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The “Right” Person ~ Stephanie Reeds


The one that is destined to spend their life next to you won’t mind your flaws.

Your soulmate, your kindred spirit, your twin flame, your lover, your one true love, whatever you want to call it, they won’t be bothered by your imperfections.

This person will accept you for who you are. They will fall in love with your wild, untamed side. They will find your silly little quirks cute. Your different opinions and ideas will not be something they’d wish to change. In fact, your differences will inspire them to question and change certain things in life.

The right one will not be bothered by your loud and overthinking mind. They will hush down your loudest insecurities and calm down your paranoias. They will not judge you. On the contrary, they will understand the reason why you always overanalyze everything. They will know that you do that because you deeply care for them.

The right person will not go running for the hills when you two have a small fight. They will not be afraid to confront you and openly talk to you about any kind of issues you two might have. They won’t mind your mini breakdowns. They are not going to leave you all alone when you feel the weakest. They will stand by you, hold your hand and let you know that the best is yet to come.

The right person isn’t going to judge you for being weird. They will enjoy your peculiar traits. In fact, your craziness will complement your craziness. They are going to make you laugh until you cry. They are going to make sure you feel comfortable to be yourself in front of them, without masks and without embarrassment.

The right person isn’t going to be afraid of the intensity of your love. They won’t feel overwhelmed by your affection. In fact, they will enjoy your small acts of love. They will love the way you spoil them, treat them and make them feel like the happiest person alive. They will never need a break from you or your love. Because this person will be thrilled about spending their life by your side.

Most importantly, the right person for you will never hurt you, leave you, lie to you or abandon you. They are going to take care of your heart and soul the way they take care of their own.~

~Stephanie Reeds

via Sacred Dreams

Fluid as water


Fluid as water

Flow is the constant energy/state of the Universe. All things/beings are constantly changing, in an eternal movement/transformation that renews/recycles the Whole. The water flows easily and without effort through its surroundings, showing us how graceful it is to go with the universal flow. She teaches us how to benefit from what it is as it is to move forward with our lives. Most of all, water inspires us to drop resistance and to enter the Universe’s plan/purpose. Instead of trying to go wherever we want, we are invited to go where we are supposed to go for the highest good of all (we included). Why the river would want to go upstream if he is meant to meet the ocean downstream?

To be fluid as water is to be aligned with the sacred rhythms of the Universe and the everlasting flow of life. It’s to be a master of easiness…

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The Infinite Picture ~ The Creator Writings


Today, you are being invited to look at the infinite picture. In comparison to the joy, happiness and love you experience, the negative is just a minuscule piece. The Universe is giving you the opportunity to see the entire puzzle and how everything fits into it. And, once you see it, there is no going back. (Smiling) Are you ready and willing to allow? ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Pleiadian in Stasis ~ Ostarel Kumara


🌷Pleiadian in Stasis

All my life, I`ve got a feeling that my soul have been more than the personality I wear on Earth. I always knew that I had been “logged on” into this illusion of the 3rd Dimension without remembering how to “log off”, even for just a moment.

On that particular day, my soul felt incredibly tired of being here, on Earth. I went to sleep to let my body rejuvenate; my consciousness took the opportunity to voyage far away from the current reality I evolve within. I ended up integrating another vessel that I knew to be mine, yet it had been millions of years that my soul have not inhabited that temple.

Curious as I am, I decided to energetically scan that other body, only to find it in a perfectly healthy state but put into deep sleep through a stasis process. I decided to relax, to enjoy my time being away from my Earth Vessel, as that other body felt quite different since the “suit” seemed taller than my Earth one. I also quickly realized how the brain within that other body was better, in the way that it felt more expanded than the one of my Earth Self.

I tried to wake up within that other body without success; therefore I stopped insisting and took a look around with my etheric form; meaning that my spirit was able to move a little bit above the body and I could turn my head to look around. The stasis pod was illuminated with white and blue colors, somehow the body felt comfortable lying there. I then decided to examine the physical traits of that other body. Not only was the other form tall, it had gracious delicate feminine characteristics as it was a female vessel. She had long blonde platinum hair with probably blue eyes, though I couldn’t verify as her eyes were closed. Her body was clothed in a long white tunic that seemed to radiate tiny sparkles of white colors; it was very pretty to look at.

Then my etheric eyes were attracted and drawn to the beautiful crystal necklace she was wearing around her neck, a beautiful pendant was reposing on her chest. It was not only radiant, but looked very much alive and was shimmering in pretty shades of multicolored auras, a bit like how an Opal would appear. It had the geometrical form of an 8 Pointed Star; which is one of my Soul Symbol; I quickly then understood that this body was that of Pleiadian and it was in fact oneself.

This led me to ask: “Where am I?”, and to my happiness, I received an instant vision. It showed me, what appeared to be the beautiful Milky Way Galaxy; it was telling me that I was currently having my soul experience inside a “simulation” on a planet named Earth, during my stasis hold. The vision shifted and was showing me where to find the Starship and its position, which was highly confidential and personal information. I was content with these answers, I could probably have asked more but I just wanted to bath in the peacefulness of BEING.

Upon awakened back within my current vessel, it took a whole minute to remember what my name is and where I am at. I was really confused to say the least, about my surroundings. Fortunately, everything came back to me and I realized that I was indeed exploring within a simulation. From this day onwards, if I tune in, I could feel that other body in stasis. It was quite formidable and in fact, it seemed like a link had been established back, as it is NOW time to remember the truth.

© Ostarel 🌺

Ostarel Kumara

Path of Unconditional Love ~ Daniel Nielsen


When two chose the path of unconditional love, somehow, all the messy differences and imperfections find their way to become something extraordinarily beautiful.

But this phenomenon only takes place where the ego and self-centeredness is surrendered and divine love and light allowed to be the guide.

Not all are willing to take this path, of course. For many, two worlds will continue to collide until the day that the desire for a deeper love finally exceeds the pain of surrender.

Then, when ego’s hold is finally pried away from the soul, unconditional love makes its entrance.

~ Daniel Nielsen



TIP 10

Within your ‘dream’, a ‘KNOWER’ will always point you INWARDS. Into your Self. The ‘Knower’ KNOWS that YOUR Power, therefore ALL ETERNAL POWER lies within you. Like a dormant muscle, we can learn to exercise, therefore grow inner Self Awareness. Which will strengthen more and more, become easier to understand, the more we exercise it, coming eventually to TRUST only within, only the perception we each have that is also ever changing. That is completely UNIQUE and also EQUAL to ALL. To come to TRUST, your Consciousness, the Creator/Master you are, of your own dream experience. Your consciousness resides outside of the dream reality. There is then no reliance on others in the ‘dream’, for your own answers as you REALISE your internal POWER. The KNOWER therefore KNOWS, that to point you inwards to Self and self exploration, as the WAY each CAN empower themselves, if they choose to.

There are TWO perceptions in your dream YOU are being shown again and again, by your CONSCIOUSNESS, once you have awakened…these perceptions are aspects of YOU, shown within other beings within your self created dream, that keep you DISEMPOWERED from your higher consciousness. When you SEE THROUGH these aspects of you, you come to reply ONLY on WITHIN you for your power. In seeing, we stop giving our power away TO our own created dream realm:

ASPECT 1] Another’s desire to manipulate you for their own needs. Needs will be varied for example:
A. They desire to be more powerful than you (ego/3D/4D matrix programming).
B. They may desire control over others (ego/3D/4D matrix programming),
C. They want to control their OWN individual reality from an unaware mind (ego/3D/4D matrix programming) and therefore try to control the people in their reality.
D. They need your money to ‘survive’ so employ pre-meditated 3D/4D skills of the mind to receive it (need/fear/3D/4D matrix programming).

ALL the above, they will know inwardly they are doing. Masking any of these desires from the people in their dream. For if the desire was seen through, they would not receive what they desire.

ASPECT 2] Innocent Ignorance: they are NOT KNOWING at their own STATE: that YOUR power lies within you. They STILL believe they know best for you, have more awareness than you, more wisdom for YOUR journey, than you do for YOURSELF from your own Consciousness Facet. They can not SEE in their state, that THEY are in a state of separation. For there is still “Me” and “You”. They too are immersed in their ‘dream’ if they seek YOUR reliance on THEM. For outside of their dream, there is zero need to CONTROL another one’s dream. The KNOWER allows their consciousness to show the way, in PRESENT moment, of no time, within the universal flow and laws created of original Source.

The KNOWER is one who SEES from their own perspective from OUTSIDE of the dream. Not reliant on anyone IN the dream. They KNOW they create their own dream reality, that is always transient. They have no attachment to their flowing dream, or people (aspects of themselves) in it, things in it. They are not reliant on Love given by others in the dream, as they KNOW and access all eternal Love within. They NEED no thing from their dream. If they transitioned tomorrow, they are already in a state of compete TRUST and KNOWING of their eternal nature. They KNOW they move into a changed state, perception and reality when they leave the human vessel so carry no fear of death. The KNOWER therefore, can only play in the dream, in gratitude of what they created and ALWAYS create as a reality, in gratitude for all they receive from the dream and others. Appreciating all that comes to them, knowing it is ALL a gift from themselves, to themselves, to evolve more in this temporary realm. The KNOWER can therefore accept the dream, all aspects of it, as IT IS, knowing it is always a result of its OWN creation. Therefore, it is easily in gratitude, for it will either be in JOY with presentations of experiences and peoples, OR it will be in LEARNING mode of ITSelf. Either way, it’s all a gift.

The KNOWER seeks to do no harm. For to harm, use, manipulate, deceive, abuse another, is to do each of those acts to their Selves. They KNOW, that all are aspects of themselves. They KNOW they are the CREATOR of their life experience. To control another is them, in ignorance controlling themselves. To wear any mask to another, is to be themselves deceiving their very own aspect. To pretend, is to pretend only to themselves. All harm is an ignorant act. It becomes KNOWN we are harming our self. So any act that causes harm, either mentally, physically, or emotionally, will harm THYSELF. The lesson/gift will repeat within the dream. Until it is seen, KNOWN.

Therefore, the KNOWER, will only point OTHERS inwards, assist them to seek of themselves within. KNOWING this empowers them (therefore empowers the non-separated “I”). So that each facet of the ONE may become the KNOWN of the power shared as ONE. It matters not to the KNOWER, how another acts, what another believes, whether a person loves them or thinks they don’t Love at that point of perspective, the KNOWER knows how their own reality works, they know Love is high frequency energy that empowers all, so their primary focus and POWER comes FROM WITHIN. They are LOVE, they are NATURAL, they are their highest truth KNOWING each truth evolves and evolves, into ultimately no meaning or definition. For the EVERYTHING that IS, that PURE NATURE of all things, is found actually WITHIN.

As within, so without.

Amanda Lorence

15 September 2019

Kp Message 9-15-19 (1:11 AM)… “New Beginnings require releasing the old paradigms” (as “nice” as they may seem)

Kauilapele's Blog

That’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing today.

I know some type of move is coming up, and I’ve been going through one bit of my living place after another all yesterday and all day today, and sorting, releasing, giving away. Yes, it’s possible that a “move” might be something other than what I’m preparing for, but I’m going forward with the “clear out” nonetheless.

This is a closing out, of sorts, and a completion. Another 9-9 is upcoming (on 9-18-19, as I mentioned here), and another on 9-27. I feel these are significant dates for not only my own situation, but also for the planetary outworkings.

Emotionally, part of the day has involved periods of all out crying, as I’ve had to chase away a cat that has been coming over to my house, and occasionally trying to come in. I have a water sprayer that I use. But…

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