Its time to go Home

Faerie’s Guidance for August 2020

For those who are Meant to See…


The Beautiful Fae are here with us and provide wonderful Guidance for the month of August. Are you being Bluntly Honest with yourself? Are you being Honest with Compassion and Tact to those around you? Are you listening to your heart and inner guidance, or are you letting your mind block and doubt what your intuition is trying to tell you.

The Fae are asking that we sit in stillness, block out the external noise and listen to our heart and intuition. It is time to be bluntly honest with ourselves on what it is that want and do not want in our life. Either support and re-enforce the foundations that we have or let them crumble and go. In all areas, let there be no doubt or confusion in our actions and words. Let there be no room for assumptions or guessing, be clear and concise on what it is that we wish to create and express that to those around you so it cannot be misinterpreted. When expressing to others, use tact and compassion, but make it crystal clear.

It is time to stop ignoring and brushing off our intuition. It has much to tell us and deep insights. Throughout this month and with the Lions Gate and these energies of change, new paths are in front of us. Whether we stay on the old path, or choose a new path using our inner knowing, is up to us. Choose what is best for you, your Heart knows the way.


The Faerie’s Oracle Cards by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth


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