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Beyond Right and Wrong ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard

Think ye right
Think ye wrong

There is no difference
betwixt the two

For all of life
is beyond
right or wrong

Rightness or wrongness
is only a concept
of the human mind

Attempting to control
a world that is
beyond control

At our core
we are creators
not controllers

Awake dear ones
awaken to your
creative genius

Herein lies
a whole new reality
in which to play

To enjoy life
as it has always
meant to be.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
excerpt from “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available in paperback and ebook @

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Release Expectations ~ Nicky Hamid

Your expectations of others have often been so high that you were bound to be disappointed.
We have depended so much on our projections. We depend so much on what and who we think others are, and how they are in relation to us. And we make commitment to others and give our word in pledges to others, more often just in our own mind ( and to God).
And thus you have stayed in relationships that are destructive and have been very detrimental and even abusive, because you have felt bound to that commitment. Even if it injures you the idea of dishonouring a pledge seems more important.
Who told you this?
Who said that you will be lesser for changing your mind?
What about your commitment to you?

I So Love You
PS And if you would clear these obligations you have made spend a little time with yourself to do the following with all your heart and lovingingness.
An Activation/Release Energy is imbued in the following (you can use the accompanying Mandala for your release.
Simply look at it to initiate the following.
Relax and tune in to your heart and Lovingness the best way you know.
Repeat the following, or your version of it, with sincerity and strong intention. “I hereby acknowledge and release all pledges, pacts, obligations, contracts, and oaths that I have ever made, in all timelines, with any individual or group, that are no longer in alignment nor serving the Truth of The Lord God of my Being. I release them Now, in my thoughts, emotions, and body and Field of Being.”
As you breathe see and feel them stream up through your naval area, through your heart and up out the top of your head into the Brilliant Golden Light where they are dissolved into the nothingness from which they came. “And So It Is”
As this is done you are likely to feel the release as a “floppiness” in your body even straight afterwards or sometime later in your day.
Just rest and SMILE to yourself……. Saying “Job well done …….. ( your name). I am Free”.
And So It Is.

Embrace the Divinity within Ourselves ~ Judith Kusel

We all have had our reset buttons pushed in the last few weeks, and this will accelerate during the next few months.
The Timelines of past, future and present in truth as now one and the same.
Close the door on the past – it is no longer.
Tomorrow is still in the manifesting process.
Seize the moment of today, for you can now co-create in the deepest and highest sense, a much higher frequency life for yourself, where you start understanding that whatever vibrational frequency band you operate on, you can attract all you need on that vibrational frequency band.
When we start understanding just how powerful we in truth are, we will have quantum leaps of accelerated ascension, for in truth we are creating our future selves, right here and right now. The future self, is indeed already here with you, as the Timelines have united and not in the distant future. You are now living in the moment when all is already in that manifesting power.
This is why it is so important at this time, to ask that you higher Soul Self, that means the highest manifestation of your soul energy, takes over and your lower soul self totally move out of the way. The lower self is ego bound. The Higher Soul Self is Divinely ATONE, thus is directly linked to the Source.
In the higher dimensional state of the higher 5D and the 7th, the Ego is useless. It has become redundant. One is so AT-ONE with the Divine Will and thus lives within that Divinity, that the Higher Soul Self and the Divine knows no separation.
This is what we are now moving into.
It means that as we embrace the Divinity within ourselves, we can co-create within the Divine Laws and within the Omni-Versal Energy fields, where all is possible. It is endless, boundless, formless, yet has form and structure.
What a time for exploring beyond the norm. Beyond what we ever thought possible, and move into the seeming impossible where miracles abound!
What a gift!
Juidth Kusel

Stages Of Grief ~ The Creator Writings

Your Earth plane is moving into a new phase. Many of you are re-thinking what your life is supposed to look like and making changes that best suit your needs. Others are choosing to remain in anger and denial. The Universe would like to remind you that these are all stages of grief. As your old normal begins to fade, something new and unfamiliar is moving in to take its place. This can be both unsettling and uncomfortable. Now is the time to practice patience and compassion with yourself and others. There is no need to push…all will be well in good time. ~ Creator

Blossom Goodchild |The Federation of Light ~ 24th May

Hello there, Oh, Knowledgeable ones! It seems many are feeling ‘unknowing/lost’ with all that is going on and concerned that they haven’t had their envelope opened yet. Could you reassure them please?

Welcome, firstly. We are happy to converse with you this day and bring All Light and Joy to your Beings that seem to be very much in need of such.

Secondly, it must be understood that although ‘some’ are saying their envelope has been opened /activated … that which ‘We’ speak of regarding envelope opening, has not yet taken place. So, that should put many at ease.

Is it going to be an individual envelope opening, at times when one is ready or an ‘all-out mail drop?!’

It is to be around a certain event.

Thee Event?


Oh, so that could be quite a while then?

Yet, not years away, by any means.

So, are you saying …THE EVENT will open our envelopes?

Yes. For that is when All will need to know their position and purpose. When this ‘hits’ it will awaken the vast majority.

Not all?

Blossom, some will choose to awaken outside of their human flesh. In that, they will choose at the time to be ‘elsewhere’ and therefore, leave their mortal coil.

Everyone will Feel/Experience ‘The Event’. The vastness of it … the Energy of it … cannot be missed.

I thought we may need the envelopes open before then, what with all that is going on?

You do not need them opened before then because all that you require to assist THE WHOLE is within you.

So, what added extra does the envelope bring?

It takes you to a completely different level of KNOWING YOURSELF AND YOUR TRUTHS.


The Energy that it is to bring within it has never before ‘met’ your Earth frequencies.

Yet, we have some time yet before this occurs?

Let us say … this will not take place in Phase Two.

To continue to answer the question … Understand that you are MIGHTY BEINGS within the human embodiment … and these times that have been drawn out have subdued the inner KNOWING to a point sometimes, where one feels completely incapable of shining their Light, due to the heavy Energies surrounding and absorbed by them.

This does not make one soul less KNOWING than another.

It is important in these times to release the indoctrination of unworthiness and break through the barriers that have kept you in such a ‘space’.

Folk are unsure how to do this.

VISUALISE. VISUALISE. VISUALISE and work on empowering the LIGHT BEING that you are. Meditation is the perfect tool for this.




Thank you. I would like to move onto another question that is concerning many. It is regarding whether one should or should not be passing on videos, channellings, etc. that are being widely spread by those who are awake … to … those who are asleep? There is such divided opinion about this. Should one stop watching ‘what is going on behind the scenes’ altogether and concentrate solely on the Light, Love, Rainbows and popcorn, oops, I mean Unicorns … to keep the energy ‘up’ and just wait patiently for it all to kick off? It’s a tricky one.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest All. Integrity, understanding and discernment would be the order of the day.

We would suggest little seeds being planted and watered as opposed to throwing an entire tree at one, all at once!

This reminds me of White Clouds chocolate metaphor. ( Eat one square at a time, wait until it is absorbed and when hungry eat another)

Indeed, little by little.

Yet, easier said than done. For once you begin, the can of worms is opened due to the questions asked … and then Bam! … the whole lot follows … sometimes. It’s difficult just to say a little due to the nature of the beast.

We understand. We would suggest at such times relying on your intuition. This is when you tap into your inner intelligence and LISTEN TO IT. Allow your Higher sensitivity to kick in and offer Love instead of possible unknowns.

Address it as such in that, explaining that these troubled times will also have an end result of the most unbelievably Glorious days ahead.

With respect they won’t believe us especially if we are walking into more turbulence, as you keep saying there will be … some already think we are a bit cuckoo!

We see little point in sugar coating.

I understand yet, in their eyes we will be seen to be even more cuckoo than we already were.

Until …

I know … we just have to hang on … we are so close now to so much. Aren’t we? Please say we are?


So, should we watch rabbit hole adventures or just jump into the Rainbow?

Balance. Keep your balance … weigh up the feelings within you … if you are feeling too deep within the rabbit hole … slide down some rainbows for a time.

YOU ARE INTELLIGENT BEINGS. You do not need us to tell you these things.

What you do need to do is … KNOW THIS.

Personally, I swing from one mood to another on a regular basis. Sometimes, I even feel ‘oh whatever!’ as if I just don’t care … and then another time I feel so strong and KNOW we have won and how exciting it is/will be.


I am trying. We all are …

We know. We feel it. Yet, we are so much more aware of the Glory that is to come … for we KNOW this is so.

I think that is the thing for so many of us, we don’t feel we are doing enough. We just seem to be hanging around waiting.

For what?

The next phase.

It will come soon enough and you will get through it, just as you have been doing in this one.


Do not for a moment, think that with each breath of I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. that it is not ‘doing its thing.’

Every time you say this … you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you Meditate you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you Laugh you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time your Heart Warms at the sight of a Rainbow you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.

Every time you SMILE no matter what you have just heard or experienced, you are strengthening yourselves and the Planet and the Divine Plan.


Please read that last sentence again and KNOW IT FROM DEEP WITHIN.

To do what you came to do, does not mean you are riding winged horses with swords of Light 24/7.

Well, not on this human level …

Indeed, for on another level, that Truth and visualization shall aid much.

Just by you being here, on Planet Earth … Being IN IT/OF IT … whether drinking a cup of tea or a stronger tipple … or levitating for the Highest good on a mountain top … YOU ARE CHANGING THE VIBRATION FROM WHAT IT IS … INTO A HIGHER ONE.

There is no stopping this … there is no going back.

The Game is on … and the Light has won. That which is taking place behind the scenes is far greater than even you think you know.

Yet, things like … world wide announcements being made on all screens … ?? It just feels like we are in the middle of a movie … yet, haven’t read the entire script.

You know of course, we would say … ‘You are!’ Have we not ‘related’ this to you many times?

Yes. I guess after all the many things we have hung on to our hats for, there is still that nagging little minuscule thought of … ‘Is this actually all, at last, going to play out, or once again will it all die down and return to ‘normal’?

Blossom, what do you really think about that? Really?

I don’t feel it is so … not this time!

We would agree and confirm.

The clock is ticking …

Meaning 1,000 things.

Indeed, 1,000 things and more.



YOU KNOW … YOU KNOW … YOU KNOW … that which is to come shall be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

We do, we do know that. In Gratitude in Loving service I AM.

24th May

Be Kind! ~ The Creator Writings

The Universe would like to remind you (yet again) that your world is changing in ways that both visible and imperceptible. If you stop and listen for a moment, you will begin to understand. (Smiling) During this time of upheaval…be kind! Remember how to respect yourself and others, embrace acceptance and practice tolerance.

Each path is unique so, if you have been asked to participate in another’s journey, do so with compassion and understanding. You are sharing a once in a lifetime experience with those around you! Support and love each other as The Universe loves you. ~ Creator

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