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🌳Wake-Up Call from the Redwood Trees🌳 ~ Via Ostarel Kumara

🌳Wake-Up Call from the Redwood Trees🌳

We are the “Giants,” the remnants of a very ancient civilization that most of you have long forgotten. The millennia have come and gone and we are still here, in gradually decreasing numbers at the hands of rapacious loggers whose only consideration is the amount of money they can make by reducing our population day by day.

As a species of the collective Devic Intelligence, our presence
has graced this planet for millions of years, back to the time
of the magical Land of Pan. For millions of years, the people
of this planet have held us in great awe and respect for the
beauty and wisdom we hold, and for the deep sense of peace
and harmony we radiate far and wide from the surroundings where we abide.

Those who have the ability to communicate and interact with us consciously receive our gifts and the knowledge we possess. Unknown to most of you, we have much knowledge and wisdom to share. Someday, you will wake up to this reality, and wish you had been more conscious of who we are and the important contributions we have made on your planet.

We lived and thrived on the ancient continent of Lemuria, far beyond this western shore.

At one time, our Spirit and physical form were spread nearly everywhere on this planet. At this time, we are the only survivors on the surface of the glory and beauty that once was. We are the historians and a connecting link to your ancestors, to your roots and your past-selves in the Lemurian civilization and beyond. People have complained again and again that Lemuria was lost without any trace.

We tell you that we are here, “unacknowledged.” We are the
Ones who survived the cataclysmic changes that occurred
12,000 years ago, and we have remained on the Pacific Coast
for your benefit. Why have you not recognized us? Why do
you not appreciate the great service that we, as a species,
have offered to your planet for so very long, and the great
service we continue to provide to this very day, in spite of
the gradual and constant destruction of our species?

In the millions of years of service, no civilization has ever
sought to eliminate us so heartlessly and callously as twentieth century Americans. We are being removed systematically by industrial giants with the full support of your government. Governments are responsible for supporting long-term benefits of the whole, not just the short-term interests of lobbyists and exploiters. For the sake of a few dollars you are eliminating your ancient heritage and destroying the Beings who are protecting you. You are, as the analogy states, “the dogs that bite the hands of those who feed and love them.”

Very few would ever have considered destroying us the way you have today in this country. It would have been considered an outrage and the rape of one of Earth’s most precious treasures.

Always, in all regions and eras, we have been honored and loved for the gifts from the Earth we were able to distribute
freely to all. The West Coast of the United States is now what is left of ancient Lemuria’s last treasures, and up until about 60 years ago, thousands upon thousands of acres of Redwoods graced and blessed the West Coast of this country.

Now there are only a few meager strips of us left here and
there “for show.” You are so far removed in your awareness
from true beauty and value that very few of you have even
noticed. Where have you been? What do you value?

All our beauty is about gone, replaced by a false sense of “progress” and much ugliness. Although most of us, as a species, have been destroyed by your modern technology and your lack of awareness and consideration, our Spirit continues to live. Every time one of us succumbs to the mechanical saw of a lumbermen, the Spirit of the dying tree moves on to another dimension for a new incarnation where it is loved, honored and appreciated.

Our species, as a collective Devic Intelligence, also live in many higher dimensions of this planet and beyond, where we thrive and the inhabitants cherish our presence and our gifts. We live in great numbers inside the Earth and the subterranean cities of this planet where we grace the lives of the loving and wise beings who reside in those wondrous places.

You have so much to learn, my friends, of the “real values”
of Life! If our words seem harsh to you, take them as a
wake-up call, a plea for compassion for all other Life forms
on this planet that are receiving the same harsh treatment
from humanity. Ultimately, when you have reached a state
of evolution high enough to understand the Eternal Laws of
Oneness with all life, you will know that the love and compassion you accord to another, no matter what form it takes, is for your own benefit. As you trash the Earth and Her many kingdoms, ultimately, those energies will return to you. In your subsequent incarnations, you will become the recipients of your own destructive actions. This is cosmic law and it cannot be otherwise. The immutable laws governing this universe and all of Creation are always applied.

In all enlightened societies, no one ever cuts our bodies for their personal use (or profit) until our incarnation is complete and the Spirit has departed from the form. It is only then that the wood is cut with great respect and skill, and used for multiple purposes. The wonderful wood we provide is one of the many gifts we offer the planet from our Spirit. It is not our purpose to be monopolized by a few profiteers and sold by multi-million dollar industrial corporations who hold no love or connection with Nature and Devic Evolution. We belong to all; no one group or individual has the right to “own us” and “dispose” of us as
they please.

Stewardship of land and animals are major evolutionary initiations on the Path of Life.

Never can you claim to truly own a piece of land. By “Divine
Rights” all land belongs to the body of your Earth Mother.
She is sovereign. If you think you own a piece of land or
rights to some land, you are only temporary stewards of
that land. You are also totally accountable to the Higher
Councils for what you do with it. In all enlightened societies, because wood is used wisely and judiciously, there is
plenty for everyone and needs are supplied without any rationing or scarcity.

Have you ever noticed the difference in hurricane and tornado activity between the East Coast and the West Coast?

Have you ever wondered why the West Coast is not subject
to the same number of yearly cataclysms as occurs so frequently on the East Coast?

It is our desire to tell you that the West Coast has been spared so many calamities each year because of “Our Presence.” We are not “just trees” as you believe in your lack of spiritual consciousness; we are much more than that. Our tree form is just an outer shell housing our Great Spirit. Although our Spirit is incarnated in the form of giant trees, our collective Spirit is vast, powerful, all encompassing and wise, well beyond your present
limited understanding and awareness.

We, the Redwood Trees, are mighty Guardians and Devas of the West Coast.

– The Redwood Trees through Aurelia Louise Jones (telos book)

Via Ostarel Kumara

🌳Trees are Record Keepers🌳 ~ Via Ostarel Kumara

🌳Trees are Record Keepers🌳

The Trees comprise a “vast underground communication network” system that transmits information so that all Trees, everywhere on Earth, know instantly all that occurs.

They are Living Libraries embodied in bark that we, as humans, can easily “tap” into. Their “line” is always open to us, so tap into it — they are eagerly awaiting our call. They are waiting for us to acknowledge them as the TREE PEOPLE.

As a species of the collective Devic Intelligence, their presence has graced this planet for millions of years, back to the time of the magical Land of Pan.

For millions of years, the people of this planet have held them in great awe and respect for the beauty and wisdom they hold, and for the deep sense of peace and harmony they radiate far and wide from the surroundings where they abide.

Those who have the ability to communicate and interact with them consciously receive our gifts and the knowledge they possess. Unknown to most of us, they have much knowledge and wisdom to share.

Someday, we will wake up to this reality, and they wish we had been more conscious of who they are and the important contributions they have made on your planet.

source: telos books

Via Ostarel Kumara

Let It Happen ~ The Creator Writings

As you assimilate the most recent changes, be gentle with yourself and others. You are learning a new way to be in the world, and some may embrace this more quickly than others. When you encounter resistance, take a moment and breathe. When you are ready begin the deconstruction slowly, releasing each layer as you go. When you arrive at the root, send it off with unconditional love then set the intention of something beautiful and pure taking its place. The Universe has designed shifting to be be graceful, peaceful and easy…let it happen. ~ Creator

The Federation of Light – Blossom Goodchild ~ July 11th

Hello there. Me here, still amongst the thick of it all on Planet Earth. It seems the Mantra I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM is still being used widely and it is helping. Yet many are REALLY struggling it seems. Quite a few want to get the bus home. I am certainly feeling better than I was, thanks to so much Love, support and encouragement from so many. I am indeed Blessed.

Welcome to you all. You … Each one … that agreed to be upon your beautiful Planet at this time.

You who are far greater in Being than you can possibly imagine yourselves to be.

We tell you this …

As the days move forward in the awkwardness of your world and your people … you will find yourselves recognising this AMAZING BEINGNESS that you are … more and more.

For though YOU FEEL the Light is dimming and your strength is fading … WE FEEL very differently.

For we KNOW the Plan. We do not need to remember it, for we KNOW it and it is unfolding exactly as it should. Exactly as planned.

We accept that the Energies that are being absorbed by Each One are troubling to the soul. This is why YOU … EACH ONE … WERE CHOSEN.






They are not outside of you awaiting to be found. They LIVE and BREATH inside of you … for they are LIFE.

These times you are in … you knew of them. You knew they would knock your entire Being to the floor.

Yet, you KNOW … you CAN and you WILL pick yourself up again because you KNOW inside of you … you FEEL inside of you … the task that you came to carry out.


Yet, you were up for the challenge. Oh, Dearest Souls, if you could only recall your enthusiasm to get right down to your Planet and get going and see it through.






Recall the determination and the drive, the enthusiasm that filled your very Being with the wanting to get down there and get on it. It could not come soon enough for …


That by BEING THE LOVE … BEING THE LIGHT … BEING THE TRUTH … BEING THE I AM PRESENCE upon the Mother Gaia, that you would be partaking as one of the privileged on the ground positioning, YOU had the Honour and the POWER to LIFT her into her Higher position once again.

The weight of the collective human consciousness as it played out game after game, to see just how far it could go in both Light and dark, took the beloved Planet to a depth of greed and despair.

NOW. NOW. NOW is the time when … with your help … she WILL be lifted back into the Glory of herself. Back into her rightful position … and YOU Dearest One’s, get to go along for the ride!

If we could find words to express the Vibration you will reside in. If we could supply feelings on tap, to help you to understand the joy that awaits you … we would do so. Yet, these feelings … this Joy … lies WITHIN YOU.

We cannot GIVE IT TO YOU. Yet, you can awaken the KNOWING … THE FEELING … THE JOY … of your new residence … YOU … IT IS ALL UP TO YOU.

We do not desire for any soul to be miserable yet, we can only offer that which we feel compelled to offer. There is so much at stake and we must abide by protocol in order to MAKE SURE that all runs as smoothly as possible.


We accept that there have been times and will be again when one ‘residing’ in human form finds that all will is lost and situations seem hopeless.

Yet, DEAREST SOULS OF SUCH LIGHT … we ask you once again to …



There is no better time to do so … other than in every moment of NOW.

When all appears that the darkness is overshadowing the Light … Visualise yourselves pulling open the curtains with great gusto and watch/feel the sunshine pour into your Beings.

This Sunshine … this LIGHT … is out there … awaiting you to call it into your Being.

This Sunshine is available to you 24/7.

This Sunshine is being sent directly to you from an uncountable measure of Light Beings. Light Vibrations, Light Energies …. EVERYTHING THAT IS LIGHT … is urging you onwards … To assist you in remembering the pact you made …




So that ….






If you only half believe this … if you try to make yourself believe it … you will not succeed.



Wow! Look at you go! I didn’t dare or want to interrupt (for once). Thank you so much. I could feel the ENERGY of encouragement that I asked from you before we began. It is the waiting that brings us down.

Yet, you were waiting and waiting before all this began … and now you can at least see that CHANGE is occurring.

I guess we all got a little too excited at the start. Many of us innocently feeling it would all be done and dusted by Easter … which is long gone.

Patience of the Highest order is required. For as you know … we do not/cannot move things forward through time … for we do not have it. Therefore, cannot live by it. We move things through by order of play.

I’m confused … With respect … How come then … in the last chat you were able to say that the announcement and the second lockdown would be taking place before the year is out?

Because we can go by scale … for want of a way to be able to express it.

So, can that scale not tell us how long this entire transformation is going to take?

No, because that would involve time.

I am not going to push that one. I’ve been down enough ‘time’ rabbit holes to last me a lifetime.

We would suggest this to assist you through the coming matters …


Whenever you feel yourselves sliding down the slippery slide to hopelessness … Visualise yourselves grabbing hold of the sides … stopping … turning and climbing back up … stand on the top … turn yourselves around to face the sunlight … open your arms wide and declare …


Feel the rays of Love fill your heart and your Energy … Absorb the Light …. Fill your heart with it as if filling your petrol tank … Wait till it is full before you carry on … Breathe. Breathe. Breathe in the ENERGY OF THE DIVINE THEN …















Struth Ruth! What a lovely change from my moaning! Thank you so much. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … I AM … I AM … I AM!

The audio for the this recording will be posted below shortly

11th July

Blue Star ~ Nicky Hamid

Do You See it.
The prophesy of the appearance of the blue star that was made back by the Mayans and the American Indian peoples and others. We have been receiving the Tsunami of Love from the Mother for some time now.
How do you know it has penetrated you and fills you.
Try this.
Close your eyes, Hand on your heart. Take three deep and gentle breaths of gold. Rise and expand out the top of your head and go up into the dark blue space above you, above the Earth and some way to the moon. Look back at your beloved Earth.
And what of the blue Star that was prophesised?
Out here in space as you will look back, what you will see is a brilliant Blue Crystal Star.
It is Nova Earth in Her radiant birthing.
How simply awesome, WE are being renewed together.
Shine On

I So Love You
PS. And as daily you watch YOUR WORLD with the eyes of Love (the 5th dimension) it appears much like it did before but with a new Shine.
Watch what is happening to people over the months (each year is like 200-300 years in the old time, ‘stretched’ time).
And your job is to consciously ground the LIGHT that you are often, and live your joy, your Smile, your chuckle, your sublime Contentment wherever you are whatever is happening. To connect your Shine to the blue/silver translucent Radiance of the Core of Earth the Heart of Gaia.
To feel the pulsing of your own blood stream as the pulsing throbbing Heartbeat of Nova Earth.
Watch what happens to your ability to see and hear. Watch what happens to your ability to heal. Just be open to it all and Love it.

Energy in Motion ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard

Energy is in constant motion.

As long as you flow with it
evolution is with ease and grace
and there is no need
for pain or discomfort.

Trying to contain
or control energy
will eventually result
in “Self” sabotage

A Master Creator
is conscious of the flow
and co-creates with it.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
excerpt from “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available in paperback and ebook @

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Reconnect ~ Raven

We don’t always need to be inspired or motivated; sometimes we just need to slow down and reconnect. With each breath feeling the oneness with Mother Earth, the ebb and flow of our own magic ~ Raven


Power? ~ The Creator Writings

On personal power; those that have not yet achieved it will spend their time attempting to convince you that they have it. Those that truly possess it remain silent and centered in the knowledge of its existence. ~ Creator

Stay Or Shift ~ The Creator Writings

You are standing on a precipice of personal change. Do you continue traveling your current path or do you shift in a higher and better way? Some change is easy, other times it can be challenging. If The Universe has presented you with a particular situation, it is time to take a closer look within. You can do this now, dear one, or later. Free will has always been yours. ~ Creator

Self love, Inner retreat & Nurturing ~ Abigail Wainwright

This year you may have felt more intense release & exhaustion than ever. Sometimes you may feel like you’re dying as the pain within your physical & etheric bodies are felt & in a sense it is just as it is a rebirth. It seems as though all is falling apart emotionally & physically. You’re going through an intense cleansing of all karmic patterns that have been held within a collapsing system. You’re releasing old stagnant energy from literally eons of lifetimes. The message is about self love, inner retreat & nurturing. We are changing & moving higher. It takes adjusting to this higher frequency.

Switch off the overused, hardened, analytical mind & move into softer, gentle ways of the heart. There’s already enough going on that’s harsh & aggressive, so being gentle is of great importance. Run a bath, curl up with a book, listen to healing music, watch a good movie, give yourself pampering, meditate, get out in nature & breathe fresh air. These will assist you in letting go & to be rather than resist & causing greater discomfort.

You’re not alone. All of humanity, the animals, the earth, universe, galaxy & cosmos are going through this intense release & upgrade into higher ways of being. You have support from the higher realms whether you are aware of their existence or not. For every discomfort, it’s a step closer in releasing all the old energy for good. Focus on being in the Now, this moment for this is your power. Within the Now you feel if what you’re experiencing is conditioned patterns that need to be let go of, or if you’re simply going up an octave & feeling the denseness of the collective 3D earth transitioning into 5D. Your body communicates to you in amazing ways so listen to the inner messages.

You’re becoming increasingly sensitive; so it’s only natural you’re feeling the affects of the planetary shifts. This is a sign that you’re evolving & ‘tuned’ into the higher vibrations. Let go of fears about what may be happening. Surrender as you’re emerging as your true self. This is a divine moment on earth. You’re loved & honored for all you are & all you do. Send light to your heart as you open to the higher dimensions. ~ Abigail Wainwright

The eye of Ra ~ Ostarel Kumara

The lasting strongest vision of this lifetime been about an Ankh. The vision been so clear; I was standing so very close of an enormous Ankh. I had to take some step back to see what the structures of light was depicting. A levitating Ankh nonetheless! I then heard a loud voice telling me “You are the Eye of Ra”. I had no idea what it was supposed to mean nor was I much interested about it either.

I pushed it aside because back then I was busy with school/college but my Spirit Guides kept reminding me of this constantly. I was exasperated, until I did a bargain with them. I asked them if I wrote it down so that I wont forget if they would leave me alone with this and they said yes. Yet; from time to time this huge Ankh keep appearing to me, as if a reminder. The visions always come back with the same messages. Funnily enough; it never occurred to me to do research about it signification.

“The eye of Ra is an Ancient Egyptian symbol used to represent the goddess considered to be the female counterpart of the Sun God Ra. Though it was typically thought of as a violent, destructive force, the symbol representing the eye was also used for protection and inscribed on amulets or walls.” (research)

The description above is a widely misunderstood distortion, once again that put shame and blame upon the Divine Feminine Energy. An intention quite wisely done by the patriarch that I do not buy into. Destruction always had hold negative connotation on Earth but without it, no re-birth would be able to strive forth. Therefore; I recognize the dual nature of creator/destroyer of my Blueprint and the omniscience inherit nature of the Holy Spirit within my Trinity of Cycles.

Why an eye?

It is a symbolic that represents the seed Point of Creation, the Cosmic Egg basically the Womb of the Goddess. During my research I’ve found this: “The eye of the goddess represents a power older than the sun gods. Her eyes are the serpent of life and the cosmic cervical eye of creation, her pupil is a womb that births both gods and men, to gaze into the eye of the Goddess is to gaze into the great womb eye who’s births and rebirths the world”.

Reflecting upon the awareness of everything I know thus far about thy Oversoul; it makes sense somewhat as to why my Spirit Guide call me this way. A legend say that Agni carried a spark from Lord Shiva’s Third Eye instead of his body fluid which give life to Lord Kartikeya/Murugan which I know now to be another aspect of my Cosmic Beloved. The favorite animal of Lord Kartikeya was a peacock and it feather is highly representative of the All Eyes Seeing. Further than that; the Peacock Angel, from which my cosmic beloved and I are emanations from, had been depicted with peacock angels which was as if his feathers had ten thousand eyes – thus the all eye seeing.

Therefore, the Eye and the Ankh stands for the womb – the place of all creation stir from and what does exist in the middle of it?

You may have guess; the Aethor/Aether, the all pervading force of the universe.

© Ostarel 🌺

ENERGY UPDATE – 🎆 JULY 11 🎆 ~ Kwana Mikaela


Rotation of Light increasing speed through body 🌪️ feet. Amplified dissolution of a programm ‘I am a Human’/serious ‘shifting’ of Timelines. Be on charge 🧬

Common energetic environment or background on the planet, since approx. last 9 hours (EEST) went to more faster rotation of the Light, and speed of presented Energies are way more faster than yesterday (July 10) or, even since the beginning of July.
If you stay still, you will feel and hear rotation of Plasma Light through all your body’s channels; fluctuations vibrates in extra subtle waves, that can seems a short-fast in its expression. Our crystalline Light Bodies also vibrates. Physicality vibrates.
Necessary elevation – July 11 – 2020 – 222
Activation Code for “Be on charge” of your impact to the Whole.
I can’t stop to repeat, how much is needed to become conscious aware, to shift in perception, to connect in bold way with own Higher Self and Aspects, to transform those ties that so rooted in programming of “I am a Human”. And, also, I am feeling how many of Collective are working on it, and doing their best.

With, this increasing Light COMES amounts and amounts of LIGHT CODES ❗ Now.
It’s powerful Dose. The next bigger Influx since Solstice.
If you work with Light Codes in motion, writings, drawings or any other way, use this opportunity to bring them as Transmitter. Bring them here in audial or visual way for Collective.
For those who want to receive, – be calm and open up, breathe in, stay present, request to receive as much as it is harmonious for you, request to activate your own inner Key Codes for further Knowing of Divine Blueprint.
Everyone is capable and able to Receive, to Feel, to Know. This is through connection with own Self. Within.

All is VAST. Light in the Heart.
Each Moment brings Divine differences.
There is much more forward than it can seems..
I appreciate those who send me donations in order to support my dedication, Divine Service. I Thank You from the Whole Heart 💛 It helps me to care of my physical beigness, and living space; donations are my resource of income. Thank you for support 🙏🕊️

With such Love to all of us 💛 and humble gratitude,
Kwana Mikaela

GaiaPortal: Preparations for extenders are energized with Light

Preparations for extenders are energized with Light.

Solar gains transpire.

Heavens of Galactic connections are seen.


The knowing that will finally provide the Light to spark the fullness of yourself is not in the books, in a University, or metaphysical, or spiritual programme, in the workshops from international experts.
The seeking for something outside yourself to give you the answers is how you got into trouble in the first place.
Of course any and all of these can trigger your own Truth but only you can answer to your Heart Knowing.
Only you can choose your own trajectory.
When are you going fully realise this. THERE IS ONLY ONE GURU …….Your own INNOCENCE (INNER SENSE).
The discerner of Truth is only one Being.
Would you like me to name who they are? I know, but I am not going to give them a name. You have to find them yourself but I tell you they will be the greatest Blessing you will ever receive.
Would you like me to tell you where they reside? OK then, since you have asked with such a yearning in your heart and have looked in so many places. Go to the mirror and look. Look deep into those eyes of knowing and not knowing.
There, sweet angel/warrior. there they are.
The one who can give you all the answers you can ever ask. The One who Knows you. The one that Knows what is always best for you. The One that Knows. Knows Truth in any given moment, they ARE that TRUTH, that Knows where Peace resides, they ARE that PEACE, and where the Love that surpasses all understanding is to be experienced, they ARE that LOVE.
DO NOT glance away or dismiss this beautiful diamond of reflected GOD. YOU really are the ONE you have been looking for.
But of course I know you knew all this. Well then, put your money where your mouth is.
For Precious Soul…..your Words are where your Heart is. With all your Heart call in your ‘Higher Self’, your I AM PRESENCE, to be more Present, more available, more anchored in your body, more sovereign in your life.
It is in your Heart, and through your Shining all is reveal to you and it becomes so self-evident that Everything has always been hidden in plain view.
Love that Being you see in front of you.
Love them with every fibre of your Being, in every moment that you Remember, for you will be Loving, Universe, Source, God (or whatever word you use for the “Nameless”).

I So Love You.

Sacral Chakra Healing: Embracing The Divine Feminine ~ Starlight

so here’s a piece of my story. the part where i learn how to heal the imbalance in my sacral chakra, and why there is an imbalance in the first place. thank you, in advance, for reading. 🧡 within the last couple months, i have felt the call from Spirit to begin healing the ancestral […]

Sacral Chakra Healing: Embracing The Divine Feminine



Love lies not in the music,
But in the spaces in-between each note,
In the nuances of those spaces,
Is all Love.

Love lies not in human words spoken,
But in the feeling between each word.
Many hold a dyer need to speak,
Not realising, that which they desire,
Is found in the unspoken.

Love lies not in speaking out loud,
But in the feeling inside.
For when we halt incessant neediness to be heard,
We start to hear, between the spaces.
The spaces that hold all Love.

Love does not force another to listen,
Love does not drain another with many words,
Love holds space, the space in-between,
The space of all time love.

We move now to new horizons,
Where senses become the joys of the known.
To feel the space in-between that is Love,
To touch without words,
To see the space another holds.

Where endless chatter and the need to be heard,
Are no longer felt as important.
As the delicate and the subtle planes of love are felt,
In the unspoken expression,
In the spaces in-between.

To love, is not to command attention.
To love, is not to be the needy.
To love, is not to push against the flow.
To love is to BE exactly that, Love.
A Presence.

In all the spaces within your heart.
Between every heart beat,
Between every in and out breath,
Between every sun rise and set.
Between every single rain drop
Lies Love waiting to be known once more.

Hold space, Be Love. And be Loved.
Love is simple.
It does not need to be heard,
It will wait an eternity to be felt.
And then… it is known once more.

Amanda Lorence
26 August 2018

ENERGY REPORT • July 10 ~ Kwana Mikaela


We are INTENSIVELY shifting in all meanings ❗~ 11:00am (EEST)
Increased energetical rhythm; energies are HUGE.
Hight frequency sound with vibration in ears, – a loud confirmation of ongoing shifting energetical environment.
Overaly of Plasma Light vibrates in planetary Field, bringing New Earth’s crystalline Grid to sing along. Ley lines as a Light’s pathways illuminates and activates.
Physical bodies and systems are immersed in a Light; similar to Ley lines, our nervous pathways activates/there are created a new pathways.
Light Codes – Codings – Data and information in Quantum Field perceived with every sensitive receiver.
– Still “Ups and downs” in uplifted states or states of exhaustion.
– Still 👁️ eyes and head as primary sensitive area (!)
For some: digestive system and stomach; joints; teeth; cold symptoms; additional expression overall July 7 – 10 short moments of cold chills (in few minutes interval) or need to get something warmer (related to Cellular releases – process, when from a cellular level there are released 3D programming, memories, emotions, energies).
– A lot of number sequences, personal activation Codes (number sequences).
– Atlantis Timelines (look previous posts).

Personal note: am feeling that working in hyper mode (galactic soldier), some few hours of ‘sleep’, and, direct presence in global/planetary energetical occurrences to bring information in the moments, when it is needed; I trust that those who are working with whole Being, knows, how it is; dedication to the New Earth. 7 or 8 months ago, I wrote, how serious will be our responsibility and work in global level (Divine Service); at that moment it was strong clear Sense, but without Data, it was just important to be mentioned. And, it appeared to be true.. We must continue to invest our Energy for Highest Behalf of Humanity.

July is a HYPER MONTH; Everything is HYPER because we as a Collective are CHOOSING Trajectory.

June – September IS a “TIME” of highest importance for us All 🌎 I trust that many more are awake to the Knowing of it. And, what is so intense NOW, is because of it. What is physical discomfort, if in “time ahead” we can live in the world, where is honoured our Divine rights to be Sovereign.
We are loving support web of Light to each other with kindness, compassion, neutrality.
Take yourself in depths of your-SELF.
Shift and switch, transform and purify, uplift and transcend, – go back to Wholeness Within, to very center of who you always are.

We MUST bring Humanity on organic Primary Ascension Timeline.. together.
Those who do not choose 5D and higher dimensional existence environment, are leaving and will leave a planet. Those who stays have a Force of the LOVE to manifest a NEW EARTH.

With loving gratitude 💛
Kwana Mikaela

I AM open for opportunity of Loving donations
Thank You 🕊️

#energyreport #now #newearth #love #ascension

The Shift ~ Nicky Hamid

The Shift, the free will, conscious Uniting with all that has been separated.
The complete merging of form with pure Light of Source. Body and Soul Light coming together.
The Call of your Divine Beingness into your body.
Love your body so much that it will joyously open its full Intelligent Blueprint to your Shining Presence.
Love being here Present in your body. And through this calling, the codes of the Divine Blueprint will activate the unravelling of your DNA, and the releasing of its accumulating photonic light, with every conscious breath.
This is your task, in the unveiling of the biophotons of your physical light vessel.
Body and Light, your Shine made Full, becoming totally integrated through integrity of your Being.
Shine On

I So Love You

A View Some Time After the “End Times (2012)” ~ Nicky Hamid

A View Some Time After the “End Times (2012)”.
The mesmerising power of duality reality is fading fast. Earth is at peace with herself and the changes She is making, and now only reflects back the 3D confusions in the minds of human outer conscious.
But the Human contingent, from its willful slumber, has been hard to rouse. It appears that everything ‘man made’ is crumbling and outdated. Fears arise and obstruct the letting go of the old.
Minds are confused and cannot get their heads around anything that is not familiar or simple in conception.
Emotions are rampant, easily provoked, and out of proportion and with little or no outer connection to the trigger events.
Bodies ache and are tired, and are most inclined towards long and frequent hibernation, and pain numbing habitual addictions.
Linear Time continues to accelerate as we move away from the 2012 Snapshot point for the New Reality.
As the pressure of the ages accelerates the surfacing of all that is not in alignment with Love and integrity of Being, so too does the requirement to consciously release for every individual.
The Press is enormous and relentless on the human subconscious, subliminal psyche.
There is no hiding, each person’s Truth Contract must be honoured in some way. And for those of you who have released much, there is the reality of Unconditional Loving that pervades your perception, knowledge and feeling.
The release is occurring through You at a rapid pace, but mostly you can be calm if you daily make that choice. Even the outbursts are quick and if allowed to play themselves out with neither the need to know any ins or outs, nor to attach any great significance to any of it.
Like a Loving parent watching, with Smile, at an altercation between two children. Love is within and about All and the monumental releasing is affecting everyone.
So in your Lovingness the old world is fading fast for many apart from unreal appearances to the contrary playing out in the “movie”. For others it is only a matter of becoming confident, to let go all doubts, and allow all that is internal to play itself out in the external world and to buy into none of it, to analyse none of it, and to watch it fade while the Love that You are grows.
In your Shining you will be there for others but you must allow others to live the reality they choose without judging or being drawn into “right” or “wrongness”.
Love them anyway. Less is more.
Peace in the Human Heart, through the Divine Light Weaving Wave that is permeating everything and everyone, and is descending on Earth within form and physicality.
Simply ALLOW.

I So Love You
PS Your “Truth Contract”, your Soul undertaking which might go something like this. ………… “I have here, to complete this phase of my journey in form, with Openness, Honesty, and Love with and for myself, through all experiences as an embodiment of Source. To bring and hold LIGHT. A Brilliant Christed Light of Infinite Possibility and Eternal Lovingness”.

New Earth Ascension Energy Update & Activation ~ Abigail Wainwright

New Earth Ascension Energy Update & Activation

This is a channeled transmission & activation to assist with the current energy shifting occurring throughout the planet right now.

• Intense White Fire & Violet Flame purification taking place.

• Shifting out of old timelines & this not returning to the way things were.

• Cellular structure upgrades & regeneration process occurring.

• Extreme exhaustion & heavy physical symptoms from these light body activations.

• Dreams, visions, emotions, crying, body discomfort, appetite shifting, tiredness.

• Working with water Alchemy as well as Violet Flame & grounding to assist this integration process.

Divine love & blessings to all beings. We are One & we are Love.

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We Are One ~ The Creator Writings

In angry retort, a person may say, “Who do you think you are?!” Well, I am you…you are me…we are one. To deny that fact and continue to view yourself as singular is the most common mistake you will make on your Earth-plane. Learn from the mistakes, know that everyone is your mirror and derive great joy from the thought that you have learned something new today. ~ Creator

WILL – FORCE 💫 ~ Kwana Mikaela



There is a WILL. In you.
Will-power or Will-Force, that leads you take a action, to take a movement in order to create – build – change or, to DO. You can achieve, what is your goal, if Will becomes your allie. If you choose your Will for manifestation, and, if you choose go with a Life Force, that always shows the Way, how to manifest according your inner Knowing.
Will-Force is in each Human Being is a Highest Will, that Creates infinity of Everything that exists.
Human Mind and position from a Human perspective and understanding, perceives Will as based on ego; but the WILL in its purest form is the same One with Highest Intelligence or Source itself.
Will is Creation – an Energy –
Every single of us has a Will.
Will can’t be taken away nor suppressed; it is seemingly only in perception, while we are experiencing 3 Dimensional reality and experience.
Activation of Will, starts with your intention.
With you, starting to Know, that you has it.
With you, starting to gain a Sense of it.
With you, starting to re-create seemingly lost connection with part of your own Being.

Free Will to choose, – option related to Human experience in 3D environment, or, reality of duality.
Divine Will, – wholness in Knowing – understanding, that you are a Source/God, and you can experience everything and all, as it goes ‘hand by hand’ with your Sense; you are conscious aware, and your Will is aligned with highest good for Whole.. Humanity.. Earth.. all living beings.

Love has a “levels”, the same with a Will.
All depends on your Knowing of yourself, – do you perceive you in limited Human shape and mind, or, your perception jumps into Quantum Ocean, and Trust is the Wave you are flowing.

Will always is a Creation. Joy. Elevation.

Will to Shift out of familiar, into full Freshness of the NEW.
Will to Know yourSELF without any guidlines from “outside”.
Will to change yourself in a new version after new version, without holding onto so well known teachings, guidances, advices, spiritual systems.

By writing, expressing, purpose of written above is to give a pulse.. because, changes globally occurs based on changes in individual level, but also, as long we are looking and seeking outside of us, that long there is moment of waiting for shift to happen.

Blessed those who choose to activate their Will – Force to jump into the NEW. Into Quantum.
Kwana Mikaela


Translation to FRENCH
Merci ☀️ Ganesha – Travailleuse de lumière

Il y a une volonté. En toi.
La volonté ou la volonté, qui vous conduit à prendre une action, à prendre un mouvement afin de créer – construire – changer ou, faire. Vous pouvez atteindre, quel est votre objectif, si Will devient votre allié. Si vous choisissez votre volonté pour la manifestation, et que, si vous choisissez, allez avec une force vitale, cela montre toujours le chemin, comment manifester selon votre savoir intérieur.
Will-Force est dans chaque être humain une volonté la plus haute, qui crée l’infini de tout ce qui existe.
L ‘ esprit humain et la position d’un point de vue humain et de la compréhension, perçoit la volonté comme basée sur l’ego ; mais la volonté dans sa forme la plus pure est la même avec la plus haute intelligence ou source elle-même.
La volonté est la création – une énergie –
Chacun d’entre nous a une volonté.
La volonté ne peut être enlevée ni supprimée ; elle n’est apparemment que dans la perception, alors que nous vivons la réalité et l’expérience dimensionnelles 3
L ‘ activation de Will commence par votre intention.
Avec vous, commencez à savoir, que vous l’avez.
Avec vous, commencez à en prendre un sens.
Avec vous, commencez à recréer la connexion apparemment perdue avec une partie de votre propre être.

Libre arbitre de choisir, – option liée à l’expérience humaine dans l’environnement 3 D, ou, réalité de la dualité.
Volonté divine, – pleine conscience – compréhension, que vous êtes une source / Dieu, et que vous pouvez expérimenter tout et tout, comme elle va ′′ main par main ′′ avec votre sens ; vous êtes conscient, et votre volonté est alignée avec le plus haut bon pour toute l’humanité.. la terre.. tous les êtres vivants.

L ‘ amour a un ′′ niveau “, pareil avec une volonté.
Tout dépend de votre connaissance de vous-même, – vous percevez-vous dans une forme et un esprit humains limités, ou, votre perception saute dans l’océan quantique, et la confiance est la vague que vous coulez.

La volonté est toujours une création. La joie. Élévation.

Volonté de passer de la familier, vers la fraîcheur complète du NOUVEAU.
Je veux te connaître sans aucune ligne directrice de l’extérieur.
Envie de changer vous-même dans une nouvelle version après une nouvelle version, sans vous accrocher à des enseignements, des conseils, des systèmes spirituels si bien connus.

En écrivant, exprimant, le but de l’écrit ci-dessus est de donner un pouls.. parce que les changements mondiaux se produisent en fonction des changements de niveau individuel, mais aussi, tant que nous recherchons et recherchons en dehors de nous, que long il y a un moment pour que le changement arrive.

Béni ceux qui choisissent d’activer leur volonté – forcez à sauter dans le NOUVEAU. Dans le Quantum.
Kwana Mikaela

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Love Will Always Make It Better ~ The Creator Writings

Since your Earth plane is experiencing quite a bit of change, any information relayed to you by The Universe may seem a bit anti-climactic. (Smiling) With that being said, it is time to prepare for yet another wave in this tsunami of growth. Those beginning to walk their paths may still be prone to projection and denial because they know nothing else. Be patient, be kind, demonstrate compassion, remember you were once where they are now and, most importantly, send Unconditional Love! The journey may not always be easy, but love will always make it better. ~ Creator

Shushmana Mantra via Sacred Dreams

“Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung” is called the Shushmana mantra. It contains the eight sounds that stimulate the Kundalini to flow in the central channel of the spine and in the spiritual centers. This sound balances the five zones of the left and right hemispheres of the brain to activate the neutral mind. As this happens, the hypothalamus pulsates in rhythm with the divine gland, causing the pituitary master gland to tune the entire glandular system. Then the sympathetic, parasympathetic and active nervous systems match the timing of the glandular system. As a result, the muscular system and cells in the blood work in conjunction to receive this healing vibration, and the rebuilding process of one’s health is triggered.

This universal healing prayer, which is set to a healing classical tune, can purify the aura and consolidate your mental projection into a one-pointed positivity towards yourself and your health. Listening to it helps rebalance the entire auric circulation and gives you a sense of security that activates your self-healing capacities. A consistent listening or chanting practice becomes impressive enough to permeate the subconscious, which in turn automatically influences the conscious mind. Then it becomes a part of one’s deep intuitional conviction.

Ra Ma Da Sa is like a rare diamond, which connects you with the pure healing energy of the universe. You can instill the health trend in your consciousness by injecting this strong healing vibration into your mind. Then your actions and whole being will obey that thought. In order to change health troubles, we must alter the process of thought that brings the crystallization of consciousness into different forms of matter and action. This recording helps you develop the pattern of health.

RA – the fire principle – symbolizes the Sun.
There would be no life on Earth if it were not for the Sun showering us with the pranic life-force. Working with the Sun is the highest practice of Kabbalah. The Sun is a source of energy, life and warmth. In other words, the Sun is the heart of our universe. It purifies and energizes.

MA – the water principle – is the energy of the Moon.
MA calls on the cosmos through the sound of compassion, causing the universe to become the mother and you the child, and this brings you help and healing. It is cooling and nurturing.

DA – the Earth principle – provides the ground of action.

SA – the air principle – is the impersonal infinity.

When sound takes place in the external plane, it becomes “A”, which represents manifestation. The first part of the mantra expands toward heaven. By repeating the sound SA as a turning point, it causes the spirit to descend from above into matter in order to animate and vitalize it with healing and life. In other words, the second part of the mantra brings the healing qualities of the superior world back down to the Earth.

The last stanza of the emerald tablet from the great Hermes Trismegistus, which reveals the secret of healing and order in the material plane, is followed in this mantra. It reads, “Ascend with great sagacity from Earth to heaven, and then again descend to Earth, and unite together the powers of things superior and inferior. Thus you will obtain the glory of the whole world and obscurity will fly away from you. The secret is adaptation, transforming one thing into another thing.”

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung transforms an imbalanced and unhealthy body into an harmonious, healthy one. As in the Star of David (a symbol of two interlaced triangles) this mantra interlinks spirit with matter.

After SA comes SAY, which is the totality of experience.

SO is the personal sense of identity.

HUNG is the infinite, vibrating and real. Hung suggests Hu, which is the life of God in every thing and every being. The “ng” causes the sound in Hung to stimulate the divine glands. The sound of the breath is So Hung. The inhale is So and the exhale is Hung. The two qualities of So Hung together mean “I am Thou”.~


art: Tamara Phillips