as possible and bring calm and ease to yourself and your space. Just by your presence, you will bring more ease and calm to others around you. This is not a time to buy into the narrative and to allow fear and chaos to influence you. It is time to be excited and motivated! Its time to live your personal truths and look forward to the new beginnings and breakthroughs that will be taking place. Remember to observe the signs, synchronicities, and messages from your intuition. You are being Divinely Guided throughout all of this. Along with Standing in your power, Be strong and Confident in every step you take, but don’t forget to be childlike as well and have fun, laugh, play! These are very exciting times of change if you view it from that perspective. Be the Boss and take charge of this journey, You were meant for this!!!
Much love to you all!!!
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