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Dragon Oracle Guidance for the New Moon Portal


Fourth Dimensional Fire Dragons are very powerful and radiate a bright orange fiery light. They are powerful beings who give us power, thrust and determination when we work with them. They are the Master Clearance Experts and will direct their blazing flames at anything you ask them to, transmuting lower vibrations that no longer serve you. They will fly in front of us when we travel, often burning up challenges before we reach them. They are also extremely protective of their companions and those who work with them. They will light up out friends and roar at those who undermine us.

When receiving this card, it is time to invite the Fire Dragons to burn up any circumstances in your life that are not serving you. Call upon them to delve deep into your childhood or past lives, to release you from your past so that your future can shine. They have the ability to travel along the timeline of your soul journey, clearing, healing and transmuting as they do so. They are happy to do this as you sleep if you ask them.

Ask them to clear and light up the path in front of you each day. The relax and trust that all is as it should be.

These beautiful Dragons have huge open hearts and love to keep you safe by creating a fiery wall of protection around you, your home and your family, So remember to ask them to do so. Call on them to light you up in their flames and breathe inspiration into you. You may be amazed at the positive and courageous way you start to deal with people and situations


Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper

Divine Love’s Octave ~ Kwana Mikaela


It is Expanded Activation of our Highest Hearts.. in progress. NOW 🌎
For many it will feel as ‘broken-hearts’ that aches; energy from inward that try to find a way OUT; physical release through deep Soul level tears that purify.. painful points in the right or left side of chest (4th and 5th Heart chakras)..
Warmth that follows THEN from center of your Heart, this precious, precious Life Essence.. brings your Whole Being in deep Healing balm, deep Rejuvenation of Wholeness of your own Heart Space in sacredness, in harmony, in eternal ability/beingness of Love, where is All ONE.
Subtleness and softness of LOVE are woven with pure fire of your Spirit inner Gold, and multi-dimensional beloved Self (Source).

Our ability to FEEL require to be Known. To be FELT.
It is only Surface, what offers Human Experience; all depths Within are waiting, where all Octaves of Love meets in you.
This morning I woke up, and shortly after had true magical.. impressive experience, with a music, with.. the golden blaze of beautiful SunLight that appeared, when music started to play.. and was closed again with gray rainy clouds, when it was finished.. It was just for a Moment. Just as perfect Miracle. Beauty.. purity.. from that Moment (especially story behind it 🙏) led me in into Heart, where arised ‘broken heart’ that aches in every breathe, where few hours later occurred transformation in Warmth, that filled, that healed.
We all are so inter-connected, so beautifully allowing to Activate each other by being who we are, by being a Humans, by being a who we are feeling we are. Divine Facets.
All and everything Always, in all Moments is about Heart/Awareness/Love.
My Heart aches again, but it is not ‘broken’, it is not, it is OPENING and breaking through from deep glowing WITHIN 🔥💗🔥
So blessed for this experience, tears, joy, tears of joy, liberation, elevation, pure gratitude, inspiration.. Solaris ☀️
Thank You for what you shared as a part of your journey, that became as a Pulse for magnificent opening of my Heart. You know how you are 🍃

Kwana Mikaela

Photo by Radiant Spirit Heart (Facebook) 🙏

THE ONLY 2 TOOLS WE NEED ~ Amanda Lorence



To raise human energetic frequency (ascend consciousness) we only need two things:

1) An OPEN mind (brain).
2) Allow full access to the Heart Centre (Heart chakra/High Heart).

From these, all else unfolds WITHIN you. Naturally. It just UNFOLDS a step at a time based on your human WILL or slower via human distractions the mind latches on it.

These two natural tools are available to every human being on Gaia. With or without internet. With or without books. With or without literacy. With or without any human support. With or without financial means. No force necessary. A natural process predestined.

God made it simple. It IS that simple. All are facets of God. No one is denied access to becoming KNOWN within. Humans will deny access to their own heart portal through any fear or distraction of the mind. The heart holds zero fear, it is ONE energy…LOVE. Lose the fears…they’re illusionary and as temporary as you WILL them to be, and deny the human access to the infinite energy they already are.

All are made equal. All contain the only ingredients necessary. These two ingredients allow everything else to flow, form, be known, BUT, one Now step at a time, in the field experience known as TIME.

Always just an individual choice, for all are facets of God experiencing as a microcosm of ITSelf, a forgetfulness, then a realisation and THEN the knowing of ITSelf again, through you.

Bravo humanity…keep going! Keep it simple or make it complicated. Just a choice. Rely on yourself within, flex that inner strength that is the most power-filled energy you have: LOVE (not ego, ego is limited and a programme of the mind). Be open again and again, forever more. Let go. Surrender the mind again and again, to the heart, in order for the mind to upgrade energetically and physically via that step by step process.

Own ALL your reactions to become zero point, harmony, balance… the new and responsible citizens of the New and Golden Era. You’re a Diamond.

Everything to play for! Plenty to let go of. The eye of the needle is an esoteric truth. Game on!. We are doing this together.

Support each other. For even now, at this hour, AWAKENED fight awakened, judge others, play at one-upmanship, speak/act from ego, think inwardly or outwardly they are right and others wrong…IT’S ALL YOU! It’s all GOD. So choose how to treat YOU. For how we treat another, speak to another, act with another, INWARDLY think of another, is how we are TRULY treat ourselves. They ARE you. How much more separation do you want from thyself? Be what you want in and of the world. That’s HOW you create it.

Choose…in every moment HOW TO BE. To not be on auto pilot, not be mind-less, but be the observer of yourself and your own dream. For no choice each make is wrong or right. No experience is right OR wrong. It’s just experience. Yet our choice creates our next experience and reality. Master YOU. For only YOU can.

For we stop looking,
As now we SEE.
We stop listening,
For now we HEAR.

BE YOU! There is no other like you. You are unique by divine design and reason!

The way…is always through and with the heart; The greatest and highest energetic power. Love is God’s original energy known by the degree (Hertz degree of frequency) we WILL (a sustained choice of our frequency).

One Love
Amanda Lorence
24 January 2020

WinterSpring – Elven Starlight Journal ~ by Joanna Jane


It is the golden hour. I am resting in the old Avalon grave yard, high upon the hill. The edge of the world is bathing in rose and lavender and burnished peach light, while the frozen earth around me twinkles with frosty starlight.
A perfect meeting of the elements has woven a dreamscape of fire and ice.
The Spring flowers emerging from the frozen graves, sing their gentle song of death and rebirth. A reminder of the great cosmic balance, and a reflection of our collective journey point.
Within the peaceful mists of icy sunlight, a deeper call can be heard. The energy of emergence now arriving strong and fast, and the currents of the river that have never before felt so wildly charged.

This is the WinterSpring of the New Earth. We are now truly in the midst of the Great Dawning. The old matrices are rapidly falling away, as we anchor in our beings the foundations of the emerging New World.

We have entered this new year on what feel like waves of chaos. The winds of change blow like a hurricane.
Our beloved Sun now shines forth the intense light of the Great Central Sun, and the flow of Divine light embracing our sacred Earth has set in motion acceleration of unprecedented magnitude.
The great cosmic dance has become a frenzy of celestial transfiguration.
And there are few that are not feeling the epic nature of these times.

We find ourselves in the cascading waterfall of higher dimensional frequencies, and may feel as though we are a leaf on the rushing river, swirling in the relentless flow.
The shore has long since vanished from sight.
There is no looking back, no clinging to the old familiar illusions of safety.
The only way to traverse this mighty river now is with surrender and flow.
Surrender and flow…
Surrender and flow…
Surrender and flow…
The words land as an incantation.
The key that grants us passage though the cycles of death and the heaves of rebirth.
We cannot stop the tide, but can find our strength in following the waves, rather than pushing against them.

We are beckoned to lay down our sword and relinquish our struggle.
To lay to rest the old aspects of ourselves, once held so dear.
We may grieve them. Feel ever tear of loss like a freshly broken heart.
As we watch the boat carrying our old humanity drift away, and set ablaze the funeral pyre of the past, of the old illusions of who and what we once were.
The pain may overwhelm us. We may feel we are drowning in its icy depths.
It is no easy task to free ourselves from a cage that has always seemed to us like home.

And who will we discover when the shadows pass?
Will we recognize ourselves when the looking glass is reflecting back Infinity?
Are we brave enough to open our eyes and look?
Fear of death may be an old familiar friend, but are we yet acquainted with the fear of rebirth?
When the ‘limits’ of our being have expanded beyond the beyond, will we function still within an old familiar world?
Or will we rise to meet our most Divine task yet, and invent reality anew in the very image of our expansion?

As these fears arise, so too will they fall.
The birthing pains of our multi-dimensional evolution.
They may demand our full presence, but our acquiescence assures us swift passage.
Like the wisdom in the old fable; “this too shall pass”.

Just as the seed casing breaks apart for germination to occur, the frozen ground bares the blooms of Spring.

The caterpillar liquefies within his chrysalis, on his journey to become something entirely new. He may be unrecognizable during his transformation, even unto himself.
But just as his winged victory is inevitable, so too is ours.

And it is in the very darkest night of the soul, that our brightest Illumination is born.

The gifts of this journey are immeasurable.
Each death strips away the vestiges of our wounded being, that tether us to the old mirage of a dying world.
It teaches us the great wisdom within the void. The place within where zero point lies, and where the spark of Divine creation ignites into being.
We emerge with each rebirth, our newest self. Our most Angelic presence yet to embody.
From the fathomless depths of our multi-dimensionality, like Venus from the sea-foam, we spring forth, birth after birth, renewed expressions of our ever evolving Divinity.

Never before have the small acts of self love equated to so much. We must hold ourselves with great gentleness and loving care. That we may tenderly coax ourselves from the frozen earth into our new blossoming being.
In the realm of the heart we will find our steady footing, and in the depths of love we will find the light trail through the forest once more.

The portals are wide open now. Everything is supporting us in our evolution. We only need to walk these epic paths that are laid out before us. It requires our strength, our stamina and our courage. It requires the absolute trust in our Divine calling, and the faith that no matter how wild the tempest, we can withstand anything.
That we came to this Earth to be mighty, and mighty is exactly what we are.

Forge on, Beloved ones. Be brave. Be bold. Be free.

In very great love,
Joanna Jane

Commitment ~ The Creator Writings


Today The Universe asks…to what are you committed?  Truth, love, joy, equality and happiness are just a few.  If you feel you have wandered away from where you intended to be, you can always go back to the beginning and start again.  Follow you heart and rest assured that what you choose will be best for you. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Steps for Lightworkers to take – client BQH session – Audio only ~ Allison Coe

Love them as They are ~ twinflames.infinity


Love them as they are, and don’t blame. Don’t blame because, in this life we all have all rights to behave the way we desire and, you see, your responsibility is yourself and only yourself, not changing others, neither their hearts.
Love them as they are, but don’t forget. The way you, yes You, you deserve to be seen, embraced, talked to, cherished, loved, hugged, received, listened to.
Love them as they are, but don’t forget to move on, to continue your journey, to honour your tears and the time you need to come back and, the beauty of the stories that could be books without existing and, please love them but love Yourself so much that you keep yourself on track.
Love them, but from afar. Like gardeners love their flowers, like parents love their children when they now live a thousand, a million miles away – to live their own lives.
Love them, even if you thought things would be different.
Love them, if it hurt you maybe even more than the way the sun shined, tall and bright, the other day.
Love them, even if you couldn’t understand, even if your mind failed to see.
Love them, even if it could have taken another turn, even if it could have been great.
Love them, and don’t blame, but please choose Yourself. Because you are the most beautiful flower, your most precious art. You are your own garden, and you see, such a masterpiece needs to be loved right, seen, respected, received, listened to, cherished even as what’s best – as the most precious poem, as a wild summer song, as the smell of the woods after the rain, as your best friend would smile at you, tonight, as cities are photographed when the sun sets, & as life has made you, pure, and beautiful and tall and kind and wild.