Its time to go Home

“Love and Justice will Prevail!” – Dragonfae and Dragons Message for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Nov 8th, 2022

It’s been quite a long time pulling out the cards to do a reading For Those Who are Meant to See. But I got a nudge from the Dragonfae and Dragons to get the cards out and do a reading for you for the Eclipse. Well to me, it didn’t disappoint. Enjoy and take what resonates as always with your own path.

The Beautiful Lady Alfreda comes to us on this Powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with a Strong Message. Love and Justice will Prevail! A phase on the journey is drawing to a final close at last. Justice is being served and the karmic ramifications will be felt by all. But do not fear! Hold the love and light within, and stand in your True Beingness with Integrity and Honesty. It’s time for the games and deceptions to cease. It is time for love, truth, and freedom to reign.

Remember that what you send out comes back threefold. Let go of vengeance, hatred, and judgment, and replace them with love and forgiveness as best as possible. We know that this will be difficult with the atrocities that have taken place on an individual level as well as a collective level. Do your best and allow justice to be served, while at the same time learning the lessons that are needed through the dark times for your growth and to move forward on this Ascension.

The Dragons wish to add that we are coming into a time of Love and to not fear opening your heart. It is time for rebirth and transformation to a beautiful new way of being. Know that relationships that you have lost or are losing, are meant to happen to open up the space for the New Higher Love relationships that serve your highest good to come in. This in turn brings renewal and rejuvenation to your being. It not only transforms you and those you connect with but the collective as well. Do not hold on to the fear, loss, and sadness of the past. Embrace the Now and step forward with courage and authenticity into the new that is meant for you. Love always wins in the End!

Much Love to you All!!!


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