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Twin Flame Program – The Twin Flame Council ~ Grethel Borrego

Twin Flame Drawing
Greetings and Blessings,
We are here in Light and Frequency of Love.
We are Beings of Light, united in pairs. If we decide to look for a compliment, despite the fact of being Light, we are already complete.
We would like to explain this concept. The term “Twin Flame” is a Program that was activated on your Planet to help Humans become One.
Not all Humans on the Path of Ascension decided to join this Project, which has been explained with distortion, by being lowered in Frequency and aligned with a 3-Dimensional Perception.
We will explain this in other words. We are all One in this Universe and beyond. That One was fragmented into different Expressions that sought their Individuality and Authenticity, Divine Blessing, and Infinite Possibilities in the Physical Plane, where Humans touch the Earth with their feet, constantly looking for the Mirror Within, that is reflected in Other Mirrors, that in turn, align you again with yourself.
Your Twin Flame is a Contract in which you anchor the Highest Possibility for your True Truth and Radiant Love, by sharing space in your Soul with another Soul that is at your Frequency and decides, that instead of growing, to just grow by your side and to heal on a Multidimensional Level, by activating your Flame of Passion, where the attraction is Magnetic and Divine.
It could be said that there are many varieties in these Contracts, even with more than 2 Souls, since the aim is for the Singular Being to be helped to empower the Flame of Love and the Vibration of Love.
Humans with Multidimensional Connections come together on all Planes of the Soul and different Dimensions, to heal together and to flourish the Aroma of Love in Divine Union.
You are your own Other Half. You are who you are looking for. You are the One you want to love. Finding the Other only helps you to be your own Partner in a High Vibrational Dance. By loving each other in the Bodies, you surrender with the Mind and melt the Spirits into only One.
The Flame of the Immaculate Divine Fire in the Sacred Womb of the Divine Feminine needs to be supported and cared for with Love by the Divine Masculine, who honors her Immaculate and Holy Alchemy.
The Divine Masculine becomes the Field that provides the food for the Infinite Creation of Divine High Love. When it connects with the Divine Feminine, who channels the Highest and Purest Light, shining in a Source of Light, that is not only Holy and Healing, but also helps both to Ascend in Light.
The Infinite Dance of Universal Love begins between Kisses of Light and Open Hearts.
That opens the Heart to work on another Team of Healed Light.
By blending their Energy together as One, this not only supports themselves, but the entire Oversoul, who benefits from the Intense Love that is emanated by the Beloved Lovers.
These are Multidimensional Lovers, who may or may not know each other physically, but their Souls will always be connected, anchoring Love and connecting with the Love of All That Is, letting the Light flow down from Above. Each time their connection raises their Hearts in Sacred Love.
It is our desire that as you leave, and you will have all the Love that is around you. We tell you that we invite you to Open your Heart to Love. It is an invitation to where Love flows magnetically for your Greatest Support, where the Soul Contracts have been upgraded, knowing that you are fully supported by the Divine Source of All That Is.
With High Blessings of Light, we thank you for the connection, My Dear.
~ the Twin Flame Council

Encoded Frequency

Grethel C. Borrego

QUANTUM REPORT November 25 – 30 ~ Kwana Mikaela

November 25 – 30
In the following period November 25 – 30, there can be ‘expected’ Highest Heart activations, that can differ in amplitude/intensity for each.
Influx of Source Ruby Ray (Source Mother Aspect) becomes more felt, and it will keep increase, and we will go with it in the first part of December.
This Influx or Stream is activating Heart center, 4th and 5th Heart energetic centers, going through veils and blocks related to, what can be called as a ‘closed heart’ or ‘broken&wounded heart’, based on experiences, traumatic occurrences, involved other experiences that is coming from other Timelines (“past lifes”) and still has an impact to, how we are perceiving ourselves, others, reality. This Stream of Ruby Ray energy is stable; it will be felt; how it will express itself depends on each’s readiness, to allow:
*Heart become Open
*to the blocks/veils/”wounds” meet highest unconditional Love Stream
Please, look Quantum Report (November 25), where I wrote about Solution. This is Real Action to, how change everything; how to change course of Humanity to Upward Spiral of Life (organic Primary Ascension Timeline), and to stop transition into downward spiral of destruction.
It is not simple about understanding to change quality of our state, and to hold ‘love&light’; it is about conscious Heart opening – expansion – practical experience.
I trust to publish more information in following days, information/Data itself and also practical examples, how to “work” with Heart Activation, how to use present emanations of pure Love.
Ruby Ray ‘presence’ in planetary field is not the only one, there is also Solar Coding that ‘comes along’. As always, will publish maximum of data and real time occurrences, when is moment for it.
Am fully steping out of interaction with and about ‘global situation’ and “energy” (at least till december will not post related), but I Bless all those who stand Up and are heard, – keep going, keep going!!! ❤️ I AM clearly directed to do my part now by returning to high vibrational spectrum, that must be transmited into planetary and collective field in any form for the highest benefit of ALL. So.. Vast work is ahead, and am starting it already since yesterday.
Expressions in physical level:

motions and activations in Heart area

Heart palpitations; burning; bursts of love

sensitive head, temple areas, slight headache

I Love you and us Humanity 💗
Kwana Mikaela
Thank You Marta Bondy for your unique Light Photos ☀️💛

Echoes ~ The Creator Writings

There will be times when you feel you are standing all alone in a cavernous space, hearing only your own breathing and the echoes of your voice. Remember; there is beauty in every one of these moments and you are not existing there…just passing through. How slowly or quickly is your choice. As always, The Universe is lovingly supporting you on your journey. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

It Is Yours! ~ The Creator Writings

You chose this journey…..all of the joy, laughter, love and growth. Yes, even all of the ups and downs, bruises, bumps, skinned knees and hurt feelings. It is yours and yours alone. Let your soul sing with this life and all of the things that come with it. ~ Creator

It Is Yours!

Stop Waiting ~ Nicky Hamid

Earth Angels,
Stop waiting for the right thing to come along, your Divine purpose.
You are bringing heavens expression to earth through your play, through your joy, through any activity that your loving touch can celebrate living with.
This is Grounding the Light through who you are in Presence.
Why wait any longer? Immediately anchor your ideas.
Write, paint, play music, speak, sing, craft, garden, build, tend, care for, etc…..
Let it flow through your Joy of doing. You are here for such a short time of Soul Being.
Make each day a new day. This is grounding.
Don’t wait for the big picture. Anchor your unique energy. The more you do, the more that will come. You have to do something to get the energies moving. Even though the direction may change.
Get it moving by making a move. Towards your choices.
And in any choice point pick the one that resonates (that is where your Heart, your body says “Yes” to).
Make a move towards it and the next step will emerge from within you.
No more “ifs” and “buts” or “hows” or “whens”. If it is there within you then it is NOW.
Shine, Shine Shine.

I So Love You

Get change and your creativity and self-expression flowing even in small ways (eg rearranging your home and “knickknacks, testing out a new recipe, etc) and you help the energy of your flow for change of the “Better” in our world. Move stagnant energy freshen it up and enliven it.
Bring in new, joy, and play and experimentation into your life. Anchor more of what you Love into your world.

Fantastic Creatures – Dragons!

Lighting The Path ~ The Creator Writings

As the vibration of your planet changes and the frequency rises, it is important to remember that some may be on board with the process.  Change is inevitable and challenging for those stuck in old patterns and ways of being.  Please remember that it is not your place to judge them or lecture the merits of change. Be who you are; a guide, supporter and a beacon lighting the path, sending The Universe’s unconditional love to those who have never experienced it before.  It may take a while for the sleepers to find their way but, eventually, they will awaken and need your help. ~ Creator

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