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I don’t feel like writing today

But I have so much to say

I’ll paint instead …. It’s hard to argue without words

My thoughts tangible but confusing

I am Manifest, Unmanifest


You don’t get to decide for me. Nor I, you

Doesn’t that feel better, Actually?

No? You’d rather another layer added?

So you don’t have to see, feel, know of that which I manifest, paint, draw, think, perceive… Of which you don’t agree?

How many layers of belief, reality, illusion, allusion …. Shall we add so you feel safe

In your space

Without my vision

And sight

And truth

Individual or otherwise

Adding highlights and shadows where you didn’t intend them…. That’s the sun’s job, I get it.

We do. We get it.

From the great beyond where you’ve placed us …. outcasts, weirdos, charmers, farmers, freaks and geeks

Far and removed from your comfort zone.


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Skills ~ The Creator Writings


As you grow and gain knowledge, the voice of The Universe will become more distinct and understandable.  Just like anything else on your Earth plane, if you choose to practice, that particular skill will become stronger.  Those around you are awakening every day on a scale never seen before and many of the messages received are similar in nature.  This is The Universe’s way of giving you something that resonates until you have developed the means to interpret its messages for yourself.

Today, you are being invited to step into the gifts you were born with and begin using them on a regular basis.  Humankind is heading toward a time when all will work together peacefully and without conflict…and it is coming much sooner than anticipated.  Rest easy in the knowledge of being fully supported during this amazing process! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley

The wings on my back


The wings on my back

The wings I often feel/see on my back, are not necessarily mine. They are the wings of my guardian angels, the ones always nearby. You see, they are my closest ones, so close that sometimes we blend/overlap ourselves (our energy), being difficult to define each other’s limits. I am still in a human form, they are still angels, but because we work as a team, we need to be close/united. Only united teams can fulfill their aim/mission. Sometimes they are just an impression on my back, as if someone is watching over my shoulder. And because they are so close, for instances I may feel that their wings are mine.

Their wings are like the ones they belong to, both soft and powerful, silent and lightful. Sometimes small, others big, but always of divine nature and truth. There are moments when their wings envelop me in a comforting…

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Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 206 – White Spectral Worldbridger – HUNLAHUN CIMI


May 19, 2019

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 206 – White Spectral Worldbridger – HUNLAHUN CIMI.

After the Perfection of the Planetary Tone of Manifestation comes the Freedom of the Spectral Tone of Liberation.

White Spectral Worldbridger – HUNLAHUN CIMI guides and teaches us to bridge worlds through the powers of equality and neutrality by allowing necessary deaths to occur, which creates renewal and unlimited opportunities in order to break free from bondage, confinement, and rigidity and receive limitless and boundless options. By surrendering our ego’s need to control and relaxing into the larger plan and releasing everything that is detrimentally affecting our experience, we can dissolve the presences of unwanted energies and break down structures that uphold limitation. As the positive power of destruction, which leads to necessary renewal, White Spectral Worldbridger – HUNLAHUN CIMI reminds us that in a heart awakened existence, we can bridge the material and the spiritual worlds so that we are in the material world but not attached to it by allowing seeming chaos to be a revitalizing release into the full spectrum of wondrous possibilities. There is no beginning or ending to the complexities of the simplicities. There is only experience of the Whole, always offering Itself like a joy-ride of interconnected parts arranged in a highly cryptic, yet splendidly functional order. Seeming randomness is but a play of the Unseen Consciousness, so the best advice is to release the reins and merge into the cosmic chaos.

In Lak’ech!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

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Schumann resonances ~ 05-19-19


Your Best Self ~ The Creator Writings


It has been said before and it bears repeating as a reminder; what is right and true for you will not necessarily be right and true for others.  Your experiences on Earth have formed your opinions, thoughts and actions…some for the better, some not so good.  It is up to you, via free will, to decide what you choose to be and how you present yourself.  The Universe has been and always will be love, compassion and kindness.  As you walk your path, think about what is important to you, how you prefer to be treated and extend that same courtesy to those around you.  It may not feel like it now but, a time is coming when this will be the norm.  Until then, keep being your best self and know you are loved. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley

Q”TIP and Energy Report⚛️*Let Go*

Lightlover Journal

“Q”TIP and Energy Report⚛️Let Go- 5/17/2019
Intense Ascension symptoms being felt by all as the incoming Source Waves are slamming into the Ionosphere and reverberating across all consciousness grids.
I feel a secondary plasma Wave within the First Wave…seems to be affecting my third eye area specifically…feels like my third eye is drying up…like the muscles are being overworked.
Energy Frequency is aligning to the first 4D chakra system, affecting teeth, ears and nose.
If the tip of your tongue is sore, it means your chakra is expanding btw. Try not to kiss too passionately lol!
If you taste metal, your pineal gland is quickly decalcyfying, drink tons of water, and add at least 1000mg of extra vitamin C to support your immune system. (preferably 2000 if you can swing it)
couple of shots of apple cider vinegar with the mother, for your kidneys and…

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