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Ocean Energy ~ 1/28/23

Dolphin and Ocean Energies ~ 1/28/23

Ahanryia via Galaxygirl | January 25, 2023

Ahanryia 1/25/2023

We dragons speak now. I Ahanryia am speaking. I am lending my smoke, my fire, my cunning and wisdom to the Earth Project. The sacred Gaia has called out and we Ascended dragons have answered.

This one sees me as an emerald green female dragon. (She is quite beautiful with aquas and yellow, and golden eyes rimmed in green, appearing modest in size.) Do not be fooled by the size of a dragon, human. For not all are as they seem. We are not bound by the space time that a human form is. We are malleable, changing, squeezing through wormholes and large enough to incorporate planetary energies.

The time of preparation is over. Either you are prepared or you are not. Either one is of the light or of the not-light. There is no more time. (I am seeing an hourglass whose sand has run dry.) The time of the great awakening is now.

I Ahanryia am speaking on behalf of the ascended dragon team that has been the crystal and portal weavers. We have been weaving inter-dimensional grids. Where the holes are we fill them with light, with Source light. We are Source beings. Just as you are Source beings. But we remember our great strength. We see that many of you are remembering. You need not partner alone. This is no longer a solitary journey. Your dragon warriors await, not for your command, but await your camaraderie. We have been working with you tirelessly in the ethers. In the dark murky places we shine our light. This project has been a distasteful one, for we prefer the light and colorful places. But the promise of New Earth, the promise of a new and better world fuel our fire. And our greatest honor is to serve the Source light, the Great Dragon, and so we do.

We chase the comets in our free time. Watch the green comet. It approaches and with it so does a massive amount of our energy. We are normally trailing comets as we enjoy the speed of the chase and we are always faster. It is a great dragon delight. Just as you humans enjoy your chocolates and wines we enjoy chasing comets and munching on the alpine flowers in our world that taste like honey to us.

More worlds are coming to you. More possibilities are coming online to you. Your creativity is coming online to you and with it your power. Your strength of remembering.

We see this as happening now. We are multidimensional. The Earth is a great sieve of dimensions, all flowing in and out like waterfalls, enwrapped with timelines it is impossible to predict. But know that Source is here. The Great Dragon is here with us and supports our work, just as you are effortlessly supported by the wings of light that surround you.

You are spiritual warriors, spiritual dragons. Many of you are dragons in your own right. In your now time and alternate dimensions you have been us. Maybe you are with us flying now in your dragon form, or sitting with us, as partners, as we fly with you. We are not your subordinates to command. We are not your dogs to train. We are the warrior dragons of old come to return to honor the prime directive which is to honor life. To honor the light and to become more of it. This is exactly what we are doing now. We have not been silent. We have been working. This one has not talked with us recently but has felt us near. She has seen glimpses of us in the skies flying above her as she goes on her little human roads to do her human life, those things that seem to take in so much time and energy. Do not let your human life be the only life that you are living. Yes you need to ground, of course you do. But it is now time human to find your dragon wings and soar.

I Ahanryia am speaking. I am breathing fire light on your crown now. On your neck now. On your heart now. On your back now. You are aflame with the dragon light of old returned, reborn. You are reborn. It is time for the inter-dimensional vortex of light to fully crash-land on Gaia and become integrated. Those who wish to enhance their understanding need only sit with these energies and they will understand. We are light blasters. We are light flyers. We dragons can be trusted with the utmost secrets, for we carry our own. But our inner woundings have been fully healed and integrated with our ascended self. We see many of you doing the same, coming to grips with the darkness and sending it your light.

This ascension is an inside job. It is an inside planetary and inside bodily job. It is personal. Ascension is deeply personal because it is so deep. (She is showing me a deep blue alpine lake with an endless bottom. I am feeling dark monsters swimming deep in the lake’s depth.) These are aspects of human pain that need healing, the deeper dragon aspects that were wounded by fear and greed, by lust for gold and folklore of domination. Send it your light, as a human, send it your light. This will accelerate the healing.

(I am sending a burst of light from above me deep into the waters. The water monsters are crawling out and they are becoming less scaly and deformed and now I see they are human children, crawling on the shore crying.) Embrace them. Embrace your wounded selves. This fortifies the light within. All of you reading feel this healing. It is expanding the healing work of the collective. (I am seeing the midnight blue water become clear and colorful dragons are now flying out of it into the sky.)

With every healing another ascended dragon is born from the realms of the lost ones. There are a few dark dragons remaining. Send them the love of humanity and watch their eyes turn from red to liquid gold.

I Ahanryia am with you. We are with you. Humanity is not alone but it is the lynchpin for success. Gaia would have ascended long ago but out of compassion has waited. Creation waits no more. Friends, fellow warriors, the time of miracles is at hand. It is time to fly high and free. It is time. It is time.

I am Ahanryia.

~ galaxygirl

Dragon Pour ~ 1/22/23

As in Life, Just let the paint flow without controlling it. It is amazing what will appear. In this case, a beautiful Dragon. Grateful that the Dragons are with me and the lessons they bring 🙏💛🐲

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Wet Paint Wednesday – 1/18/23

TBT 💞🎨🔥 ~ 1/12/23

TBT 🎨🔥💞

Did these almost a year ago when I was first starting out on this paint pouring adventure. These were pours over other pours I didn’t like. And even with all the cracks and imperfections in the paint, they are still 2 of my favorites. Twin Flame and the Phoenix.

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Wet Paint Wednesday 1/11/23 🎨🐉💙

Dragon Pour 1/9/23

Wet Paint Wednesday 1/4/23 🎨

Snow Storm? Stormtrooper helmet Paint Pour!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ❤🎄🕊

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! 🎄❤🕊
Thought I would attempt a Dragon Pour today, will see how it dries 🐉🔥💎
Much Love to you All!!!

paintpouring #art #fluidart #abstractart #abstract #abstractpainting #acrylicart #acrylicpouring #Dragonart #Dragonpaintpour

Wet Paint Wednesday and Happy Solstice 🎨🙏❤

Wet Paint Wednesday and a Happy Solstice to you all 🎨🙏❤

Not sure on any of these yet lol, but will see how they dry and go from there.

#paintpouring #art #fluidart #abstractart #wetpaintwednesday #abstract #abstractpainting #acrylicart #acrylicpainting #acrylicpouring

This weeks finished pieces – 12/19/22

Wet Paint Wednesday 12/14/22

Galaxygirl’s Team “Morning Whisperings” | November 30, 2022

I woke up early hearing “Ascension is not a hobby it is a full time job.” I responded that I have a full time job. Next I hear, “Then you will have 2 full time jobs, for a time.”

At all times you are surrounded by your team, your helpers. It is up to you to utilize their skill sets. It is up to you to reach out to them and to engage them. You must ask. There are times coming when the angelic collective and the human collective will work as one, for there is angelic DNA that is in the process of being uncoded.

All is about coding, all is about frequency. You understand this figuratively but it is the fabric of your existence. Your world vibrates. Everything is a frequency. Every decision to eat this or drink that or think this or that, all is a vibration that will add or detract from your own. Frequency creates your experience. All is a code.

It is time for the coding to jump up to the next harmonic, and we see that ascension is well underway. That is why we woke this one up this morning, whispering in her ear to type. This is her team. You all have a team, you all have talents and abilities that are coming online, rapidly now. This is the time of rapidity, of the great change. There is no turning back, that point was decidedly past long ago.

We encourage you to hear and heed the inner whisperings of your teams. The angelic hour of the in between of when you wake up and when you are fully up in the morning, this is currently when our voices are heard the loudest. If you are choosing to listen in to the frequency of our voices you will hear us. And we encourage you to write these whisperings down, for we believe they will comfort your heart in the coming days as well as serve as a guidepost for you, a guide book.

There is no instruction manual in existence for this now, for you are currently writing it by your own experiences. This has not been done before as a collective (to ascend) and yet we have seen its completion and glory as we are outside of the time loop matrix that you are currently breaking.

Source cannot be contained unless willingly. You are aspects of Source. Are you willing to continue to be contained? That is the question. We see further truths coming to the forefront. We see humanity asking the deep questions and when a question is asked more light is shed into the void of that question as an answer is created, seen and experienced.

All is experience. Many of you are tired beyond how you have been previously tired. It is a challenging time. But the universe is a compassionate place if one is looking for compassion. There is rest if one is finding rest in the moment they are in. What you seek you find. It has always been that way. It is time to wake up from the dream fully and claim your power.

We wish for our light worker team to feel the power codes in these messages, but more so from the sun, and even more so to walk more fully with their own spirit teams at this time. Now is the time of the great collaboration before the great shaking. Your world will not exist in this form by next year…… This one is arguing with us and the flow was disrupted.

May we continue? She hesitates to write ‘this year’. For what does this year mean really? Does it mean 2022, which is almost at an end? Does it mean a cycle of time? It can mean many things. Have you not felt the shattering? Your world is erupting, and the volcanoes are more active, the earth changes are all around you and they are reflective of the environmental energies. It is a mirror of thought. As the human collective erupts and expands massive earth changes will reflect this. There will come a time when you thought this was the easy period, the breath period and then the breath work period will begin. But it is time to engage now more fully in your ascension journey. The heat is on now. (They are playing the heat is on in my head.)

There is no room for fear. Fear clouds the experience. It is time to tangibly hold the hands of your angels that are trying to guide you through this process with great love and tender care. It is time to stretch your own angel wings and feel that you could be perhaps more than you know yourselves to be. Many of you are frustrated for you feel your abilities that have been cloaked are simmering, just out of reach. If you had all of your abilities available to you, then you would not be toning and honing the ones that you wanted to work on prior to coming in. We see the time for the great uncloaking is very near. The uncloaking of beliefs, of ships, of previously dormant abilities, and in our time this is happening now. We feel the rumblings of the human collective and it will not be stopped. You are here to ground the light and to offer compassion.

The ascension is occurring in real time. This is what it looks like now. Embrace. Relax. Accept. Flow. Allow the coding from the sun to touch your skin. Allow your hearts to be warmed by the light that is all around you. Feel your angelic and galactic families near. It is time.

That is all for now.

~ galaxygirl

Wet Paint Wednesday for Nov 30th 2022

You are meant to be Loved ~ Shannon L. Alder

Sunday Paint Pouring 11/27/22

Wet Paint Wednesday 11-23-22

Wet Paint Wednesday Completions ~ Redwolf

“Love and Justice will Prevail!” – Dragonfae and Dragons Message for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Nov 8th, 2022

It’s been quite a long time pulling out the cards to do a reading For Those Who are Meant to See. But I got a nudge from the Dragonfae and Dragons to get the cards out and do a reading for you for the Eclipse. Well to me, it didn’t disappoint. Enjoy and take what resonates as always with your own path.

The Beautiful Lady Alfreda comes to us on this Powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with a Strong Message. Love and Justice will Prevail! A phase on the journey is drawing to a final close at last. Justice is being served and the karmic ramifications will be felt by all. But do not fear! Hold the love and light within, and stand in your True Beingness with Integrity and Honesty. It’s time for the games and deceptions to cease. It is time for love, truth, and freedom to reign.

Remember that what you send out comes back threefold. Let go of vengeance, hatred, and judgment, and replace them with love and forgiveness as best as possible. We know that this will be difficult with the atrocities that have taken place on an individual level as well as a collective level. Do your best and allow justice to be served, while at the same time learning the lessons that are needed through the dark times for your growth and to move forward on this Ascension.

The Dragons wish to add that we are coming into a time of Love and to not fear opening your heart. It is time for rebirth and transformation to a beautiful new way of being. Know that relationships that you have lost or are losing, are meant to happen to open up the space for the New Higher Love relationships that serve your highest good to come in. This in turn brings renewal and rejuvenation to your being. It not only transforms you and those you connect with but the collective as well. Do not hold on to the fear, loss, and sadness of the past. Embrace the Now and step forward with courage and authenticity into the new that is meant for you. Love always wins in the End!

Much Love to you All!!!


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