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Message from Avalon for the Full Buck Moon in Aquarius

For this Full Buck Moon in Aquarius, you are being asked to have an open mind and be discerning by questioning Everything. No matter where the information comes from, Friends, Family, Partner or “Guru’s”, Do not accept anything unless it completely resonates with you. You are on your own unique path, and what resonates for others doesn’t necessarily have to resonate with you. With that said, do not be stuck in your own limited thinking and be open to new thoughts and new Ideas. Many times, we limit ourselves through our mind and thinking. We have been programmed to playing it small and limiting ourselves from our true powers and dreams. Now is the time to explore your imagination, revisit the dreams and desires you have had within, and believe that they can be achieved and manifested into being. There is great rebirth and renewal taking place, Dream Big, Be Inspired and Go For It!
Avalon comes to us now to revisit what has been said over and over again in the last many months, Letting Go! The past is the past and you are no longer who you were then. Holding on to past hurts, traumas and experiences of the past are no longer welcomed burdens on the path ahead. They need to be brought to the surface, confronted and healed. It is time to move forward unencumbered, leaving behind the Old Outdated programmed thoughts about life. This also includes the situations that you have chosen in the past, whether its friendships, romantic relationships, jobs etc… that are keeping you stuck in the old and feeling small and less than your incredible powerful self. Embrace and BE your Authentic Self Fully! By doing this it will show you Who or What needs to stay or Go. It is a difficult task, one that we all have hesitated in doing out of fear, rejection and others reactions to our choices. Now is the time to choose YOU completely. Trust in your feelings, senses and Intuition! Do not ignore this or push it aside out of fear and doubt. Go within and listen, it has been telling you for a long time what course to take. We have allowed others and situations to dictate our path for far too long. We have given our power away and allowed others to control ourselves and steer us from our true path by temptation, illusion and deception. They have used manipulation and fear to keep you controlled. Using your own heartbreak and fear against you to keep you stuck in a prison for their benefit. Some that you must let go of will not go away quietly. They will most certainly put up a fight as you are taking away their control and taking back your power! You have the strength and courage within you to do this. You must believe in yourself and your worthiness to Be who you are and to move forward to what you truly deserve and desire!
With this Full Moon, it is a good time to sit down and re-evaluate what value you have on things and what helps you bring in the most peace and joy to your life. It is a choice to hold on to things that brings you down and keeps your vibration low. It is also a choice to remove what brings your vibration down, choosing you, and living a life of peace love and joy. It always comes down to choice and believing in yourself! There is much prosperity, love and abundance waiting for you. It is for you to choose to go for it and allow it to flow to you. The signs have been there for you all along. There have been many times that your intuition and feelings have been screaming at you, trying to guide you, but circumstances around you and within you have brushed them aside. This kept you stuck in a repeating cycle that you lost hope getting out of. It is time to Listen and See! You are the only one holding yourself back. Holding on to the old and all that no longer resonated will make your path painfully slow. It is your choice to embrace the changes and take action that needs to be made and move forward to a new wondrous cycle that you have desired.
They say that desire is the sacred impulse for life. In feeling this Desire fully, it creates powerful energies that are sent out to the universe for manifestation. Do not try to control this, allow the Universe to do the work. Visualize and Believe that it will be brought to you, but do not focus on How it will come. Trusting is key. Allowing doubt, fear and hopelessness that it will never come will bring you just that, More fear doubt and hopelessness and your desires will continue to be blocked and restricted to you. Until you start letting go of all that no longer resonates with you and that blocks your desires, you will continue to live in the prison that was created for you, feeling stuck and powerless to reach these desires and the life you keep wishing for. What you keep on wish for is attainable and Nothing is Impossible! You need to trust and believe in yourself that you are Deserving and worthy of it all and more! When you finally take action and choose yourself and the desires and dreams that you have always wanted, you will be able to step into the unknown and start seeing the opportunities that lead you to them. That something that you have been waiting for, is actually waiting for you!!!
Much Love to you All!!!
Infinite Gratitude for Donations to
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