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You cannot save anyone. You can be present with them, offer your groundedness, your sanity, your peace. You can even share your path with them, offer your perspective. But you cannot take away their pain. You cannot walk their path for them. You cannot give answers that are right for them, or even answers they can digest right now. They will have to find their own answers, ask their own questions or lose their own questions, make friends with their own uncertainty. They will need to make their own mistakes, feel their own sorrows, learn their own lessons. If they truly want to be at peace, they will have to trust the path of healing that reveals itself step by step.

But you cannot heal them. You cannot diffuse their fear, their anger, their feelings of powerlessness. You cannot save them, or make things right for them. If you push too hard, they may lose their own unique way. Your way may not be their way.

You did not create their pain. You may have done or not done some things, said or not said some things, triggering pain that was already inside them. But you did not create it, and you are not guilty, even if they say you are. You can take responsibility for your words and deeds, yes, you can grieve over a past, but you cannot erase or change what happened, and you cannot control the future. You can only meet them in the here and now, your only place of power. You are not responsible for their happiness, and they are not responsible for yours.

Your happiness cannot come from outside of you. If it does, it is a dependent happiness, a fragile happiness that will turn to sorrow so quickly. And then you will get caught up in a web of blame and guilt, regret and persecution. Your happiness is directly related to your presence, your connection with your breath, your body, the earth. Your happiness is not small, and cannot be removed by fear, or anger, or the most intense shame. Your happiness is not a state, or a passing experience, or even a feeling that others can give to you. Your happiness is vast, ever-present, the boundless space of the heart, in which joy and sorrow, bliss and boredom, certainty and doubt, loneliness and connection, even fear and longing, can move like the weather, like the rain and the sunshine, all held in the hugeness of the sky.

You cannot save anyone, and you cannot be saved if you are looking to be saved. There is no self to save, no self to lose, no self to defend, no self to make perfect or perfectly happy. Let go of every impossible ideal. You are beautiful in your imperfection, outrageously perfect in your doubts, loveable even in your feelings of unlove-ability. All these parts have been given, all are parts of the whole, and you were never less than whole.

You are breathing. You know you are alive. You have a right to exist, feel what you feel, think what you think. You have a right to your joy and a right to your sorrows. You have a right to doubt too. You have a right to walk your path. You have a right to be right and a right to be wrong, a right to this giant happiness that you knew when you were young. You are breathing, and you are inseparable from the life force that animates all things, knows itself as all beings, discovers itself in every moment of this impossibly wondrous existence.

Your self-worth is not tied to what others think of you. It is tied to the moon, to the infinite expanse of the cosmos, to comets blazing towards unknown destinations, to the forgetting of time and the love of solitude and this unspeakable gratitude for each new dawn, unexpected, given.~

~Jeff Foster

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Wayshower Update: 11/11 ~ Amanda Lorence



CONSCIOUSLY or unconsciously, we are CHOOSING and emitting an ever changing, individual, ENERGY frequency. Energy just IS. And IS simple by ultimate design. FLOW, is the NATURAL rhythm of all Creation. The heart portal (love frequency Hz) is THE KEY to our HUMAN involving it’s conscious awareness whilst in form.

We are becoming SENTIENT. We have been growing into this higher Hz energetic sensitivity and subsequent increasing abilities since we each ‘awoke’. One step at a time we each grow.

As we evolve our conscious awareness, we will CREATE, not by the mind, but by our direct ability (awareness) to work DIRECTLY with ENERGETIC VIBRATION of non solid, unmanifested form (white light). Everything is energy, so everything has a vibration, thus a frequency signature.

Since our Higher Consciousness already exists in no time, no space, no gravity, no density, and we are gradually becoming that Higher Consciousness, whilst retaining the human form of matter, working with ENERGETIC VIBRATION to create matter from ‘no form’, will feel natural. Because we become our Higher Consciousness. Our Higher Consciousness has been CREATING this way all along. It is just, that we become the AWARENESS of it. And therefore KNOW how to create directly, working with our own vibrations, consciously.

Keep going…these are truly pivotal timelines to get through. You are perfectly on track. Be kind and patient with your human self in any difficult times arising for the human in forgetfulness. Higher Self is right there, if you switch frequency to meet it, become it. As you dissolve patterns seen, and then rise frequency, more and more data comes online within you. You are your own power, a power shared. As One.

Amanda Lorence

11 November 2019

Dismantling of the old grids and timelines ~ Julie Wade Lambe


The old grid and lower timelines are dismantling the last while with all the light increasingly been beamed on to the earth many gridworkers or lightworkers are working on this to fully affect Gaia in a positive way as possible. Happening through the 11.11 gateway to have the most powerful affects possible.
while this old grid or timeline are dismantling or dissolving through the alchemy of many. Many of you will be feeling like you are loosing your shit because u effectively are all that no longer serves u will shift from u ongoing. To make it easier on yourself just surrender to your higher self holding onto any darkness pain etc will not serve u.
Lots of love
Julie 💚🙏💚

Crystalline Healing Rooms

Trust Yourself… ~ The Creator Writings


During this time of great change and emotional release, there may be challenging life decisions ahead…be sure to allow yourself breathing room and time!  It may be easier to lean on others and determine your direction based on their opinions but, it will be coming from their heart and not yours.  Ultimately your emotions and feelings are the true basis of which path you will follow.  The time for second-guessing is through.  Trust yourself, trust The Universe and know that all will be well. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

A message from Archangel Michael ~ Kalia Diya

I have been let out of spiritual rehab with conditions! 😀 The conditions are that I still not do one-on-one channeled messages or one-on-one work yet, which I am completely okay with.

So today, I got the all-clear to channel for the collective, and have felt that energy coming in for a few days now. It was humorous because I felt nervous, having not channeled for quite some time. But my friend, Archangel Michael, smiled at me and sat with me for a few minutes while I emptied my self of all identity and became one with his frequency.


For those of you who are unsure about channeling, everyone channels in their own way. I do not allow another being to take over my “space.” I only connect to a specific frequency, which usually happens to have a name that we are familiar with. You channel the frequencies of any creative endeavor that you may be doing in the moment: woodworking, singing, creating a computer program or playing with a child. You are connecting to that specific energy and pulling in frequencies into your field that assist you in your creativity. Sometimes you have an epiphany or a creative breakthrough — you just channeled (likely your higher self or a guide)! Channeling is nothing to fear. We are created to be connected to all things. As long as you state the intention to only connect to any frequency of the highest resonance and the highest order of light, then as a sovereign being of light, your command will be honored. (Do not ever try to channel when drunk or sad or in a lower frequency vibration).


Archangel Michael asked me to share all of the above, with one more thing to note. When he mentioned, “turning your face to the Sun,” he meant that literally. Often there are subtle nuances in channeling, and it is easy to skim over the words without truly absorbing what is being said, as the words are often generic or the meaning is open for interpretation. That is why a lot of channels, such as myself, encourage you to open yourself up to the frequency of the message so ALL of the truths and energy of that message will be integrated as your soul needs it. So what Archangel Michael means by literally turning your face to the sun is that you will receive actual codes to reset your energy in that moment. And each code received will be tailored EXACTLY for what that soul needs in that moment. And that there is a special frequency of White Source Light that comes through the star we call a sun that will clear you if needed, uplift you, and support you. (Don’t be silly and burn your retinas, please).


November 12, 2019


“Dear Ones,

It is I, Archangel Michael. And as always I AM so pleased to be here with you, standing beside you in every moment. My desire for you today, in this now moment, is to sweep aside all the cobwebs of the mind, all the external energies, and all the things that would distract you from receiving the energy of love in this message.

I am not asking you to try. I am just asking you to sit. To be. To be present. And your mind may collect the data, and may categorize it, and may file it away for later use. But your heart knows. And your heart always remembers the frequency of love. Your heart knows how to give and receive this frequency.

Let yourself be in a space now to give and receive while you integrate this message.

I know, having observed all of you Light Beings over many eons, what an important mission it is to embrace humanity. And I also know that it can be a very challenging one as well as an extremely rewarding one. And so I, and my heavenly counterparts, along with The One I AM Creator, honor you now for choosing this task — the task of humanness, the embracing of humanity.

I speak collectively now on behalf of all those who are with you in all moments. And our desire is for you to see yourself as we see you. Depending on your genetic makeup and your particular frequency that you carry, you may find this difficult to see yourself as Pure Source Energy. Now some of you don’t find this difficult at all. However, the message still fits for all.

And we would desire for you to see yourself in your wholeness, in your beauty, in your splendor, in your power, in your sovereignty. There is a reason why this message keeps coming again and again and again. It is the way for you to embrace your multi-dimensional self, your God-self. and the beautiful co-creator that you are.

For if you can love yourself fully in all the moments of angst, depression, anxiety, jealousy, panic, and all the things that you would label negative, we do not see it as such. We see it as you shedding the skin of your old self and coming forth completely new.

So in those moments where you have difficulty to see the beauty of you, take yourself to a different place where you can observe yourself and see the wholeness of you. Visualize it if you cannot see it. Take a step back and look at yourself as you would look fondly upon a child or an animal. You would not judge a child or an animal or any other living being for being who they are, for being their authentic self. You would say, “Oh, they are learning how to walk.” Or “Oh, they are learning how to have manners” and so on.

So in all moments, observe yourself, and love yourself, laugh at yourself and hug yourself, and embrace yourself, for YOU are a gift to this world.

We have recently watched the powerful gateway of the 11/11 portal open wide. And we want you to know that no matter what you felt on that day, it has been done. And all have an opportunity to step through into the new. All have an opportunity to wear the Christed robes, and the Christed energy that is available. So don’t think you blew it. You did not. Everyone, always, at all points in time, as time does not exist, has access to these beautiful 11/11 gateway energies.

The next few weeks are pertinent for all of you, each on your own path. Some of you may be experiencing grace and ease and flow, while others of you may be, once again, shedding the old, recognizing what keeps you stuck in a loop, in a magnetic pull toward the old. But I invite you to take my sword of truth, my blue electric sword, and hold it in your hands. And cut those cords, cut those energetic timelines, and cut those constructs of time, and cut that magnetism, and hold that sword up high. And connect it to The One I AM Creator, and connect it to your heart. And then you will connect to the new, whatever that means for you.

You can observe what relationship no longer serves you, what job no longer serves you, what paradigm you wish to exit from. And you can choose in any moment, for it is always available to you — to step through that portal. You may feel that it is only an energetic step, but all of you, all of you in all dimensions are stepping through this same portal, should you wish to do so, in accordance to the free will that Creator has given.

I urge you to write things down. Record your dreams, record your thought patterns. Record the memories that come up, and then take a look at them, for we are bringing them to you. We are opening the Akashic Records for you at this time so that you can take the blue sword of truth, the Source Light within you and say “I am done. Now I AM open for the new. I will rewrite what needs to be rewritten. I will embrace what is for my highest purpose. I will move forward in this moment, and in the next and the next.”

All of these things are coming for a review on purpose. So you may be thinking you haven’t thought of for ten or fifteen years. That is a subtle sign for you to momentarily go back in time, revisit that memory is what you are actually doing, and in your heart seek closure for that time and that place, that person and that experience. Forgive yourself if needed, forgive others if needed, and then lift your face to the shining light of the Sun, the glory of God, The One I AM Creator, and in that moment know that it is done, and that you have masterfully disconnected from the old timelines, the old paradigms, the old memories, and you are stepping into the new portal.

Some of you may wonder, “Could it be that easy?” And the answer is, “Yes, it is.” With each choice, with each thought, with each intention, you create the new. You may have to rewind and go back and do it again, or do it multiple times. That does not matter. What matters is that you are doing it and that you are BEING it. And that you are stepping into your sovereignty with each thing that comes up that would challenge you.

We are observing that many of you are becoming masters of this. You are doing this with more ease and flow, without judgment of yourself or others. And we applaud you and we honor you for that.

This ascension process may seem complicated, it may seem challenging, it may seem difficult, and you may have lost interest in it — it may no longer resonate with you. However, what remains the same, no matter what label you put on it, is that all of creation is awakening to the knowing of quantum entanglement, the ONEness of All That Is, that there is more than is seen to the naked, physical eye. That there is more. There is purpose. That there is pleasure and pain to be experienced, joy and sorrow, but it is all part of the experience. And we are so delighted to see more and more souls in every moment awaken to this knowing.

Do not worry, once again, about what you see externally in the world around you. Gaia herself is constantly changing. And we invite you to connect with your beautiful Mother. When you get overwhelmed about what is going on around you, take a moment and connect with her. Speak out loud to her if you wish, or send her a loving intention. This will help ground and balance you, and will help you align with her energies, which will keep you in a stable and calm energetic state. And if you are feeling good, please connect with her anyway, for she longs to connect with you and to be a part of your soul’s journey. For she is one with you as you are with her.

Now, while I invite you to fully embrace your humanity and play and have fun, and enjoy your experience her, I also invite you to be aware and to keep your heart centers open and free so that you can receive all the things that are unseen and unheard. For everything shifts in every moment. Everything is being taken care of, collectively speaking, on the planet. (And we may speak more about this later). But it has come to a point where the Light far surpasses those forces who would wish to keep you in the dark. So never fret about that. And if you wish to be useful in this (ascension) process, uphold the light, uphold the love, practice kindness and compassion, and generosity and community. For with each soul that does this, it creates a node point that connects to the next soul, who is doing that, which creates the entire Human Grid across the planet, which also connects to the grid of Gaia, which of course, is connected to Source.

This is how you do it. It is not complicated.

So next time you may feel like ‘throwing in the towel,’ take a deep breath, embrace that electric blue Sword of Truth, hold it in your heart, turn your face toward the Sun, Breathe, and say “I AM.”And you will be reset. It is a simple practice.

Know I AM standing here beside you always, as are many, many other beings of the highest order of Light. We love to communicate with you. You do not need a channel or a go-between to communicate with us. So simply open your heart’s frequency to us, and know that you will give and receive freely whether your linear mind is aware of it or not.

And remember, all is One. And Love is the key to every portal, and every gateway, and every new beginning. And you, my Dear Ones, are now in the most auspicious new beginning of all. And I leave you with great joy.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

(c) 2019


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PS. I will post the link to the audio version recorded live in the comments below.

You are the Alchemist ~ Barbara Marciniak

~ You are the Alchemist ~

As facets of ALL, we are powerful multidimensional creators and through our focus and intent we can access energy from any dimension. You can reclaim your brilliance and merge with your highest frequencies. Invoke your highest aspect and interact with All of your being…

You are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become

You are the alchemist

You are the creator of your life

You are the Temple of Divine Creation

With the power of God that I am I create !!!!

I create

~ Ulrikke Aagaard

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence….

~ Barbara Marciniak

Light Encoded Picture By @ Ulrikke Aagaard

In Universal Service I △M ▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

11/11 Message from Kalia Diya



Nothing is as it seems,
Yet everything is
There in front of me.
It is when my heart speaks
That I AM truly able to see.

I see God in your temple.
I see God in mine.
And that moment I see the beauty,
The reverence of you,
I see that also in me.

It is when I let go
Of my judgement of you,
That I let go
Of my judgment of me.
And I love authentically.

I am free, no longer bound;
My heart grows
Expands in a field,
A space of grace,
And that Grace is BEing me.

I AM without one chain,
My soul unbound
I surrender,
I AM in neutrality.
I clearly see.

This quantum field of love
Knows no boundaries.
As I AM aware
You may only see
The limited version of me.

Yet without expectation
I hold you close.
It matters not
If you don’t see
the multidimensional me.

The awe of you, the awe of me
We see the other
In dimensions beyond.
In full consciousness
We know. We love. We speak.

It is only in limited
Ways of thought that we don’t really see
The other. The soul …
The illuminous light
That shines.

If we all let go
Of limited ways,
And see the whole, the you in me,
Transcendence, transformation comes
Creates new realities.

To love the other as God
Releases humanity,
In totality
Brings grace,
The universal frequency, the flow.

Step with me into the unknown
Without gender, race or greed.
Let us create a world
A space, a place
For ALL to know.

Shine our Light
For there is no other
Light like ours.
We will not be dimmed,
We will not fear.

Together we share
For we are all here
To help the other.
We hold no right
To intellectual or spiritual property.

It ALL is free —
No access pass.
We came as Sovereign Ones.
We are the Light.
The night is done.

Love is here. NOW.
Choose your reality
No distortion, a clear vision
Free to be embraced
As you, as me, as One.

Love unconditionally.
Shine eternally.
Embrace the ONE
The God in all.
Together we rise,
No longer we fall.


~ Kalia Diya ~
(c) 2019

Share freely, and may all be free.
I love you.

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