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Our Curtain Call ~ Redwolf


Art: Lotus Guardian by Sandara –

The moment in “time” is quickly approaching. All of our lessons and experiences throughout ALL of our lifetimes, and ALL of the inner work we have done in this lifetime is about to culminate into one moment. Whether you resonate with the labels, Lightworker, Gridworker, Gate Keeper, Starseed, Dragon Rider, Sexy Spiritual Beast 😉 etc…. your gifts and assistance will be needed in that moment, for all. And I know We Are Ready!

The curtain of illusion is “SOON” to drop (Yes I too hate the word SOON). The reveal of whats behind the curtain is not going to be pretty for anyone to put it very mildly. This is going to be our Curtain Call Ladies and Gentleman. After that curtain falls, and the horrors are shared to the public, it is going to be OUR TIME to step back on the stage to be seen by all of those who will need our help during the finale’ of this play.

This will be a perfect and important time for our Soul Tribe to be together whether physically or remotely. Not only to assist the collective, but also to assist each other within our tribe. It will be a very uncomfortable time and the fear and rage energies across the planet will be at its peak, probably the highest ever to exist. We will need each others love, care and support I have no doubt because WE will be taking the brunt of these energies to transmute.

Galaxygirl channeled the Ascended Dragon Collective yesterday (Link) and had beautiful guidance for us.

“The skins are off. The truth is being revealed. The skins are being removed so that the truth of the being beneath is revealed. They can hide no longer and they are terrified. You will have the difficult choice to chose love or to choose fear. Love heals all woundings. (I am feeling a wave of grief, of pain, I am crying). You are feeling what is to come. Lightworkers, grid workers, unite. For you are one in the same, you are the light holders. We now join the larger whole of the ascended dragons and we speak as one. Visualize this wave of grief that is about to be experienced and place it in a ball of light. (I am seeing an ocean wave that is dark and angry being encased in a sphere of golden light). We surround this sphere with our energies. Lightworkers, join us. (I am seeing thousands of ascended dragons of all colors and sizes in a massive circle around this sphere of light, and many light workers lending their energies standing in this circle as well, arms extended). We send love. We transmute the sadness. We lessen the blow. We fill the grief with light, we surround it with a cushion of healing. (I am seeing a portal open above the sphere and Mother and Father’s energies shine down from above into the sphere. It is crystalline now. I am seeing a crystalline pillar extend from the sphere into Nova Gaia below. It affects the hearts of those who have chosen love. It blesses them and allows further healing more quickly. My forehead hurts as this is occurring. I am seeing the light workers and the grid workers being upgraded. Their eyes are nebulas, their hearts are pulsing with pink light. My chest feels hot, heavy, full. I am exhausted and elated at the same time).”

The Global meditations have been very effective and also great practice connection to the collective. But depending on the timing of everything, it may be most important to connect with your Soul Tribe for a more “personal” connection of love, support and cooperation. And with that it is a great idea to start the “Drill” with your Soul Tribe for that moment to come. Many have already connected and hold their own group meditations, but for those that haven’t, it would be a great idea to start them now. Together, come up with your own visualizations and use your own unique gifts and abilities that will assist in “lessening the blow”. Call upon any Elementals, Angels and Guides you resonate with as well, they are by your side awaiting the call to assist.

I am grateful for you all and am Honored to be here with you in this Momentous time and space.

With Nebula eyes and Bursting Hearts of Light, my love to you all

~ Jason Redwolf

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