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Kuan Yin and the Ascended Masters Message for June 2021

As we step into June, much is continuing to transform within and without. Many are finding themselves at a crossroads. Determining which direction to move toward. Confronting and facing fears head on and making the very difficult decisions needed to move forward. The energies for this month are also of Love, Romance and Compassion. Sharing your true feelings and being Vulnerable, in which we all know is a strength not a weakness. Being Emotionally Honest with yourself and others around you. To Embody Love and to Trust your Feelings, Senses, and Intuition. Bright and Positive Outcomes are happing for many of you for this month.
Kuan Yin comes to us for this month as the Fierce Mother, your Guardian, Giving you Unconditional Love and Protection. Nothing can penetrate the passionate fire of her fearless love and protection. Know that your safety is assured at this time. As you have been transforming and growing into your True Authentic Self, This can trigger many responses from others. Some may respond with Love, Encouragement, and being inspired by you. While others may lash out in anger, jealousy, and fear from the changes you are choosing to make for yourself. Your healing is to continue to shine your light brightly even through this lashing out from others. You do not need to be afraid or hold yourself back because of this. This is YOUR Journey and Your Path, and they have their own to follow. If things are meant to dissolve and fall away it is for the highest good for all parties for each individual path. You need to trust in yourself and your path and choices that you are or need to make. You also need to trust in Kuan Yin and all of the Divine Protection you have around you. She can lift you beyond the fear and the threats that you are experiencing at this time. You have the Right to say NO to any and all threats, fears or disruptive influences that try to knock you off your path or hinder it. You are a sovereign being and your path is your own and is not to be controlled by others. Kuan Yin can help you keep your inner peace throughout these situations. Stand in your power and Command it that only Unconditional Loving energies are welcome in your energy field. Call Upon Kuan Yin for her love and protecting during these times. Because it is a time for you to experience Divine Love, Peace and Oneness. It is also a time for Divine Connections and Divine Unions to take place. You have been manifesting all of this into your life. Your Divine Counterpart/Twin Flame, Your perfect home, career or whatever it is into your life that brings peace, harmony, and bliss. It is time to take your power back and create this for yourself. This is what your heart has been calling out for. This is what you have been waiting for. Make the choices that need to be made and step into the unknown and trust. The outcome and gifts you have been waiting for are there.
Lady Portia comes to us now to emphasize that you need to do what’s right for YOU. It is time for you to move forward for your Highest good and Soul’s growth. If there are legal matters, call on Lady Portia to assist in these to bring a fair and honorable result. It’s time to have full confidence in yourself and your path and break the old cycles to proceed into the new Abundant, Blissful cycle you have been manifesting. Leaving behind the unhappiness, doubt, depression and experiencing true happiness, freedom, and love with all the abundance that comes with it and that you truly Deserve!
Lastly, The Golden Children card is presented. It is time for you to Nurture Yourself and your inner Child. To tend to your creativity, gifts, and the new beginnings you wish to bring into your life. Treat yourself and these new beginnings with tender love and nourishment. Its time to bring back or solidify the inner peace within you. Bringing back the Harmony in your life that was always meant to be. Everything is coming together now. Trust in yourself, in the choices you have or need to make and of the path that lies ahead for you. You are being Divinely Guided, believe that the dreams that you have held in your heart for so long are coming to fruition. Have Courage and KNOW that you are Worthy and Deserving of these Beautiful Outcomes!

Much Love to you All!!!

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