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My Life, My Journey ~ Ravenwolf

I was always told who and what I should be, how I should act and the choices I should make.
I’m done living my life by the opinions of the people who don’t know me and frankly, don’t care and don’t matter.
If they had their way, they’d have me be just another copy in a world full of unoriginality.
I can’t live that way, because I’ll never be happy trying to be whatever it is they think I should be.
They didn’t walk my road, endure my struggles and nearly drown in the storms of my life..
So, when they try to whisper in my ear their opinion of me and my life, I’m going to smile and walk away.
I’d rather die in the flames of a passionate life than to slowly wither away in a life devoid of love and passion.
Sure, they’ll judge me, they’ll mock me and probably shun me, but I really don’t care anymore.
I’m not going to try to make anyone but myself happy, because that’s all I can really control.
I’m going to chase my dreams, enjoy my life and soak in the beautiful moments that surround me every day.
The rest of them will never understand that about me and they don’t have to.
I’m not asking for permission or approval to live my life the way that I choose.
Life is hard enough without trying to please people that don’t care in ways that don’t matter about things that are irrelevant.
Forget what the world thinks I should be.
This is my life, my journey and my choices.
Whether I’m different, unique or one of a kind doesn’t really matter, because I’m not being who I am to make a statement.
I’m choosing my path for the best reason of all..
To be happy..
And no one can ever take that away from me,
Now or ever.~


art: Sophie Wilkins

Message from Mary Magdalene and the Angels for the Full Hunters Moon in Aries

Art by Lily Moses

For this powerful Full Hunters Moon in Aries, you are being asked to evaluate what it is that you Desire most. Not what others want for you, but what is buried within yourself. Dive deep within, combine the mind and the heart and allow the images of what it is you truly desire to flow into a very strong vision. Once you have this vision, are you willing to take action to obtain these desires? You have gone through much pain, sorrow and suffering in this and many lifetimes. You have tasted its tears over and over again. But you have risen every time and have become strong and powerful. Its time to let go of all that manipulates you, all that holds you back, including your own fears and bring these true desires of self into your reality.

You have a choice, you always have, even if you think you do or not. Do you continue to let the things in your life, people, career, environment, etc… to continue to manipulate you and keep you from your Dreams and Desires? Or do you summon up the courage and strength to let go of all that you are allowing to hold you back and align with people, career, environment etc… that fulfill the Soul, that does NOT manipulate, and allows you to act and move forwards, manifesting your Dreams. Yes, there are those who do not want you to succeed and will try to manipulate you into their own agenda for their own selfish needs. It is your choice to allow them to do this. Its time to be protective of yourself and your dreams. Do not allow others to derail you from this. There is a New Beginning awaiting you. Will you trust in yourself and the Universe and take the Leap? Believe in yourself, follow your calling and inner guidance and have unwavering faith that your dreams and desires will manifest. Do not be afraid to ask for help along the way if you need it for a trusted friend, family member or partner. Sometimes just a little nudge is all it takes for you to see and have clarity.

I am grateful to have Mary Magdalene come to us today. She is here to help and offer support in bringing your hearts desires into your reality. She will help you to step up, speak your truth and break free from the restrictions and opinions of others on your journey to fulfill your dreams. She is here to guide you through this process. Trust in the power of your soul and its pure visions. They are yours and yours alone and untainted from others opinions and manipulations. Be a source of strength, not fear. Step up and take charge and responsibility of your own path. Center yourself and your power and allow it to guide you and fuel you to take the necessary actions and swiftness on this journey to the vision within. Let the old die off and stop clinging to it because it is familiar and safe. Your dreams are not found there with the control and prison that you are used to. Let go and take the leap, you are being backed and supported from your guides and Angels around you.

There is a restart, new beginnings in your life in some way waiting for you. Whether its a new romance, relationship, job, or home, it is of harmony and balance and what you are been calling out for. Feel from within and do not let your mind take over and complicate things. Feel your way, and allow your inner knowing to guide you. Have complete trust in your intuition, only you know the answers and where it is that you wish to go. Be open and observant to seeing the signs and synchronicities along the way. They are markers to show you that you are indeed on the right path. You have endured much pain and loss, and the road has been a difficult one. Many are still within this transition of pain and loss, whether its losing your job, divorce or any other major event that has shaken your world to the core. Know you have the strength to overcome this and that there is truly a rainbow with a treasure at the end of this. This difficult transition was necessary to help you realign with your true self, and to allow the old to fall away so that the vision that your soul has held of your desires can manifest, creating a new world, the one that you have dreamed of and one that brings in all the love, abundance, balance and harmony that you truly deserve in your life and the one that your Soul has been guiding you toward. Have unwavering faith and Believe in yourself and your journey. You are a teacher and Inspiration to all!!!

Much love to you all!!!


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Angels and Ancestors Oracle and The Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland

Branches of the Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

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October 2021 Message from Kuan Yin and the Ascended Masters

What is it that is motivating you at this time, Love or Fear? Is fear the dominating force in your life or is it the most power force there is, Love. There is much fear in the world right now. It is your choice to tune into it or not. The influence of emotional disharmony is very powerful at this time, and have many caught up in it. The best way not to get caught in this is to go within, surround yourself with those that vibrationally match with you, and to get out into nature. Take this opportunity to express your unvoiced emotions. They must be let out. Suppressing them will only cause sickness and disease and keep your vibration from rising. For this month it is time to step into the unknown and trust. Open your heart and Know that opportunities will open up for you in the areas of your life that you ask for. Something that you have wanted is waiting for you. Know you are worthy of it.

Kuan Yin’s message for this month is love yourself completely and Stop playing Small! It’s time to hold nothing back. It’s time to embrace your true self and uniqueness and give love to the parts of you that have been judged and ridiculed. Every part of you is perfect, you have been programmed to think otherwise. You are an extension of Source and of pure love, even the darker parts of you that you bury. It’s time to let it all out, in full expression. This is a very difficult process and can be extremely uncomfortable. Yet this is a critical step on your healing and growth. You will find that many will fall away as this process progresses. Do not grieve, for it is meant to happen and show you who truly aligns and resonates with you. We are moving into a stage to were the false and illusions are no longer acceptable. Know that you are more than enough in every way and do not accept otherwise from anyone, including yourself and the programmed thoughts that have been placed upon you. Belief creates, let go of the old restricting and imprisoning thoughts and beliefs. During your silent space, take inventory on what is holding you back from the infinite possibilities that you truly do have. You are a Creator Being and were born to create. It is to know that the possibilities are endless for you, unlike what you have been taught since birth. Your imagination and dreaming is a very powerful tool that they do not want you to use and try to create confusion within you. Its time to dream BIG and explore your imagination beyond the limited scope that you have done previously. We are creating the new and manifesting this with our imagination and dreams. Do not cling to the old template, be inspired to create something way outside the the imprisoned box. Its time to show yourself how Small you are NOT!!!!

Master Kuthumi comes in now to add to Kuan Yin’s message. In practicing with your imagination and Dream manifesting, you begin to tap in to your infinite power and start seeing and remembering the great wisdom and gift you have within. You are starting to uncover the truth of your own soul, just by tapping in to the infinite possibilities. More and more the fog starts to clear and you start remembering all the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired over many lifetimes. You will start to see how much you and outside influences have been limiting you. Now is the time to abandon these limiting beliefs and to have the courage to step into the unknown, where amazing things exist that is your Destiny and where the dreams you have manifested await. This is a massive expansion of your soul and its growth.

All of this may require a huge leap of faith and immense courage to overcome the fears that we have been shackled by, keeping us small and dormant in our powers. For many, facing the unknown is the only choice that they have if they wish to further their growth and progress. Know that it is ok to be afraid. Centre yourself and listen to your heart and Souls guidance. It is leading you to your true purpose and destiny. You are again being called to express your True Self. And as you let go of the old and all that no longer resonates, you come to the edge, you start to realize that you truly can fly. You start to see opportunities that were not within your reach being small. That new amazing beginnings that fulfills your Soul and purpose present themselves to you now. This gives you a renewed focus and confidence within yourself to achieve anything you wish and to seize every new opportunity and navigate easily and quickly though massive changes. And the more you move forward, the more the gifts, wisdom and knowledge that you have within you start to show, grow and are able to be utilized for service of the self and others. It is time to see how magnificent and powerful you truly are!

Much Love to You All!!!


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Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

The Chinese Tarot Deck by Jui Guiliang

Avalon Message for the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces and Equinox 9/20-9/21/21

by puimun

From the moment that we came into existence and the lifetimes that has proceeded, we have been in a constant state of learning. Each of us is a Unique extension of Source. Every experience we have ever had has offered us a lesson to learn from. These lessons repeat themselves until we are able to understand them. With this Full Moon and Equinox, we are being asked to look at all the lessons we have learned and to transform these lessons and bring out the gifts within us. It is also very important at this time to look at the lessons that keep repeating. Whether its relationships, career or anything else in your life, dive deep within and listen to the calling of your Soul’s Song. Allow it to guide you and break through these repeating lessons. Many times, one must part ways with the people in their lives or jobs that they have that do not match your vibration so that the repeating cycle is broken and one can move forward toward their calling. Remember that you are on your own unique path, what’s right for you may not be right for another. Honour yourself and the path that your Soul shows you. It is leading you to your highest calling and experiences for this lifetime.

Avalon comes to us during this time to ask that you follow your dreams and to be fully committed to building and manifesting them. You have done so much work, do not allow outside influences to derail you from your vision. Hold it strongly within your heart and KNOW that they are coming into your reality. Be true to YOU and focus on self-discovery. This will lead you to discovering your true passions. It is time to address the limitations and restrictions that are self-imposed or from outside influences. Release the fear of the unknown, or the fear of standing up for yourself for what you believe and want in your life. This is your path and your dream and nobodies choice but your own. Allow the self-sabotage to fall away, along with the people, jobs or other situations that are holding you back from your dreams. Its time to stand in your power and truth and bring forth that which you wish to come into being. You are the Creator, now is the time to release what is stopping you from creating a new world for yourself.

With these Full Moon energies combined with the Equinox, you are being asked to Expect the Unexpected! This allows the Miracles to unfold! Holding expectations can block what is meant to come to you. Flow in the river of life and allow it to unfold naturally. There may be twists and bends in the river and many times not knowing where you are going. Trust in your self and the inner guidance that is leading you to these unexpected gifts and Miracles that await you. There is new adventures to be had that bring much joy and happiness to your life. With the breaking of cycles and learning from the lessons, you gain so much wisdom on the path forward that will assist you on this new journey toward your dreams. Believe in yourself and the unlimited potential that you have. Allow the guilts, anxieties and burdens that are no longer yours to fall away and allow this shedding to fuel your passions and desires. Let these fires inside you burn intensely, bringing in the knowing that you will attain all you dream of. This energy that you put off will attract your Tribe and Soulmates that Truly resonate and vibrate at equal frequencies as you do for the new adventures ahead.

There have been times, many for some, on feeling totally lost, confused and deep sense of loss with losing friends, partners, jobs ect… with these massive changes. This is all just your cue to move on from things that are no longer a vibrational match and that does not serve your highest good and purpose. It is time to walk away with kindness and grace and to set up firm boundaries. Have compassion for all that you are and have been going through and know that you can overcome any obstacle. With this Courage and For all of this letting go of what no longer resonates, allows for the doors to something so much better for you that will truly resonate. All this new to unfold and witness the new Success, the new Soulmates, the New Confidence you have within yourself to achieve anything and to truly live in your Truth! Embrace your Inner knowing, this is all meant for you and you are so Deserving of this!!!

Much Love to you All!!!


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Wisdom of Avalon, The Enchanted Map and Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

Wizards Tarot by Barbara Moore

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Avalon and the Dragons: Message for the New Moon in Virgo

With any New Moon, it is a time for new beginnings and setting intentions for the New that you want in your life. With this New moon, Your Destiny is calling you. Have you quieted your mind enough to hear this calling? If not it is now a time to do so. If you have questions, seek them from within during this quiet time. All the answers are there that you need to move forward to your Destiny. Its time to drop the burdens and all things that are weighing you down that are not yours to carry. Whether its people, careers or things, whether its your self imposed limitations from your mind or from others. This is a wake up call to see your true worth and true unlimited potential. For many, it has been a great struggle, especially with the deep rooted program of unworthiness. It is one of the hardest and greatest lessons in this incarnation. Know you are worthy and deserving of it all. Your Destiny is awaiting with amazing things to show you and experience. Love yourself and Trust!

Master Merlin comes to us now to add to the above energies that are available now. You have everything you need within you to move forward on your path toward your Destiny. When it comes to your life and its purpose, all is within you. Master Merlin and your guides are always there for help if you ask for it. Do your best not to let the outside world distract you from the guidance from within that is being given. Your inner world is the true knowing and you are being given signs and synchronicities as well to guide you and to give you confirmation on your path. Whether it looks like it or not, everything is coming together and to fruition for you. Honor your process, do not compare yourself to others, and know that your process is unique from everyone else. It is not for others to fully understand nor to judge. Continue to do the work and be proud of yourself in all that you have gone through and accomplished so far. Be proud of the Authentic YOU, You are amazing!

The Beautiful White-Golden Dragons from Lyra are here now to help us clear and develop our causal chakra more so we can tune into the higher dimensions of spirit. They are also helping us illuminate our highest ascension path. These Dragons also embody the highest frequency of the Christ Light. You carry this Christ Light within you as well. Call on these Dragons to bathe you in this light. Absorb all you are able to receive. This will raise your vibration significantly, and with it, you will start attracting all that will assist you toward your Highest possible path and bringing you much joy and pleasure to your being. You will soon see that your wishes and intentions for what you truly desire in life are coming into your reality. Hold your visions from your heart strong. Keep putting your energy to these visions. These energies are now ripe to bring it all to you and for the new beginnings you have wanted to take place.

Finally, with the North Node showing up, it is a confirmation that you are heading in the right direction toward your Destiny. You are being asked to face your remaining fears and step into your true Sovereign power. Step into the unknown. It may be out of your comfort zone, but it is needed, do not procrastinate. Do not compromise or be bullied from your true knowing. Do not get drawn into arguments or any interaction that drags your vibration back down. Nor allow the past and previous struggles to bring question or doubt into your mind. Set clear and strong boundaries and command this by your confidence and belief in yourself and your path. Don’t take any Shit! Let the passion within you for this Destiny to fuel you and be fearless. You got this, KNOW it with all of your being!

Much Love to you All!!!


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Wisdom of Avalon Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper
Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan
The Tarot of Trees by Dana O’Driscoll

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Message from Kuan Yin and the Masters for September 2021

September is a big month for change. Not only with the seasons of Gaia but within us as well. The primary message For this month overall is to be true to you and embody your authentic self. It is also a time to go within and be completely truthful with yourself. Explore the areas that you are limiting yourself and keeping you small, whether its thoughts, habits, beliefs or people in your life. Its time to break free, to Discover or Rediscover the true passions that you hold within. You have been manifesting opportunities. Now Its time to release the fears of the unknown. The Signs are there to follow, open your heart and follow its calling.

The Turquoise Lotus Mother Kuan Yin comes to us this month to let you know that the patterns of the old ways are in its death throws. The past is the past and its now time to drop the weight and the burdens and move forward to the new. You have so much untapped power and potential that has been held back by yourself or held down by others. Only you can allow the past to influence you. Now its time to do what’s necessary for YOU and not what’s expected by others. Be unafraid to walk your path alone. Be unafraid and unapologetic of who you truly are. Embodying this will now attract the right things into your life. Whether love, abundance, or tribe, the lessons from the past have been learned. Leave the regrets with the past…behind you and move confidently forward into the new.

Master Hilarion steps in with his Divine Healing. If you find yourself overwhelmed or feel overly sensitive by the integrations and challenges at this time, connect with him to assist you with this. He also asks that you be dedicated to yourself at this time. Be extremely discerning and Do Not attach to the goings on in the world at this time. Observe if you need to, but do not attach. Keep your focus on yourself and your own world. Be in a positive state of gratitude and appreciation. Create a positive environment for yourself and Keep your circle small. These are the ones who are unconditionally true to you, that bring love, support and positivity into your world, Your Tribe. Let go of those that have continue to be judgmental of who you are and feed off your energy and bring your vibration down. During this month it is very important to keep your vibration as high as possible, and those you keep around you will effect this one way or another. There is nothing wrong with being choosy for who you have in your world. This is your world and you mold it to however you wish. We are going through an ultimate change and transformation. This high vibrational world you create for yourself will help with an easier transition to the New.

One final message from the Counsel of Masters is to go within and truly listen to the Song of your Soul. It has been trying to share with you and help you to remember who you truly are. It has been trying to show you how small and insignificant You are NOT. Stop reliving the past, or listening to the present and believing what other s have said about you to keep you down and lower your vibration and worth. Rise up and Remember the Infinite Amazing being you truly are. Your Soul Song sings the truth to you. You just have to be willing to listen with an open heart and accept it after so long of being programmed to the contrary. This is truly a monumental moment when you accept this and walk in your true glory. It is a new beginning for you to truly walk on your path to your destiny and purpose. It has been quite a journey to this point for many of you and certainty not an easy one. This month has the potential to be very topsy-turvy, you keep your Tribe close and in continuous communication. This will help all of you on the Journey ahead.

Much love to you All!!!


Infinite Gratitude for Donations to
Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray
Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle by Lucy Cavendish
Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan
The Chinese Tarot Deck by Jui Guoliang

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Waiting ~ The Creator Writings

My dearest child…you cannot drag anyone, kicking and screaming, into a new world. As much as you like to, it would not be their accomplishment, it would be yours. Each person needs to discover their own pace and rhythm. What can you do in the meantime? Continue your work, be the person they can come to when they are ready to begin exploring and remember how The Universe waited for you. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Truth ~ Nicky Hamid

You cannot think Truth, You feel it.
Thus truth comes from Heart Knowing not from thoughts.
Process through your heart always for your own guidance and direction.
Logical “little” mind only can know what was. Your mind cannot know until your heart has given the direction you are going.
Your mind will want to contain. But you are infinite and expanding.
Let your Heart point to and express what is right for you.
Never allow another to define you.
We can all find justifications for anything but that does not make any of it true.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid

Right Decision? ~ The Creator Writings

You will often make decisions for yourself and not know if they are the right ones. Feel into your heart. A decision that is right for you will put an end to the turmoil within and carry with it a sense of peace. This is The Universe agreeing with you. ~ Creator   (r)

Right Decision?

The Small Moments ~ The Creator Writings

How many times have you missed an opportunity to create joy for yourself or others because you were afraid it would appear childish? How often have you walked away from a moment of kindness because you felt there was not enough time in your day? With humanity’s great changes firmly underway, The Universe is now asking you to remember the little things. Those seemingly inconsequential experiences will, in the end, add up to a life well lived and a whole lot of love! Do not let those opportunities pass you by! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Reprogramming the Human Mind

The human mind is programed to remain busy grabbing at any scrap of information just to remain fully engaged There is no rhyme nor reason to its constant gambits only the need to keep churning away with its machinations A simple deep breath is all it takes to break the cycle and reset its program…

Reprogramming the Human Mind

Releasing ~ The Creator Writings

Pain is holding onto something that no longer serves you. Thank it for teaching you it’s valuable lessons and release it to The Universe to be transmuted back to love. You will then be free to reach beyond. ~ Creator (r)


A Momentary Pause ~ The Creator Writings

There is a momentary pause between this heartbeat and the next…a moment to be exactly who you are meant to be. Awaken to the potential that there are an infinite number of these moments strung together to make your Earth-plane existence. ~ Creator (r)

A Momentary Pause

THE ANCIENT ORACLE OF ONE ~ Channeled by Kalia Diya

Redwolf Remark: Kalia Channeled this on August 20th 2018 yet it is very pertinent Today


I see the fires burning in the sky, and they burn with fervency. They burn all that which is no longer love.

I see the fires upon the Earth, and they burn. They burn away all that is not needed, and they open doors for more darkness to be revealed, so that very darkness may come to the light. That very darkness may bow the knee to love, or be obliterated forever.

I see the Earth rising in her frequency. Her heart beats more strongly. Her heart becomes a rainbow in itself that raises the vibration of Her people.

I see the waters upon the Earth running deep and swift. I see the waters within the Earth rising to create a new landscape to bring forth the Ancient memory that is buried within her.

I see the mountains that blow steam, fire and ash. And they are releasing old energies that no longer serve the Earth and Her people. And as the steam, fire and ash go across the land, it renews the land and Her people with new life.

I see more and more of the Earth’s children awakening and remembering who they are, and it is beautiful.

I call to the new children of the New Earth and I say come Beloveds. Come into this safe and sacred place where you can see, and be who you are. For it has been created by you, for you. And you are now free from the fog and the veil and that which has kept you asleep for thousands of years.

I say to the new children of the New Earth, open your eyes and see. Open your ears and hear. Open your hearts and feel. Open your mouths and speak that which is of love, and you will remember All That Is.

I say to the Ancient Beings who walk the New Earth, I see you and I honor the sacrifice you have made to be here and to help those remember who they are. I see that you are empowered with all frequencies that are aligned to Creator. I see that you are empowered with Ancient knowledge, keys and codes. And Now is the time for those to be revealed. Now is the time for you to step forward in your power and declare all it is that you know. Now is the time for you to step in your power and wear the robes of righteousness which you have been given. Now is the time for to step in your power and open your arms and embrace those who are ready. Now is the time for you to speak the words upon your lips which will teach those who are ready to hear. And now is the time for you to open your hearts even further and receive the highest activations and remembrances of what you created in the very beginning.

The Oracle Declares:

Ah’lahk manashiin’nai hohmai’ah lahkahma. H’lahke shi na’maiyah khomanah k’lahka monee shi’nene kah’madah. Hoh meh k’lalah k’shenenah nemahk lah lehkhomah k’in nehnish nayah. Wha’kini nesh eh la geb’ehkho wha’khin alak o’hwha’khin nesh ahwha khowhakah. Ah’lahk ahkahmanah shi’nenah kho’wha leck ehlowah khi’shilach oh’mach ahnini nowo’wah. Ohmach’ah nini shi’nanah noh’whakhen neh’bak ahnishi lahk’imamah khi’nini ohwhiyh. Ah’khamah nish ahnai’ohwquin nihyii o’woh k’hnaii shi’nayah. Ohm mach’a lalahk wohkhaii shi’nohm l’lack’hamhiiahi. Hahmech k’hnana shii niyih. K’hnoi k’nhik’noi.

I NOW DECLARE: A new phase, a new beginning.

I NOW DECLARE: That that which came forth has been integrated fully.

I NOW DECLARE: That all which was anchored shall now produce new growth.

I NOW DECLARE: More rest for the People, more ease and grace.

I NOW DECLARE: A blanket of love, softer frequencies settle over all.

I NOW DECLARE: The Golden Ray of Light penetrate deep within each soul to illuminate All That Is.

I NOW DECLARE: That Father/Mother of Creation are well pleased with All That Is.

I NOW DECLARE: That all remember their Creatorship, that the veil be torn from their eyes, and that they stand forth in their power.

I NOW DECLARE: This cycle is complete and the new one beginning: The Age of Grace, The Age of Power, The Age of Peace.

I NOW DECLARE: That all darkness be commanded to step forward and show yourself so that the Warriors of Light can meet you.

I NOW DECLARE: That all those with the spark of the Divine Creator shine brighter and brighter across all universes, timelines, and realities.

I NOW DECLARE: That it is Done and it is so.

It is Done.

Channeled by Kalia Diya

LOVE! ~ The Creator Writings

If you begin with love, from a place of love, the only thing that will grow is LOVE! ~ Creator

LOVE! — The Creator Writings

Awareness ~ The Creator Writings

Pay attention, my love…things are changing! Yes, you realize this on a conscious level, but it is something deeper and more profound than you realize. Lift your head up and really look around you; notice how your awareness has increased and your feelings have moved from merely superficial. You have been given this gift for a reason, please do not let it go to waste!

In the coming months, this will be very important for the well-being of your body and mind. Practice now, practice well, and become very familiar with it so you can use it to your full advantage! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Sun Disc of the Reindeer People ~ Elen Elenna

Beloved Star of Worlds,
I see the Solar Disc, of etched platinum and gold an ancient star of the people landing and altering the ways that have been; bringing the older way, that is yet a beginning. A higher dimensional ground, an inter-galactic and ascended earth ever more woven underfoot.
This is the Sun Disc of the Reindeer People
It is the Golden Wheel
The Sun Disc holds the codes of the New Sun
The White Reindeer Path
The Sun Disc was once physical, wrought of golds of earth by the Reindeer People when they received the prophecy of the seventh Sun. They set about forming it of the purest golds, as shown by the earth. But this was never its main intention, to become physical. It was first wrought in the etheric by the Elven during the earliest starlight ages of earth, as a record of the Great Ages of Starlight, of the Sun. This is the record of the times when the Sun becomes a Diamond Sun, and was fore-seen and known, tuned into when these diamond-platinum-golden frequencies would pour through and become physicalised. It holds the great Elven record of earth, and the love that has here been, and is to come again. It is a history, a story, a record, above all. Many knew that remembrance would be intimately linked with awakening.
It was wrought in Ar-Aria-Fina. A beautiful Golden Elven Sun Disc. The Reindeer People became custodians of this treasure, and kept it under the Northern Lights, where its sigils glow white and it restores itself and the higher timeline continuously
The descent of the angels, and the angelic timeline of earth.
Ancient ones, wisdom keepers, record keepers
It contains the record of how to dwell as an Angel of the Greater Central Sun upon the earth, how to dwell as a Spiritual Sun, as a Diamond Solar being. It is the record of how to ascend on the earth into the seventh dimension.
For the Elven, this was always the goal, always the trajectory. For this is the state of the Star Creator, of the one who enters the journey of Mystery as the dancing light of creation
Burnished, fawn, fine scratches upon the surface, opaque and white gold, soft, here and there shining. Its white glyphs are inscribed, so fine. They are delicate, archaic forms. They sing to the soul. There is a resonance of remembered ages. Of another way of being that is known to the soul.
And there are other markings upon it
These are dotted lines, intervals of solid lines, arrow forms and pyramidal marks
They show the way the galaxies flow one to another, and the old travel ways and star gates of the People
Our Sun is now moving through a sequencing of realignments with the ascended Elven galaxies, and through the coming months there shall be the most beautiful sequencing of stargates re-establishing these connections.
Our Sun, linking with our hearts (Golden Spiritual Suns of this world), can now undergo this reconnection. The infinity loop through our galaxy is restored.
I sit in the kota and feed the flames of the beautiful fire, whose sparks become the ascending lights of Aurora Borealis. The fire and the solar lights form a pathway, and I throw offerings of amber, lavender and myrrh to the flames to strengthen and honour the pathway. It is a pathway of transition from one world to another. We are travelling from one epoch of our ascension to another, from gold to diamond.
This is the time that was always dreamt.
Journey well, Beloved Star, for much shifts in these times
With Infinite, Elfin Love
Elen Elenna

Ps I tootle still upon website creations, and SOON I shall open the Reindeer Lodge, an online introduction 1st September to the People of the Sun, People of the Stars, Elven shamanic ascension journey… so excited to meet the new souls entering upon the journey!
Pps From the Elven Temple of Ar-Aria-Fina, long I have been guided to share a writing program within which the Elven Codices of Light are written and return. Supernova: Writing Your Book of Starlight has a few places available, REGISTRATION TO OPEN SOON
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Message from the Trees for the Full Blue Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

For Those Who are Meant to See…

The Ancient Ones, The Trees, come to us with a Powerful Message for this Blue Moon. We are in the midst of great change. As through the eons, change is constant, and cycles begin and end. Humanity is now coming to the end of a major cycle on Mother Gaia. And for many individuals, a cycle in their own life’s path is coming to and end as well. Endings are necessary for the new to birth. And like the Phoenix, you will rise from the ashes. You are being called now to listen to your intuition and the messages that you receive through it. It is very important at this time to find the silence and listen. Come and visit with the Ancient Ones and Listen. Hear what they also have to say to you. See the Signs and Synchronicities all around you guiding your path. Trust in your guidance and Do not fear this change. You chose to come here for it! Be open in heart and mind and allow the change around you to flow. Communicate with those closest to you that you trust and resonate with explicitly, Your True Tribe. Share your thoughts and Emotions with each other and Be completely honest and open. This will help everyone in the tribe in the coming weeks and months ahead. Lean on each other, help each other, and love each other. Soon you will see the great importance of your Tribe. And Like the trees, stand strong together.
Also like the trees, you have gone through many cycles, many years, many lifetimes here on Gaia. We use the analogy of the growth rings. You can look through all the rings and see where there was a lot of growth and also see where there was very little due to the conditions. The same goes for you. In Some cycles you have grown leaps and bounds where others your growth was stunted. A lot of this has to do with the environment around you. But unlike the trees, Your mind and your openness can either allow you to quickly grow or stunt it. You see, no matter the environment, you are only limited by your mind. There have been many lifetimes and many illusions. What you choose to believe becomes your reality. What you are being asked now is to have great discernment with the world around you. This is where trusting your intuition and the signs come into play. Have persistence in your truth and Stand in your True Sovereign Power. There may be a lot of illusion, lies and other BS to cut through. Be open and honest and Speak your truth. But most important of all, take great care in yourself.
With these cycles coming to an end and the birth of the new beginnings, it is very important to focus on and hold the true visions within that you hold dear to you. This is not a time to be small or think small. Open your mind and your heart. Think big and dream big! Be free, be sovereign in your thinking and visions. We are all building the New World and to break the old program and traditions of control. Throughout this Earths “History”, it’s been manipulated and of control to keep you small. All of this is ending, even though that certainly doesn’t show in the outer world at this time. Be committed to yourself and your visions. You along with your tribe are working a lot together in your sleep times, building the foundations of the New Earth. During your days, a good activity is to communicate with your tribe or other people that resonate and talk about ideas, dreams, and any other creative plans that you may have. This further solidifies ideas into manifestation and also brings your vibration up having inspiring conversations like this.
It will be very important in the days, weeks, and months to come to keep your vibration as high as possible and bring calm and ease to yourself and your space. Just by your presence, you will bring more ease and calm to others around you. This is not a time to buy into the narrative and to allow fear and chaos to influence you. It is time to be excited and motivated! Its time to live your personal truths and look forward to the new beginnings and breakthroughs that will be taking place. Remember to observe the signs, synchronicities, and messages from your intuition. You are being Divinely Guided throughout all of this. Along with Standing in your power, Be strong and Confident in every step you take, but don’t forget to be childlike as well and have fun, laugh, play! These are very exciting times of change if you view it from that perspective. Be the Boss and take charge of this journey, You were meant for this!!!
Much love to you all!!!
Infinite Gratitude for Donations to
Soul Trees Ascension Deck and Soul Seeds Oracle by Allyson Williams-Yee
Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan
The Tarot of Trees by Dana O’Driscoll

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The Explorer ~ The Creator Writings

With each new shift and wave of energy, you are being given the chance to start over. You are like the intrepid explorer with choices of how you approach each particular mountain. Whether it be around, over or through…each offers its own set of challenges and rewards. Do not be daunted, my dearest, be in joy and revel in the new experience! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Silver Grove Quote From ‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’ By Elen Elenna

The white deer with the star at her brow leads us into the Silver Grove. It is here, beneath the magnificent and ancient silver branches that we reweave the lost glyphs of our own inter-dimensional presence.
Imagine the Silver Grove: magnificent timeless trees woven out of starlight that stand all around the Earth. Their giant roots are wound around her, forming an atmospheric cradle. These trees form the Council of the Stars that guides the Earth into beautiful resonance with the rest of the Cosmos. Here, there exists a great collaboration of Star Beings who oversee her development. In these times, we are becoming increasingly aware of the presence and influence of the Silver Grove and it shall transparently become an aspect of our own consciousness. That is, we shall become aware of Earth’s special role in the evolution of the whole cosmos, and the many ascending and descending realms of order to which she is connected. Underneath the sapphire leaves of the canopy of the Silver Grove, we are able to remember the aspects of ourselves that extend to the level of Galactic and Intergalactic vision. We are entering this transpersonal template that expands the domain of self into its natural far reaches. This is enabling the beautiful rebirth of our world, as we step beyond vulnerable isolation into radical interconnectivity, and the reconnection to high levels of spiritual intention and guidance. We need to remember ourselves as agents of cosmic service and transformation. The trees of the Silver Grove are Intergalactic Elders who release the codes of our incarnational purpose. You discover yourself as a Planetary Guardian; you are not merely a vulnerable and separate human being, but empowered with the facility to dance as a Guardian upon this planet. Your movements are significant and determinative in the anchoring of an ancient and futuristic dream.
The presence of the Silver Grove means that the Intergalactic Guardians are descending into our skies once again, their wisdom readily available to the listener. And they are an aspect of ourselves. We are this Silver Grove: it is our wingtips, our outermost consciousness that accounts for our capacity to surrender our lives to divine service.

Silver Grove Quote
From ‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’
By Elen Elenna

Artwork: Fifth Glyph of the Silver Wheel
Elven Starlight Codes of Creation

Stand In Integrity ~ The Creator Writings

If you allow yourself to be bent or allow others to bend you to their will through spoken or unspoken expectation, it is a recipe for disaster and self-loathing. Stay true to who you are and what you want from your Earth-plane existence. Stand in integrity, it is the true path to what you want to accomplish. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Your Ability… ~ The Creator Writings

Your strength comes not from what you can take from others, the advantage you may gain over them or the number of favors held in your ‘personal bank’ waiting for claim. Your strength comes from your ability to forgive and to love others as well as yourself. ~ Creator (r)

Your Ability…

Treat Yourself…~ The Creator Writings

Oftentimes, you will ask yourself, “why am I being treated this way”? The answer is very simple…YOU ALLOW IT. Treat yourself with love, kindness, respect, passion and joy, others will follow suit. ~ Creator (r)

Treat Yourself…

Being Yourself ~ Bashar

The more you allow yourself to become
who and what you are,
the more natural you become,
the more truthful to yourself you become,
the more representative you become
of the facet of the Infinite you were created to be…
Then the easier it will be for your reality
when it becomes more chaotic
to be able to reflect to you
those aspects of the chaos
that have to do with you
and are important to apply in your life
and those aspects of the chaos
that don’t have to do with you
and which you can let go of.
These will reveal themselves.
You will see a new organization coming in,
a new organizing principle
that will let you know through synchronicity
which things you need to pay attention to,
which things you can let go of,
which things are no longer necessary in your life…
Things, that perhaps, in the past
you have been taught you need to hold on to…
you now can begin to really let go of
so that you can understand that the most important aspect
of being able to handle the new chaos,
the amplified and magnified chaos,
that is going on in your society
will be to streamline yourself…
let go of excess baggage.
It will seem as if you are becoming, in a sense,
and that you must trim off anything
that doesn’t belong to you
or you will not really be able to ride the wave smoothly.~

~ Bashar

Via Sacred Dreams