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Comfortable & Safe ~ The Creator Writings

Comfortable & Safe

With the current changes in full swing, you may notice several reactions…

Some are embracing everything, following their intuition, helping others navigate this moment in time and riding whatever wave comes their way.

Some are digging in their heels in certain situations and going with The Universal Flow on others.

Then there are those who choose to bypass it all.  This world is all there is and that is it.

There is no right or wrong way to exist in your world.  Each of you will do what feels comfortable and safe for you.  The Universe is asking you to keep yourself open to all the possibilities available to you in the coming weeks/months. ~ Creator

Kuan Yin and the Ascended Masters Message for August 2021

As we enter August and the Intense and transformative energies of the Lions Gate, The Ascended Masters want you to know that you are seen! All the effort and work that you have done, both within and without, is noticed and so appreciated! You are a noble soul, continue to walk fully in your Authentic Self with focus and grace. Be willing to step into the unknown with full confidence and trust. You have been preparing for this for many lifetimes. What’s ahead may be rocky at times, but you have the strength and courage to get through it all and it will be beyond your most beautiful imaginations in the end.

Kuan Yin comes to us during this powerful month and the transformational Lions Gate and asks you to flow. You are being guided to your destiny. You are perfection in every moment. Relax and allow life to flow. Each step of the way presents solutions and nourishment for your Souls growth. Be flexible like bamboo, strong within ourselves yet able to move in any direction needed, without losing our power. Your flexibility can become part of what makes you a powerful instrument of Divine creativity and healing. Stop fighting against the flow. Be open to the unlimited possibilities when you allow yourself to trust completely and flow with the Divine guidance and the vision you have within. You were born to create. Use your intuition to guide you and release the past disappointments, pain and heartache. Each moment is a new step, live your truth and allow the strength and courage within to take one step at a time toward the vision of the New Earth you are co-creating.

Serapis Bey comes to us now. He as all of the Ascended Masters have seen and experienced the darkness that we have walked through. They see all the work we have done, healing and clearing the traumas and hardships. Now is the time to allow the light fully to shine within us. Through your own hell and darkness, you have discovered seen glimpses of what your true power can be. Your Higher Self and the Masters have given you signs and synchronicities to follow. These are not coincidences, trust your knowing and that you are being guided. Continue to visualize all you wish to create in your world. It is a new beginning. See how far you have come. In reflection, it has been and intense and incredible journey of growth with many growing pains. But now, the new beginnings are here and you have been creating the New Earth while you sleep with your imagination and dreams from the heart. If you only knew how powerful you truly are.

Finally, The Kitsune are here to share with us that age as we know it here is an illusion. We are ancient and infinite! Only your mind and the programming tells you otherwise. You have gone through many lifetimes of lessons for your eternal Souls growth. There is never a time to wither and die unless you choose to. There is infinite possibilities to grow and bloom. Through this lifetime you are learning to be your Authentic Infinite Self and slowly standing in the beautiful powerful being that you are. Look within and you will see this and how wise and gifted you are. We are in the last throws of clearing lifetimes of karma along with collective karma. All the traumas, abandonment, and disappointments are being cleared and healed with the intense light and energies that are coming in. Be gentle and nurturing to yourself. Take much care and allow your Tribe to assist if needed. It is an incredible intense time we are in now with one of the strongest energies humanity has ever experienced. Know that you are so Loved and supported and just by your presence, you are assisting in this incredible transformation and Ascension!

Much Love to you All!!!


Infinite Gratitude for Donations to
Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray
The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell
Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

The Chinese Tarot Deck by Jui Guoliang

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Ego & Truth ~ The Creator Writings

When another speaks their truth, it can be a challenging experience to accept and honor that truth. Before reacting, take time and think about how much of your ego is involved in your response. Each human is entitled to their truth and perspective. You may not always see things the way they do, however, their view deserves as much honor and respect as your own. ~ Creator

Ego & Truth

Divine Love

The shifts are intensifying. Extremely powerful cosmic energy is pouring in. It is the open heart and your own soul which will carry you through, with the Power of Divine Love. Ask that your heart center opens more and more so that can be open to receive more Love into your heart and soul, as […]

Divine Love

Becoming A Better Person ~ The Creator Writings

Many of you are moving through a challenging space and experiencing feelings/emotions you thought you cleared years ago.  Keep this in mind; each situation from your past has many different layers and each will present itself when you are finally ready to work through it in its entirety.  This does not negate your previous healing(s), it gives you an opportunity to look at and release whatever is left in the highest and best way. Continue doing what you do best…becoming a better person every day! ~ Creator

Becoming A Better Person

A True Gift ~ The Creator Writings

Ultimately, the inspiration and the Divine Will to become what you truly are rests with you. The true gift is in the way you get there and become one with that part of The Universe. ~ Creator (r)

A True Gift

💙✨Meditation Monday – Speaking via the Heart ✨💙 ~ Tim Whild

Heliacal Rising of Sirius and Sacred Union of Royalty and Priestess Timelines ~ IsisChannelings

Heliacal Rising of Sirius and Sacred Union of Royalty and Priestess Timelines Artist Unknown and Thanked Historically 26th July marks the beginning of a New Galactic/ Planetary/ Egyptian / Atlantean New Year aligned with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius , thought by some accounts the Heliacal Rising of Sirius historically occurred on 22/23 July coinciding […]

Heliacal Rising of Sirius and Sacred Union of Royalty and Priestess Timelines

Having Faith ~ The Creator Writings

The moment you step off the edge, having faith that you can fly, will be the same moment you will wonder why you never did it before. ~ Creator (r)

Having Faith

Ride It Out ~ The Creator Writings

There may be times where you feel as if you light has gone out and the barrage of negatives hit you so hard you cannot stand.  Take heart, my love, it is only temporary.  Once you have been awakened to the Truth of The Universe, there is no going back.  Hang on, ride it out and know that it has never gone away.  The light of Unconditional Love is there to support and carry you even if you are unable to carry yourself. ~ Creator

Ride It Out

A Time for Daring | Heavenletters

God said: Enough playing is safe. You do not have to have thought of everything. Because you have not thought of it before doesn’t mean it isn’t true for you. If you hear a message telling you to move, move. If you hear a message telling you to stand on your head, stand on your […]

A Time for Daring | Heavenletters

Intika Elven People of the Swan ~ Elen Elenna

Beloved Star of Worlds,

Intika is joining up with us, lighting up in this world again. Many of the ancient Elven paths to earth are restoring themselves, that once existed, before the great closing of the ways

This has gone on for aeons, and at this first threshold of our ascension into a New era of Light, these pathways are rebuilding themselves as we raise our vibration and our worlds become one again

The pathway reforms, shimmering silver and platinum through Lanaikea, an archway for the People of the Stars, the People of the Swan. Their galaxy is an entire ascended galaxy

Long have the Elven People of the Swan dwelt and travelled to earth, in one of the unseen layers of her essence that is returning

The Elven Swan Elders of Lanaikea are Keepers of the Blueprint, Guardians of the Original Blueprint of Creation, and they have a powerful link through the Stargate of Sirius also, where they attune to the physical laws of this galaxy ~ its ways of becoming

Part Swan, part Elven in form, they are

Their galaxy and world constructed of white starlight, beautiful cities and waterways, arching bridges and sapphire waters

Platinum crystalline consciousness

Architectural design

They would have us remember that we are Star Creators, and that by our consciousness, our prayer, our attention we are reweaving the bridges between worlds. As we come to peace within ourselves, and give ourselves the role of dreamer, of one who thinks, of one who creates, then so we also come architects of creation again

So much arises from the space of our consciousness, our day-dreaming, our awareness. Our act of attention is infinitely powerful, and the power that is being uncovered at this time. There has been a great illusion on earth that our power is that of material effect, the power to change our external environment.

Yet this is not the essence at all, and now it is being powerfully remembered, that first and foremost, we are thinkers, we are dreamers. Our attention forges inter-galactic star bridges, it re-weaves with photonic light

And so we draw this power back to ourselves. This power of attention, of the dreaming

Intika is a realm where this way of being is the foundation, and all teachings and education stem from here.

This lends every sphere of being a completely different appearance. This is why everything looks so pure and clear and shimmering, distinct in a way that is soft. This is why everything appears so luminous.

It is very natural for things to appear this way

And this is why the Elven are known as the Shining Ones, because they are luminous with thought

They are luminous with the thought form of their essence

They are trained to find the natural sphere of their attention, and to keep it there.

They are taught how to find the First Light of their soul, their essence. From this place, all thought spirals out, all thought returns and vanishes.

From this place, they develop their wings

As I sit at the heart of the Elven Temple of my remembrance, of Ar-Aria-fina, I watch these pathways re-weaving, and the know that their Return is at the heart of our starlight remembrance

With Infinite, Elfin Love

Elen Elenna

ps ELVEN ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (fair trumpets ringing over the lands!!!)The above artwork is created by the phenomenally gifted Joyce Borgs, with whom I have the deepest honour of co-creating the Silver Wheel Oracle. She paints with crystals and natural pigments, and lives in the lands of Wales in the House of the Swan. We shall share the beautiful images with you as they are channelled

Always Loved ~ The Creator Writings

The Universe never has and never will ‘punish’ you for anything you have or have not done. That is not the way it works, my love! Please understand that The Universe has always loved you and no amount of self-punishment can undo that love. Begin by forgiving yourself. Once that wheel starts turning, it will free up your energy and the forgiveness you have been longing for will appear. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Aquarius Full Moon :Potential Impregnated with Solar Light for Higher Manifestation : Divine Union ~ IsisChannelings

Art by Josephine Wall Aquarius Full Moon :Potential Impregnated with Solar Light for Higher Manifestation : Divine Union This 23/24 July Aquarius Full Moon opens the Lughnasadh/Lammas Gateway(23 July Lunar Lammas -1 August Calendar Date – 6 August Solar Lammas) Art by Gina-Marie on Deviant Art 🌾Lughnasadh is a Harvest Festival that celebrates the Harvest […]

Aquarius Full Moon :Potential Impregnated with Solar Light for Higher Manifestation : Divine Union — isischannelings

Aquarius Full Moon Reading for the Collective ~ Lighten.Shadow

☀️🔥Friday Ascension Update – Leo Season and the Beginning of the Lions Gate 🔥☀️ ~ Tim Whild

Today Tim is looking at the start of Lions Gate and the best way to utilise the energy available to us.

Opening the Lions Gate LIVE online webinar with Mia Kafkios & Tim Whild

Anubis and the Legions of Light – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

The Lions Gate Zoom Online Workshop with David Essery and Tim Whild to Anchor and Celebrate the 8-8 Portal

Love And Keep Loving ~ The Creator Writings

The only thing required of you is to love, love, love and keeping loving. If roadblocks or stop signs appear in your path during any given situation, The Universe is asking you to slow down and love some more. Your world is not perfect and, quite frankly, it would not be much fun if it was. Enjoy every bump in the road and love…it is truly the only thing that comes with you when you go. ~ Creator

Love And Keep Loving

Message from Avalon for the Full Buck Moon in Aquarius

For this Full Buck Moon in Aquarius, you are being asked to have an open mind and be discerning by questioning Everything. No matter where the information comes from, Friends, Family, Partner or “Guru’s”, Do not accept anything unless it completely resonates with you. You are on your own unique path, and what resonates for others doesn’t necessarily have to resonate with you. With that said, do not be stuck in your own limited thinking and be open to new thoughts and new Ideas. Many times, we limit ourselves through our mind and thinking. We have been programmed to playing it small and limiting ourselves from our true powers and dreams. Now is the time to explore your imagination, revisit the dreams and desires you have had within, and believe that they can be achieved and manifested into being. There is great rebirth and renewal taking place, Dream Big, Be Inspired and Go For It!
Avalon comes to us now to revisit what has been said over and over again in the last many months, Letting Go! The past is the past and you are no longer who you were then. Holding on to past hurts, traumas and experiences of the past are no longer welcomed burdens on the path ahead. They need to be brought to the surface, confronted and healed. It is time to move forward unencumbered, leaving behind the Old Outdated programmed thoughts about life. This also includes the situations that you have chosen in the past, whether its friendships, romantic relationships, jobs etc… that are keeping you stuck in the old and feeling small and less than your incredible powerful self. Embrace and BE your Authentic Self Fully! By doing this it will show you Who or What needs to stay or Go. It is a difficult task, one that we all have hesitated in doing out of fear, rejection and others reactions to our choices. Now is the time to choose YOU completely. Trust in your feelings, senses and Intuition! Do not ignore this or push it aside out of fear and doubt. Go within and listen, it has been telling you for a long time what course to take. We have allowed others and situations to dictate our path for far too long. We have given our power away and allowed others to control ourselves and steer us from our true path by temptation, illusion and deception. They have used manipulation and fear to keep you controlled. Using your own heartbreak and fear against you to keep you stuck in a prison for their benefit. Some that you must let go of will not go away quietly. They will most certainly put up a fight as you are taking away their control and taking back your power! You have the strength and courage within you to do this. You must believe in yourself and your worthiness to Be who you are and to move forward to what you truly deserve and desire!
With this Full Moon, it is a good time to sit down and re-evaluate what value you have on things and what helps you bring in the most peace and joy to your life. It is a choice to hold on to things that brings you down and keeps your vibration low. It is also a choice to remove what brings your vibration down, choosing you, and living a life of peace love and joy. It always comes down to choice and believing in yourself! There is much prosperity, love and abundance waiting for you. It is for you to choose to go for it and allow it to flow to you. The signs have been there for you all along. There have been many times that your intuition and feelings have been screaming at you, trying to guide you, but circumstances around you and within you have brushed them aside. This kept you stuck in a repeating cycle that you lost hope getting out of. It is time to Listen and See! You are the only one holding yourself back. Holding on to the old and all that no longer resonated will make your path painfully slow. It is your choice to embrace the changes and take action that needs to be made and move forward to a new wondrous cycle that you have desired.
They say that desire is the sacred impulse for life. In feeling this Desire fully, it creates powerful energies that are sent out to the universe for manifestation. Do not try to control this, allow the Universe to do the work. Visualize and Believe that it will be brought to you, but do not focus on How it will come. Trusting is key. Allowing doubt, fear and hopelessness that it will never come will bring you just that, More fear doubt and hopelessness and your desires will continue to be blocked and restricted to you. Until you start letting go of all that no longer resonates with you and that blocks your desires, you will continue to live in the prison that was created for you, feeling stuck and powerless to reach these desires and the life you keep wishing for. What you keep on wish for is attainable and Nothing is Impossible! You need to trust and believe in yourself that you are Deserving and worthy of it all and more! When you finally take action and choose yourself and the desires and dreams that you have always wanted, you will be able to step into the unknown and start seeing the opportunities that lead you to them. That something that you have been waiting for, is actually waiting for you!!!
Much Love to you All!!!
Infinite Gratitude for Donations to
Wisdom of Avalon Oracle and The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid
Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland
Wizards Tarot by Barbara Moore
Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

FullMoon #Buckmoon #Tarot #Oracle #Avalon

Mary Magdalene’s Feast day + Venus/ Regulus Conjunction + Aquarius Visionary Full Moon +Return of the Golden Flame of Atlantis

Mary Magdalene’s Feast day + Venus/ Regulus Conjunction + Aquarius Visionary Full Moon +Return of the Golden Flame of Atlantis Art by Autumn Skye Art 🌹Today 22nd July Mary Magdalene Feast Day lies smack dab between two significant gateways:- 🦁(1) the Venus+ Regulus Conjunction of July 21 bringing forth New Sphinx Codes for the Remembrance […]

Mary Magdalene’s Feast day + Venus/ Regulus Conjunction + Aquarius Visionary Full Moon +Return of the Golden Flame of Atlantis

Less Than? ~ The Creator Writings

If you feel that you have to be “less than” to keep a person in your life then, my love, you may be having relationships with the wrong people.  There will always be people that will attempt to make you feel smaller so they can feel bigger.  Once the conscious realization of this sinks in, you can then choose whether you want to stay where you are or move forward and grow.  The choice always has been and always will be yours. ~ Creator

Less Than?

More On Forgiveness ~ The Creator Writings

For those of you who have not yet begun, the order of the day is forgiveness.  Even though it may be challenging, forgiving yourself and others is necessary for forward movement.  It is an act of self-care and love every person is worthy of.  Do not let something from the past keep you from the future you deserve. ~ Creator

More On Forgiveness

Safe & Loved ~ The Creator Writings

Your Earth is at the beginning of another great shift.  It may not be as dramatic as the previous one but, The Universe is asking that you prepare yourself accordingly.  Many, many changes are forthcoming and will require all the skills you have acquired over the course of your lifetime.  If it begins to feel a little crazy-making, take a deep breath, ask to receive in your highest and best, knowing you are completely safe and lovingly held in the arms of The Universe – Creator

Safe & Loved

What is it, that you are waiting for? ~ The Love Alchemists

What is it, that you are waiting for?
The perfect moment?
The soulmate?
The next vacation?
The miracle to happen?
The money?
The permission?
The _ {fill in the blank}?
I’m here to tell you, that if you are waiting today for any kind of thing to happen without you starting to change – you will be waiting forever.
Things will move when you make the first step.
When you dare to dust off your dreams.
Declare your desires.
Make these changes.
Leave the unhealthy places.
Speak up for yourself.
Sail out the safe harbor and steer that beautiful boat of yours into the adventure called Life.
Everything starts within you.
And with you, your reality will change.
Go for it.
So if you were waiting for a sign – Let this be it.
I believe in you!
____________________________ #idareyou #youmatter #relationshipgoals #thelovealchemists #lovecoach #yourchoice #yourvoicematters #worthy #now #thepowerofnow

The Love Alchemists

Precious Soul, You are NEEDED ~ Sophie Bashford

I want to tell you how much you are needed. This blessed abused and damaged earth, these people who walk on it with hearts closed in pain, judgement and dark thoughts of separation, the universe that is holding eternal visions of harmony, unity, peace and re-balance.
You are so needed. You may not see your own worth, or understand how your awakened energy touches consciousness. It has been a long, long time since your intuitive-based wisdom has been recognised, valued and appreciated.
You may wake up every day feeling out of place here. Coming into full consciousness and spiritual wholeness takes enormous courage, perseverance and can be a solitary process.
It has to be a solitary process at times, particularly when you are purifying your energy systems, re-attuning to your cosmic origins and clearing out any low, dense, negative and limited forms of consciousness that have been absorbed in this lifetime or previous ones.
What I hear consistently from those who are in deep processes of spiritual transformation and ascension is that the loneliness – or feeling of doing it all alone – is extremely challenging.
I understand this fully because I have been through it. To a large extent, I am still in it. What you must recognise is that in order to bring through huge waves of new Light and re-calibrate your own inner spiritual energy systems, you have to go through extreme purifications. You have to accept that there may not be many other people who ‘understand’ you, because you are seeding and planting the New.
You carry codes and visions for a new world that are not already established. You are bringing back vibrations, methodology, awareness and wisdom that have their roots in very ancient spiritual civilisations.
Pioneering significant and lasting change in consciousness demands a total focus, a lot of hard work, unwavering commitment, a need to dedicate your Self in entirety. It will push you to leave what you know as overly safe and comfortable. It will take you into new realms of personal challenge, where you have to sit with the fact that not everyone will like you, agree with you, accept you or see who you are.
Of course not everyone will accept or like what you are bringing. This stands to reason, because you are putting the bomb of personal transformation under them. You are bringing them up against their inner mirror; demanding that they face the illusions of the ego and the fearful grip of the limited lower mind.
You are challenging people to their core; shaking them up and rattling their bones. You are not always meant to be popular, approved of, embraced, understood, accepted and welcomed. As Marianne Williamson says:
“A meaningful life isn’t a popularity contest. Do what you feel is the right thing, and you may not get approval from the world. Do it anyway.”
If you are bringing your ascension codes, your highest vibration of light-sources, your deepest healing wisdom back here, I can guarantee that you will have times in which you feel alone, misunderstood, perhaps even attacked or rejected. Some of these feelings can arise from past-life memories of your role as powerful healers and spiritual teachers. If this is the case, they are coming up to be healed by the Light.
This is why it is so vital to know that you ARE needed, urgently, to keep on going with your guided missions. It is vital to know that you will attract your Soul Family to your side in perfect timing. There may not be a huge number of them to start with, but there will be the right people next to you who believe in you, love you unconditionally, never judge you and know that you are here to bring vastly important new energy in.
Make a choice to only open up your heart and soul to those who you know are trustworthy and safe with your sensitive vibration. Make sure that you only share your feelings and dreams with other Lightworkers who innately know who you are. This will give you the strength you need, because these people won’t be in resistance to the New Energy that you are contracted to bring in. They won’t be threatened by your power and purpose. They’ll support you when you feel low, keep you going when you need encouragement, keep pressing you to open up your beautiful vibration and shine it’s radiance.
You are so, so needed precious Soul. What an immense act of bravery it was to agree to come here again in this period of tumultuous and dramatic ascension shifts on Earth.
What an immensely courageous Soul you are. Breathe into the knowing that you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom.
Keep going, take one day at a time, and do what you are guided to do. Work hard, because your mission will demand it from you. Give everything you have, without thought of what you will get.
That’s all you need to do. The rest will create and unfold itself perfectly.
You’re so needed. Take this thought deep into your light-filled heart today.
SOURCE : Sophie Bashford
In Universal Service I AM ▲ Ulrikke
ART : Light encoded picture by Ulrikke

Ulrikke Aagaard