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Fae Message for Twin Flames/Divine Counterparts (Timeless)

Art by Janna Prosvirina –

Whether in Union, Separation, or you have yet to meet your Divine Counterpart/Twin Flame, It is a time for all to be sure to remove the masks and show your true self. Complete Authenticity is necessary for these Sacred Unions. Anything less can cause major issues within this Union and can cause delays in coming together for those in separation or for those who have not met yet. Understand that this is a Divine Union and your place and purpose together for this ascension and bringing in the New Earth is vital. Know that everything is coming together, and this Union is getting stronger, more passionate and harmonized. Do not be daunted by the changes that have and will occur. Stay balanced and grounded. Do not let doubt or fear creep in. Flow with this Special Love.
Dragonfae Lord Wu-Wang comes to us today letting us know that innocence and goodness lies within you no matter what experience you have had or actions you have taken in this life. Your Heart is pure, wild, and innocent. Unlike organized religion’s teachings, you are no sinner, nor are you corrupt when incarnating into this world. You ARE worthy and deserving. And you are worthy and deserving of this Divine Union. Cultivate your innocence and truth within. Reclaim your pure and wild heart by staying in the present moment. You will be able to see, feel and sense much more clearly. Dance, sing, play music, and make love. These acts done through your innocence and wild joy are healing and part of the sacred act of love. Let something be out of your control. Do not attempt to control or predict the outcomes. Come from a place of which is noble and humble, allowing things to flow naturally. Allow expectations and controlling behaviors to depart. In their place will come great insights and much communication through the webs of life that are woven around you. Be flexible and have good balance between work and play along with responsibilities and personal needs. Creating balance and harmony in your life is very important at this time, especially with this Union. Finding this balance and harmony within you along with being and showing your Authentic self, allows for the ending of the long cycles of emptiness, self-sabotage and defeatedness within. This also allows for this harmonic and symphonic Union to flourish and grow for both of you into nothing you have experienced before.
Next from the Faeries, comes the Singer of Courage. It is time to stand in your power and bring forth the courage within you. To go ahead into the unknown where there is no guarantee of safety or security. To follow your truth and inner calling regardless of fear or pressure and ridicule from others and not be stopped. You have been programmed from birth, embedded with fears and self-limitations. Its time to have the courage and break free from the programs and follow your calling an intuition no matter how crazy it sounds to others or yourself. You are embodying your true self and are in Union or coming into Union which does not make sense to the masses. Most will never understand. It is not your job to appease them. It is your path that has been laid before you to walk, not theirs. Breaking through limiting beliefs and limiting people around you will bring you great possibilities and discoveries together as One. You will have much clarity and wisdom through this Union. Many will question the actions each of you take and have mixed or confused emotions on your choices. Ultimately it is not their journey and In time there may be opportunities for them to have some understanding that this is your journey to fulfillment, a sense of Home and belonging and wish come true bring in what your heart as always called for and desired, This powerful Sacred Union.
Lastly, the Abundance Fairy comes to us. It’s time to prepare yourself for incoming Abundance with this Union! Be in a place of receptivity and Believe that you are worthy and deserving of such an incredible gift! If you do not feel worthy enough of this Divine Union, ask yourself Honestly, Why? Self-Worth is the key to the door of this special Union. If this is the case, continue to do the inner work that leads to accepting yourself, loving yourself and feeling worthy of any and all gifts the Universe has for you. There is enough abundance in all forms for everyone and you are just as worthy and deserving as anyone. Believe in this and know that it is coming for you. If you are in Union now, or when you become in Union, you will draw out many hidden gifts within each other. Psychic and Intuitive gifts along with telepathy will be heightened greatly. There will also be great healing between one another. The “Home” that your soul has been calling out to you for possibly many lifetimes is here. Much celebration is in order, the Strengthening or Reunion of Divine Counterparts is about to take place. The time of the Divine Unions are here and needed for this stage of our collective Ascension and for the New Earth. Allow for the excitement and infinite joy and happiness to fill your being and fulfill your purpose together as One!
Much Love to You All!!!
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